Money Plate Challenge!!💵

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    Money Plate Challenge!!
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    1. nika1670 nika1670

      Day 3 of saying pin this because why not.

      1. Stray Kids or Slay Kings?

        @the blue marble aka the pale blue dot yesn't*

      2. Br Beast 61 years ago

        @Kaliyah Cook wel firstlt we they subscribe to us? No! so why should we show respect to someone who respects us like shit

      3. Br Beast 61 years ago

        @Inês Alves its ciao

    2. GaryJimBob1

      This is rigged the table is bulged in the middle

    3. DS Faria

      It's funny how they're not actually gonna get the money

    4. Angel Ake

      Where is the money

    5. Mark Jayzee Ortega

      why are people making basement slave jokes, it's kinda disturbing. here's mine, hey kids, let's go back to the basement, go down now so we can make a tiktok tomorrow, ok here's SPOILED AND EXPIRED food u can survive with that. hahahha, we are rich now. HAHAHHAHAHAHA FUNNNY HAHAHAHHAHA

    6. Caleb Sanders

      Pacers let’s gooooooo

    7. Nagito Komaeda gives me gay vibes

      _Al menos ustedes tienen dólares :(_

    8. noodles corpse

      Bro the kids are so ungrateful, if I got a penny I’d be excited as hell

    9. Green tea in a cup

      Those plates looks like mine

    10. Timwunenraged

      Ethan clutch

    11. Hiba Aouine


    12. 林林 中

    13. TigzzzGaming

      Ethan is to be fed tonite

    14. Rishabh Agarwal

      Lauren babe 😘😘😘😘❤️ I love you ❤️

    15. B BB

      Good luck father 🙏🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    16. Dhruv singh

      plot twist: money had not given to them😂

    17. Its Danni!

      Why she won??? She got 20 and other guy got 200

    18. itachi

      Cagan plata o que wea

    19. Zhou Enlai

      Lauren is just trash

    20. Arhianna Douriet

      Ethan had luck

    21. Corey j

      That table or the ground is uneven af

    22. Andy W.

      Who actually pays all of these?

    23. julie armstrong

      Love you guys

    24. Oana Onitza

      "Everyone back to the basement, we will record another one tommorow."

    25. Cookienie12

      my question: do these people actually get money, or is it just a game? Just curious to know :)


      Like Brian's pacers shirt

    27. سروش ارباب

      Jackson 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

      1. yaniree vera


      2. yaniree vera


    28. Pauline Le Goff

      Whihxwljfourwpurdewhlfwumwjfmeqpkvvurmjfdludlkgx86fihsitdluwulttupdtumiyfiyfdimdixmmdisyr5rrnjsitufyrdte bxhdydyd5ehwbbhhud6za6zt4erykckhomhfofutpr igwzgzuwjxksachafromagesinge102

    29. ahmed fouzi fenazi

      Ethan don’t stop for 100 dude he always want it

    30. Marco Ramirez

      Ok cut give my money back

    31. Lovro Šepić

      This is scripted

    32. Anusha Vibhakar

      I fell like it’s time we say this WHERE IS THE MONEY

    33. Kristen El

      El pibe se va echar unos porros

    34. Aydin P

      Jackson actually didn’t win... this seems unreal.

    35. mochamad dachlan

      Oh sup

    36. giorno

      Their trying so hard to make it seem its hard i done it end i won always

    37. ᴍɪʟᴇs ᴇᴅɢᴇᴡᴏʀᴛʜ

      дайте 20 хотя бы🥺

    38. justim Zopel

      when you thought it was a tiktok and you double Tap it

    39. Priyanshi Peshwani

      Lauren is so beautiful

    40. sriram sridhar

      Like the last girl attitude


      I like how brian is so determine

    42. kevin edwards

      Has this generation become so stagnant its kind of sad

    43. jean santos

      wen I do thea I get a 100$😎😎😎🦄

    44. angles are beautiful

      First of all 40 is good!

    45. Carla Gutierrez


    46. Life in A Nutshell

      legit barely saw people congratulate Ethan while most comment with Jackson won people do be like : “How many win do you want” Jackson : Yes (smth like this i already see it a lot) not to mention i think people really go for the “looks” smh 🥺

    47. Tristan R.

      Those guys must be billionaires by now

    48. Genesis Monserrate


    49. Rock Goat

      That table is rigged

    50. Kidynamitjr

      These videos really make me realize how uncoordinated women are

    51. sephiroth

      Dont know why youtube keep pushing their videos on my feed..n every time seeing their video,just cant stand ethan.. he's like the dumbo who's always lucky lol

    52. מר נקניק


    53. InvroxGT

      Me: Oh I Will Point in $20 They : Point on 20 Active Creative Go On $100

    54. اللهم صل على محمد وعلى آل محمد

      للتخلص من خطر الاباحيه اتمنى تشوفون قناتي وراح تنسى شي اسمه اباحيه أن شاء الله

    55. Isaiah Flemming


    56. NeonTheHuman

      Not this time lauren...

    57. boo you whore 1

      i want to know if the kids actually get the money

    58. Zoes uniquestyle

      JESUS loves everyone🥰✝️🙏🏾🤍! "For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

    59. Carl Graveline


    60. haleela begum this family crazy rich or smth?

    61. Avinash Kumar

      Last guy didn't win

    62. Tawer Zadok

      Who pays the money?

    63. Armin Theron

      Jesus loves you so much ❤️ I was addicted to porn, I was on drugs, alcohol, I hated people, he set me free and he can set you free aswell ❤️ all you have to do is repent and trust in him and he will change your life! ❤️

    64. Kenzie Muhammad Rizieq

      Mengontol 😀

    65. KCBkotastrophie -

      I’ve started playing these games with my family. Instead of cash it’s coins for us. $0.01 to $0.25. Good thing about it being coins is that we can play for longer. But only to a $5 limit


      After finishing this game give me all my money 🤣😂😂😂😂

    67. Ilario Faló

      I wonder how this family gets money for these challenges when they spend the whole day throwing rolling objects in the table ⚽️ 🚗 🏈

    68. Tae ka

      Lauren my Idol🤟🔥🤩

    69. demвεяεl ħḙԻḙ

      Nobody: Not even a single freakin soul: Me:how do we even know if they get the money?

    70. Thatscap-_-

      Wii sports reactions

    71. L Lawliet

      Who’s paying them lol

    72. Bobby No

      I almost guarantee none of them got any money from this

    73. Jordan Wheeler

      When you go to the comments expecting people to be mad cause they poor (like myself) and all you see is everyone acting like it’s a hostage situation. 😳

    74. Silent-Voyd

      Sheesh ethan has skill

    75. Jack Mccool

      Stop copying everyone elsr

    76. XSt1veNscenT GD


    77. raw trout

      why are these old ass people playing beer pong and college games

    78. Carlos Willian Baesse dos Reis

      and like the last person to participate is the one who wins

    79. Michelle Rodriguez


    80. Елена Романова

      Pick nob

    81. Matthew Galan

      Okay but their aiming skills aren’t that great

    82. Msk Dh


    83. Mikan Tsuwumiki

      Ethan: peace was never an option

    84. korn5895

      basement joke are overused

    85. Anna Mooney

      They have a lot of kids I mean there are different ones every time what’s up with that???? Like I really want to know how many y’all have

    86. Lessi

      After the Video: *alright kids give us the Money back now*

    87. vlogs with bella

      Lauren looked sad ):

    88. Lanii

      Please watch my only video

    89. Xur’s Location

      Did you actually give them money bum

    90. J F

      Who gives these people all this money for this stuff

    91. Mediocre Guitar Guy

      Those are stove burner covers not plates, LIAR 😂😂😂

    92. Rosalind Maponga

      Brain for the win!

    93. Sandie S-G


    94. kristel danaly

      Es muy bueno quiero probar ese juego

    95. Maria Calle

      Me gustan sus vídeos

    96. Luis Zelaya

      Gfjhe Freyre ji j

    97. Brian Arias


    98. mAhDi ZeArO

      Hi guys, my first video on DEfasts about the best moments of Fortnite. Take a look. Like it. Like and comment. Announce in the comments what the next video is about

    99. Peazeralus

      I wish this would actually show up on the list so I could finally hit "Not Interested"