Maple Leafs @ Oilers 3/3/21 | NHL Highlights


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    Extended highlights of the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Edmonton Oilers

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    1. Carissa D

      As an Oilers fan these 3 games hurt but it's the Oilers so I'm used to it

    2. austinhockey11

      Connor who? LOL

    3. Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia

      Man, what happened to the Oilers? Looked like they were having a decent beginning to the season, and it's just gone in the tank.

    4. Mark Kruda

      Oilers suck

    5. Robert Morton

      why can't the Oilers beat the Leafs?

    6. Tom Doll

      Does Edmonton have a defense ??

    7. Mark Smith

      Good to see Tavares get one after playing such solid two way hockey for so long.

    8. Natasha Bolton

      Go leafs :) great win :) 🙃🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 keep it up :)

    9. TheGiua1973

      Mike Smith punches Hyman in the back of the head & gets a penalty. Later on, Hyman is in his face again and scores. Sorry, that just made me laugh. Smith is such a spazz.

    10. MTN4RNR JC

      Where the heck is McDavid???

    11. Bubbles

      Nice to see 91 get a top corner goal. Hyman line is awesome the whole team for that matter.

    12. Zaedrah

      ready for the Leafs' first round exit

    13. alex x

      got a give alot of credit to torontos defense this year, it really completed the team

    14. Mark White

      Leafs winning the cup this year

    15. jim regan

      One of the best weeks of Leaf watching in a long time❗️❗️🏒🥅👍😀😀

    16. Jacob Hobart

      Good game Toronto Maple Leafs and tough loss Edmonton Oilers!

    17. Ali Asıf karasu

      All leafs players are great!! Waooow

    18. tjkloet11

      Mike Smith made this game look closer than it was, could have been 8-9 easily. Poor guy was getting hung out to dry all game.

    19. Keegs Bw

      Thought oilers where gunna do good this year and had a chance but nope

    20. MegaHello202

      I want Spezza to stick around for a few more years

    21. Wandrille Leskowsky

      Leafs haters: Matthews scoring so much cause division is bad and defense is weak. Also Leaf haters: Leafs defense good cause division bad Seriously, having this GAA against an offensively stacked division (most of the top scorers are in the North) should say SOMETHING

    22. Mortaqai 2.0

      I cant imagine that these guys dont lay sleepless in their beds at night reading these comments off their phones. I havent pulled any punches. These Leafs needed a severe and serious talking to and i think its starting to pay off. Only took 12 years. I just wanna add that Spezza'a 'starting' to look like the player he was always intended to be. I know i challenged him hard. Its hockey. Hockey is war. Its not for the gentle of spirit or undecided. And he's starting to get that. And it matters that you do if you want to be a hockey player. Be a nice guy off the ice. Be a warrior when on. Its a hardened battle. Not a figure skating competition. The thing these guys need to ingrain in their minds is, war has at least 2 opposing sides. Its nothing at all to do with playing your game. Its about being prepared to play theirs. And when you've subdued them in their own game, you can introduce your own into the mix while maintaining whatever you did to get you there.

    23. Spectrum

      Can Hyman pass the puck on a 2-on-1?... so many opportunities missed

      1. Jason

        No he had to ego that, that penalty was drawn because mike smith (oilers goalie) punched him in the head. He needs to ego that shot and score on that same powerplay to make him pay, imo its respectable.

    24. Luke Humby

      I done with the Oilers! We need a goalie!

    25. Ramza

      This was too painful to watch. I think this is the first year that I feel the Leafs are actually different from previous seasons

    26. The SIX

      Oilers fans punching the air right now

    27. Brad

      What, no footage of the Mikheyev and McDavid race?

    28. Dan Medeiros

      lol come on Hyman .. guy needs to pass. good game though boys

    29. Jay Lee

      Why did coach dismantled last years hottest line that carried them through????

    30. Al Mell

      Punch Imlach was watching from heaven!

    31. Georgian Bay Paranormal

      Looks like the team finally has an identity and heart to me, Cant wait for Simmonds to come back for the playoffs. Might be the year boys.

    32. Joseph Lowry

      The Toronto Maple Leafs are on an awesome winning streak, congratulations on winning the game Maple Leafs. Go Toronto Maple Leafs.

    33. Luc Davidson

      The crowd sounds are stupid

    34. discoveryman59

      Connor McDavid want's out so bad he can taste it!!

      1. discoveryman59

        @JimbyTarnish Almost is the KEY word here.

      2. JimbyTarnish

        Almost as bad as matthews wanting to go to Arizona?

    35. D 95

      Easily the deepest and most complete Leafs team in a looooong time.

    36. Martin West

      13-1 in scoring...that's worse than watching an Olympic hockey game. At least the losing team made an effort..Oil were pathetic this homestand...outright embarassing.

    37. Randomizer903

      How often does McDavid get denied a point for 3 straight games?

    38. Batman

      Why did Pulju only play 10 minutes?

    39. japbir singh


    40. Jeffrey Buck

      Oilers are terrible losers

    41. Ron Matthews

      Leafs are getting majorly out hit this season even though they play in the easiest and softest division. If they make it to the third round of the playoffs they will meat an American heavy physical team that will make players like Nylander waive the white flag. Andersen has been outplayed by every goalie he has faced in the post season. Both need to be traded for the Leafs to win the cup.

    42. TheZoZoDemon

      Thornton was the better 97 this series

    43. Donald Michael Lumsden

      Hey JT pretty good game against the Oilers . Nice to see you score again . You must have been thinking , whats wrong ? Dont worry about it . Just play Your game . Your still a strong threat . If they concentrate on You to much , it opens somebody else up .Then You will score . Saw a couple of games lastnight . Avelanche vs Sharks . Avs came from everywhere ! They got 2 from the Blueline . Remember that , You might need it . GK played lastnight also . They score in tight . Dont take penalties against these guys , thier PP is SiCK . I think they are going to win the div . Flury played a sick game , but he has a weakness , he has a bit of an eye issue ( far sighted ) that means he doesnt pickup the puck at long range well . It looks to me , that GK are the path to the CUP . Boston is weaker this yr . You can beat them . Tampa is weaker also . PANTHERS are the team to beat in that div this yr . Good luck in the Playoffs .. THIS COULD BE YOUR YEAR . But 1 game at a time . Mike .

    44. 24knixjajr

      All the canadians teams suck except Toronto and canadians

    45. Kayla Bear

      Cringeworthy. I was rooting for you too, Oilers..because Thornton lol Grateful that’s not Fleury or Lehner. Get them next time.

    46. xSMOKEx

      Someone pinch me, I think I'm dreaming! lol 🤣

    47. The Hockey Fanatic

      My friend thinks Andersen gave up a soft goal What does everyone think, I think hes crazy

    48. Ozzy03

      Well we suck

    49. MP - 07BL 758199 Darcel Avenue Sr PS

      Mike smith and zack Hyman has some beef, smith hits and cross checks Hyman, they hate eachother gg nice win. 3 back to back to back losses for the oilers, coach is probably pissed

    50. Guitar Lessons BobbyCrispy

      Watching those three awesome Leafs games vs the Oilers felt like living in an alternate universe.

    51. Joshua Stephen

      An Oilers fan said to me after Edmonton’s first win against Toronto this season “this is why Leafs fans shouldn’t get ahead of themselves”. Well, it’s been a few games since then. Let’s go Buds!

    52. Lincoln Lawyer

      Oilers should practice winning faceoff’s . They could invite Leafs Tavares to come and teach them.

    53. Terry M

      The Leafs are the best and that was hilarious to watch.

    54. Darrin

      I'm not an Oilers fan, and definitely not a leafs fan....but wow!!...never seen that coming in the three games!!😱

    55. Leo Zabelin


    56. goleafsgo1984

      Idk if vessy is are 12th player or he he struggling. .he talented enough to play anywhere but the 4th line seems to be spot..not in the spotlight but good enough to make the 4th line nasty

    57. cale9210 cale9210

      Go leafs go

    58. Spliffy

      Canada's team wins once again!

    59. TommyG

      Come on nuge why did you have to break the shutout

    60. Tyler Scott

      As an Oilers fan, I'm pretty upset the Leafs didn't get the 3rd straight shutout

    61. Ryan Qiu

      What did Hyman ever do to Mike Smith, Smith kept on bashing Hyman

    62. doug o

      You didn't even show soup beating McJesus in a race, That was the most exciting thing that happened in this game.

    63. Alexander G

      McDavid looking like mushy pasta when Holl is on him XD

    64. Roran

      Can you stop losing to the LEAFS

    65. Mike Currie

      A lot of speed out there

    66. MF31

      Toronto is literally unstoppable this year

    67. Gyrate

      Would love to see the hit Smith made on Hyman then getting a goal on weird NHL

    68. TheMadMardo

      Oilers defense makes me sad

    69. Blair Ogden

      The leafs played so good coming from a leafs fan big dubs boys

    70. 12 Uhr Sportplatz ohne treten

      damn didn‘t think I would say that this year but spezza looks sharp

    71. Roger Jogers

      Let's see how well you do against Boston

    72. Floyd The Barber

      Vessey could have more goals if he got more passes and wasn't doing most of the digging for loose pucks on his line.

    73. glenn curley

      I thought Edmonton was better than this? In the 3 games the Leafs score 13 the Oilers 1.

    74. bbrock1981


    75. ossi 80

      Oh gott.. 3 spiele gegen Toronto.. 1-13 Tore.. Katastrophe

    76. Gotthelm Gotrfidd

      Who dares to wear uncle Leo's number?

    77. Tmac 01

      Yo The leafs really shutdown the oilers and McDavid no points during that 3 games. Crazy

    78. soapboxearth

      after the last 3 games the oilers are going to need some ptsd therapy

    79. []D [] []V[] []D 007

      When things are going your way even offside goals like Nylanders count.

      1. mike Spades

        Even if you took it away it’s still 12-1 over three games.

    80. Maple Leafs Bleed Blue

      Leafs are winning the Cup. Change my mind

    81. apezkin 1

      Oilers had nothing in this game. gg and more training. Pulju to first powerplay unit, thanks. Torille!

    82. Grodperspektiv

      Smith knows he is a goalie and not a boxer, right? Cuz sometimes (like every game) you gotta wonder.. Every time an opponent comes within 6 feet he seems more intrested in trying to hit them in the head than stopping the puck from hitting the back of the net..

      1. JimbyTarnish

        Every time hymans nose came within six feet smith couldn’t breathe man

    83. Sports n' Anime Entertainment

      The Leafs are looking pretty dominate in the Canadian division. Shame the border's closed tho. I'd love to see a matchup between Toronto and St. Louis, Washington, Tampa, or Vegas.

    84. A!mology

      Goes to show how weak that division is if the oilers are in 2nd

      1. James Anthony

        *OR* how good the Leafs are *AT THE MOMENT* compared to the rest.

    85. Femhara

      Looks like the oilers defence is on a vacation

    86. Matt Rollens

      Wow this was so cringe for oilers fans...goals 13 to 1 in the series for the leafs...i wish we would have done this to the haber-nacs instead but hey, I’m happy

    87. Wayne Walton

      Maybe the Oilers are back to dating Rihanna cuz they're not beating anybody right now is anybody else remember that meme it's still true to in 2021. This leaf team has a feel of that 93 team when they had that playoff run. when the coach can make a makeshift power play unit and they still score teams just magical right now.

    88. Trevor Hickey

      Vesey with the f’in rights after he scored was killer!!

    89. Ragnar Sigurdssen

      beat Edmonton three times in a row fantastic result👍

    90. toast toasted

      Imagine McDavid on the Leafs

    91. toast toasted

      Leafs looking real scary 😳

    92. mattiv1

      Spezza, hidden weapon

    93. eagle1o Not eagle10!!!

      Nice just keep losing oilers👌🇨🇦 from Canada Alberta Kinuso .not being sarcastic please

    94. WorldofSoup S

      I'm glad the leafs still call him jumbo


      Im pissed we won 5 games in a row and now we have lost 3 games in a row. We have scored 1 goal in 3 games. We dont deserve the playoffs If this is how we play. Words cant describe how mad I am

    96. ilya FCB


    97. Larris The Black Swan

      I love how you can hear the players because theres no crowd to muffle it.

    98. DomClipz

      That was embarrassing.

    99. Joel Wallace

      This season is going so well it just has to end in a game 7 loss to the bruins

      1. D 95

        Those Bruins loses in the past were a blessing in disguise for the Leafs, it forced them to address their weaknesses, up and down the lineup I can't see the Bruins beating this Leafs time this time around, the depth and array of weapons Toronto can throw at you is too much and the defence is now heavily improved.

      2. Scott

        Look honestly that would mean we made the Conference Finals so at least a playoff run.....

    100. Zeke Elliott

      Canada’s team wins again