Making liquid air

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    Today I'll be using a cryocooler to turn air into a liquid.
    Nile talks about lab safety:​

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    1. Dazzling Burritoes

      so that's how Thneedvile citizens breaths

    2. Rohan Budhathoki

      Who who thought it was water

    3. Gunthertube

      Drink it if ur so confident

    4. Indus Indus

      What this machine is called ???

    5. ememe


    6. Vanboy

      I feel my brain getting bigger

    7. teterjan


    8. Ritik Rana

      *Can I drink it*

    9. Jose Rivas - Pabon

      Nitrogen, oxygen, methane? Be more specific x.x

    10. Heaven's Gaming Vlogg

      Smell it

    11. Roger Alvarado

      Worlds Worst Nightmare: An *Angry Nile Red* w/ *Jeff Bezos Net Worth*

    12. Nathan Ozimec

      What’s the temperature of that liquid air?

    13. Michael Morrison

      So... what can you do with it?

    14. Lazys The Dank Engineer

      My brain: drink it Me: just this once, I agree

    15. cranberry the goose

      Air be like L I Q U I D

    16. Dirk Diggler

      Wow, that is pretty fascinating ngl. Keep up the quality content man bravo

    17. DigManB

      Yo now we can actually drink air instead of pretending

    18. Aaron The Gameplayer

      But is it actually drinkable??

    19. TheWither129

      Is it safe to drink Please i have to know if it’s safe to drink

    20. EcHoZ Hunter

      This man is 2 seconds from making the Fallout 4 Cryolator

    21. Jeff The ninja

      Science is awesome

    22. RFS

      Nile makes YT shorts actually interesting

    23. King Crecent

      Can you still breath it is the real question.

    24. Priyanshu Sen

      None of the videos has 1M likes and i'm not surprised

    25. Joshua Wise

      What happens if you turn it all the way up? Would you suffocate if you stayed in that room? Does the room turn into a freezer? Is the machine still the only thing that gets cold?

    26. Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca


    27. Shirou白狼

      Him: cryo cooler Me: cryo,pyro,hydro,anemo,dendro,electro,geo

    28. Gabriel Ferraz



      Finally something that isn’t garbage stolen from Tiktok

    30. Dj Megalax

      Always wanted to taste air

    31. Courtney Justice

      It's a air it's a water its air water

    32. Rekta Dragoon

      Can u inhale liquid air?

    33. SovanDai

      *What if some kid accidentally truns the power dial to maximum* 😱😱😱

    34. Gwydion Russo

      our atmosphere like 70 something percent nitrogen so you essentially just created liquid nitrogen

    35. Kaylee Sankar

      I want to drink it

    36. Jamie Steffen

      What will taste like?

    37. SanJohnGod YT

      Liquid air...? You mean water?

    38. Justin Mitchell

      What if he drunk it

    39. Eli Dalie

      Ok but what would it taste like

    40. Undead Gamer

      Cryocooler... Fireoven

    41. Bollibompa

      Liquid nitrogen*

    42. Cornholio777

      What air particle

    43. Sharpened Diamond YT

      Nah me being an ark pro i calls it a cryo fridge

    44. Michał Szwec

      Oh cool, at first I thought there will be a few drops of liquid nitrogen, but then I realised liquid air is more logical, some good quality content in a compact package here

    45. Ed Sheeran

      What would happen if I were to drink it? What would it even feel like

    46. Benjamin Pardede

      That is so cool

    47. Mellow Me

      this has become my favorite Nile red short

    48. many

      what does it taste like tho can you drink it?

    49. Your Friendly Weeb

      Why isn't anyone asking what'd happen if the power dial is at max power..??

    50. ezra kidane

      drink it

    51. Jaidyn Sluis

      I want to touch it.........

    52. Tejas felix

      So that looks like Freon to me .?? With out the green die just saying..

    53. Raj Gill

      Its just liquid nitrogen right? The CO2 and oxygen both have lower freezing temps so just nitrogen Im guessing? If anybody knows let me know

    54. Mychal Moser

      Liquid nitrogen?

    55. Adrian Vena

      Theres no such thing as liquid air, its either air or water from the air

    56. Ginto

      Looks like 100plus....

    57. Srsly Idk


    58. ALFREDO

      So what would happen if you drank that liquid air?

    59. Arizona Ranger

      I am going to ask this at any liquid that you don’t tell us is toxic, can drink?

    60. Cris P. Bacon

      The question is. Can you drink it?

    61. Maria Perez

      WOW OMG

    62. xLoxLoLex

      What would happen if you drink some liquid air?

    63. Vasile Ceteras

      "just a bit" - while the meter shows 3.8kW. I would like to know how does this work.

    64. Heaven_Land

      It seems to become a liquid nitrogen

    65. Wumpus

      Do I dare ask what happens when the dial is turned all the way?

    66. داليدا 「!」

      is it drinkable?

    67. RaiderX

      Go to 100

    68. syntax_error_7

      You just watched him boil air, go do something.

    69. Andrew Cradle

      Why is it bubbling like that? Is it hot? Cold? Can you drink it?

    70. Deadprez101

      Is liquid air just water?

    71. Patrick Austin

      What happens if you turn the dial all the way?!?!

    72. catinabin

      If Michael Reeves and him became a duo their villain arc would truly be something to see

    73. Ja Lowery


    74. UmiNoArashi

      And this is the origin of McDonalds Sprite

    75. Vulcan_GoF

      I like the way you say nitrogen. 😁

    76. Atlas Hellwalker

      I have a feeling that liquid oxygen is a bad idea near ignition sources, screw it, add some potassium to liquid oxygen

    77. iReloadZz-Mini

      Umm sorry of I'm rong but isn't liquid nitrogen the same

    78. CsSilverSurfer

      Stupid question but are fumes from liquid air safe?

    79. Josip Bilandžić

      Can you breath in that

    80. THE Chrome Assasin

      How does it taste????

    81. Lito

      Forbidden sprite

    82. King Celie

      Drink it.

    83. Oofed

      Yes we need more of these

    84. Anton Krog

      What happens with the dial at 100 though....

    85. Josh

      Cool, thanks for sharing!

    86. Antrun swag

      Can you drink that

    87. Davi Gerhardt

      what if i drink it?

    88. zimanonline Thien

      Can you drink it ???

    89. never gonna give you up

      Is it dangerous to drink liquid air?

    90. Fair Witness

      Now, if only I can bottle said liquid air and have compressed oxygen for my glass torch.....

    91. CallMeBackup

      Liquid Nitrogen*

    92. The best Egg

      The real question is can you drink it?-

    93. Christian S

      If you rinse with it does it become liquid CO2 when you spit it out?

    94. Hans Teeuwen

      But the quistion is. Can you drink it

    95. Cooper McCormick

      Can you drink liquid air? And if so, are you breathing?

    96. Doc Nasty

      Drink it

    97. Christopher Venos

      Where can you buy a cryocooler like that?

    98. Code C

      I want to touch it :)

    99. Code C

      I want to touch it :)