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    Miniatur Wunderland: defasts.infovideos
    The Miniatur Wunderland has been without visitors for almost half a year. Despite these difficult times, the Wunderlandians are looking ahead and we used the time for a crazy idea for a new world record.
    Like many of the projects during the lockdown, this idea was only possible during the time without visitors in the exhibition. The impetus was a video from the year before last, in which an A380 takes off at Knuffingen Airport. A Santa Claus sits on the wing with a clapper in his hand, that hits glasses filled with water and plays the tune of Jingle Bells with it. This video has been viewed around 100,000,000 times around the world.
    This gave rise to the idea of driving a train through the entire wonderland and playing a medley of the world's most famous classical pieces. In the last few weeks it has given us a lot of diversion, fun and a good mood, but also demanded a lot of creativity, inventiveness and perseverance.
    At Guinness World Records we want to show that everyone in the world is the best at something, and we’re here to measure it! Whether you’ve got the stretchiest skin, know the world’s smallest dog or want to create the largest human dominoes chain we want to hear about it.
    Here on the Guinness World Records DEfasts channel we want to showcase incredible talent. If you're looking for videos featuring the world's tallest, shortest, fastest, longest, oldest and most incredible things on the planet, you're in the right place.
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    1. Guinness World Records

      You can see how they made it here:

      1. Vishu Magar

        You have become a disgrace.

      2. RS


      3. julious29

        Noice, but it's weird watching a, like 8-9 hour video

    2. Terri Gold

      The fact that they got it to play music is fantastic but even more amazing is the track set-up. I have never seen anything that large and complex. It's wonderful.

    3. HiveMistress

      I've been looking for this full!

    4. Pamela Luke

      Whoa! I watched this at school for music class and everyone LOVED it!!

    5. Yhndsu

      Anyone else can write the song playlist that played by the train?

    6. thakkalitrolls and vlogs


    7. HariKrishna Neela

      The music don't deserve world record but the miniature world deserves the world record 🙏

    8. Sun Rise Creations

      1:33 which music is that

    9. V.H. Edits

      So satisfying 😍😍❤️❤️ loved it 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Who else agrees 😁👇🏻👇🏻👍🏻

    10. Mohamed Rashwan

      Amazing هايل بجد

    11. fadi sim

      Amazing job 🤩


      That is beautiful ❤️

    13. 米米


    14. DJSONIs R

      Even I can do this But as I can't afford for that many glasses I quit. 😁

    15. Jayadeep dreams

      Wao... Super.. Amazing 🤩

    16. wacky_duck 10

      I swear germany has the best stuff


      Das ist sehr cool und super


      wow super

    19. Shem Capatoy

      When your bored at home.....

    20. The Mask

      1:33 which song??

    21. Vishu Magar

      Guiness book of "trying to keep yourself relevant, but just a bunch of useless records, only way to make money now is through yotube " records

    22. Terre Stander

      Nevermind the musical genius behind this whole set up, the Camara work should get an award, mark me down as impressed

    23. Zaman ali

      At 3:16 Davy Jones theme from pirates of the Carribean.

    24. agus cah ndeso

      fure elis👍👍

    25. The F2P King

      Meanwhile in the Train Group: Train 1: Guys did you perfect your instruments? Bec I AM NAILING MY HORNS AND TOOTS! I’m clearly the best... Train 2:

    26. kim Pepanio

      Wow amazing and beautiful!😱😍🤗

    27. DJ Freez

      Did I hear a lil Big Daddy Kane in there ??

    28. Predrag Klobucar

      Imagine Sheldon see that!

    29. Crayon Maze

      I wonder how it sounds when it's reversed

    30. Tv Loki


    31. Tv Loki


    32. Rizkiono Saputra

      What song 0:17 ?

    33. Diaz Sadikin

      Wow they're turning minecraft note blocks into a real thing

    34. e7yu

      That was AMAZING!

    35. Akshay Vishwakarma

      Even realise the background as well . awesome .......😃😃😃

    36. Viyo1520 rojas

      impresive 👍

    37. Pran Phu

      Much better than Guinness world records of people making mattress domino fall or thousands of people opening a beer can at the same time.

    38. eliton m

      Deve ter 1k de trilhos🤔

    39. Utku Gökalp

      Wtf kind of camera is recording this?

    40. Yashasvini Choudhary

      Simply woooooow 😃😃😃

    41. Adithya Jayan

      The number of hidden people the camera went through to follow the track! 😂

    42. Jeetu Singh

      Its real speed at 2x 😂😂

    43. A.K.I

      I feel bad when Earth quake happens

    44. Jessé Steinert Barbiaro

      3:16 what song is this? Is Israeli anthem?

      1. Miniatur Wunderland

        It‘s the moldow from Smetana

    45. Suhaib Patrick


    46. Raiff Brooks

      The patience to do all that is crazy lol

    47. ruwira kanishka

      And what is this place 😳😳😳

    48. Max Headroom

      I'm not so interested in the 'music' (many of us have been programmed to recognize most of those tunes)...I was looking at all of the stuff in the background. To me, that's much, MUCH more interesting than the train. The construction of the background and places is really, Really cool! This is a great Yuletide gift...and I don't mean 'Christmas'. Appreciate the share. I really dig the details.

    49. Prabhakar Mishra


    50. manu P

      This was boring

    51. Mia Kiceh

      Impressive attention ro detail, Kudos! I really enjoyed the variety of tunes while observing the scenery. Thanks for sharing online. Blessings

    52. Street Food TV

      Congratulations to the team work 👍

    53. Ukn

      0:16 my favorite Turkish March

    54. Prince Vaga

      Matures: listening the sound Legends: calculating the speed of toy train

    55. Chandan R


    56. Dharani dharan


    57. Roberto landini


    58. Think Different

      Are you serious??

    59. TheJas K

      1:33 which this music please help..... 😞

    60. Built-in Flair


    61. Zala The Brick

      OMG I love it!!!!

    62. Mas Yoip seneng mancing


    63. Divya Saravanan


    64. Some bich named sky

      Yeah we germans got hella bored during quarantine...

    65. Quantum

      Just imagine how many times needed to do this..😎🎉

    66. Amazing Xpress

      Woooooooow crazy 😦

    67. * 彡 RED RANGER 彡 * FBGR

      Very smart

    68. FirepunchdedEXShorts

      Me: *enjoys melody* *hears Freddy's melody* Me: shoot

    69. Athul kk

      How did they done the cinematography ?.😮

      1. Anne Nette

        2 people and 1 smartphone, they took turns

    70. Iam Joergen

      Whoever made this is a genius

    71. suraj govind


    72. Ernest Hemingway


    73. CM Headbanger

      Please do a Metal train Medley, make the train go fast for Death Metal!! here hoping \m/

    74. Jack B

      We need a track listing!!!

      1. Anne Nette

        Es sind 2840 Gläser, auf den wir die folgenden 28 Titel gespielt haben: 1 Johann Strauß Radetzkymarsch 2 Mozart Rondo Alla Turca 3 Offenbach Orpheus in the Underworld Overture 4 Rossini William Tell Overture: 5 Georges Bizet Carmen - Les Toreadors 6 Brahms Ungarischer Tanz Nr 5 7 Beethoven Für Elise 8 Mendelssohn Wedding March 9 Georges Bizet Carmen - Les Toreadors (Ebenfalls prägnant) 10 Pachelbel Canon D 11 Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 12 Verdi La Donna È Mobile (Rigoletto) 13 Ravel Bolero 14 Mozart The Magic Flute - Queen of the Night aria 15 Peer Gynt Morgenstimmung 16 Smetana Moldau 17 Luigi Boccherini Minuetto 18 Verdi La Traviata - Trinklied 19 Georges Bizet Carmen: "L'amour est un oiseau rebelle" 20 Mozart Symphony #40 in G Minor, K 550 - 1. Molto Allegro 21 Verdi Triumphal March from Aida 22 Vivaldi Die 4 Jahreszeiten: Der Frühling 23 Wagner Lohengrin - treulich geführt 24 Beethoven Ode an die Freude (Europalied) 25 Bach Toccata und Fuge d-Moll 26 Beethoven Symphonie no.5 27 Tchaikovsky Der Nussknacker Blumenwalzer 28 Händel Halleluja

    75. Thomas Aquinas Wibowo • 420 years ago

      Miniature war criminals: FEUER DER GLASS

    76. Godwin Joseph

      If there was one place I'd wish was not struck by an earthquake it would be this place

      1. John Uferbach

        Luckily there are few earthquakes in Germany :D but yeah, if it happened that would be awfull

    77. Fitria Adhawiyah

      Woooouuuw...!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    78. MJS The Collecter

      1:55 insert Five Nights at Freddy's 0% Power Reference

      1. Verevy_56


    79. The Manager

      Is this a Lionel brand of Train??

    80. interesting.

      @3:37 they even made the aeroplane take off

      1. Astrofrank

        Search for videos of Knuffingen Airport for more.

    81. Vikas Kokare


    82. Fact World Official


    83. David DM


    84. Felix H

      Wow 🤩

    85. 610 Vamsi Krishna Mogulluri

      It's a complete music from train

    86. FlyingMara

      could anyone identify the classical tune starting at 5:42?

      1. Bluewingshunter

        @mittfh dont think so, seems different, could be the same composer/period

      2. mittfh

        William Walton - Crown Imperial

    87. Fat Cat The Mecha Builder

      Dude this is 7x bigger than my house

    88. frankenzion0001

      Sooo... THAT'S what happened to all of my clean glasses!

    89. Tristan Beck

      I’ve been here before but not when they did this. It’s an amazing place and I would recommend you to go there!

    90. WAFFLE-SS

      Wer zur Hölle disliked so etwas?

      1. Joe Nitschké

        Die Idee ist sowas von cool👍👍

    91. Cherie' Frank


    92. Lance Abrylle Buado

      I was like Is the camera man floating??

      1. Anne Nette

        no 2 people and 1 smartphone, they always took turns with the camera

    93. Rebecca Holmes

      That's some crazy talent and dedication. Great job.

    94. Rob Moz

      Well im impressed wow im mesmerised 👀

    95. Warner Bros Clips


    96. Vilmos Nemes


    97. ADI GAMERZ

      Its looks satisfying I like like model

    98. A-PerFact

      "My Dad is not having any job "And I have not job and money "DEfasts not giving me views and subscribers "I want to handle my family "Yalm worse than others".......🙏