Making a Giant Hamster Wheel for our Cat


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    We made a giant hamster wheel for our cat Joob, aka The Supurrvisor. Thanks Squarespace for sponsoring us, go to for 10% off your first purchase. Check out the tools / materials we used below! 👇
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    TOOLS & MATERIALS (affiliate)
    Aluminum flashing
    Carpet tiles
    Main casters
    Alignment side casters
    THIXO epoxy
    Cordless router
    Plunge base for router
    Taper jig
    Circle cutting jig
    Miter saw
    Table saw
    Wood oil finish
    Oak plywood and lumber
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    1. EvanAndKatelyn

      UPDATE: We've done more training, here's a quick clip of the Supurrvisor's progress! 🎮 Did you know we have a Gaming Channel? 🎙️ And a Podcast!

      1. Emeline Umsted

        One small step for cat one giant ham for cat kind

      2. Hidden Treasures

        Could you guys type down the measurements for the circle as well as the planks for the base please and thank you?

      3. Danica Rockwell

        Katelyn is my mom's cousin

      4. Collin T

        14:33 Hopefully this lesson teaches you the importance of drilling holes in mostly finished wood products before putting A BIG FREAKING SCREW in and destroying your hard work at making the board look pretty...and yes that was sarcasm. Awesome build and do remember to drill pilot holes for screws from now on when that close to the edge.

      5. claws and fangs

        "Cub wolf"? It's the other way around and u know it!

    2. Boy H

      We bought the OneFastCat wheel for our 6 year old cats and they have ZERO interest in using it. The kittens we have exposed to the same wheel since birth LOVE using it...especially at 4am, lol.

    3. TorQueSS J

      We’re totally gonna try building one! But... white carpet, black cat?! Lol nope!

    4. Bamvoice

      It's a "Haaaaam-ster Wheel"

    5. Benjamin Malaval


    6. Dondee

      2:55 premonition of things to come. from their moving soon house tour video

    7. lil mushroom frog

      I'm going to watch all their videos from the oldest and forward. Wish me luck

    8. alyphim

      yooo you can't make a joke about a cat sized hamster wheel out of resin and then not do it tho

    9. Cory Grove

      got to go FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. Gavin Morgan

      Dis da type of relationship I want

    11. Mis Gotfryd

      WTF you giving a ham to the cat? WOW .... RIP poor cat

    12. phatbusted

      So ... How much was that circle cutting thingy ? Where i live, that alone costs 1.5 times more than a 1.2m dia Cat Wheel :/

    13. Debbie Fields Dourte

      Wow. Just wow... I wonder if my chihuahuas would love something like that? It would have to go outside, though; there's no room in our apartment! 🐕 🐕

    14. organ reeman

      You picked the worst possible casters. They are not flat on the bottom. And the caster hubs should be running through bearings. Also the wheels themselves should be made of rubber, not plastic.

    15. Wendy S

      I LOVE IT.

    16. Shiboline M'Ress

      Big wheels and "ham"! 😉🐱💜

    17. Rylie Voshel

      0:46 Joob was doing a little blep I can't handle the cuteness!!!!

    18. EdgarSketches

      Can you please make ALL youtube advertisements? They would actually be fun to watch!

    19. Gabe Fountain

      I guess you could call it a camster wheel

    20. Evan Hartley

      The best sponsor transitions in DEfasts history

    21. kind kid

      my cat was in my room and every time you said ham she lookt at me like "give me. NOW. why ur not givinggg my hammm"

    22. Amanda Beebe

      If the cat doesn’t use it and you can just use it, but my head head🤯 my nose hard🤥

    23. Michelle Witham

      not a hand full of turky, a ham full !!!

    24. Shana Briefkani

      When Evan and Katelyn were advertising square space I thought it was an actual ad and was looking for the skip button LOL 😂

    25. Karen Law

      Probably someone has already commented about this, but if not: Why not epoxy the bottom ring with groove facing up and leave it there so you can insert the aluminum from above, placee the top plywood circle as a weight on top (add something if not heavy enough), wait the 4 hour cure time, then flip the whole thing over and repeat?

    26. Haley Haas

      0:46 Omg little derpy Joob too cute to handle 😍😱

    27. Donnell Griffin

      Evanandkatelyn:Mochi likes haaaaaaaaaaaaaaam Joob: confused screaming ham ham ham

    28. kittycat9009 i

      nobody: joob WANT.WANT.

    29. Alexandra Sabbadini

      Love your videos 😉😉😉😉😉

    30. Sofea 3c

      I question how Evan and Kaitlyn found out about the 'ham' thing. 😂😂😂 It's like so random omg-😂😂😂

    31. Mariam Iskander

      Looks like you guys give your cat the best treatment in the whole world 😂

    32. Oliver Tibbetts

      workout + food =fat?

    33. Loretta L

      Where is the follow-up for this? Did the supervisor use the wheel? Wonderful project.

    34. Walter Grafpo

      The humorous ton immuhistochemically doubt because list substantively appear sans a encouraging purpose. divergent, ajar weapon

    35. Alex B.

      so much work and the cat is not interested in it in the end. 🤣

    36. Hidden Treasures

      I think a good idea would be Velcro on both sides so that the tile can be removed at a later date they get shredded it up

    37. Hidden Treasures

      What did we assemble? A giant ice cream sandwich

    38. Bianca Blaney-Thivierge

      I'm so proud of Joob! I was really sad she wouldn't use it at first

    39. Ronnie Ashline

      To let you know hamster balls are not safe for hamsters

    40. Brye Aubrey B.

      I wish I had the tools you both have bc I really like watching videos like this, but. BUuuuuUT! I don't have the tools to do crafts that require stuff like this

    41. Boo Boo

      you can cut that with a straight edge and a razor knife for a nice clean edge very quickly.

    42. Neil Stallings

      i was eating goldfish the snack that smile's back kind LOL it about a cat

    43. Man Nguyen

      This is what modern Egyptians are like

    44. Mr.Mischief Iknowyourpassword

      8:50 I would pay to see that.

    45. Mr.Mischief Iknowyourpassword

      Your cat is so fluffy I love her :") beautiful cat.

    46. DatGayDangerNoodle

      Ive watched this vid 4 times and i still dont know what tapering the legs is.... can someone help pls?

      1. black jack

        The legs are smaller in the bottom then the top. Just means it gets smaller on one end

    47. Matthew Helmer

      Your AC lmao 😂! Cool project

    48. Cathryn Thornhill


    49. gwg5640

      My cat would never go for this. That stubborn.

    50. enderman 3

      can't wait until covid times (look at the date)

    51. Franco Serrano


      1. Franco Serrano

        i lu

    52. Nonia Bisuaques

      0:46 b l e p

    53. Richard Green

      "modern because we tapered the legs" (~;

    54. Xiar

      We now need a cat sized hamster ball.

    55. SmolTrash Bean

      20:01 ♡

    56. christopher yochelson

      Put a rc car on it

    57. Conor_C

      Anyone know what breed this cat is?

    58. B Min

      Dang the intro on the tv is so good

    59. Soleil Sutka

      PLEASE do cat size hamster ball!

    60. kαrα

      I would love to be their child and use this if Joob doesn’t

    61. ProgHead777

      3:41 I like the mashup of Woody Woodpecker and Porky Pig into a new character: Porky Woodpecker

    62. Toast vibeTM

      *hi nerds* *ham* *want*

    63. Toast vibeTM

      a little over a year ago I found this video on my for you page Little did I know I would be interested in this video and not long after it I would be addicted to this channel and Evan and Katelyn Little did I know I would have to watch other videos three times while waiting for one new one Little did I know I would find my favorite DEfastsrs oh little did I know ❤️

    64. AXEl_The_Anubis

      5:28 Cat-like reactions😅

    65. candace harewood

      New subbie,good job

    66. Amanda Mace

      The ' one sleep later ' shirt is SO MAGICAL ( like resin)

    67. The Caprio's


    68. The Caprio's

      Honestly I'd use this for myself! LOL!! I'm to much of a cat.

    69. Pedro Sousa

      Omg I’m in love with this project, you are amazing 😻

    70. Ocean vibes


    71. Andy

      you guys are totally awsum , from editing to humor and the love for your pet , top notch content sub from me

    72. none one

      Good video. For the price of the tools you could just buy two of the expensive wheels.

    73. Stephan Jeffery

      I bet roller skate wheels would work great. They would spread out the weight. i wrote this without finishing the video.

    74. Rayen09

      The one sleep later on the shirt got me sooo good, that was a great transition

    75. Smokey Nifty

      I think you should make a video of more cute thing your cat does because I love the ham thing

    76. Callie Grabowski

      Oh my god my cat is not the only one that sticks her tongue out and just chills like that. And wants love when I’m working

    77. Justin

      5:40 it looks like a grant Ice cream sandwich😂

    78. William Diaz

      You guys are crazy cat people. I'm not judging I'm just excited to see another couple like my wife and I 😂

    79. Joel Threatt

      Someone tell them liquid flows DOWN

    80. Harry Kershaw

      Anyone agree that these two are the epitome of chaotic good? Because that’s the vibes I’m getting from them. On a more feline note, hearing Joob purr was gorgeous. A beautiful floofy black cat (my favourite, I love black cats) with the cutest purrs.

    81. Steph Eva

      Too cute!

    82. Titan tun

      20:04 is so cuteee

    83. ay ok

      I loved the cats tongue help at 0:49

    84. JackInThe Box


    85. Maisah Pierce

      They are so lucky that they have Active cat my cat is not Even active

    86. RH3XIS

      Heavy midwesterner moved to Brooklyn vibes

    87. Toy Bonnie SFM

      i nwould say for the outer part of the wheel u could put like plastic grooves so the wheel can rest on the mini wheels while minimizing friction but also stabilizing the wheels, i havent watched the vid all the way through yet, and i am no professional like you guys but thats what i was thinking and i thought i would share it

    88. Pia

      She would of used the wheel, if it was the same carpet in the cat scratchers. Or even better with twine.

    89. Beth Burmester

      This is not a diy for the everyday hooman.

    90. Alan Franke

      8th grade and 1

    91. No Interesa

      Wish my wife partnership with me on cool projects, but instead she just interested in tiktok and useless Alice...

    92. Fatma Cesur

      make a giant hamster ball make a giant hamster ball for cats

    93. Theresa M

      My cats LOVE ham, like turkey.

    94. Yes I am Yes

      Me and my boyfriend use the "ham call" on his cat to get him to come, and while it doesn't work we always get a good laugh out of it.

    95. Rachael O’Connell, ND

      Technically, this is infinitely more expensive for me to make because I don’t have a workshop with power tools. It looks really cool and your cat is so cute.

    96. Gabby FireGale


    97. human being

      was that Melbourne in the background of your ad??🇦🇺

    98. Grayson Smith

      Every one of your videos is sponsored by square space

    99. Luka Gloveli

      Hiiii I em nev

    100. libby borders

      its a 'HAM'ster wheel lol 20:38