My Ants Have 'Facehugger' Mites


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    My ants have 'Facehugger' mites: The future was looking hopeful for my new young ant colony of carpenter ants, named the Woodland Warriors, which had lots of young and a healthy-looking queen ant laying eggs. However, all that changed when I spotted a huge mite on the underside of the workers' heads. I wasn't sure what to make of it, and tried to assess whether the scary-looking had a symbiotic relationship with the ants. I consulted some mite experts and learned a few things about them over this past week. Hope you enjoy this week's episode. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution. #CarpenterAnts #Mites #Parasites
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    Directed/Written by AntsCanada
    Executive Producer RJ Garcia
    DOP/Editing by Heinrich Domingo
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    Special thanks also goes out to acarologists Dr. Kaitlin Campbell (University of North Carolina Pembroke) and Dr. Ron Ochoa (USDA) for their valuable contributions to this video.
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    1. AntsCanada

      Greetings, Ant Lovers/AC Family! I can't believe 'Facehuggers' actually exist outside sci-fi movies and in the microworld of ants! Hope you guys remember to hit LIKE, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE (hit the BELL and select ALL for Notifications Squad) if you enjoyed this video. After hearing all the info I share in this video, please do let me know what you guys think we should do. I'm very worried for our Woodland Warriors. Thank you so much, guys! I know we can deal with this mite situation together. Ant love forever!

      1. fori

        @ultimagoji yeah

      2. Ray_done

        Send the mite it can be dangerous and if it is not we might not need the mite

      3. jafar alhassani

        wait or send pics of the mite

      4. Julius Cristian

        @Royal Jesiah Yea, have been watching on flixzone for months myself :D

      5. Royal Jesiah

        Pro tip : you can watch movies at Flixzone. Been using it for watching all kinds of movies during the lockdown.

    2. ShibaUnitedXD

      My suggestion is to try to take the mite off so it cannot multiply

    3. Quintin Adams Ortega

      I think it is a face eater

    4. Quartiermeister F

      Is the golden empire dead?

    5. Jose Nicolas Sta. Maria

      Facehugger mite can exchange food ?

    6. Sage Tashnek

      They are more like headcrabs

    7. fazetgames 73

      Ants are fine but seeing that mite on the ant made me also have a pit in my stomach

    8. Denis ZM

      are u really worry about collect a few mites and harm the colony?? hahaha come on dude! we know u like antes, but this is insane!

    9. Uriyah Belizario

      poor ants

    10. Джозеф Дилео

      Not gonna lie to me they seem more like head crabs

    11. Outdoor Boi

      uhhhhg that first shot was so gross dude. i had to remind myself that the mite is smaller than a grain of rice and its not going to harm me. seeing the little mite legs stretched over the ants face was veryy uncanny and disturbing.

    12. Roosting Laughter

      I recommend that you wait until you see more mites before removing this one.

    13. Isak *********** Isak

      Rip probably 80% maybe 90% of the golden empire

    14. grace plays


    15. Calyps Kun

      I know you hate ants suffering but I have content Idea : When starting a new colony have its common parasite take over and try to cure them

    16. blaster91

      Just send a ant with a bug. and go out and get to the bottom of this. U can have the ant facetime while he is over there getting researched.

    17. CVbrox

      Facehunger: i am not an alien Movies: i am an alien!

    18. Carlos Verdejo

      What camera you use

    19. caboose22320

      Ant crickets are kleptoparasites that trick their ant hosts into feeding them. They touch the ants often, capturing the “colony odor” of the ants. ... Within the colony, ants share food by trophallaxis a process where one ant feeds another by regurgitating food near the mouth of another ant -Google

    20. Ashton and Landon play Games

      A phoretic mite is a beneficial mite towards the carpenter ants

    21. Ashton and Landon play Games

      I think you should send it to dr kaitlyn

    22. Carl Carl

      hey guys I caught a queen ant and her male sibling from their nest what do I do should I let them go to continue their flight? pls I need answer

      1. Carl Carl

        pls help

    23. jashane stone

      I like this guy and his ants world... Never thought I'd see 🐜's as adorable.. 😂😂😂

    24. Nasi Lilly

      I say take the risk because also yo only taking one ant even rtho the queen can reproduce it

    25. R4gge

      Send the ant and the mite together to the doctors, I know it might be detrimental for the colony but a single worker Is a sacrifice the colomy should be able to make in the name of science.

    26. Rishi Ramraj

      Did you ever see this really old movie Aliens?

    27. melios melios

      Either way if you need to do something about it you must act now as with the numbers constantly growing eventually any kind of action will be pointless.

    28. charmayne Tollefson

      What is the name of your country

    29. Sean Wilkinson

      These face huger mites are safe maybe they eat grease oil that make ants gross if they have a lot and mate while they sleep antscanada reply for what you say do you think my info was good or not

    30. LeeLee

      Skip to 8:30 if you want to know what the problem is. Legit rambles on until then

    31. Larry

      Give them guns to defend themselves

    32. quintez murry

      😭Why don’t they kill it?

    33. Bruno Brown


    34. Denis ZM

      Can we name that mite???

    35. Gaming with Seb Snake

      Do both I would recommend

    36. Urooj Fatima

      No removeing one worker ant hurts the colony

    37. Urooj Fatima

      Atscanada facehugger ants are dangerous for the ants

    38. tejashrig

      a phoretic mites are arthropods found on carcases and corpases.

    39. tejashrig

      i think you should not wait -rishan

    40. Hiroshi

      I was eating 🤮

    41. Aaron Blatter

      You've been studying and caring for these ants since their birth. Can you identify the ant with the face hugger to be in any distress or agitation? Also have you noticed more deaths?

    42. Michael Jr. E. AGOT

      A phoretic mite is commenstalistic.

    43. Game Strats

      Split the ants that have mites away from the colony

    44. OLIVER YAP

      EVERYBODY, LISTEN UP THIS IS URGENT! I THINK I SAW A MITE ON ONE OF THE DEAD ANT'S LEGS!!!!!!!! And if my eyes aren't deceiving me that further supports that this facehugger mite is a lethal one. Maybe it latches on and pierces the exoskeleton and mooches off the ant. If this is a facehugger mite and if my eyes aren't deceiving me then it means that the mite was eating the dead ant's gaster. When I looked at the ant's gaster it looks like it belongs to a replete and it also looks its filled with food! And just like you said if a replete is on its way to dying then the best survival tactic for the colony is for the replete to empty itself into hungry workers, The queen and the brood. But it doesn't look like it emptied itself of all the food it stored and all of it(if it is a lethal kind of mite)is going to the mite! If my eyes aren't deceiving me this is a good time to PANIC and send that to doctor Kaitlyn now ASAP! I saw it at 4:09 until 4:12 and if you look at the upper right side of the screen you can see a dead ant. Look beside it and on its legs is the mite but strangely its not attached to the head so please anybody who sees this inform Mikey because if Mikey doesn't see this then this new colony will be doomed without anybody except me knowing it. Mikey you need to see this PLEASE! THIS MIGHT BE LETHAL TO THE COLONY!!!!!

    45. Jack Yo

      Half Ant : Face huggers :D

    46. ValiantVirgo1804

      tbh that "facehugger" mite more looks like a headcrab than facehugger

    47. Elissa xie

      You should not wait it might be too late.

    48. Cynthia Harris

      It's a mite that lives with the ants and doesn't harm them.

    49. Cynthia Harris

      Send the ant and the mite together

    50. Ethan Barnett

      Great now a alien infestion

    51. Mike The Gamer _ Als

      Antscanada 10:33 there is a mite on the quen there in the clip

    52. Sean Patrick M. Tan

      Mikey bustos is antscanada

    53. Wolf Bane

      The five nations used to live together in harmony but then everything changed when the mites attacked

    54. Rain Sophia Z. Gamboa

      (AntsCanada is Filipino sorry to break it to y'all Check google if u think im lying)

    55. Nicky Mejias

      So you know that bugs are scared of ants.

    56. Muhammad Ilham

      Bang udah banyak ternak semut nya bang

    57. Jitse Lombaert

      I think it’s irritating for the ant, but they don’t seem very irritated by it.

    58. nick name

      I found a weaver ant nest at my window

    59. N0824

      Phoretic mites are likely the most abundant arthropods found on carcases and corpses. They outnumber their scavenger carriers in both number and diversity. Many phoretic mites travel on scavenger insects and are highly specific; they will arrive on a particular species of host and no other.

    60. BaTgAmeR

      i think you should take the mite off carefully

    61. Thomas McGuire

      Maybe buy some mite killer or whatever kills those mites and spray it in your backyard without killing the ants so when you transfer the new ants they don’t have it. And make sure the glass is sealed so they don’t get in. I’m Not a expert but maybe try it and do some research hope it helps

    62. Autumn

      Try to get a picture or video of the underside of the might like you suggested in the video

    63. Speedrunr

      The mite looks like a spider

    64. Ayden Ng HK


    65. Ayden Ng HK

      the ant eats a lot

    66. Ruiz Jairo Angelo

      antscanada you should download pocket ant its fun

    67. phantomDX

      maybe bring one of them so that if its good then it will be close to help, if its bad then they will find out what it is and kill it?

    68. Moster Chife


    69. Victorian Commander

      i hate saying this, but its probably better to just kill the ant and dispose of it, or you're whole colony may go down in flames.

    70. Tristan Rozelle

      Also, I need help naming the colony of Yellow Meadow ants.

      1. Tristan Rozelle

        Please suggest a name for the Yellow Meadow ants in the comments. 🐜

    71. Tristan Rozelle

      Dear AntsCanada, After the mite problem is solved, I have an idea. Do you know Yellow Meadow ants are? Well you would make a clip on keeping them or try to keep them. 🐜

    72. Tesa James

      I think the mite is Stratiolaelaps scimitus (formerly Hypoaspis miles) or soil mite. They are less than 1 mm (1/20 inch) in size, light brown in color. These mites are not parasitic but free-living predatory mites that feed on Nematoda, collembola, all stages of springtails, other mites, and gnat larvae. They disperse rapidly by phoresy (commensalism interaction/traveling between ants via the head). These mites are beneficial to your colony because they eat other mites. These mites are used to stop mite infestation in beehives.

    73. Anonymous

      If the mites are bad then the colony is probably already dead, as we've already seen that they're hard to get rid of, it would be a good idea to wait just in case they're good

    74. Earldastan gaming


    75. Karl Andrew Tapnio

      Hey ants Canada AR you in the Filipins

    76. Tristan Rozelle

      Phonetic mites are young "dormant" mites that are just on a hitchhike with an ant.

    77. Neijan rafael Bacasno

      But i know lot of bugs and nateture

    78. Neijan rafael Bacasno

      Becareful with my riskful suggestion im just 11

    79. Neijan rafael Bacasno

      AC I HAVE A IDEA TO REMOVE DOES MITES IF THEY WHERE BEING A TROUBLE ADD A KIND OF MITE THAT EAT OTHER mites but i forgat the name so just search of mite eating mite

    80. Mj Cool

      A mite or parasite that is beneficial to ants

    81. Tristan Rozelle

      So, ya I vote the name Ripply would be for the Queen. Remember, Queen Ripply. 🐜

    82. Tristan Rozelle

      Also I caught a Yellow Meadow ant colony that I caught and are doing well, plus they've started their move of eggs and colony!

    83. Tristan Rozelle

      Queens name should be Ripply from the Alien series 🐜😀🐜

      1. Tristan Rozelle

        The name is an idea brought up by the face hugger mite 🐜

    84. Jashmeer S. Shariff


    85. dragon flye

      send in the mite better safe than sorry

    86. Jeff Martin

      mybe put army ants antoepea to defet the invaseve ants

    87. Jazlynn Hinkey

      I heard that a mite attached to an ants head is a parasitic mite which is bad I think but I'm not to sure still

    88. Ben Mattey

      take one Mite and ship it to the US and if it turns out to be harmful you could brush all the other mites off the ants. but if they are harmless and actualy are good for the ants survival and maybe could even protect them from bad mites you should keep them and try to make more of them

    89. KoltLeo

      You should get in touch with other ant keepers for updated info.

    90. Decolonize your Life

      Send one ant and mite to each of the scientists. I think their knowledge is better for them then losing a few workers and mites.

    91. the meme lol

      i dont feel so well

    92. Peter Mavrakis

      Use formid acid i googled it and i think you should use formic acid to get rid of mites idk

    93. UnableSmile The gamer

      If it is a parasitic mite I say take ALL the parasite infected ant out of the colony and put them in quarantine Away from the queen

    94. Kesttang

      Ah, the Facehugger Mites Arc. I'm excited!

    95. Wesley Mounce

      I think you should isolate and take a picture to identify, it doesn't look like it's feeding off of the blood from the ants, and since it's so big compared to the ants, if it was harming them the ants would have good chance to bite and kill the mite on their own.

    96. hoffman

      I think the queen should be named ms. Forthington Also i'm sorry if the ants die but...i think you should keep the mites for a little bit... even though they look like they're up to no good.

    97. Top Bojin

      I think you should try to film the mite

    98. Anabelle Wagle

      Option 1. I think you should take the ant with the mite out and with tweezers grab the mite off and put the ant back in Option 2. Wait till there’s one or two more then do the same thing as Option 1 Option 3. If any of ur other ants have helpful mites then take one or two and take the facehuger mite and replace with helpful ones These are just my options and what I think u should do