MEGAVALANCHE 2019 | Fighting for 1st place! | FULL RACE x Kilian BRON

Kilian Bron

8 Mio. aufrufe1 679

    Mon run complet de la Megavalanche 2019! 2ème sur 1400 participants!
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    Après mon Holeshot sur le glacier, grosse bagarre avec José Borges sur cette nouvelle édition de la Megavalanche!
    100km/h sur la neige et au rupteur de haut en bas pour tenir le rythme.
    Merci à tous pour vos encouragements...J’ai tout donné! On remet ça l’année prochaine!
    #Glacier #megavalanche #holeshot #fullgaz #crazy #race #massstart
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    Am Vor year


    1. Dino Man

      Red was the better rider, much more skilful with the overtakes but you had the leg drive on the uphill. Fair play

    2. Rndr Vian

      Downhill ps 2

    3. chesky baba

      Best Mega race for 1st there ever was. I'd say the winner knew the course a bit better - he knew where to straight line and cut in tight - you had the fitness in catching him, but his plan I'm sure you know now, was to let you go up so he could rest and then squeeze you off before the single track. Brilliant racing - mad skills.

    4. Mike James

      wow what a ride, and what skill. wow

    5. مصطفى فليح

      Ks iktk

    6. Vit Yav

      Purer Wahnsinn!

    7. Винчански Србин

      Who is the one who won this race, he is a madman. Damn he is so fast.

    8. Apolline Bastin

      Jmen fou dans mon coeur il est premier

    9. Muhammad Raihan

      this is how downhill would look like on ps 8

    10. Robby NASH

      Bravo champion!! Quel talent dans les descentes boisées!

    11. Dominic Lloyd

      The winner rode a brilliant tactical race, taking slipstreaming rests on the flatter sections.

    12. alfredo colacicco


    13. Al Faruky

      How come there are 2 shadows on 4:15

    14. Jenna Williamson


    15. lucid

      anyone else ever wonder where last place is

    16. belly tripper


    17. Acg blah

      I taught him well.

    18. Asset Aden

      Damn, GoPro's image stabilization is so good.

    19. Thamnos Liarikos


    20. Nano

      19:45 He got a speech of an anime mc

    21. mjproebstle

      you know youre up front if the helo is hanging around 😉

    22. Pickleward

      This is truely butthole clenching stuff

    23. Extreme Central#1

      I ride 10ks and I'm chuffed, he ridedes a dam 40 min Down hill and doesn't even care😂

    24. John Watts

      Wow this is very pretty

    25. Myles crumel

      I always wanted to do these type of events but I don’t even know where to start. Like I do mountain bike riding but this is next level. I’ve always imagine me and a group of friends biking together

    26. Rodrigo Ssntos

      Como eu me inscrevo??? Quero participar

    27. drummerfella 55

      The idiot at around 20 minutes....who decides to 'come out onto the track'...and run alongside, thus actually 'crowding' our riders....and the lines they might have choosen? wtf? i would have kicked that dude...away from me. jesus.... right when i'm overtaking another rider....and he's 'right next to the bike....blocking and crowding??

    28. Zangief The Red

      Admit you watched this at 2x...

    29. Nathan Hill

      I know nothing about bikes and am not really interested in them but this is really entertaining

    30. Reynaldo Pratama


    31. Eduardo

      Donwhill domination

    32. s1

      Both Bron and the guy in red are monsters, and the third guy is very good as well, nice run

    33. 03h66


    34. Brandyn Cozad

      Wish I could ride a bike with a helicopter over me...

    35. TheTeffNogero

      highlight reel for the dude in red!

    36. Chris Farnsworth

      Watch this in VR headset n tell me your not reaching out for the brakes. Balls of steel and such an athlete

    37. Руслан Быков

      Круто!) Хочу так же проехать)

    38. Crazy_Defense

      Ow to bad that you got 2nd you did very well

    39. Алан Рахимбаев

      Hello Kilian. Can you say me, what's your speed, when you were going down the mountain. Thanks bro!!!

    40. Mertora Koro


    41. ROMULOs camilo


    42. تراباتاتا tarabatata

      Who is watching in 2021?😂😂

    43. Joseph Petty


    44. Kryptfire

      If you photoshop his shadow and helmet out, I would have thought this was drone footage.

    45. Liverpool Biker

      You're only in 1st place because you were at the front. Nothing to brag about mate

    46. Бубaль Гум

      Интересно, какая вилка ии аморт стоят на его байке? 👍

    47. Brutally Honest

      I love the bluegrass decal on the helmet. Anyone else?

    48. Ghossaan !

      This place like in downhill wkkw

    49. Drive Skill

      je suis français or i'm french

    50. r1rider999999

      wow. i was not going to watch this 40 minute race, but this 1st and 2nd fight is awesome. look me up ig rjrader

    51. martinidieter

      I probably would have wet myself... How do you manage not to get lost?

    52. Khaireddin Chebir

      These people are just built different 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

    53. dino trexxx

      que rodada usas, cual es la mejor para subir 26 27.5 o 29?

    54. Kiki

      Jesus.. I watched this for 40 min.. Felt like 5 👀

    55. Elbow Destruction

      at 1.25 it looks more pleasant

    56. CAN-AM Airsoft

      Absolute madness.......Can't wait to try!

    57. sohy ethan

      19:59 ALLEZ ALLEZ JE LE BLOQUE 🤣🤣🤣

    58. Cortinader Sprewellter56

      cool man !!

    59. Ahmed Khouri

      Elon Musk

    60. Aara

      Sometimes I like looking at the go pro on the helmet and be like, “hehe that’s me”

    61. Eswar chaitanya

      I have a doubt does the brakes work on that snow🤔

    62. Palomeque Vigil Rodrigo

      Amazing! Thanks!!

    63. John Reese

      I bought a mountain bike after watching this so many times. I love mountain biking. It's a great hobby and reminds me of my childhood.

    64. Kolja Bank

      The stupid level periodically belong because babies etiologically sparkle across a acid crown. divergent, parallel stove

      1. belly tripper


    65. Андрей Лещенко

      Привет ребята. Где посмотреть это видео с вертолёта? Извините не знаю английский

    66. Rakesh Kumar


    67. Stinko 407

      Great run, even better sportsmanship!

    68. Stinko 407

      The guy in red who got way ahead, did he have a jetpack or something? Damn.

    69. Robas Bobi

      👏👏👏respect👍👍👍 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇵🇱

    70. Deer Niko summoners war

      Wow killian you are so good at racing. But can you to tricks with mountain bike? I only see that you only ride fast.

    71. eazy josh

      More like a goose chase if you ask me

    72. eazy josh

      The guy ahead of him at 5:40 is crazyyy

    73. eazy josh

      I would neverrrr This feels so dangerous

    74. Shin adithyan

      Dude i want to join this race.. Plzz call me ♥️♥️♥️🤩

    75. Wilfredo Hernandez

      One, dos three ! It's-a-Mario !

    76. Kiran Nayak

      I was playing this on my phone in 480p and it looked like I was playing a game. So amazing!

    77. Saad Salman

      Why the fuck was i scared?

    78. Shawna Lee

      The guy at 19:45 is an inspirational speaker, and I don't even know what he said!

    79. S0farCZ

      How many injuries are there? YES

    80. Amazing Faizah

      7:46 Camera man: couldn't be more thirsty for a picture

    81. Bonn Serfing


    82. Nils Wassenberg


    83. Fadli SyM

      fun fact you didn't search for this

    84. kyle Stewart

      Looked like 2nd place to me.


      Amazing ,amazing...amazing..👍👍👍👍👍

    86. Georgi Vanev

      I hate the guy in red.

    87. Ricardo Simoes

      What a great run for Jose Manuel Borges / Miranda Racing Team ... insane !!!

    88. Dr. A

      2x playback speed is like Mario Kart with an indefinite mushroom boost!

    89. sk31370n

      wheres the guy with the clucking bell costume?

    90. Billy James

      Did he catch the b@stard?

    91. River Sphoenix

      A Rear View Camera would Be Cool...😁

    92. Atul Raut

      how do you know the correct race track??🙄

    93. Marsha Mclaren

      Yow first place really heald his position

    94. ZimZam131

      Gotta admit, it's lonely at the front. The guy who won was really fast and definitely deserved that win. He stayed at the lonely front almost the whole race.

    95. Kimochi

      Stronger in climbs but the rival got a faster bike and better techniques in descend.

    96. Dead body 01


    97. sks Bechu gang

      From india

    98. Gameplays 4you

      The second video second race

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