Neymar, Mbappe, & PSG's Immediate Reaction To Advancing Past Bayern Munich

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    Am Vor 25 Tage


    1. KrATos Wish

      look at that bastard kimmich only 25 years old and acts like he has won 3-4 ballon d or - SWEETER REVENGE

    2. Frody Gullinbursti

      I wonder what last guy was telling Keylor Navas. "Hey come to bayern" 👀

    3. Strohhut Fazzzed

      Neymar and Alaba

    4. Noel Schmid

      hopefully city destroy them!

    5. Saurav Sharma

      only because of lewa missing it happend

    6. Manny

      I wonder what Navas and Bayern Munich staff member was talking about?

    7. Aylin Vazz

      Bayern won the last year becouse it was a one game ko stage if its 2 games you see what happen they have such a luck last year they will not ein the CL the next 10 years remember that!

    8. Pria Ramah

      Leroy sane be like : ill came to munich for champions league trophy Man city to sane : for real?? 😂

    9. marsh mellow

      Man city will win this year champions league I guess because of Pep Guardiola resurgence but psg looks favourite after beating Bayern Munich.

    10. Diogo Santos

      not fair no lewandovski no gnabry, it would have definetely been different...

    11. MdJishsn Jishan


    12. Wilfred G

      Sane regretting why he left man city

    13. Alzi ngangom

      Kimmich will never forget this moment Time will come for Kimmich

    14. Shawn Hope

      0:51 “ thomas, enjoy”

    15. Edgar Paredes

      The two legends Alan Smith and Martin Tyler :D


      Sad both teams were missing important players. both games were so danm good, imagine if both teams were complete.

    17. Argumentos Inválidos

      Essa conversa no final mim cheira mal hum navas cuidado.

    18. Marian Munteanu

      Se giocasse Gnabry e Leva.eravate asfaltati

    19. Sik Juice

      What goes around comes around and that Alaba n Neymar moment was prove of it

    20. crxse lndl

      "Respect for neymar" like what? The clownery he radiates while being such an arrogant and most unsporting athlete 🙄 he can be a good player but world-class and attitude to do so NEVER

    21. shxrty xy

      Allez paris 🎉

    22. Sebina Alex

      City are in probably their best form rn but I think PSG deserve the title

      1. frZ

        City>>>>> psg

    23. Ari 348

      Mbappe saying CIAO🤩



    25. Mark mycro

      Sane be wishing he was still at city.

    26. Daw ze nan Daw bawk

      PSG fans so happy

    27. Olin Gael Lopes

      Grande Neymar melhor Brasileiro no futebol da história do nosso país

    28. Michael Enz

      Congrats to psg but still gona go out in the next leg

    29. Maciej Mazur

      If Lewandowski, Gnabry and Goretzka can play, PSG would be no chance. They are lucky to play Bayern in this moment of season. Bayern had bad luck this time.

    30. Flashdem MrTPC

      "Thomas I'm sorry", Mbappe said.

      1. SEEB FC

        he said enjoy

    31. the last man standing Wesley Gibson

      congratulations to Paris Saint Germains

    32. Marrtinike19

      Well, man city wont stop them, thats for sure

    33. canocan

      Neymar says: de puta madre.... he describes himself

    34. bareknuckles2u

      Mbappe is the best in the world. Period!

    35. HUGOAIN


    36. Patrik Nilles

      Schönes spannendes Spiel, aber diese Schauspieler einfach lächerlich kein Faul kein Stupser und schreien wie kleine Kinder. Wo ist da der Video Schiedsrichter der muß das doch auch sehen oder wollen die nicht. Das die Schiedsrichter das durchgehen lassen, es ist doch bekannt das Neymar öfter hinfällt und er schaut gerne den Schiedsrichter an und fordert dann das die anderen eine gelbe Karte bekommen.

    37. XlX M

      Puta madre!

    38. abdi libaax

      Mbappe to muller "enjoy" 😆

    39. sakke -šta te briga kako se zovem

      Paris vs half Bayern

    40. Acan18

      Warum sagt neymar irgendwas mit hurensohn?

    41. Lyes idiri

      Congrats les parisiens huge performance guys

    42. Big Smoke

      The away goal rule should be removed, especially with no fans now. Such bs

    43. Przemyslaw Jankowski

      The are so lucky that Lewandowski was Injured...

    44. Adeva Alifiobono

      0:01 Poor Kimmich

    45. Harry the cat

      No pain no gain... ICI C'EST PARIS !!

    46. Brandon16Khalifa

      I celebrated only because Keylor will knockout RM

    47. ari

      Iconic moment:Last year Alaba consoled Neymar after Psg lost ucl final against Bayern and this year Neymar consoled Alaba after eliminating bayern in the quarters of ucl

    48. Prabal Bhardwaj

      At the starting we see neymar disrespectful to Kimmich really a manchild

    49. Patrick Wolff

      Good for every other team coming

    50. Vip LM

      Hauptsache Bayern ist raus

    51. Aasrav Gyawali

      first time bayren won 1-0 to paris :- Neymar cried second time bayren won 1-0 to paris :- Neymer smiles WHAT A SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    52. M S

      Neymar 0:03 LA PUTA MADRE Mbappe 0:38 TCHAU Viva a GLOBALIZAÇÃO 😂😂

      1. Fernando Roberts


    53. Sulaiman Sulaiman

      Neymar poli


      Neymar Miss Open Gol Vs Bayern Munchen

    55. Jean Santos nascimento

      Que campeonato espetacular! Libertadores nunca chegará aos pés da Champions

      1. M S


    56. yournightmaresmydreams

      Raus mit de Viechers hahahaha

    57. Raihan Islam

      Champion vs Runners up

    58. M. Fahri

      they will face city in the semis, and they will win the game at the cost of key players getting injured/card suspension. then, without their key players they will face chelsea in the final where chelsea will lift the trophy 🏆 ...don't hate me just tell me your counter scenario lmao

    59. Walid Zerhouni

      The most childish team ever !

    60. Me

      Forgot Pochetino was manager for psg

    61. Michael owen Joseph

      The way he said Thomas😮

    62. Danang Wijan

      00:51 Mbappe : Thomas (Muller)

    63. Wiggy Tjihenuna

      Kimich chest was burning at the intro😂😭

    64. Alessandro Sam

      0:50 Kylian: "Thomas!.... Enjoy!" lol

      1. Ksc Fan 98

        He said “enjoyed” that means it was a pleasure to play against Müller and he really enjoyed the gate with him

      2. Cyber17

        I listened to it several times. He didn't say 'enjoy'. Would make no sense anyway since he likes him.

      3. Alessandro Sam

        @Yves he didn't say Dankeschön and @Big Smoke said it wasn't good game in French either haha

      4. Big Smoke

        @E didnt sound like bien joué and im a french native speaker

      5. E

        I was thinking he said "bien joué" in French, which means "well played/ you played good"


      C bien fait pour toi kimmich .. tu avait trop parler ...

    66. E X G L E _ Renegade Raider-PSG Fan

      Allez PSG🔥🔥🔥

    67. RACHiT

      What happened to Lewandowski tho. :/

    68. KoolShady45

      Mbappe is a phenomenon!

    69. Sumaiya Chowdhury

      PSG deserved to advance in the semi final

      1. Salim

        @Alles Rodger? no

      2. Sumaiya Chowdhury

        @Alles Rodger? But still PSG went through

      3. Alles Rodger?

        No, Bayern was better in both matches.

    70. Fantiz X RBLX

      Finally beaten the unbeatables

    71. Angel Apollon

      Last time they celebrate like this they lost the final😀

    72. The Pink Panther

      Alaba to PSG.... *LOADING*

    73. Azertyuiop

      Bayern’s players talked way to much, and now they go back in munich

      1. robert lewandowski

        Eat crap

    74. Olamide David

      Neymar did a kimmich celebration in front of kimmich😂

    75. Femme d’Orsay

      haha paredes and Neymar celebration is iconic

    76. MoriFN

      Now any teams can win now that Bayern is out lol

      1. MoriFN

        @Official BenZine but I gotta gotta admit that any team can win since the best team in Europe just lost

      2. MoriFN

        @Official BenZine I'm a fan of psg yk

      3. MoriFN

        @Official BenZine nah Bayern didn't have a full team also everyone can win that's why nobody is favorite

      4. Official BenZine

        My team is favourite tho bcs we are the ones that knocked them out lol

    77. HUJAMBO Korodani

      Bravo les parisiens !

    78. Safwan Al sakka

      Psg won because there is no lewa no gnabry that's why😢😢😢😒😢

    79. Laishram Paikhomba

      Sane is rubbish...worst performance of the many chances miss..

    80. ARGUMENT 10

      Yes bayern are out and i want psg to be in the final because psg is much much easier than man oil and bayern

    81. Rupock Gomes

      Well the final would be Manchester City vs PSG

    82. Diego Days

      dang bruh, and it was david alabas last season at bayern :/

    83. General Grievous

      As a Dortmund fan i know man city will knock us out but bayern getting knocked out made my day better

      1. Kratos of Sparta

        Hope and fight. Dortmund will go through if the gods will it to be so

    84. Ahmed Hossam

      PSG took it's revenge

    85. Sam Wh

      The cameras are too close to the faces it’s weird

    86. Minecraft heaven TGS

      I got a similar screenshot

    87. crackd

      i fell it from neymar who seach to alaba :(

    88. Mohit

      Lewandowski was major missing

    89. udin aja

      Ada orang dalam psg di bayern,,, chopo mnting

    90. Wolves fc

      Even if Neymar can’t score he’ll always be one of my favourite players

    91. やき

      It's funny because there are so many excuses.

    92. Abdullahi Sharif

      Neymar and parades celebrating infront of kimmich. Shithousery fc

      1. Siddharth amin

        @Abdullahi Sharif Karma is b**ch

      2. Abdullahi Sharif

        @Siddharth amin i know. kimmich did that to mane so it was nice he recieved back one

      3. Siddharth amin

        Neymar huge Alba

    93. TRJ Limbu


    94. Ferdinand Seal

      Mbappe progression ✅ over to you Señor Halaand. If Mbappe wins the Champions League with PSG this season, he would've won basically everything by the age of 22. He can go to any other club in the world and just win league titles and maybe another couple of Champions league's and another cheeky World Cup. What a player 🤩

    95. Abdi

      Mbappe : Tomas enjoy

    96. P Deb

      But u won't win ucl anyway

    97. Kirankumar N

      I am afraid that Madrid might win ucl

    98. Keckz

      ach aber wenn paredes auf neymar losgeht fällt er nicht um?

    99. Milka Tuc

      Neymar to Alaba : Skill gap bro, it is what it is :*

    100. Deep Patel

      Navas was underrated