NXT Superstars set to Stand & Deliver tonight


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    The first-ever two-night TakeOver kicks off with Night 1 of NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network and simulcast on Peacock in the U.S. and on WWE Network everywhere else.
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    1. Hank Acham

      Hmm 🤟


      What a thumbnail was!

    3. Giorgia Simeoni

      I can't wait to see NXT Takeover Stand and Deliver 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    4. król dzielni

      What is the price?

    5. Marco Jefferson

      Stand and deliver was great

    6. Jamari Johnson

      Tonight Was AWESOME AND night 2 finna be awesome WRESTLEMANIA FINNA BE AWESOME

    7. Vishnu Agrawal

      Goddamn ,,,, what a promo

    8. Midnight Carnage

      This How You Get Hyped For The Show

    9. Laura Márquez

      “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💖

    10. rsha heri

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    11. Michael Vazquez


    12. exterminator of neckbeard marks

      sport based wrasslin not my thing but i will watch 30 minutes

    13. assembled 18

      Raquel better not cheat to win with Dakota's help

    14. Oscar Machado

      Who well win baby is on Timothy let the games begin see you tonitgh NXT dawg sucker😃😃😃😆😆 let's get it

    15. Grisna official


    16. YUNG J GK

      Whoever made this thumbnail just why bro

    17. Ja 12323s

      Can't wait To see The War Tanks (Ember moon and Shotiz blackheart) vs The Poison pixies ( Candice and Indi)

    18. Kyle Destroyer

      I’m still waiting to see Tegan nox return

    19. Nicholas Artuso

      NXT takeover events literally saved NXTs for the past 5 years *Thank you very much Regal never leave NXT*

    20. Tristan Karamath

      That's lit

    21. Axpectz

      Cannot wait for today's Io Shirai vs Raquel Gonzalez and tomorrow's Finn Balor vs Karrion Kross!

    22. Adsavage 12

      Let go

    23. The Big Quack

      The person who made the thumbnail is so fired

    24. Sam Magro

      And it's only Night 1 omg that's gonna be awesome

    25. Andrew Lane

      WTF happened to the thumb nail lol

    26. J23 Record Music

      Tommaso Ciampa vs Walter for the NXT UK Championship at NXT Takeover Stand & Deliver tonight on Night 1.

    27. JRR31984


    28. JRR31984

      1:20. Lol. Io definitely gave that contract to Raquel.

    29. G Code 609

      This peacock stuff is b.s

    30. ItzIsaiahPlayz YT


    31. Blue Sushi

      Can’t waitttt

    32. David Ruiz

      So true I just really wish I can go 🥺

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    34. Jaheim Williams

      I am gonna watch night 2 only

    35. William McCormick

      Raquel Gonzalez is gonna become a star tonight. It's gonna be fire.

    36. Ad Den

      I'm excited 😊😀

    37. Oliver Lewis

      Still gonna watch Dynamite instead

    38. Kai Tatezawa

      What the Hell happened to that thumbnail.

    39. Justin Zhou

      That thumbnail is a thing of beauty.

      1. Andri Jatnika

        I thought it was my internet problem and now I know I'm not alone to realize that 😂

      2. Eric Koh

        i was looking for this lol

    40. Enrique Sanabria

      I loved supporting WWE with the Network. They stripped the United States of it and I will NEVER support Peacock. F WWE and F Peacock. Specifically F the scum bag execs

    41. Brandin Stephens

      Brandin Stephens marry Raquel Gonzalez!!!!

    42. ALEX TADEN


    43. Killer Assassins987

      The Thumbnail is....interesting....

    44. Gheran Nor

      The best matches are gonna be Kyle O' Reilly vs Adam Cole and Io Shirai and Raquel Gonzalez

      1. seiten auf 1

        @strapp true bro

      2. strapp

        All of the matches will be the best matches

    45. Jawan Farmer

      Night one goes down tonight I like it

    46. KM BOSS

      It's hands down gonna be a good one

    47. Mike H.


    48. FireBall Hamlin

      Can’t wait for Io vs Raquel for the women’s title tonight

      1. NotVorteki420

        Spoilers: Raquel wins

    49. TheNich29

      What is that thumbnail

    50. JustYour AverageGamer

      NXT and AEW are gonna have some great shows tonight, will try to watch both

    51. Money Mark

      Christopher Marriott loves watching Gymnastics on Aew Lol

      1. gelene Celine

        Ummm you do know wwe and aew do that and also aew has chill on that same for wwe

    52. African nightmare Jordan

      Miss Mauro ranallo

    53. اغاني عربيه


    54. Sarrick Mae Bayawa

      OH MEN

    55. ImFakeStation Gaming

      No one cares about NXT!

      1. João Gabriel

        Go back to doing your dogshit 3 A.M videos

      2. João Gabriel

        Then why tf are you here?

      3. Just Egg

        Really just made the nxt fans mad

    56. blueprint

      but i feel like if raquel wins, either kota or raquel will turn on each other.


      WWE all GOOD

    58. blueprint

      io vs raquel is going to blow the roof.

      1. Elizabeth S

        @francisco Choque Sry to tell u but Raquel defeated her and is the new NXT Women's Champion

      2. francisco Choque

        yes io retains

    59. mxtr1x fn


      1. Rooney TV


      2. mxtr1x fn

        @Lars Plessers lmao nah

      3. Lars Plessers

        @mxtr1x fn nope i was faster

      4. mxtr1x fn


    60. Aries

      This is going to be such a hype show I CAN'T WAIT

      1. Dora The Mon

        The ppv was great tho!!

    61. Lars Plessers

      OMG third

    62. have a silly day

      I love you wwe😘😍

    63. its laurus