Moms Guess Who's High | Lineup | Cut


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    We asked moms to determine if strangers are under the influence of marijuana. Here are the results.
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    Moms Guess Who's High | Lineup | Cut
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    Am Vor 16 Tage


    1. Lily Pendergast

      "The Doritos r missing" me, who's never been high in her life: *eating a full ass party bag of Doritos*

    2. lizzie

      If the stereotypes they’re following mean someone’s high then I must be high everyday, without being a smoker. This was stupid and embarrassing.

    3. Danae Cano

      Amalia seemed a little bit anxious

    4. Emily Engel

      "The second I'm not cooking I'm ready to relax"- I have NEVER felt a sentence so hard

    5. Iris Blue

      The mom with the bob is lowkey the worst

    6. Sugar Valley

      these moms kinda are judgemental as fuck not fuckin wit they vibe rip they kids

    7. Reagan Parker

      if the mom who had the blue shirt and cheetah print, if that was my mom i’d be EMBARRASSED for her to be my mom.

    8. Sharkie Lewis

      Anyone else get Seth rogan vibes

    9. Natethagod

      Dante looks and sounds like a biracial Seth rogen

    10. Rumpelstiltskin boi

      Dante kinda looks and sounds Seth rogen

    11. Daevid

      Moms know

    12. WakeUpGolden

      "When the doritos are missing" got me😂

    13. Joshua Barillaro

      dante sounds like seth rogan

    14. Yuri Takami

      I swear all these moms r millennials and say I won’t get rid of my fuckin side part I won’t stop wearing skinny jeans 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😖😖😣😣😫😫😫😫

    15. Janie Lammers

      The girl in the Cheetah sweater is so rudeeeeee

    16. Crave Gaming

      Weed only go up to $30😭that ain’t a lot

    17. emelie s.

      i can't tell if i'm sensitive but these moms seem so mean

    18. Audi Rain

      These moms are so rude & judgmental

    19. Angel Wings

      That second girl with the green set was so vibey and nice

    20. • Tanaka Mikii •

      Dante acts and talks like my dad lol

    21. Will H

      As a society we’ve progressed past the need for the stereotype that weed smokers & stoners are lazy or can’t accomplish anything.

    22. Skyler Jones

      I cannot STAND cheetah print mom.🙄

    23. George Marceau

      Rob just casually dressed like a witch and eating an orange I respect it.

    24. Kiara Shyannè

      Dante gave me seth rogen vibes

    25. Victoria Yoder

      Oh my gosh when Amalia walked in I instantly knew she was high as a frickin kite😂😂😂

    26. Macy Walker

      The private base neuropathologically fetch because disgust fundamentally groan above a wooden antarctica. ugly, delightful ladybug

    27. lochlyn fleming

      Yo the black guy is legit a black seth rogan

    28. Jescah E

      Lmaoooo 🤣😭💀

    29. Dacia Bautista

      My best friend has ADHD and people ALWAYS assume she’s high or on something because her energy is so bubbly. I cannot believe she said the weed did long lasting “damage” what a square.

    30. Jade Marie

      Im so sorry to the cheeta woman's kids

    31. Monajwanae

      Yeah cheetah sweater don’t need to come back. She was hella rude.

    32. J Ji

      “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR” Yeah a mom

    33. Steph Autumn

      ewww so many gross judgemental moms, unnecessarily rude towards the other people

    34. Sydney Atakliyan

      how does the 26 year old have a 17 year old kid ...

    35. Son Of Sea

      Kurtis ♥️♥️♥️

    36. Megan Rose

      ms cheetah sweater stfu omggg

    37. LoganArnoldKicks

      Why does everyone do my boi Daunte so dirty

    38. Y

      Dude with glasses is like a light skin version of seth Rogen

    39. Joker4life03

      “That weed did permanent damage” bruh he said he did acid and blow and stuff I promise you the weed wasn’t the problem.. besides that he was just a happy dude why would it be “damage”

    40. Thalia Baptiste

      I literally hate the cheetah mom but like low-key all of them actually they’re so fucking rude judge mental and stereotypical I don’t smoke and I’m offended.

    41. unironically slapping knees

      drug testing your kids? lmao way to make them distance themselves from you

    42. Cameron Ingram

      Bring the black mom back as many times as you possibly can!

    43. Gavin McConnaughey

      Cops see this “forget about it it’s lunch”

    44. Audrey E

      Too bad these moms smoked bad weed or were not with some cool people.... or just anxious!! Vibe matters!! Stoners know that

    45. Tali Kirschner

      “SHE SAID THE WORD VIBE AND HER HANDS ARE BEHIND HER BACK LIKE THATS SHES HIGH” i- i- i do that but i’ve never- i- no how..

    46. II_FIxrida

      Mom: “Are you high?” Interviewee: “No.” No one: Mom: “No, fug no. Then how she would do the IOWEJOIWJIJDAOWJDWJOJAOJD.”

    47. Sarah Parker

      All of these moms would benefit from smoking tbh

    48. That's just Cottagecore babyyy

      That lady with the word vibe XD

    49. caitlin

      cheetah sweater mom was so rude for no reason. would hate to have her as my mom

    50. Ella Quiggs

      these types of moms😐

    51. Martin Umana


    52. Fabu Nan

      I do not like these moms, they are super rude and judgemental.

    53. Sebastian Kyhle

      Dante looks and sound at the same time like if Seth Rogen and Cheec Marin had a child together

    54. Michelle Packer

      Thank GOD my mom be blowin O’s WITH me

    55. Ezra Przytyk

      2 of which smoke Mari G wanna

    56. Paperwing

      “If you got enough money to smoke weed, you got enough money to pay bills!” Amen to that!

    57. hahaimabitch1

      I smoke a lot of weed and vibe is not a word in my vocabulary. I love the typical thoughts that stoners are lazy and unproductive. Suuuuch a load of crap.

    58. Alex The Robinson

      3:33 : MAJOR Seth Rogan vibes!

    59. Keira Downing

      yo i smoke weed and i have straight a’s doing honors english and have a whole plan for my life and these moms stereotype smokers as stupid people who don’t care abt anything

    60. Julie MacFadgen

      That pimp sounds like Seth rogan

    61. kyla carter

      all the moms are so judgy its triggering my fight or flight

    62. Meghan Rose

      The guy in all black is just like my best friend. No one can tell if she is high.

    63. Mar P

      Tell me you’re a toxic mom without telling me you’re a toxic mom. All y’all need to smoke tbh

    64. Julia Witt

      I love dante

    65. Lisa 8a

      Ok blue cheetah sweater that was fucking rude.

    66. Sarah T.

      Never seen Amalia so calm and chilled XD

    67. Kayleah Hawkins


    68. Bri Plair

      I really like the blonde mom with the Bob and blue jeans

    69. Bri Plair

      Dante and Seth rogen are the same ppl

    70. kallista moody

      it was all fine and normal til the moms got cocky 😐😐😐

    71. Mia Tiemann

      Dang the moms judging the neon girl uh she takes aderal obv she needs meds to focus so I’m guessing something like adhd these mom fall into a lot of stereotypes that’s sad

    72. Gaia Bethel-Birch

      i wish the moms were high and had to guess while they were high

    73. Louis Jensen

      Me vibing: "People who smoke weed VibE!"

    74. Vanessa Gutierrez

      One time me and my sisters were high and we deadass started laughing for nothing 💀 and my mom joined us but she never found out

    75. h0stI13

      The one in the blue, leopard sweater is too judgemental, And full of herself.

      1. Bradley

        Yeah, I can't stand her. Every time she speaks I get mad

    76. Isabella Jones

      “Quick on her feet”.... it’s her name??

    77. Isaiah

      Those random drug tests that Mom mentioned would’ve KILLED me

    78. Christina

      Okay but why did that mom comment about the fact that the first person was unemployed? We’re in the middle of a pandemic damn

    79. Maya Santos

      These moms are so judgmental it’s makes me aggravated

    80. justin

      everyone in the comments salty but im just over here stoned like who care what they think about weed lmaooooo

    81. iiclxudyvibez chill place

      Plot twist : All the moms were high

    82. Shoshanah Curiel-Alessi

      pls the way savira (idk if i spelled that right) said "have a good day", i feel like there was some tension there

    83. Shoshanah Curiel-Alessi

      ive never been intoxicated but with my adhd, social anxiety, and excessive use of the word vibe they'd probably think im high omg

    84. Lizbeth Martinez

      38 seconds in and i already hate the blue sweater mom

    85. Blackheart66 V

      Funny how the guy in black said "vibe." And the mom didn't guess he was high after saying all smokers say Vibe. 😂😂 also the guy she said weed did permanent damage too... like first of all, he said he took other drugs so it's probably the psychedelics or acid that damaged something if anything... also he livin his best life, just cuz he happy don't mean he's dumb or wut😑


      The Doritos are missing 😂

    87. Jordan Morris

      wow you guys are horrible. stop supporting drug abuse.

    88. Lana Sage

      Something that always makes me so sad is that they think the person with ADHD is high... nope. That's us every day. You can never be on what we're on, because it's just our brain patterns

    89. Moonlight

      The way they just casually had cheese its, cracks me up hahhahah

    90. Emer Quigley


    91. ??

      The black mom is so cool 🤩

    92. Ghost to Poltergeist

      I dont even remember what breakfast i had let alone yesterdays lunch

    93. Kevin Montero

      He has the Seth Rogan voice 😨

    94. Mason Thomas

      "if you got enough money to smoke weed you got enough money to pay bills" this is the weirdest possible shit to me. Why you pressing your kids for that shit? Over here you just take care of family, I could never imagine asking a family member in my house to pay bills, especially not my child. If you're in need and they're working, shit, fine, they can pitch it. But just making them pay bills bc they live with you? The fuck?

    95. Mel Orozco

      Does anyone know where to find shoes similar to the girl with the green outfit.. she’s on 2:48

    96. Ropey

      "if you got enough money to smoke weed, you have enough money to pay bills" acting like my cart aint $30 and bills be like $200

      1. livii .b

        Ong... one g is literally $10, WHAT BILLS CAN WE PAY?

    97. Ariana Brib

      dante is legit an ethnic seth rogen

      1. SuitMan Productions

        I am hearing that a lot!

    98. Amber

      I felt so bad for the happy guy. That mom that said the weed left permanent damage was so rude. I hope he gets some extra love and attention from other people. He seemed so nice and adorable! :(

    99. Susi Uroko

      Marry johanna

    100. No tea Just drama

      Her: You know who says the word vibe???? People who smoke weed! Me: ig im high all the time xddd