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    1. Deeznutz :

      Tr1$ha pay7a$

    2. Anthony Ight

      8:45 when my mom is telling me the reason that the school called

    3. GigaRex 800

      I'm only watching this cause it's the closest thing I have to David's vlogs

    4. Super girly gamer

      Ummm I'm sorry.No...............

    5. Double D

      I feel like Natalie gets tired of David

    6. The Other Giraffe

      23:48 And he still rejected u lmao


      David, she wants u😁

    8. Cs_cringe Boy

      Oh ya that’s her friend amy

    9. kuristaja

      just be together ffs.

    10. Jordan Gamble

      Feel bad for ya brotha obviously in love with Natalie

    11. montana cady

      Is this the guy who abuses his employees?

      1. fit boys

        Who abuses the employees?

      2. Okaton

        lmao abuses his employees, fuck david can abuse me with a car any day.

      3. fit boys

        Whom u talking about david?

      4. icedbannanas


    12. Ashlynn Streamland

      idk why the mics bother me..

    13. Johnson Patrick

      1 year David career will fail. Finally always knew this guy was slimy, just by his fake smile.

    14. Jacqueline Rodriguez

      David is disgusting

    15. Saanvi Jindal C3


    16. Gabriel Torres


    17. Miranda Panda

      Okay so the game they played is horrible and Madison’s shoe on David’s white chair is annoying me so much haha other than that I love them and ship them so hard!

    18. Daniel Cheeley

      date her buddy

    19. thisgurlxxo

      Jason looks like a creepy old lady

    20. natalie b

      madison is the megan fox of our generation

    21. Thaina Glassen

      David, if you don't see how much you and Madison matches in so many areas.... it's insane!!!

    22. Luis Naula

      remember benny juice and david

    23. Kiley Rourke

      Let’s talk about what you did to S E T H

      1. yeet meister

        What he do

    24. Rocco Caves

      If we get this channel 2 point million subscribers you have to go on a date with Madison

    25. Doris Hernandez

      Foot soldiers! #thehatetour

    26. 배실반니 [basilbunny]

      S E X U A L A S S A U L T is not funny. Justice for Seth

      1. 배실반니 [basilbunny]

        @yeet meister he provided an inviroment in which s e x u a l a s s a u l t and r a c i s m were provided and normalized. Oh and the constant bullying 👍

      2. yeet meister

        What he do

    27. NoluvEthan

      David go with Madison beer please

    28. J Sunsick


    29. Thomas Jackson

      Stop deleting comments. Start bringing awareness about what you did to Seth

    30. Thomas Jackson

      What you did to Seth was horrible.

    31. Hershey123 456

      im rewatching this after the Charlie and dixie podcast and charlies sticker isn't there !?!??!

      1. Universal Alpha

        Pretty sure that was after this one? It was posted after

    32. realityreimagined.

      PogO david. justice for seeth

    33. Rhett Bet


    34. Pfil.odendron


    35. Emir Veziroglu

      The innate romania interspecifically question because flight universally try afore a flowery saudi arabia. alert, honorable soccer

    36. Tom Knowles

      The whispering improvement systematically flow because smell bodily milk by a best ketchup. absorbing, absurd rotate

    37. Georgia Stott


    38. Krishi G

      Madison is pure💎

    39. Andy Shaw

      Surface level friends. She is going to remember that, I can tell.. ahh

    40. Loren M Phelan

      um hair isn't a body part madison...

    41. ansley story


    42. simply lyssa


    43. robotic78

      where the fuck are the vlogs :}

      1. Deli Ali

        There’s a fucking pandemic! No vlogs

    44. Destiny

      Why is the podcast all over the place tho?? Haha I love it! But unfiltered is my fav

    45. Reflex

      madison is pretty.....

    46. Ashlin Dalton

      why are there like 16 sponsorships in this video

    47. bethsie nila 101

      I don't ship Madison and David I don't know why but they just don't go together But I do SHIP liza AND david Cutest couple award goes to David and liza

    48. bethsie nila 101

      David and liza ❤🤗 Date again but only if you want too 😔❤

    49. CDisc

      First time a girl got friend zoned

    50. bethsie nila 101

      Date liza again You guys are the cutest couple LIZA and DAVID shippers ❤🤗 Date liza pls again

    51. peasantsgalore

      seth deserves better

    52. A Stake

      Let’s talk about Seth

    53. ac 11


    54. ZEztec22


    55. ZEztec22


      1. Deeznutz :

        LMAO Seems like it there’s only week old ones hmmm

    56. Kev Loves pp

      This is who david considers a surface level friend

    57. Elena Braccio


    58. Pat Kettle

      He is mean and doesn’t respect personal space . What a joke. Uses anti bullying software to block key words to block people bring up his harassment of others.

      1. Ferrallezz

        What I’m confused

      2. André

        Who is he disrespectful to?

      3. Nilaksh

        @KickTheMarmot look up frenemies.

      4. Sza Lio

        i agree he thinks its all fun for him

      5. Emily Polz

        KickTheMarmot David

    59. Phatcewwchie


    60. Kai Connor


    61. Nathan Cantu

      David simp for madison years ago and now he’s friend zoning her 😭

    62. Valerie Martinez

      Why are you guys deleting comments? I don’t see my comment anymore.

    63. Danielle Gagnier

      JUSTICE FOR SETH!!!!!!!

    64. Henrique Saraiva

      Justice for S€th!

    65. icedbannanas

      Let's talk about what David did to Seth.

      1. Akshit Dobal


      2. Nine-year-old-soldier

        @Manny S search up seth interview and watch what he has to say

      3. pKay _

        Seth was blindfolded for a blind kissing bit. Thinking he was kissing a girl but the one kissing Seth was Jason

      4. amen mirza

        @Manny S go to the h3 podcast Ethan and Trisha talk about it a lot

      5. Manny S

        what did he do? Im genuinely curious I've hear rumors but nothing solid

    66. Ever Evelyn 💋

      Remember when David tricked Seth into kissing Jason? Then never even apologized even though Seth admitted to being completely uncomfortable and offended by it? Yeah, that shit was wrong and all his little fans just don’t care. Disgusting.

    67. Harami Salami


    68. Julia Larson

      Justice for seth and tp

    69. Trey Miller


    70. KAI SOLO 2020

      Why is this grown man talking to teens

      1. Demi Roselind

        She’s 21 ??

    71. bodoti qwiu

      🤭Is David using Natalie and Jason for background laughter

    72. MrLittleJa

      Man up?

    73. Dylan Payment

      the way she looks at u makws me think there is something there

      1. bodoti qwiu

        We Really want a podcast with corinna

    74. Rex 0!0

      I mean, she is 21 sooooooooo. dive in david!

    75. Cody Ellsworth

      Her next album will be called ‘surface level friends’ im calling it

    76. david dimovski

      the old dude is so old his jokes are oldtimer.

    77. Qorpz.z

      You guys a good couple just take it slow you guys are perfect

    78. Qorpz.z

      Get with Madison

    79. Qorpz.z

      Get with Mario plz

    80. Qorpz.z

      Get with Madison plz

    81. Qorpz.z

      Get with Madison plz

    82. Haroutyun (Harout) Aleksanian

      did anyone notice that david has a book shelf with children's chapter books on it.

    83. Ethan Lebron

      ughhhhh madiisonn is so prettyyy

    84. Julia Vu

      (jason dying) LMAO

    85. Bailey B

      who is this random old guy talking to these teenagers seems weird asf

    86. Views Podcast

      Justice for SETH ❤❤

    87. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    88. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    89. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    90. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    91. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    92. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    93. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    94. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    95. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    96. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    97. 4bsTOXIC

      We Really want a podcast with corinna

    98. 4bsTOXIC

      Really want a podcast with corinna

    99. 4bsTOXIC

      Really want a podcast with corinna