Man arrested for role in Capitol riot, threatening to assassinate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth

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    The FBI announced Friday the arrest of Garret Miller, for his alleged role in the riots at the U.S. Capitol earlier this month.
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    1. larry g.

      .....Millers attorney in court : "Your honor, my client is as sweet and innocent as Michael Jackson was sleeping with all those little boys"...A few seconds elapse : "Your honor, I move to strike my last comment from the court record".....

    2. Lisa Wasserzieher

      It is interesting how all these supposed American citizens would complain about defacing and degrading the American flag. However, they write on the flag.

    3. Leif Johnson

      "Douchebag Arrested" would be a better title. Put him in jail and throw away the key.

    4. Gregory Michaels

      Hey Garret how's things?

    5. ocean breeze


    6. the Truth

      Another phony patriot hypocrite traitor to the Republic supporting fascism over democracy and initiating an insurrection against our country.

    7. Ellen Taylor

      TERRORISTS must be punished hastily.

    8. Darrin Steven

      Where is Jenna Ryan? She has got your back,.call her. She will tell you how to Love yourself like Trump loves you. Your special.

    9. john thomas

      KEEP IOCKING THEM UP....🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    10. Rachel Walters

      Miller went there to kill { to assassinate}

    11. Jody Haag

      Through the book at him!

    12. buenosaires5

      A few years in jail should do a good job on this jerk

    13. Bernie Simmons

      Doubled down on stupid, he did.

    14. Ronald Giroux

      Trump loves & think he’s special. That’s all that matters..........until he ‘drops the soap’ in federal lock up!

    15. J. Gold

      trunp stink all over

    16. John R Armantrout

      Aren't tRump's disciples tears & tantrums the sweetest things ever - especially those of the insurrectionist traitors. I don't feel his pain… but I love knowing he does.

    17. jim cerda

      all these people will soon lose their guns, and cannot do nothing about it, and they bragged about it, how stupid these now ex gun owners are, now they can cry about losing their 2nd amendt right while i sit here and polish my legally acquired guns, one word "stupid"

    18. SuperSoldier26

      Do these people who stormed the US Capitol ever think about their families, friends, coworkers, bosses and how their actions with affect and/or corrupt them even scar them for life? Do they think about these things at all??!!

    19. SuperSoldier26

      This is the type of stuff that I’ve always been afraid of

    20. SuperSoldier26

      This guy Garrett Miller should go to jail for life for what he said and did

    21. Jimmy Lartigue

      25 years sounds good and mail the keys to the moon

    22. Paul Allan

      Wonder what his level of education is.

    23. PUAlum

      Miller needs to spend lots of time in prison....preferably in some place like Guantanamo.

    24. Jay Sar

      He Loves The Poorly Educated

    25. Brian Pan

      LOCK HIM UP!

    26. Kyra Neto

      These "PATRIOTS " bragging about their criminal acts. Trump's finest supporters. Prosecute them all.

    27. Tessie Tesoro

      This guy should be ashamed, did he raise funds for Texans suffering from snowstorm, had the gut to threaten Alexandria? 🤔🤔🤔

    28. Ron Rahman JD, MBA

      Really no comment? Why are you covering it up now?

    29. Ron Rahman JD, MBA

      Stay behind bar because you know what you did so you deserve it why do you need a bail now?

    30. kitty silky cat

      Why her...I think she should run for president of this country...

    31. none of your business

      there 3 sides of a story yours theirs and the one we dont know about

    32. Bette Rae McQueary

      Yes that's smart threaten people storm the capitol then brag about it. Not too smart.

    33. DoraDuncan

      Go FBI. "This time" you're in the right.

    34. Pete Miller

      Pres Trump was kicked off the high tech social platforms. The trouble makers weren't. And where is all the radio traffic with anarchists talking on their hand held radios?

    35. T NH

      Throw his dumb A$$ in jail and lose the key!!! What a moronic traitor imbecile!! So glad they are going after these revolters!!

    36. ED LIGGETT

      Too bad the violence happened in the U.S. Had it happened in a Foreign country, we could revoke the TREASONER'S U.S. CITIZENSHIP and leave them with ISIS people.

    37. BonerMaroner

      Texas has never raised many children who believed in justice for all, with their spin they remain the most un-educated state in the union.

    38. R D

      Revoke his citizenship and seize their assets. Ship them to any nation that will take them. Snowden has been treated so much worse than these terrorists.

    39. James Mullaney

      I'm an American citizen, born in New York City in 1962. Alexandria is my Representative in Congress. I voted for her in the primary and the general election. You need to respect my rights.

    40. Eugene Niemierzycki

      This business of "threats" must be squelched immediately and without mercy. These losers must learn that threats of this kind come with severe punishment.

    41. Ernest Wilson

      Don't you think all trump supporters should be arrested.

    42. brave sir robin

      well atleast he got a good 11 views

    43. younguy1979


    44. Fritz Fedke

      what is so bizarre, is how many of these so-called PATRIOTS didnt even vote in the election...thats hard to wrap your head around....stupid is as stupid does...goobers just looking for a fight...

    45. GRAG MAR

      I can not believe all these people acted I cited by Donal Trump, and Trump just got away with it. So 😥 sad.

    46. Jeff Dunn

      And they are all such cowards. First they break the law and then publish proof of their crimes on social media. Once they are caught the excuses range from I was forced in by the crowd to Donald Trump made me do it. LOCK THEM UP!

    47. Francis Santos

      Another one bites the dust. Prima facie evidence is his own social media posts. A very stable genius just like dear leader Trump. Unlike King Trump this "patriot" will sit in jail while covid-45 Trump awaits his turn for the stripes or orange.

    48. Gilbert Manzano

      Everybody knows who u r n live. I wish u luck!

    49. Rodney Sèìdell


    50. JCrew Zack

      Next time you participate in a riot do yourself a favor and wear a full-face mask

    51. IOnceAteAPinecone

      I'm just really interested in what's up with all the Grateful Dead posters in David's home office. _You party bro?_

    52. Rederick Rederick

      These tRump STOOGES can't believe these domestic terrorists thought they could riot and Diaper Don would stand by them !!! Jail for you ALL !

    53. Tyrone Harris

      four people died that day why not charge them all with murder as well.

    54. Who am I ? No one!

      Trump said that they are the party of the law abiding citizens. What he says, and what they do are two different things. Trump enables these people after he's told them lies , and emotionally disturbed them, then he turns them to attack who he wants to be hurt. He tried to get the vice president Pence killed, he tried to get AOC killed. Even Mitch McConnell after the trial said Trump was guilty of all of the crimes that he's been accused of. That Trump is the one that incited that insurrection , and lawlessness. It came right out of Mitch's mouth on film. McConnell's mouth. But at the same time how two-faced he voted different, he voted opposite of what he said !that old Mitch ! I feel sorry for these people, because they were always raised to respect the president of the United States , and to believe everything that comes out of the president's mouth, that is the way they were raised. So they had no idea they were listening to an absolute liar that had his own personal agenda at hand. His agenda to become filthy rich , and to rule the world by military force and in whatever way necessary to rule the world himself as a singular dictator.

    55. so here we are

      Terrorist. All of them.

    56. Mo Money

      The underground has begun. Secure your tools of war. Prepare. Make ready to stand on our feet. We cannot live on our knees.

    57. K Nelson

      Where's trump 🌞 ⛳

    58. scott b

      No Way! Someone tell Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin that once again their are ANTIFA members posing in pictures with Trump hats on! LOL! These people worshiped Trump and are now seeing how our justice system works first hand if they haven't seen it already! LOL!

    59. keke johnson

      Lives in Richardson! I guarantee if he out his not showing his face lol 🤣

    60. Bubber Cakes

      Patriots support our country and do not try to kill elected representatives. May none of them ever again be allowed to see the light of day. Trump should be locked up with them.

    61. Andrew Gardener

      You know for people constantly charging others of being Communists , they sure are Joseph Stalin's favorite sort ....Useful Idiots

    62. Joseph Smith

      Lock Him up @

    63. userbosco

      I wonder how many of these traitors come from each state....

    64. joe k

      As trump has abandoned his "supporters" I hope it was worth it as he and his fellow "patriots" sit in jail for the next 15-20 yrs. They will have plenty of time to mull it over. Enjoy ur time as a guest of the state.

    65. c d

      At least he'll now be able to relocate at the GrayBar Hotel and out of his mother's basement. LOL

    66. Tyrone Nixon

      Ruin your life for trump. great idea

    67. Nathaniel Morphew

      Throw the key away.

    68. Michael Quarry

      Put that clown in jail for life. The Coward can THREATHEN women. Threathen me punks.

    69. Georgette Cosenza

      These fools are so ignorant and stupid to have bragged of what they did. Though this is how they got caught and arrested. Karma knocked on their door and now they have to pay the price for what they did.

    70. Jubal 65

      The radicalization of the Republicans will be the doomed of the nation

    71. Bart & Lily herbots vleminckx

      Stupid man

    72. Earvetta

      Arrest all of them for not wearing a mask

    73. Greg Mcduffie

      Blinas should go to ur street corner toothless bob want wait very long for you try to sound smart but ur only a stripp.......

    74. Elaine Thomas

      Why did they drink the punch, at Jones Town?

    75. Que serra

      Theu should hold them for terroristic threats as long as they can. Also of he facebookd or said to anyone willing to testify ANYTHING racist esp. About AOC its a hate crime . Life . )technically also death yet since she didn't actually get hurt life would probably be the only thing close to likely for him.)

    76. Joel G

      Another one down. Thousands to go. Enjoy jail bro ✌🏽

    77. D Munz

      He is being taken out of context.

    78. Sweetexorcist7

      They catching them all

    79. Sergio Morales

      Trump supporters aren't very smart people.

    80. Lars Cain

      He is not only guilty of treason but of being double ugly

    81. xayko Sseennee

      Prison will suit you well.

    82. DJT lying POS Sucks

      I hope everyone of trumps cult terrorist are locked up for twenty years. Murder, Sedition, Treason.

    83. drumdrum cymbal

      He was asked texas or a warm cell.

    84. Danny Burton

      Just how ignorant can people be to think their riotous actions could over turn legal election

    85. stefan shumaker

      I love all Fox and friends reversals.. You are a product of you work environment

    86. Habib Khodakarami

      woww... wait a minute, that's all the charges!!! what about attempted/planned murder and criminal charges, they didn't finish the job because they couldn't find them... they should be jailed for life.

    87. Balaclava Man86

      It’s a good job AOC wasn’t/was/wasn’t/was/wasn’t there! Oh who knows 😂😂😂

    88. Pamela Chambers

      Nancy Pelosi needs to answer questions about the riot.

    89. ferdz

      Common thing among Trump supporters: STUPID!

    90. Gene West

      Vanilla Taliban... enjoy prison traitor

    91. Berk Trapdoor

      The worst thing is that nearly 50% of Americans are on his side.

    92. martin frost

      Another Fox News radicalized Patriot supporting lies?

    93. Ramsay

      Some how all their actions won't be felony they are the wrong skin tone.

    94. Jon Mendez

      How about federal charges of sedition, taking arms against The United State and conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. Government?

    95. Big Smoke Guitar

      Garrett just signed his life's pink slip away... No more walking about freely Driving? No. Let's go to the store! No. I feel like a hamburger!'s a bologna sandwich!

    96. Richard Stubbs

      Do you know what they call it when you take selfie‘s of yourself at a crime scene? EVIDENCE! Why are we not charging these people with sedition, insurrection, treason etc?

    97. Mary Ellen Pereda

      Idiots sitting in jail while trump is living it up playing golf . You been used.

    98. Lady G

      So he basically said they would lynch the man that killed the woman! They thought trump had their backs and they thought sadly trump would be with them. Not one of them called trump to the front to be let in! Not one of them turned around to even enquirer where trump was! SMH

    99. jd2616

      Next time we bring the guns”. Sounds like a trumptard, begging for his 10 years.

    100. Lex Stark