NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers.

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    Nvidia thinks they can pull a fast one on gamers looking to grab an RTX 3060, but we know you're smarter than that - Let's dig deeper and see if we can figure out why they're launching cryptocurrency mining cards...
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    Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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    1. Linus Tech Tips

      Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @manscaped with code TECH at manscaped.com/TECH

      1. Namenlos مجهول නමක් නැති

        Make an video on those who in business care about gamers.

      2. Adrian

        I would rather take Nvidia's poison than the stinky shit that their competition offers, thank yoj very much.

      3. Ettan

        remember, you will be put up for a subscription if u buy from manscaped, check out reviews before you buy this crap.

      4. y. y. y

        @lol p0

      5. LunarVVolf

        You should say Nvidia and Miners do not care about gamers nor the environment. These crypto goons proclaim their beloved currency as the path forward when all its achieved so far is a disruption of an entire industry that was never built by them. These lazy do nothing miners continue racking up the demand on electrical grids which are still mostly powered through fossil fuels they don't make new jobs on any meaningful scale so its not feeding families more than it is filling a greedy miners e-wallet. Scalpers are a problem for sure but if the demand wasn't already taxed enough as is Miners sure as fuck play a big role in perpetuating the problem which only works to serve scalpers. Nvidia, AMD, Miners, & Scalpers are the winners here, while the consumer and environment is fucked. Linus stop simping for crypto miner bullshit while placing ALL the burden on gamers to act in environmentally friendly.

    2. Jamie Zero

      Think about all them chips wasted on smartphones that come out every year. No bigger e-waste than smartphones.

    3. T.j. Land

      War gaming and nvidia would make great friends

    4. Nienormalny

      My god.. even you? Even you are about the balls being shaved? How about the Shadow Legends? The game i will never play because of the predatory ad campaign. It was such a great video.. :|

    5. kingcarcas1349

      techquickie- wtf is a hash rate

    6. Treblaine

      I don't see how crypto isn't a bubble, there's SO MUCH crypto but so little you can buy with it.

    7. MC Mark Markson

      Every time they tell you it's for your benefit, be extra careful.

    8. BroManLegion

      You're ignoring too many things. First. There's no indication that this crypto boom will end any time soon. In fact, with Elon Musk's recent 1.5 billion dollar purchase its likely to continue rising. Second, companies are capable of caring about both profit AND their customers. After all, the current level of quality that Nvidia is pushing with their 30 series GPUs is only possible BECAUSE of profit. Not to mention that they're a fraction of the MSRP as their last generation cards. This benefits both the consumer and the company. As it should. I've heard hundreds of consumers and reviewers saying that gamers would benefit from companies creating GPUs specifically for mining so that miners will stop taking the gaming cards from actual gamers but when one of of does this you accuse of them of being money hungry? I think you're missing the mark here.

    9. James L.

      Good for you for speaking out against a big corp, for an established channel such as yourself (that actually has something to lose compared to some 55 sub channel) to be willing to rock the boat by telling the truth is refreshing.

    10. Daniele Olivieri

      How to avoid driver lock on gaming GPU for mining: disable driver update :/

    11. Jouki

      WTH are these prices......

    12. bryce the random egg


    13. Another Needless Network

      I upgraded from my RTX 2070 Super to an XBOX Series X

    14. vadimkrylov

      We need the Government forces to take control of all those giant tech companies. They now play a huge role in our lives. Crypto mining must be prohibited by law and imprisonment. It is harmful for the environment and feels like scam

    15. Brian Nadeau

      Forget about "care". Nvidia is an unreliable supplier of graphics cards to the market, month after month of "unavailable" from them and their partner companies. At least they are predicable, for most of us you can not buy one that is untainted by integrators or the secondary market. I consider their brand to be damaged, Nvidia not inside.

    16. ArtursK Dragon

      yeah I started buying those 3060's and i bought only half of required 13. I hate nvidia for that sh-t they made with their gpu's. I hardly overclocked last 6 unlocked 3060's and let them work until they dies. Next step for me I think will be buying motherboard with 2 amd epyc cpu's and some non expensive amd gpu and mine on cpu's. I thint that will be more stable and more profitable, and actually cpu's might be overclocked and undervolted little bit for more profits.

    17. Alpha Whiskey

      Screw Nvidia. I went full AMD for my new build

    18. Jeremy Helfer

      I blame capitalism.

    19. DoctorGhostJ

      Uhmm AMD maybe released a mining cards soon with RDNA and 7nm process not like Nvidia with Turing at 12nm... AMD = less RX6000 production because utilises the same node for mining cards... When are you make a critical vídeo against AMD ??

    20. Gábor Keresztes

      4 years with my 970...

    21. Greg Childers

      We need the US "government" to enforce some laws that break up large companies, which would force more competition instead of bullshit like this. (I think)

    22. Mijesh Deuja

      So both Linus's are dunking on Nvidia now. The other being Linux Torvalds. Glad to see it though.

    23. rccdelmte

      Nvidia is just like EVERY other American corporation and yet the powers that be are still locked in their fog of ignorance of why at least half of the American people falsely think socialism is a better option even though both end in misery and destruction, the latter just gets you there faster.

    24. Bartosz Gajewski

      I really believed that what nvidia did was a good thing. You changed my mind completely.

    25. 吴彦祖

      AMD YES

    26. Loyalty Gaming TF

      Team red is worth more My opinion after i saw this video... D:

    27. krishna mahale

      Sorry linus, everyone's here for the money. That includes you as well. And shoddy reporting work. Are you trying to build negative opinion about an organisation that's honestly making money?

    28. yanuar adil

      Beruntung di kompleks bang linus ga ada kang bakso keliling...

    29. Nathan Sandy


    30. Chicagorusty

      GG Linus

    31. qutaiba Hamdan

      you dont care about gamers bro, all these shamless sponsers, how much money is enough? your making it off the gamers back. even logan paul has the decency to link to merch just once. wtf is going on with you Linus. you are losing touch

    32. Hello im Babu Frik


    33. Rusampler

      They cut production cost, actually appeal to miners with "mining specific" product and deny reuse market by those. Altogether increasing profits sky high and getting good boy sticker along the way. That's all the video.

    34. William Franklin

      Back in the day, only the well-to-do had computers. Roberta Williams once said that having a computer meant being special, and when everyone had one, it wasn't special anymore. The "elite" do not want to share the world with the "poors." They believe that our planet is their personal resort, and that the "poors" are mucking it up. ANYONE with a logical, mind and a triple digit IQ would realize that they are trying to depopulate the earth with the "vaccine" and using the scamdemic as a pretext. There is a "silicon shortage," because the "elite" need it for their robotics and quantum computer A.I. that will be replacing the BILLIONS of "poors." They don't want to waste it on gamers who are scheduled for death. Most will read this post and laugh and/or become angry with me, but will know, deep down, that I am speaking the truth.

    35. Wayan Widyastawan

      I have Nvidia GT 1030 and sold it to make money and spend 10 month to collect money to buy RTX 2060 super, than i got the money....... and when i try to buy, stock are gone the perice are sky rocketing out of my budged .... i cant wait to play games and decided to buy GT1030 again ...

    36. Tbilisi Beats

      1080 ti 100$ good times

    37. Ken Hotte

      Crypto is unlikely to go down enough over the next few years to make a dent in mining farm attempts to grab all high end video cards known to humanity. the economic forecasts for world currencies and political games says that crypto is starting to look like a safe bet and at the same time, every country known to humanity, including the top ten economic power houses, is looking to introduce their own crypto currency. As is every big corporation. All this can do is drive the current already crazy demand for video cards for crypto mining, through the roof. AMD and NVidea are unlikely to spool up another factory for fear of crypto dropping and thus the market drying up for them. The shortage in cards or total lack of them is likely to last for the full year and go into 2022 before 'the big two' bother to address it seriously, as a thing that they can firmly and safely step out into, as in - making up the extra build capacity. If they do..... the miners will take over that supply too....always willing to pay more than the gamers and to buy in bulk and use dirty (any) tactics to get it all. In the meantime, gaming will die and the chain stores that still exist to serve this small gamer and pc build market will all begin to seriously die off. Eg, 'Canada computers' a 40 store chain in Canada, has no supply of video cards, and probably won't for all of 2021 and on into 2022. A PC build store, devoid of video cards. This is not going to end well.

    38. wundrweapon

      When Nvidia made clear their hatred of Linux as a platform and their dedication to slowing it down, it was obvious that their appreciation for consumers was also nonexistent

    39. Holeamy ROBLOX and more

      *now this is weirdchamp*

    40. Marcos VSS

      Well, I was already looking for AMD, like the guy was looking to the another girl.

    41. August rush

      When did asmongold start working for Linus tech?

    42. FranK

      ok but i want a gpu, what now? do we just wait? what if we manage to use the crypto ones for gaming?

    43. Stephen

      Why do people think gamers want run into the ground crappy used old tier mining cards?

    44. Nova_Supreme

      With a start like that for a momen I thought they were designing their cards with dedicated crypto mining unit that is constantly on and profits go to Nvidia.

    45. schmooz a

      Seriously Linus, did you at any point think companies care about you? The only reason any company exists is to make money. Not just NVIDIA, all companies.

    46. Neorain

      GO stick em Linus!

    47. Darth Vader

      Fu..off Nvidia and AMD too.

    48. Blind man In the Wired

      and u pretend to care about us but u really just want the views and sponsors

    49. Madawg65

      lol he starts by saying Nvidia only cares about money, then goes straight to advertisements to make him money....

      1. Lone Wanderer

        and then "hey guy's it's time to go and buy the new 3060!!" Really, linus?

    50. CCastiel

      I was thinking of just going to AMD for a new GPU but I hear so many mixed things.

    51. talivan Ruizaac

      I still have hope that nvidia will release new drivers and a newer version of dlss to give us 4k ultra settings at 120hz on the 20 series

    52. Daniel Khabbazi

      *Nvidia treat their customers like Disney treats their Star Wars fans....with contempt !*

    53. William Pierce

      im getting 62.5mh/z with +1500 mem -500 core 55% power 120w draw on my rtx 3060 ti

    54. Alex Wilson

      SJC: social justice computerer. Gouge the privileged gamers, who represent an archaic unfair system , to get revenge for the Crypto minority

    55. mintydog06

      Havent bought nVIDIA in over 10 years.

    56. Pete Copter

      9:20 no major company does this. Its just a PR stunt for eco hippies

    57. ruediix

      As a note, on the e-waste issues, there are now biodegradable, biologically sourced plastics that are quite good. I wish they'd start making zip-ties out of it. PLA isn't suitable for inside a gaming rig due to low melting point, but several other types of biologically sourced plastics are. Ironically, one of the oldest types of plastics (predating petroleum plastics), Cellulose plastics, have seen massive recent enhancements with newer chemistry and new interest. As of less toxic options, silica plastics are nice. However, they don't biodegrade nicely, just like ceramics. They just don't release nearly as much toxic waste into the environment as they do.

    58. digital tv network

      Thank you for keeping real important digital performance and actual "greed" in balance for sustainability on and for our precious planet.

    59. GaMechanics

      I just bought all the components for my new pc. the only thing stopping me from getting it done is the graphics card that cost the same or even more than all the components I already got XD

    60. aTROLLwithBlades

      A man of the people

    61. Bo Graham

      Gamers are finally learning what the free software folks have been saying for years. Time to join us in buying gpus with functional open source drivers.

    62. Dess


    63. DiabloUnit13

      The masses will buy cards at 2k bucks at this point even if its bots. Lets take NVDA to the moon along with GME ofcourse.

    64. Savage In Necromancy

      That is not at all surprising to me, I mean this world now days is now more inversed into wealth and greed, the earth has become a place for being a corporation, say for example politics everywhere, they lie so much just to get authority they do not care about the people what-so-ever. these corporations wheather or not its politics or things to buy such as computer components or video game consoles, you get screwed either way, truth is they rely mostly on our ignorance. Our government just wants us to be bled dry of money and under their control (i know it sounds like a conspiracy) and its unavoidable because it is everything and everywhere (religion, politics, all sources of media, even local and just striving to pay off rent).

    65. levi hurner

      Nvidia is smart

    66. Carbon 121

      Snakes absolute snakes 🐍 Nvidia.

    67. the good guy

      umm thats not even half

    68. Micah McElroy

      Didn't expect to get a lesson on the emptiness of the shareholder theory of value, but totally agree--corporations that narrowly pursue profit maximization for shareholders are not going to prioritize "social responsibility" (e.g. the environment) or even the consumers that might have initially bolstered their business if there is a new group that makes them more reliable profits (e.g. crypto currency miners).

    69. LucklessCope

      Hello. I recently switched to Nvidia after playing for the Radeon team my entire pc life just to check out how the grass is on the other side. What'd I miss?

    70. Daniel Burris

      That’s why I will only build all amd PCs. Intel and Nvidia succ pp.

    71. Ozen_B

      This channel is just God Tier!

    72. Hampus Lundberg

      umm guys i think linustechtips is approaching a class singularity 😳 based linus debunking the myths about profit incentives uwu. learning about capitalism w my homie linus :3

    73. Hampus Lundberg

      gamers rise up

    74. Sav

      Let's be honest. Linus' face is more click-bait-y than the title. I have been doing lots of research on mining lately, and if you are a serious miner you shouldn't be buying a GPU at all. There countless products(mind you, they're mostly sold out) from companies like BitMain that are far more efficient and make more money than the equivalent value in GPUs. They are single unit's capable of 100+TH(terahashes) per second. My 1080ti gets about 32-40 MH(megahashes) per second(depending what I'm mining). This ASIC devices are crazy good at what they do.. I am still baffled as to why miners seem to flock to GPUs. Buy your dedicated mining rig, and have your PC separate. Someone needs to optimize mining through a combination of hardware and software beyond the status quo.. PC users/gamers are suffering.. I have been looking for a 3090 for weeks. Oh yeah fcuk you, Nvidia. OH DANG BABY LINUS @5:00 hahah!

    75. ً ً

      Their over priced graphics cards that give them 60% (3080) - 90% (3090) profit already gave that fact away.

    76. Vitor Borges

      Wait... so they are a company that chases money? I'm shocked!

    77. BDO_Rayku

      Thank you for roasting that greedy & sh**ty company 🔥🔥 Damn that video felt good to watch. Hope more big DEfastsr make vids like these to make a statement that it's enough now with that BS !

    78. Ingvar

      No (tech) nor any onther company does, not about gamers, not about the environment. get real people. not just Nvidia

    79. OBPagan

      On another note, please send Linus a dollar, he is now a hobo :P

    80. Bavack Yantho

      Gamer: Yeay, no more miner on RTX. Less demand, less price. Nvidia: that's not how capitalism works

    81. Gary Norman

      Game companies could give old card a lease of life by make there games multi gpu compatible. I don't mean SLI or Crossfire but the like of directx12 MutliGPU functions. Then when the mining bubble does burst gamers can buy muliple cards cheap and run the latest games at full speed. I am currently holding back on buying new games because I cannot get a good enough graphic card to run new games. So it maybe in the gaming companies best interest to start doing so.

    82. gaston grim

      I still have a gtx 560 ti lmao

    83. bachelorfrog

      nice take! i just searched for gpus today and found that a 1650 is costing as much as a 2060 costed a few months ago! now is up to AMD, it'll make the same shit? or save the day? they have a great opportunity here

    84. Jukka Hurskainen

      Okay skipping my 3070 update until mybe next year! Thank you mate!

    85. Lexe2009

      Last time I checked the gaming industry was bigger than the movie and music industry put together, about 86 billion dollars per year. I don't think it will be ignored to a point it damages the videogame industry. You say there is a shortage but do you really know what the numbers are ? Where is it shipped from ? What quantities are we talking about ? Anyone ? The guy at NVIDIA probably pisses himself laughing at this video.

      1. Antan

        The 3060 is very likely to be the best selling GPU ever. Many people get cheap GPUs a generation down the line when miners sell them

    86. Max Huneeus

      Nvidia is a heartless, anti gamer, con artists. Like my sponsor

    87. Creedon Hood

      They're a business. Maximizing profits is their one and only goal. I thought everyone knew that already.

      1. TheHuskyK9

        People out here actually thinking corporations care about them lol

    88. Mark Alexander

      Wow! Just what I needed. The truth!!! I been waiting to buy one of these cards now I see why. Thank you

    89. DiBoguy

      The sun has enough power to power 1000s of Earths. Don't tell me it wast power.

    90. TDUB

      Thank you for using your platform to speak out against corporate BS like this. We appreciate you and your team Linus.

    91. Clapped_Camel !

      Never payed nvidia a cent

    92. Federico Biassini

      Thanks for the great info

    93. DuecePiece

      This title should read "Entire gaming industry doesn't care about you"

    94. Daniel Espinoza

      Linus Based Tips

    95. Mild Divine

      I love this, but damn this why I invest in those greedy fks

    96. Sampsa Sohlman

      I just got Lenovo gaming PC and when I'm not gaming, the PC is mining . GPU is 3060ti

    97. Self Elements

      5:08 Nice camera skills!

    98. Self Elements

      4:58 Look at young Linus!

    99. Self Elements

      9:29 Now that's what I call "courage". It's also the reason why I love this channel!

    100. flavian ilie

      That's why i will get an amd card