Luna & Venza. Leopard & Rottweiler. Cats vs dogs



6 Mio. aufrufe918

    Dog and cat friendship. Black Leopard and Rotweiller playing in snow.
    #Shorts #Leopard #Rottweiler

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    1. Gang jump Oficial

      Wonderful place.

    2. Gang jump Oficial

      Cub leopard

    3. envidia verguenza y dinero


    4. Adam Springer

      Amazing weather! Lucky! Sweet babies! Where was this filmed at? 👍😊

    5. aiden

      rottweilers are the best

    6. URK20CE1004 Hino Suu

      Thats a rare friendship you got there...

    7. Jeremy Don'tUknoWho

      Corrupt pin brains like to increase extinction rates by owning wild animals to boost their bitchass egos. Souless scum

    8. eman X

      Leopard : " beautiful view" Rottweiler: " smells good too"

    9. JOSIE S.

      Beautiful Animals Beautiful View

    10. factoryman

      What fantasy are you living?

    11. Ghrba A

      Trespasser entering the yard.. Owner : “Luna, kill !!” ☠️

    12. aD aS

      Big cats don't get enough love, probably because we don't selectively breed Cats to be bigger.

    13. The Banana God


    14. Bruce Timothy

      Plot twist: A Bear shot this video later edited by a snake and uploaded by a human. It's Russia, anything is possible 👍

    15. Djala ramazanova

      Господи где такая красота 😻 😻😻😻

    16. Tina Rossignol

      Just BEAUTIFUL!

    17. David Beals

      The only cat worth having as a pet.


      The cat is such a bully, thank god the doggie is patient.

    19. Tameer Mackey

      Does tht leopard have a collar he’ll aty trim them nails off them teeth alil too he or she can walk around the house all day I love cats

    20. This Just in

      That leopard is beautiful

    21. Cruz Florez

      Is this skyrim

    22. Andrew Kelly

      That’s got to be awesome!!! Having a wild cat as a pet!!! Cats are my favorite animal!!! Love the video !!!!!

    23. Brian Hasko

      What the shit

    24. Jeezus Orr

      It’s called a I know it’s in the leopard family but still

    25. Michael Ayittey

      If that's not the most beautiful tail I've ever seen 😊😊😊

    26. Matt

      Leopard: Sit still im gonna use you as a stepping stool. Dog: Alright bet, but you gotta let me smell that booty hole though.

    27. Ethan Forbes

      God: ah yes a dog man's best friend Humans: I want a cat God: ok Humans: a cat the size of a dog God: let there be Panthers

    28. Davi Couto

      O cachorro cheirou o cuzinho do Leopardo 😛 Pra quem não sabe ; esse vídeo foi feito numa espécie de duna de areia... Computação gráfica transformou em neve 👍

    29. Seriously You jest?

      180 mph? That’s out if my comfort range. All I see is Paul Walker taking a fast spin around the block. No thanks!

    30. DragonWings

      Venza was so confident about that. She just walked up and sat on the dog Lolol

    31. Jeremy Diamond

      Sniff sniff sniff that's a big old Kitty 🥰

    32. Unknown Informant

      Where can I get a black leopard? I've been searching for 18 months now and am willing to pay up to $125,000 U.S dollars

    33. Mert Yilmaz

      lol 6million views after 2 weeks wtf

    34. Kel W

      Most relaxing video ever

    35. iONLY

      How did you get that wild cat not to run away when they are outside unleashed

    36. José Luis Fernández

      ¿No hay nadie que hable español en los comentarios?

    37. Siliconius Antogramaphantism

      That's a black panther

    38. DemoN HuNTeR

      Wow !!!!

    39. Gionathan Bailo


    40. Aznor Ragadio


    41. Jeffrey Lebowski


    42. ray robinson

      Dog was looking like look bruh if u don't calm down bro

    43. Jason Ivy

      Cats awesome

    44. bosserator thinkere

      How do i go about getting a leopard i really loved big cats like all my life plz help

    45. black laze

      Who has a tame Leppard... The Russian Mike Tyson?

    46. Der Richtige Arzt

      I wonder what how a dog version of big cats would look like, imagine a giant woolf the size of a tiger or a lion. Every socond one would be named fenrir at the zoo's

    47. Tina Nobbs New Zealand


    48. iverson HOF2016

      I'm Soo Soo confused in so many ways 🤔

    49. Kelly R


    50. Dylan Rogers

      You get bad luck if a black cat crosses in front of you, but if this cat crosses in front of you *you die*

    51. Alpha Gun


    52. Nicolás Sánchez

      Sweety catty wormy catty little ball....

    53. Raman OZone

      Окей. А мне тоже что ли можно леопарда завести?

    54. Zatarra Dantez

      I find the title very offensive. Its called a black panther.

      1. Eric Chavez

        How is it offensive

    55. edoggz20111

      How do you own a leopard?

    56. razony

      Absolutely beautiful video!!!

    57. razony

      "Hey butt head, I got your back."

    58. Lance Reese

      Im trying to figure out why the dog is just laying in the cold snow like it’s comfortable. I don’t get animals, they have all the fur and never seem to be hot in the sun, but just enough to be warm in these temperatures.

    59. Steven Bull

      5 star rating. Top vid.

    60. adult talking

      Cat: "dude smell my butthole" Dog: SNORTS kitty's Baloon Knot. "JESUS H u StInK bro. Salmon?" Dogs rule. Cats are jerks.

    61. ·•Nutorious1•·

      I like how for a sec, the dog was like "am i gonna have to whoop somebody ass?"

    62. Petr Hering

      Such lovely thing

    63. Just Godlee

      I am interested how tough this leopard is, a lot of its features are not in favour of its surroundings like the dark fur should warn animals a long way off

    64. rim


    65. Dart Vade

      How do you have a pet leopard??

    66. J Simo

      never thought i'd see a rott jam it's nose up a leopard's butt

    67. Susie Q

      What a beautiful gorgeous animal

    68. GodwinXD

      That looks like a Cougar aka Mountain Lion aka Puma....Big fluffy tail and all, Leopards usually have slim tails.

    69. Bruce K

      Wow where this at? Love all that snow ❄

    70. Роман Брайловский


    71. Asal iran


    72. Nick B

      That’s Beautiful. One of my favorite cats and my favorite dog . Where’ was this taken, anyone know?

    73. ghostlandered


    74. Chris Larson

      Felines do exactly what they want

    75. Bashh Bucks11

      I wonder Where was this filmed

    76. MDS music-tv ➊


    77. Вадим К

      спасибо,а какой возраст леопарда

    78. Джек Дениелс

      Всё красиво и хорошо, если бы ротвейлер очко не занюхал кошке. Ну пиздец ну

    79. Jaras Tinshaev

      Собаку придется дружит у него нету выбора, тем более с такой кошки )))

    80. Luis Fernando de Aguiar


    81. Ruthless

      Typical dog got that ass stuff in

    82. 777Бейбарс777 КипчаК


    83. Mary Bourgeau

      Where is this?

    84. The Infamous JuneBugg

      I haven’t seen people with rotts in years 🤷🏼‍♂️

    85. Heck Yea

      Rottie like come back here .. I need a good back massage

    86. keitran Virgil

      She might be a killer to everyone else, but to him she's desert.... And that's whatzzzzz up...

    87. keitran Virgil

      The Cat is totally flirting come on!!! I'm the only one that's seeing this? That's her Man Man... He puts up with her attitude, mood swings, and shi*\\.

    88. Dinesh Bhandari

      Where is it? beautiful.

    89. Анастасия Иванова

      это разве не чёрная пантера?

    90. viacheslav shc

      И что не убегает? У меня из трёх котов - один убежал, второй пытался и только третий улицу боится.

    91. Richard Walsh

      I want a kitty like that...

    92. marco antonio merlos

      I see a little kitty.

    93. Patty Freeman

      How cool is that! Two awesome animals with total respect for ea other.probally die for one another.Gods perfect creations floor me everytime!

    94. Sebas Sanchez C-137

      Cat -I'm the king of the hill!😼 Dog- what? Cat- what?

    95. YourBoyJordy1

      We not going to talk about the fact this person has a pet black leopard?

    96. иван подопригора

      Это пума

    97. lucaAlex92 gamer

      Where is that beautiful ?

    98. Jeim N Ortiz Cintrón

      Beautiful ♥️

    99. Inna Inna

      Природа очень красивая,просто релакс! Спасибо за такие прекрасные ролики,душа просто отдыхает от всяких потрясений!

    100. Dave Ellis

      Shot vertically:/