Miniatur Wunderland: Largest model train set - Meet The Record Breakers

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    Located in Hamburg, Germany, the Largest model train set has a huge total length of 15,400 m (50,525 ft). To put that into perspective, the length of the train set is enough to get you to the top of Mount Everest - and 6,000 m back down the other side! Read more:
    At Guinness World Records we want to show that everyone in the world is the best at something, and we’re here to measure it! Whether you’ve got the stretchiest skin, know the world’s smallest dog or want to create the largest human dominoes chain we want to hear about it.
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    1. Guinness World Records

      Located in Hamburg, Germany, the Largest model train set has a huge total length of 15,400 m (50,525 ft). To put that into perspective, the length of the train set is enough to get you to the top of Mount Everest - and 6,000 m back down the other side! Read more:

      1. BUGS BUNNY

        4:49 😍😘🤟❤👍🙂😊

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      3. Jaskaran Singh

        Is a person who recive Guinness world record get paid ? Just a question❤

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      Amazing 😁😁 FROM THAILAND 🇹🇭🇹🇭🙏🙏


      Nice, amazing

    4. Adam Chmielewski

      What if the track had a few problems on the bridge..

    5. Adam Chmielewski

      A 3D VR version of this, walking around the city.

    6. helen bailey

      And the trains run on time..

    7. helen bailey

      Oh its wonderful.

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    9. Darth Bane

      When i was like 5 my dad bought me a train set. He then proceeded to set it up and play with it. I wasnt allowed to touch it😑😂

    10. Wing Cheung Chow

      Greatest Artists with childhood lovely character!👍👍👍👏👏👏💪💪💪

    11. SpiffyTheWaffle

      They need a youtube channel.

    12. Navneet Goswami

      It makes me remember of Doremon😁😁Golden memories 😋😋

    13. Cyriac dlm

      They are genious to do a tiny guinness inspector 😂😂

    14. Rafael Lucky

      Those guys be like : p a s i f i k r i m 😩🤚🥵🥺

    15. UCOK P. SINAGA

      Salam *E-CHRIST* 🎉🎉

    16. wildan wildan

      The best miniatur in the world

    17. Dave B

      I think I have finally found nerd heaven!

    18. Angelica Serrà

      This is what being a loser means

    19. kelvin rodgers

      Amazing, wow!!

    20. South Aussie Trains

      Can I take a minute please? 😳

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      Imagine being a Mensch wie er

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      wow so beautiful :)

    24. Avani Divya

      മലയാളി ഉണ്ടോ ഇവിടെ വാ

    25. Avani Divya

      wow supper bro U dono malayalam

    26. Flo Han

      The Miniatur Wunderland is a place where grown men become little boys again! And I'm very glad that I was born and live in Hamburg, because every year I become one again when I go back and look at what great new things the workers have built there in the meantime, it's just fantastic! Many thanks to Frederik and Gerrit Braun and of course to all the people who helped making this place what it is today!

    27. Super Tactical Droid

      At this point it’s not even a model train thing, it’s a model world thing.

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    29. BUGS BUNNY

      4:48 😍😘🤟❤👍🙂😊❤👍

    30. ʕ·ᴥ·ʔanishʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

      Mujhe isse dekh ke Doraemon ki yaad aa gayi😂😂

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      Add India

    32. Akhilesh Kumar

      I wanna work here

    33. Squabble Wobble

      Ive been there. WAAAY cooler when the lights in the building are dimmed and you can see every light in the miniature city. The whole place is filled with little easter eggs btw and it was really fun to come across them.

    34. Theotterguy

      At 3:20 it looks like the Millennium Falcon.

    35. sq sp

      Enn asonnae

    36. sq sp

      Avan oothukatha

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      Avlothoorum naan illai

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      Enn ketu ninuchoo theriyala antha aalu pesunh edam naan illai

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    42. Yash manthan Katake

      It's amazing u have taken care of very small small things we can't even imagine such things very good excellent👏👏👏 good effort

    43. Lexitnute

      Whoever who is paying the electric bill is a legend

    44. Ra An

      Slow down at 3:18 Is that a star wars fighter?

    45. mohd boss

      Who want to go there and touch it like here

    46. HarryT Gaming

      So dont be afraid if you were born so small you have your own country.

    47. Siva Nantham

      Super .

    48. Tracy Nation

      An excellent video. Hello from the Tracy Mountain Railway in Colorado. 💙 T.E.N.

    49. William Smith

      I just noticed the d8 this was posted on UTube, it's my B-Day.

    50. Lost Books

      HUGE waste of time and money

    51. Ad Min

      Me: I think I'll try modeling a tunnel. Them: Let's make Germany.

    52. Jim Bookout

      This is just a guy fulfilling his dream of being a giant

    53. Hego Damask

      Only in Germany

    54. Jacob Ruiz

      This layout is so developed it's a first-world nation.

    55. Nicky75

      Can’t stand that accent ffs🤦🏼‍♀️

    56. richa jain

      Now I need doreamon

    57. Bersepahbangsatkafir Sultanbabipartybabibangsat

      Need one man in blastic bomb no have bomb just blastic to shot sky and jump and make new word record and great

    58. Hobo Joe

      The Rockstar team that made the gtav map has accepted your challenge.

    59. Michelle Georgeson

      Toy Town has come to life...

    60. Lemiku

      Me sees this: Me who is 20yrs old: Activating childhood mind

    61. Kentish Railway

      Those are the guys from James mays series about tous

    62. v7

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    63. Frapechino Kelsey

      So beautiful 😍

    64. Vintage Train Collection

      Nice and impressive!!.

    65. Jeffrey ten thije

      They got monaco yet? Really interested now

      1. Fadel Ashar Rahmanda

        Moanaco Circuit

    66. Conrail Fan

      Needs some csx

    67. Conrail Fan

      J E L I O U S

    68. smol peen

      1:25 theres a topless woman

    69. Gontzal Lekzeit

      ¡Qué horteras hablando en inglés, pudiéndolo hacer en alemán!

    70. Evens the GG

      Is it just me or did anyone else see melenium falcon lol 😂

    71. lachlan fri

      now they just need to make the model within the model

    72. kskskaklawkwk kskaaksmkakaausjajajajamsjsn

      OMG I'm In The middle of the night and I wish I had the CITY

    73. Sung jin-woo

      So he is the real life suneo(doraemon)

    74. Chiller B.

      His feet must be broken

    75. Pavan Mishra

      Wwwaaaaooo owsam

    76. The Average Mexican Kid

      Imagine how much glue sticks were sacrificed for this...

    77. ああああ

      3:20 wait a minutes

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    79. kriti kumari

      Real life GTA's world

    80. cactus

      If I have this I will play attack on Titan as titan and attack the city :D

    81. Adhento

      This What Happen if U Become Founding Titan With 350M High Be Like:

    82. KurTzy Plays

      POV : you're a titan

    83. Tv Jala ikan

      Brilliant idea

    84. Wo

      this video shows us it is not easy to be a giant and not destroying things

    85. Shane Ethan

      It would be my parents nightmare when I build something like this occupying my whole house.

    86. OP Duhan

      Every child's dream-

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    88. NEVINZZ X2

      Titan colonel :v

    89. BOSS BABY • 50 years ago

      Plot twist : They are giants.

    90. Suganthan M

      Wow... 😮

    91. :awesome: BOT

      Two years?, That wouldn't last a second if my little brother was there

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      what did u do for living them :air traffic controller for ant

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