Nothing Can Stop This Dog From Escaping | Cesar 911


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    Cesar Millan faces an escape artist! This pit bull mix, Ivy, jumps the fence and runs away whenever a loud noise occurs. Ivy's parents are afraid she'll run off and be severely injured. Cesar needs to step in to address this situation immediately! Get more dog training tips like this on Cesar 911, Sundays at 10AM Eastern | 9AM Central. Visit for where to watch! #Dabl #DablNetwork #CordCutters #FreeTV

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    1. Brianna Olsson

      *dog hears a noise* Dog: “hardcore parkour”

    2. ErokCherokee

      Never thought of a stake and long leash?

    3. geezerdownunder

      General Contractor 🤦🏻‍♂️🙄 with all those shit DIY tools

    4. ytgodzilla

      Dogs looks to you for strength. Even when they are scared but sometimes more is needed.

    5. Supersonic Sid

      Now I believe in reincarnation that dog is Houdini

    6. Philip Real

      My yorkie escape from me I have to run like 10 houses down good thing she stop at 10 houses Before it was 4 and 5 houses

    7. Savage Panda

      If u got a dog that can jump a fence just get a coyote roller on top of the fence and the dog won't be able to climb out

    8. King Fish

      Ivy was a butchered animal in her past life😂😂

    9. Luisa_LIT

      Atleast she isn't aggressive lol mine is and anytime he gets out I'm just crying and praying no dogs come across him

    10. Marcos Lopes

      If your dog is running away from you he is not your dog. peace ✌🏾

    11. Lowy


    12. Alew

      Daughter: Gets ready to run after the dog *wears flip flops

    13. RealRareAP

      Every think of keeping the dog in the house so he can’t escape ?

      1. Epha Janke

        He is still scared.

    14. tjpm

      When my dog gets afraid with a sound I just encourage her to investigate. If I laugh out loud she gets worried, because she thinks I am screaming, so what I do is I play with her and make it fun.

      1. leondelafonte

        That's the key. If you don't make it a big deal and you associate it with something fun.

    15. Yusuf Sahin

      I would say Piss off and bye bye. After a few days on the streets he will see..

    16. Paola Ronquillo

      the breaks thing was super helpful, didn't understand it until now

    17. Dehinor Vargas

      Who puts sunglasses to chase a dog?

    18. Bandit 1

      Get that dog to an agility course ASAP

    19. ShakeNitti

      Dog hears noise... "What the fuck is that👀... Ahhh hell nah... I'm out of here" 😂

    20. Branden -::-;:

      Well she’s never gonna get her runing wit her foot up her but

    21. Jazmine Moira Carin


    22. Deepan Dev

      Probably Ivy saw Wendy's BF runaway when her parents were back from holiday. 😆


      Nice classic Cadillac in front lol

    24. the real AD

      Purposely letting a dog jump the fence and run away is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.

    25. Nick Camp

      Two beautiful girls

    26. John Doe

      damn wendy can get it

    27. etc etc

      She's beautiful. I love the all black coat.

    28. Daniel Rivera

      I need my dog trained by him.

    29. Daniel Rivera

      Why can't he post the hole thing? Its really annoying when he just stops the video half way😒

    30. Clypy

      Cesar: so this way *the dog escapes.

    31. leon charsley

      If only prisoners were as smart as this dog 🤔

    32. Jordan The Pug

      Poor doggo

    33. Robin Morrow

      It seems like she was really scared by some very loud noise when she was little. Maybe she was mistreated before they got her, or something happened and she can’t forget that scary loud sound so her only comfort is to get as far away from it as she can. Poor baby, I hope Cesar can help. I really wanted to see what happened.

    34. Tim Baxter

      Fuckin despise people who call their dogs "it"

    35. Noodles G

      High key that dog is smart

    36. Aaron White

      Losing money... insane

    37. Sydney dutro

      Plot twist: the dog is trying to help his owner get exersize

    38. Bellazul2

      Aaaah, tu sabes donde parar el video para mantenernos expectantes al desenlace!! 🤦‍♀️

    39. May May

      Super Dog hahaha

    40. Dylan Fischer

      My dog is bigger and more of a escape artist but when she gets out she just chills in our driveway

      1. xSARGANTx SHAFTx

        Ah a lady of culture you own

    41. Michael Gorden

      Guess they never heard of a kennel

    42. givemelemonade

      Cesar you sly dog.

    43. Maria

      educate the horrible tortouring noise stopping and calm down

    44. kryptonite savva

      This is why chains exist, it's not hard. 😂😂😂

    45. astheskylarksings

      The dude called the dog “it.” 😅

      1. Whole Shebang

        He doesn't give a sh*t about the dog.

    46. Aik Castle

      Wendy's cute though!

    47. thirdEYEsix

      Dog Hacks

    48. Enzo S

      I just want to see Wendy run again oh la la

    49. Alfredo JR. arias

      Dobl wtf is that 😡

    50. shannon mustipher

      Well . It's not a good environment for the dog....

    51. Dean Thurman

      It’s the dad, divorce the dad and let him have a workshop in his brand new apartment! He’s a problem

    52. Jaime Delreal

      So much for learning how to fix it.

    53. Oliver Sp0426

      where is the full videos?

      1. Whole Shebang

        Check similar comments for the links to Cesar 911, S03E05

    54. Vannerz

      Why would Caesar intentionally let the dog run away? That was so unnecessary

    55. Looking Beyond

      You're joking right I'm waiting for the part two to start it's not starting oh my gosh you know how annoying this is .😭

    56. CJ Live

      The back yard pink flamingo game is on fleek

    57. Ruth Riz

      ooo man where's the next part!!!

    58. Connie Catara Estep

      Nope, wouldn't put up with that bullshit! I am a total cat person I guess.

    59. Carrie Horvath

      That dog is cool

    60. ANGIEB52

      Fence is pretty low? Pits can climb 8 ft fences if they want and determined enough.

    61. Zeins Elzer

      I think the hole family needs a psychologist...

    62. Ehimwenma Richard

      I think that dog has probably been to a pound before or has been in a place with machines and got injured.

    63. Viking Actual

      I want to watch the rest of this episode.

      1. kaykay Kailah

        Go buy the episode then duhh

      2. Gato 008

        😣Yeah..... 🤷

    64. Natasha Williams

      And the outcome for the terrified dog is......?

    65. Tommy Flyer

      Dog out smart the show

    66. Richard MacKenzie

      So. where's the rest of the video??????

    67. Samuel S.

      Is this becoming a habit of leaving videos unfinished 🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. Whole Shebang

        This isn't the correct provider. Search Cesar 911 E03S05, "The Escape Artist," on YT, or National Geographic WILD Channel.

    68. enrique rodriguez

      Put em to sleep

    69. Sandy Wlaschin

      What channel can I see the show on?

    70. Winter Soldier

      My dog can get out of her harness as well so annoying

    71. JesusReallyDoesLoveYou dot com

      That was a horrible way to end the video.

    72. Pickingwilddaisies

      Its very weird how they act like they didn’t know ceaser was coming. Why else would they be filming the dog while turning on the air compressor.

      1. RealRareAP

        @Gabriel 2018 Ceaser salad

      2. thirdEYEsix

        It's TV. Its fake

      3. Gabriel 2018

        Who was coming?...

    73. Jesusisking

      Repent Repent the day of the Lord is at hand! If you have not received salvation from Jesus Christ you will spend all eternity (trillions and trillions) of years in hell...There will be everlasting torment for you and everyone you know who doesn’t know the Lord. There will be whaling and gnashing teeth. Where the fire is never quenched and the worm never dies. Repent today cry out for mercy! A man must be born again to enter the Kingdom of Heaven

    74. Rosa Maria Cano Martin

      Saludos desde España Cesar y felicitaciones por ser tan buen profesional. Pero me da pena de hablar inglés i no entender lo comentado. Ojalá algún día pueda seguir sus vídeos en español. Saludos Rosa Maria 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💖

    75. Jane Pearson

      Some people should not have pets .

    76. Paul B

      Nice one ...waist of time watching to get cut off ...

    77. Triciana faatiliga

      You can search for his show on the internet or on lifetime

    78. Spiritual Entrepreneurs

      Dog knows her natural right to freedom...

      1. Zeto Kaiba

        Natural right to end up splattered across the highway lol.

    79. AllAhabNoMoby

      "Wendy is at her wit's end. She'll do anything for her. SHE'LL TAKE HER FOR WALKS." Wow, the dog is taken for walks and it still doesn't help?? The lengths people go to for their dogs... 🙄

      1. Dan

        I think they were saying, when the compressor is going, Wendy will take the dog away from the house on a walk. Not just walks in general.

      2. Mike Frost

        😂😂 sad part is, TOOOO MANY people watch shows like this and Actually think that's their "end all" answer for their dog.. just needs walks!! Lmao. Walks only help burn energy, they don't help keep a dog from being scared of it's triggers.. even dogs that just have too much energy and DO just need walks, a 10-15 min stroll around the block isn't a real walk. Not for a dog anyways

      3. Gabriel 2018


      4. Ebonyah M


    80. etsuko hirai

      I am living in Hong King, How to see all story? I rather pay to subscribe than watching like that. Please tell me how to do.

      1. Whole Shebang

        National Geographic "WILD" Channel, that is.

      2. Whole Shebang

        You could subscribe to National Geographic Channel, on which full, hour-long episodes of "Cesar 911" are shown.

    81. Franky Teleoise

      Wendy cute.

    82. Oh thats Lauren

      I couldn’t have a dog like that . The third time you escape you are for the streets lol

      1. Melissa Zeiders

        U are a jerk. Someone like u should never have an animal. I would be afraid you would hurt it

    83. Mud Puddle

      Why tf is the woman wearing sandles if u knew she was gonna escape

    84. Rick O'Shea

      Escape...not excape

    85. thomas nieuwenhuizen

      Really want to see more come on ceaser!

      1. Gabriel 2018

        On who?

    86. Dante Taylor

      Forget the dog Wendy is hot

    87. honkingantalope

      My dog was a foot tall and his name was shorty. He kept getting out of our fence and I never knew how. One day I was making coffee and I seen him. He jumped on a chair, then on a table, jumped over the fence and landed on the vans hood. I later went to checked and you can see his pawprints on the hood.

    88. LH

      She doesn’t jump, she climbs 😅

    89. Ruth Green

      ive unsubscribe because i dont like half a story

    90. commantros exetlos

      Our dogo is a pain.. Nothing can stop him hunt and escape

      1. Melissa Zeiders

        I wonder if u love your dog

    91. SaBR Cobra

      Does anyone else see the creepy lady in the window 2:49 or whatever it is

      1. Alfries MacDonald's

        its not a person

    92. Andie Monterroso

      this lady chasing her dog in flip flops so funny

    93. Squidward wavy pants

      Ceaser smart go get her run 🏃‍♀️

    94. Hugo Rujeles

      You've taught the owner NOTHING but walking her dog, you haven't taught us nothing about pacifing her dog from the escaping and noise bolting, less fluff bout zenning out and more answer content is more helpful!

    95. Gagaeolo Family

      Common where’s the rest?

      1. Teacher Criszle

    96. Mrfuel Chamo

      The machine irritates dogs.

    97. Eddie Figueroa

      I think cesar was thinking the husband has scared the dog before that’s why it’s running from the machines

    98. Kari Garcia

      So for 6 years you dog has been escaping . Probably should have a higher fence, or something that actually works to stop frog climbing, Also if you know the noise is the trigger take the dog out for walk during that time before he starts working,

    99. Tamra Sant

      I wish they would finish the story. Always only a partial.

      1. Teacher Criszle

    100. Fernando

      where can i see the full episode?

      1. Teacher Criszle

        here you go :)