mobile screen testing | gorilla Glass

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    1. E_MyName

      Monke protects everything.

    2. Home Test

      Why did you brake it lmao

    3. abas abas

      مو كفر ضيم

    4. danzte pakyz

      Don't brake it give it to me 😎

    5. Ajiwal Gamerz

      Why do you have any other questions please let us know if there is present in the blanks for too long ago I have attached

    6. Rishi Anand

      Nice really Nice appreciate it

    7. anish dogs video channel


      Is it available for tecno products?.

    9. Tera Baap

      Gorilla glass is Best

    10. Kumar Lipu

      purchase link

    11. Ashok Rajana

      Bro I want Glass for poco f1

    12. юрий симухов

      Что за трек играет не подскажите?

    13. Rubul Kalita


    14. Sheen Sohail

      Good. Bro

    15. Sheen Sohail


    16. DYAQONO

      Jajajjaja para que lo rompió

    17. Achu Asfan

      Yah i had this and my phone broke But the screen protection didn’t

    18. فرهاد بشار


    19. Sachuz Vlogs

      Water proof 😍 Good 😍 But very bad😔

    20. Sandhera Mathew


    21. Gusti Sanjaya

      What name product?


      M51 ka mill jayega


      This is gorilla glass 😂

    24. josedavidpc310

      Lo del final era innecesario

    25. RonRY TV

      Curved screen left the group 😂


      Cuál era la necesidad de romperlo?


      Quality is too good but not Pure Clear..

    28. fake paul

      i have gorilla glass and it's pretty good

    29. Daniel Jr Fotógrafo

      Porque diabos quebrou no final?

    30. Hakan NAS

      İt's not a gorilla glass 😒

    31. ടോമിച്ചൻ

      Some naptol shits

    32. Chouhan sports engineers

      How much price this glass

    33. Nhật Anh Bùi

      I hate it when they have to break it everysingle damn times at the end. Alway!

    34. Earn Online Malayalam

      Are you mad?

    35. cipp _prett



      The name of temper glass

    37. E_S Gaming


    38. N̶o̶ ̶t̶i̶m̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶d̶i̶e̶

      Thanks for teaching how to put screen cover without bubbles and so easily 👍

    39. Bhaskar V

      Background music is from sniper 3d game

    40. Sukhchain Rajput

      Naiec Tampert


      Fuck gorilla glass I have Nokia keypad mobile 😂

    42. Izzuky

      Thats Oleopobhic coating

    43. Sanjay Ahirwar

      For vivo u10 series

    44. Sanjay Ahirwar

      I want to this

    45. Mr. Khan

      Those side black bar hides most of the screen and That's annoying

    46. NINJA乛YT

      Y u break the glass

    47. Akash Kalyaniya

      Poco X2 ka chahiye

    48. Devendra Patil

      Aychya gavat Baiko ith pan ali

    49. Kenji Rivera

      where can i buy

    50. kdr Ra

      can somebody tel this track name

    51. Conrad Verner

      Обычное стекло непойму че буржуи усираются с него

    52. Akash Navnage

      Which glass is this...

    53. Hydra_ gaming

      Fake h



    55. Amit Kumar

      This kind of glass useless. Only waste money. 1 to 2 days stable after 2nd day this slip out from from phone and never set again.

    56. Josh Oca

      We got the unbeatable trio: gorilla glue gorilla tape gorilla glass

    57. Wadoolove Francois

      Couleur noir ecrim sou 34233114

    58. Wadoolove Francois

      Ou gen pou s9+

    59. Halal Axion 'X'

      Isn't that a cool tempered glass ? That can't be gorilla glass.

    60. Joshua Jalius

      is that protect the phone screen from falling impact or something falling on the phone

    61. GoldBoy008


    62. Funky Frostbite

      Huuuhhh!!! First time seen such a good and normal screen guard test on shorts...otherwise people just shoot a bullet on the screen😂😂

      1. goku goku

        I have seen that

      2. Ramandeep


    63. Бектур Муратов

      А капли воды куда упали????????????? Или это монтаж все таки

    64. H. Dani Amuntai

      Bagus sekali

    65. Clinton Toney

      Wait a minute. Every time I break my phone I have the screen protector on my phone. So I need to take it off before I break it ? Ohhhhhh ok. Duh 🙄

    66. komik mi?


    67. Ramses Cortes

      Quiero una 🥴

    68. Azeem Mirza


    69. Faisal Khan

      Gift me please

    70. Gutti Yasa

      What type of that glass ?

    71. DrakiZaR

      iPhone overrated


      Why did he putted water over glass and what did he wanted to show from that??

    73. adem yaylacı

      Samsung not 10 plus varmı

    74. NuKe Pandey

      Next time try with chimpanzee glass 😂😂😂

    75. Sufiyan Abbasi

      R s

    76. all over india Nihal kushwaha

    77. RAMLAL S

      Can i get like this screen protector for my huawei mate 20 phone??

    78. That One Guy That Wouldn't Watch Fate

      that sht came off quite easily

    79. 임시저장

      이런건 얼마하려나..


      Cual es la canción ?

    81. Bruh Moment

      It’s so waterproof that it makes the water fake🤯🤯🤯

    82. 水`しずお-Shizuo

      I don't like matt screen guards, imagine buying retina display, 4k/2k display, high pixel density display and having amoled screen just to be ruined by screen guards like this.

    83. SquareEyes

      This is all fancy and all. But the matte finish reduces display quality

    84. chetan gaming yt

      Aapki vidiyo super hit h

    85. Charles Júnior

      Eu quero uma dessa muito legal

    86. sulu pama

      Bullshit of course the glass is unbreakabl. My screen just broke with this, the tempered glass were totally fine but my original screen cracked. Seems like it doesnt absorb those pressure during drop. Fuck off

    87. Anees Bhatti

      for Samsung J710F 2016 delivery in chakwal ?????

    88. Jagjit Singh Sethi

      I want this but for redmi 8 how can I buy

    89. Flovirin Flovirinne


    90. Aldi Mar

      So amazing...

    91. scarlet meowk


    92. smooth m

      I've got the same from my Xperia phone for 1 year

    93. susmit sarkar class-7 sec-g roll-36

      I need Godzilla glass 😂

    94. Rifai SC

      Berapa an bos

    95. Zain ßúTt

      Redmi note 10 pro glass

    96. alex hernandez

      Link of the song ?

    97. Alou abid Macayan


    98. Garnet Nelson

      Testing? Lol

    99. Cyber Aratoe

      Ngapa di lepas lagi dah gua tanya... Menghina jiwa miskin gua yg nti gores udah pecah masih aja gua pakw