Making a portable air compressor

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    A portable air compressor is our new creation, numbered 0116. It is a structure that can have multiple uses in brief tasks that air needs to be provided. ► Click HERE to subscribe to Make it Extreme:
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    1. Juan Ignacio Caino

      Very nice! in addition to the water expulsion system, if you were to use it a lot for water sensitive tooling, there's pressure regulators that have a dryer incorporated. Most aerographic and dental compressors have those units and they aren't significantly more expensive than just plain regulators.

    2. hardyan pajero


    3. Brok bb

      Bro someone stole your video about the tank bike the clowns yt name is Alaoui Naoufal

    4. Shannon Williams

      I'd recommend 2 wraps of ptfe tape and pipe sealant on all threaded joints. I'm almost done installing an 850lb air compressor that puts out 31cfm at 100psi(175psi max) in my shop, ptfe and pipe sealant makes the job easier and guarantee no leaks for decades to come.

    5. marco conti

      Nice motard 💪🤙

    6. Mr. Tool craft


    7. pierre chaze

      very nice project as usual. i like the green color :)


      Класс👍.посмотрите мои видео ,подписываемся на канал ,может кому будет полезно...

    9. Marcus Gilbert

      No disrespect but you’re videos didn’t need commentary. I’ve stopped watching since. Do what you do best, BUILD!

    10. Matt Rubrich

      Cool air compression, major flaw though, NEVER WELD A PRESSURE VESSEL! You a have made a time bomb with a random fuse, more over this this not the kind of craftsmanship you want to instill on others.

    11. nerdnoise

      The compressor of this type that I own requires it to be running and “spin up” before I am able to apply load and actually start compressing air. Did you have to do something to allow for spin up before applying load?

    12. Murat Kurtulus

      Oh baby you are so handsome but your hands are so bad you have to use gloves

    13. halfa jon

      Very nice work BUT a fire extinguisher is not made for use as a compressed air cylinder, they have different specifications. A compressed air cylinder is made to be pressurised and depressurised, a fire extinguisher is pressurised once till it is used, metal content and thickness etc is different.

    14. KX36

      Please consider using the guard on your angle grinder. Angle grinder injuries are just awful!



    16. Website

      Excellent work as always. We posted this video in our homemade tools forum this week :)

    17. Alexandar Petrovic


    18. Sync

      Ise apo kupro right?

    19. 부남아재

      You're the best.

    20. Will Wade

      Great but you should put a rubber pad between the compressor and the bracket to reduce vibration.

    21. Burken Productions

      It's pronounced Patreon, not pattreon.... just so you know. Did sound too ocd funny to hear it wrong.

    22. opolot julius

      Make it extreme you guys are the best in metal works on DEfasts I like your work it's so inspiring keep it up.

    23. jeff corn

      Could the regulator be put on the other side and add back pack straps to make it wearable?

    24. Игорь

      put rubber pads under the compressor

    25. Gabe Whisen

      Alright my boys are back at it, making it extreme , making it awesome

    26. William Fitzgerald

      How many bar did you pressure test those tanks to?

    27. PowerfulVeganHands


    28. Mr. Robinson

      I have enjoyed all of your crazy projects over the years..I hope to see more in the future..

    29. francisco javier lopez menchaca

      Saludos desde Zacatecas Mexico 😊

    30. Андрей Копейкин


    31. Kyrie Kwsta

      εισαι μεγαλος μάστορας

    32. Nikos Vaidis

      Κίπ γκόινγκ!!!

    33. Саня Раскольников

      Блин такие штуки изобретаешь, а обратный ход на сверлилке не можешь чтоли сделать?

    34. antonio ferrer

      You are the bomb , you are so talented, look at those hands work on everything that you make , god bless you and keep them videos coming 🙏💪🏻👍🏻

    35. Alexander Borsi

      Not that any of the other hundred projects are not great, but I loved the hard line tube bends. Really great work.

    36. Rhys Beer

      I feel like if there was a brand of tools called Extreme you made I would buy them...

    37. HzMeister

      how is this extreme? a $50 harbor freight special is better than this... now, a 5000+psi portable air compressor would have been 👌👌

    38. januar selemoy

      Please make a tutorial for a smartphone LCD touchscreen separator. Greetings from Indonesia, loyal viewers

    39. Phil Dog

      I'm kind of surprised you have just made your own DIY powder coating setup at this point. All those cans of spray paint have got to start adding up right?

    40. Netped


    41. Nasrurrohim

      Awesome.. I'm from Indonesia always watching your videos. Hopefully always creative!

    42. CHABROL Christopher


    43. Indiana Doug

      Just stumbled upon this channel. I have a lot of fabrication tools, but my best guess is, most ppl don’t. Do folks just come here and watch this guy make things?

    44. N1HTABATH

      Отличная работа! К баллонам можно добавить лямки, как на рюкзаках, и получится незаменимая вещь на стройке!

    45. guillermo rocha

      Genial 😁

    46. yahia mohamed

      Awesome like always 😍

    47. John Smith

      Would be a cool setup if you were rescuing a barn find auto.

    48. Kiatisak Chidtong


    49. Presecure

      9:07 name of this music?

    50. John Smith

      I must be really sick, I am hearing voices !!! = ) Great narration ! = ) (from a native English speaker ; ) )

    51. Abel Light

      Nice KTm

    52. UU-Tech RU

      Нужны лямки и как рюкзак его таскать с собой )

    53. German Matias

      Excelente, una pregunta que capacidad de aire aproximadamente tendría??

    54. Blimyed ###


    55. Степан Александрович М

      Please do Fire Thrower modification for this air compressor or another one

    56. SimonSaysSiFi

      I really like the new format! Narration, graphical effects on the punch and so on. Very nice!

    57. Memme

      Wow complimenti è stupendo... Vi seguo sempre e siete formidabili, fate cose pazzesche, se fosse in vendita in vendita ci farei un pensierino per acquistarlo. Grandi continuate così

    58. غزاوي VIP

      Creative, hands handed, we were excited to see this. I am from Iraq, a follower of Powell's first❤️

    59. skrem63

      Хорошая работа МАСТЕРА !!! УДАЧИ !!!

    60. Lukasz Kus


    61. Mr Shaneyt43

      So useful. I’ve had one of the small portable compressors before ( the type on wheels ) & the tank was so small it was unusable . This is just perfect 👌

    62. sajal acharjee

      that's a cool built.

    63. Юрий Цаплин

      WoW! I need it!:D Thanks for idea and great video!

    64. Mac Strange

      A really nice job, the water expulsion system is very interesting

    65. Kay A Breitbach

      Why not modify to use it as a backpack?

    66. yakup yenil


    67. Shaun Hughes Engraving

      a Million and One uses. You would make a great Homemade Hand Engraving Machine :)

    68. Davide Gorini


    69. yohance knights

      can you make a super excavator

    70. Bjorn-Olof Berglund

      Nice work. However it looks a little bit top heavy. It is easy to accidentically to tip it over if you pull the hose. It wiil need some kind of retractable legs to prevent damages. But overall a nice build.

    71. akira rinn

      Не совсем понял, он давление сам автоматически поднимает, или каждый раз надо самому подкачивать?

    72. driveclub

      2:08 he uses compressed air to build an air compressor... Chicken or Egg?😂

    73. Unik Design

      Great stuff like always 😁. Tiny comment only, put some rubber foots under the Compressor. This eliminates all the noise. Love your videos 👍🇳🇴

    74. Jone Arief

      Creativity base on multi talent,

    75. Pala Singh Jangra

      Nice 👍

    76. elvis de paula

      Muito top show 😃

    77. Capilar gasana

      King master the made in new mechine

    78. Sean Sengpiel

      This dudes missing a tool. Give him a week he’ll have one

      1. Tim Pratten

        Nothing works better than a tool crafted by the person who needs it for the job its intended for. If more people were like this the world would be a better place.

    79. Samaya Raj

      I love the way you made the moisture removal 13:22 👌👌👌

    80. Bobby Stanley

      You rock

    81. Marcel Maia

      Ficou muito bom! Parabéns.

    82. Scott K

      Top notch as always!!

    83. Ilya Shoshana

      This pump will die fast

    84. Lee Mark

      i am not a pro but my gut feeling tells me that welding on pressure bottles is no good

      1. volvo245

        Common pressure vessel steel alloys are very close to mild steel in their metallurgy and are very weldable and rarely require heat treating after welding. That being said its always good to do pressure testing even if you are just building something for yourself and not for sale.

      2. exoc1

        Look at any compressor tank 99% of them are welded and have handles and mounts welded onto them, many in some random chinese factory. The narrator also stated that they pressure tested it @ 50 bar, +7 times their working pressure.

      3. Hellsong89

        Most often no its not. How ever fire extinguishers are far as i know, are operating in 16bars and pressure tested on higher pressures (how much dunno should ask inspector about that), so the pressure vessel it self should not have issues, if not welded under pressure, penetration is reasonable ie stuff sticks to it, but material is not sifted, if you have basic understanding of welding and pressure vessels and its not run higher than 10bars. Given how much can happen to fire extinguisher getting dropped, bumped etc abused in various environments and still holding while under such pressure, i dont really see a issue with utilizing such sturdy container, but of course we are talking about 10 bars witch is still low but hefty pressure, so research and be careful.

      4. Danny Berg

        It’s not.

    85. Ilya Shoshana

      Make a sheet bender

    86. Yeni Pesex30

      Reques hand manual blower

    87. 318 Six Pack

      Great build! The commercial frequency is a little too much on this one.

    88. reggiep75

      I liked this channel and its content as it was but the project overview and narration at the beginning is a good addition. Keep up the good work!

    89. Official Mile High

      that supermoto in the background is sick

    90. Mike Hanley

      I get really nervous about this, are all the components rated for your working pressure and have you carried out appropriate NDE following hot work on pressure vessels?

      1. Matt Rubrich

        This hot work is shotty and highly dangerous, that tank will unzip and kill someone if he is not careful.

      2. Matt Rubrich

        @Paddy Lambton oh yes, this guy doesn't look like he annealed this vessel at all, when you weld a tank like this, and pressurize it, you essentially have a bomb with a random fuse, very, very dangerous

      3. Paddy Lambton

        appropriate Near Death Experience? Is this the normal outcome of welding on pressure vessels?

    91. Boots

      PS- MIE getting his video effect on too. A little talking really helps make everything we SEE gel nicely also.

    92. Boots

      Outstanding as always, However, might be worth putting a piece of plate on the bottom to help it not tip over, and maybe a cage of some sort to protect the gauge when it does tip over. How many people now realize they absolutely NEED a lathe? MIE, how about a Make It Extreme simple lathe from a treadmill motor?

    93. Dylan Edmiston

      Holy shit you can speak.

    94. Myron Alexander

      Never disappoints !

    95. catman72

      How long can this small compressor work continously?

    96. catman72


    97. 10:4 littleAl

      I wanted to make one out of an old propane tank.

    98. pedroromano73 pedroromano73 (pedroromanoKayak)

    99. Brainless Piggy

      That's the perfect tank for a bbgun too