My left hand is CRACKED at Beat Saber..... #Shorts


7 Mio. aufrufe741

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    1. Muffin Pumpkin

      I like it

    2. Rachel Malbon

      Buster Romney's

    3. XxSnailG4ngx

      Dude this kid is lit asf he proves he's good with games especially that one

    4. cody Hill

      Its- it's the same

    5. DJSHAG

      Imagine how fats he does "the thing"

    6. DatzzStrike

      Thats easy

    7. Aoi! Angel!

      What THE

    8. Gangsta Penguin

      I'm more amazed by the stance. Like he leans back on his knees

    9. FlipMationGaming ;D

      Me struggling to write the number 5 with my left hand: *WHYYYYYYYY*

    10. Ennard Landa

      They had us on the first half, not gonna lie

    11. Damiean gomez


    12. BuBbLe NuGgEt

      That’s just a circle

    13. Hayley Hąn

      U standing like Ó╭╮Ò

    14. BananaDreams69

      Me, a left handed person: you're *weak*

    15. Justin Lorenzo

      You were spinning it though?

    16. ColdMythic

      Bro imagine Out of no where this dude just starts playing friday night funkin but instead of just normally playing it on keyboard he just flails his right hand on the keys trying to press the arrows XD

    17. MeshalF1

      I wonder how much times he came

    18. A3danP0t

      dududududu sure is ur fav song..

    19. Xenni :D

      There is a reason why his arm is very good... and it's not because of him playing alot of beat saber

    20. Astralkreep

      Sir that’s your wrist

    21. Jeremiah Martin

      You're right and left handed good shout out Jeremih

    22. Taylon Suguitan

      Him: Pay attention to my left hand Me: So where is his left hand again?

    23. Budget_Gandalf

      We can tell which one jerks with.

    24. Nebula Kempfert

      Wait this are the collers I use in beat saber. 👁👄👁

    25. Nicholas Franco

      Dude could be a drummer. Instead he’s playing a stupid game.

    26. wayne daniel


    27. Only One


    28. Cc 2224 / cody

      It’s general grievous!

    29. UltimatePenguinMaster

      His hand is too cracked

    30. Shil Pwift

      “When they ask you how you are you just have to say that your fine even though you’re not really fine you just don’t want to get into it with them right now”

    31. Rafael Cruz


    32. Deluxe King


    33. Benny Southern

      uhhhhh so you're telling us you beat off with your left hand?

    34. Nevaeh Dobbins

      It was really good 😄Nice try :b

    35. XSupreme xx

      HA U LOSE

    36. Eduardo González

      Bruh look at this dude uhuhu wait till you see the uhuhu no no HAHAHAHAHA LOOK AT THE TOP OF HIS HEAD HAHAAAAA

    37. I’m the complet idiot in the room

      The disappointment in the way he stands and looks at the cameras says it all!!! 😂

    38. YOSHI BIG

      No life

    39. Aryan ninja

      Hello darkness my old friend...

    40. ßsarko Lalic 2

      No DadDada iT hAs tO bE RarrRarrarRara

    41. Jun Arnold Totaan

      So that answer the question for does he use both hands to touch himself

    42. i am a king e

      "People say my hand is good at going up and down" im sorry but what did he just say???

    43. Panda_lord223

      I've never actually met someone who prefers to do things with there left hand

    44. Vuyo Shabangu


    45. who do you think iam?

      Oh yeah "my right hand is faster than my left hand thingy

    46. mohamed abdelsabour77

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    47. BERY PLAYS

      Me this whole video 😐 after the video " YO WHAT THE $#1+

    48. Meatedge Gaming

      There is a reason why your left hand is insane at this game

    49. West Side

      Talking about my friend hand being really good going up n down. Lmao

    50. West Side


    51. William Van

      You can’t not look weird when your playing beat saber, no matter what

    52. chris kay

      In 34k how u feel bro

    53. Maseru's GamerSpace

      He didn’t screw up how did he fail

    54. ValeVqpe

      it dont go up and down it go around

    55. Nitro297

      Task preformed unsuccessfully

    56. Faggot 123


    57. Autumn Tuttle

      His face at the end 😂😂😂 it’s price lesss 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

    58. Boba Fett

      You know boys have more practice with this sort of stuff

    59. Nathan Smith

      Man practicing 3 time a day

    60. Jeremiah Morales

      I wonder why your right is better at moving...

    61. Cisco Regalado

      My wrist useful arm

    62. GLOOMZY_FN48

      My hands are more cracked then yours lmao

    63. Montrell Crawford

      Parents: come in room to check on him doesn't know he in vr* him 🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼 parents: walks out quietly*

    64. Jenerikku

      I like his wd black shirt

    65. CatBoi :p

      I read title as: I cracked my left hand in beat saber

    66. Alessandro Arras


    67. Hang Vo

      Ooof i felt my hand do that tooo

    68. gladwin benjamin

      I wish kirito was up there

    69. NikoBun

      Bold of you to assume I know my right from left

    70. Alicerose Billy


    71. Yellow Echo Gaming

      Practice make perfect for when the one hand gets tired

    72. Romy Reyes


    73. Itz Lydia

      Its impossible to watch you left hand

    74. Ivans Duval


    75. Shantear Meredith

      M hmmmmmm

    76. Shantear Meredith

      Oh that's cool 😎 mhuuu

    77. Kaylee Hunter

      When it ended he shouldve did a dab

    78. soap man

      You're doing great

    79. Kaelan Ursch

      Man he needs some meat on those bones not gonna like he looks kinda like a skeleton.

    80. matthew sprague

      I wonder why he right hand is so good

    81. kyran fox


    82. Nicolli Gomez

      *Me dancing in VRChat with my friends* *He says: Ooooh Waifu! 😲😲😲* *My Xbox Avatar pose*

    83. hadeer Alshaheen


    84. Life Box

      You’re significant other must be satisfied just by your fingers

    85. fella

      he’s real good at *beat* saber

    86. chronosocrates


    87. ChungyFy

      Tbh as a left handed I find this hard

    88. Nathan

      "Everyone is talking about how good my right and can go up and down" Me:... "Lets check out my left hand" Me:... Oh

    89. S0UL1UX

      lie *cries*

    90. Yeochowtee

      Wow your right arm are pretty good

    91. daithis vlog

      The end tho

    92. Spike Dragon

      We all minus the innocent minds know why your that good with your hands going up and down.

      1. Sharon Williams


    93. He


    94. LeafTheOddGamer

      So good

    95. luki pro

      I was playing this wonts and I was pretty good

    96. RUMORS



      All hail the king!!!!!

    98. Chopstick Cunt

      I see no difference.

    99. Melvin

      Nobody : Madara vs 1000 shinobi :