NXT shows the world what it means to TakeOver


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    Finn Bálor, Io Shirai, Raquel Gonzalez and more NXT Superstars from around the globe set the stage for NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver on April 7 and 8 with Night 1 airing on USA Network and simulcast on Peacock in the United States and available on WWE Network everywhere else.
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    1. Reena Bhargava

      We are nxt



    3. best men

      Finn finn finn

    4. Caine Te Whare

      WWE has so much global talent.

    5. Doctor Joy

      who's the guy speaking hindi?

    6. Amari Taylor

      We are NXT

    7. Legend of Steel

      I think the Germans did it better

    8. Robert JOACA

      00:11 Did Scarlet speak romanian?

    9. Bro Bh

      I WWE is awesome to Watch man

    10. rsha heri

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    11. Midnight Carnage

      Indi Hartwell Though

    12. Matthew Lo

      Wir sind NXT. Noi siamo NXT. Nosotros somos NXT. Nous sommes NXT. WE ARE NXT.

    13. Mayfield Tezeno


    14. Grisna official

      Finn balor

    15. Ahmad Fayyad

      Let's go🔥🔥🔥

    16. Alexandro Oliveira de Souza


    17. Enrique Sanabria

      F WWE and F Peacock for stripping the United States fans of the network and keeping it everywhere else in the world. WWE really is scum for this.

    18. J23 Record Music

      NXT Takeover Stand & Deliver tonight.

    19. Jeancarlo Santolalla

      The best roster in the business right now.

    20. Omar Kanaka

      So glad Finn is in NXT

    21. Hank Acham

      Hmmm 👍🆒😀

    22. Mike H.


    23. James Quet

      Out of 100 people, 4 will have crypto hands… while the rest will have wet toilet paper hands😅

      1. No Name

        *SCAM SCAM SCAM* ⚠️ *DONT FALL FOR THIS* They're all bots trying to get you to believe a specific someone is will help you make money but it's NOT true. Youll see comments like these in random videos,, Don't fall for it!

      2. George Andrew

        +1. 4. 7. 9. 3. 7. 3. 5. 6. 2. 0. 💯

      3. George Andrew

        @Deborah Huber His availability is on WhatsApp

      4. Deborah Huber

        His info please 🙏🙏

      5. Sandy Morgan

        I've worked with four traders in the past put None of them is as efficient as I want so I guess it's time for a change

    24. July Diaz

      Ever since Finn return back to NXT, that is what I'm belong to black and gold roster.I love NXT!💛🖤💛🖤

    25. Untoxed

      i didn't know that scarlett speaked a different language idk what one tho

    26. malcolm gardner


      1. Matthew Lo

        November. X-Ray. Tango.

    27. M D Kumawat

      Jeetrama is here

    28. Jesse Millan

      This is NXT, Our House, Our Universe, and Our Future. And The Future is Now!!!!

      1. Dora The Mon

        The PPV was great ngl!!

    29. BobaPlays

      Cool video

    30. BobaPlays


    31. BobaPlays


    32. Paw-za-tive Pooch


    33. Bob Dan

      This is gonna b crazy

    34. Nityajyoti das

      Wish the main roster embraced different languages and cultures like this!❤️

    35. Michael Vazquez


    36. Wilfredo Apaza

      Raquel en new nxt woman champions

    37. Wilfredo Apaza

      Todos somos NXT😎😎

    38. WWE x Figures


      1. francisco Choque


      2. Money Mark


      3. BobaPlays


    39. Money Mark

      0:37 Who Tf is that JOBBER? Never seen this JOBBER in NXT Lol

      1. Jake Folds

        I think that's A PC Trainee Called Jeet Rama. He might be debuting at some point

    40. abo ahmed797

      اول عربي قسم

    41. Isaac Moorhouse

      This is a very unique takeover this gonna be awesome

    42. MysticMo

      TakeOver >>> Wrestlemaina 37

    43. KM BOSS

      Let's get lit with NXT

    44. Landon Playz


    45. Parth Gotawala

      I'm way more excited for the TakeOver than I'm for WrestleMania.

    46. Parth Gotawala

      Matches like "Cole vs O'Reilly", "Raquel vs IO" and "Pete Dunne vs Kushida" have written 5 star all over it if they're given just 20-25 minutes. This could be the best TakeOver of all time.

    47. JOHN BEAL II

      NXT never disappoints but just going to be the last time it's going to be on Wednesdays since next week they're moving to Tuesdays but I am looking forward to tonight's takeover and let's hope I pray this will be better down that other show on Monday that would not be named

    48. Xshadowstepz

      Gave me Goosebumps... can’t wait for takeover

    49. Randy Orton

      I can't wait for Takeover Stand & Deliver tonight and tomorrow night, LET'S GO

      1. Alan Wankhar

        @Michael Vazquez That is not the real Randy Orton

      2. Michael Vazquez

        You're my favorite wrestler

    50. MyAfricaGaming

      So that's where Finn went!

    51. Jawan Farmer

      NXT Takeover stand and deliver night tonight let's go and NXT Takeover stand and deliver night two tomorrow night

    52. Anthony Canales

      Who is that Indian guy 😂😂😂is he a wrestler, dude just popped out of nowhere 😂😂😅

    53. Miriam Eliza

      Alguien en español. Me encanta donde dicen unas frases en español.

    54. I'm legit subing to everyone who subzz to me

      "Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment🏆🏆🏆


        shut up

      2. Michael Vazquez

        Shut up

    55. krys wilson

      Nxt Takeover Stand and Deliver!!! I can’t freaking to lay it all on the line and The 2 Ultimate Main Event of NXT History!!!!!!

    56. Kevin Javier Gonzalez Torres 2 L


    57. Josna

      This will be one of the best Takeovers in the history of Takeover

    58. Toby Jean

      Eventually we will have 2 Night PPV's and 2 night Weekly shows if WWE keeps this trend going.

    59. ᴋʏʟᴏ ʀᴇɴ

      We Are NXT ❤️

    60. Faysal Mursal

      RIP Dynamite tonight

    61. Taposh Singho

      Nxt Take Over Is My Second One Of The Most Favourite Wwe Pay-per-View Show Than Wreslemania.☠️👈


      I hope you're working on a fight for gladiators on DEfasts.

    63. Tei'Zhan McFall

      NXT Takeover Stand and Deliver will be a Hell of a 🌃 tonight and tomorrow 🌃 only on The WWE Network and on 🦚.

    64. Steven Davies

      I really can't wait for this it's going to be epic 😊🥳💥🔥

    65. Rad Chucky

      Someday in future,NXT will be the A show of WWE😍😍😍

      1. J F

        @David Burke Look how far NXT has progressed. It started out small and tiny and has grown tremendously, if it can grow that much there’s no doubt that it can or would become bigger, there’s potential. And besides most ppl are behind NXT and agree the talent is better, they aren’t underutilized, better storytelling and promos and the vibe overall is just amazing. Raw and Smackdown lack that. Never doubt NXT.

      2. David Burke

        Never going to happen

      3. JOHN BEAL II

        I agree it's my second favorite wrestling show in WWE right now number one is SmackDown we don't talk about the other show on Mondays

    66. Giorgia Simeoni

      NXT Takeover Stand and Deliver i can't wait to see this two amazing nights at NXT Takeover Stand and Deliver 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    67. Mohammed Alraisi


    68. Head Burner

      WWE I'm coming

    69. Head Burner


    70. ShortieZ

      More hype than wrestlemania

    71. Smit Bhojane

      wwe motivates me... nxt motivates me ... it has so much of talent.... finn,dakota,raquel,kyle,adam,io,toni,rody ,bobby,the way,tomaso,etc

    72. Shpresa Imeri


    73. RenegadeMikey

      Would've been nice if Shotzi spoke tagalog

    74. Simón Chávez

      I’m sorry, but in my opinion this year nxt is getting boring

    75. Shpresa Imeri


      1. Rooney TV


    76. JRR31984



      I dont like the new fiend . I liked the old one better .

      1. Money Mark

        Nobody cares

    78. JRR31984


    79. JRR31984

      GO WWF

    80. Sharrie Jordan


    81. Sharrie Jordan


    82. Brice Gauvin


      1. Rooney TV

        Nope 2nd

    83. Stivi Shehu