NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver preview special: WWE’s The Bump, April 7, 2021


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    Triple H and Shawn Michaels join the show for an in-depth preview of NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver. Also, looking ahead to two nights of NXT TakeOver, Raquel González, Karrion Kross & Scarlett, Adam Cole and LA Knight stop by before their high-profile matches, and even Izzy joins the crew to offer her take on the most monumental NXT TakeOver yet! Presented by Papa John’s.
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    1. Inés Maria


    2. King Higgins

      This is like Reggae sumfest In terms of a two show

    3. King Higgins

      The ring general Will win

    4. King Higgins

      Kusda will win

    5. King Higgins

      Rey Mysterio is the king of cruiser weights

    6. King Higgins

      Razor Ramon Versus Shawn Michaels That's what Devlin And the Santos remind me Devlin Will win The cruiser weight championship

    7. King Higgins

      Killer cross New NXT champion One of Dangerous Wrestlers In Wrestling today The smoke show scarlet Angela the doom NXT power couple

    8. King Higgins

      Raquel Gonzalez Future NXT women's champion and the future is Now Good luck Finding challengers big mami Cole love you

    9. King Higgins

      Grizzle young veteran New NXT tag team champions

    10. King Higgins

      Read will win

    11. King Higgins

      NXT takeover is NXT is wrestlemania

    12. King Higgins

      Black heart and Moon Retain The NXT women's tag teams championship

    13. King Higgins

      Eli Drake Is a Load Mouth punk

    14. King Higgins

      Adam Cole Wins Kyle o'reilly Is A Weak link But This reminds me of the Unsanctioned match Triple H versus Shawn Michaels

    15. Warcorpse'sMissingSixPack

      Who else is excited that HBK is growing his hair back?

    16. Janai Hamilton


    17. Spatino101

      L - A - Knight!

    18. Wasim Hussain


    19. StormHaven720

      LA Knight was a highlight in this episode and nowhere near “stale.”

    20. Jerico Dioquino


    21. shahin mehrjo




    23. You tube Waaha Waaha

      0:08 Play at 0.25x speed 😂😂

    24. Dquan IsSavage

      Awesome WWE The Bump Episode Showing Today WWE,This Was Truly Legendary Man!!🙌🙌😎🐐🐐🐐🙏🙏🙏🙏

    25. Anil punj

      Shawn Michaels hair grow

    26. Shirin Omar


    27. Shirin Omar


    28. MIHIR-Cod Gameplay and Tips

      I want to feed my dog a pedigree By HHH

    29. Prabhath Wanninayaka

      C@;lollipol" O

    30. Musa Adam


    31. AJGS_official


    32. AJGS_official

      @ajgs_official channel subscribe all frds

    33. Midnight Carnage

      Shawn Michaels Return Confirmed

    34. Angela R. Green Art

      I just started watching The BUMO. I thought it would be a boring show, but you keep it lit up in here!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥My favorite is Evan. He's a trp!!! 😂

    35. Grisna official

      The bump

    36. Jackie Priest

      "I think I heard you say something about manipulating a joint?" - Matt Riddle

      1. Caine Te Whare


    37. Turan Novruzov

      Scarlett making me act up

    38. Victor X

      I will be watching NWA Powerrr instead.

      1. Miguel Swagero

        Pretty sure you can watch both with no issue.

    39. Enrique Sanabria

      WWE is really fd up for taking the Network away from only the United States. I've supported the network since day 1 I will never support Peacock. F WWE and F Peacock.

    40. JoseCiriloRuiz Jimenez Ruiz


    41. Marvel Legends UK

      She murdered that Papa Johns promo 😬😬

    42. August Morris

      Team candice lerea

    43. harryjoe223

      D Generation X den den den den nenen denden D Generation X.


      I'll be ready to see that nxt takeover stand and deliver starts later on tonight at 8pm for night one And tomorrow night for night two U know its gonna be off the chain Let's go Its wrestlemania week folks

    45. Andrew McIntyre

      I’m excited!

    46. harryjoe223

      Hbk would b bruce willis with hair the 1st die hard movie. N triple h mill.gibson.

    47. btsandkingdomhearts 1


    48. Geoffrey Willemsen

      Ryan Give me LEON RUFF why am I shouting Me 😅😅😂😂 & I feel like what’s gonna happen in the match between Adam and Kyle

    49. leochard Silva Santos

      Ronda rausy

    50. Martin William Paul

      1:15 - what's the name of the song please anyone lemme know 😭

      1. Martin William Paul

        @E-Man can this be found on Spotify? ?

      2. E-Man

        @Martin William Paul it's not on DEfasts, I just checked, I shazammed it. Download shazaam maybe ?

      3. Martin William Paul

        @E-Man man I've searched on DEfasts, but the song never pops out! ... please could you send me the link of the song! Thank you. And Jesus bless you 😊

      4. E-Man

        "Cali soul" by Sool

    51. Shawn Sinclair

      WWE should use Izzy More Now.

      1. Taylor Swift and her CABBAGE HAT

        I’m with ya on that! She’s really good!

      2. Mertaranta

        I realize she's 13 but she's natural for this business. Analyst or a wrestler. Incredible.

    52. travis januszkiewicz

      Triple hhh u scread of the undertacker an kane

      1. Martin William Paul

        1:15 - please lemme know the name of the song??😭

    53. نايف التميمي

      ❤️زين ❤️

    54. Brandon Carpenter

      I miss the WWF. This decade needs ATTITUDE!

      1. Suyash Sharma

        Watch Ciampa vs Walter. Those guys have the most authentic attitude

      2. Martin William Paul

        Brother 1:15 - please lemme know the name of the song😭😭

    55. Pradeep Naidu

      worst ever participants, I dont understand how ppl are following this and how WWE is still running, why is the company not able to create wrestlers like the yesteryears

    56. Phehello Mashilo


    57. Paulo Alanis


    58. Matthew Sanchez

      I want to see Kyle o Riley vs Adam in a Street fight

      1. Matthew Sanchez

        I wanna see undisputed nxt cruiserweight championship ladder match and Dexter lumis become North American championship for the first-time

    59. jayant gaming

      I love this streams

    60. Tei'Zhan McFall

      Tonight is going to be a Hell of a 🌃 at NXT Takeover Stand and Deliver tonight only on The USA network and The WWE Network and on 🦚 and tomorrow 🌃 only on The WWE Network and on 🦚.

    61. Brian Johnson

      I am a wrestling fan but I have only ever watched full episodes of NXT like a dozen times. I'm going to watch a bunch of NXT this week.

      1. Smark Slowplay

        Takeovers were always excellent

    62. Vikingteez


    63. 🔥LITT🔥


    64. Money Mark

      1:51:10 My Boy got cricket Wireless His Quality 140 lol

    65. Matthew Sanchez

      With dx members and better enimes showstopper Mr wrestlemania and hbk Shawn Michael's and the game and the king of kings hhh.

    66. Ramesh nayakar Ramesh nayakar

      Did you know in wrestle mania triple H played more matches but he loss all the matches But Shaun Michael is the Mr . Wrestle mania

    67. Raymond Ross

      Mmm la knights buns 🍑

    68. Athing Ningshen

      This is one off my favorite😍😍😍 entertainment channel 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    69. Giorgia Simeoni

      I love all interviews with all amazing NXT Superstars and i like soo much see Finn Bàlor and Io Shirai in this amazing interview and i can't wait to see tonight NXT Takeover Stand and Deliver Night one and i can't wait to see tomorrow night the second night of NXT Takeover Stand and Deliver 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    70. DLS PANDA YT

      WWE emotoion to me❤️

    71. justin fleming

      i feel sorry for io

    72. CollenPlayz

      I live raw more than nxt or smackdown is my favourite

    73. Mohammed Ahmed


    74. just Ghost

      Hi everyone

    75. Randy Orton

      Takeover Stand & Deliver is going to be Amazing, I can't wait

      1. Ali hasan Rizvi

        5के के

      2. Martin William Paul

        1:15 - what's the name of the song please lemme know 😭😭

      3. Ds Passabão

        Of course, you're right.

    76. Matheus Henrique

      Aqui é Matheus Henrique Bezerra Neves adorei muito legal

    77. Fun Travel

      This is one of my favorite ❤️ entertaining channel.

      1. Fun Travel

        @Miswan coz it has good content

      2. Miswan

        @Fun Travel why?

      3. Fun Travel

        @Miswan Thank you

      4. Miswan

        there is no favorite of mine btw congratulations yes there is your favorite

    78. Donatas 123

      Wow Im homeless

    79. Guh Tuyfu

      .I am very much looking forward to Life &

    80. dinorod

      First time i was so excited for a match i couldnt sleep was shawn v bret ironman match at mania XII. Kyle v adam is in that same bracket,this war will be etched in history

    81. Carol Owler

      We Are NXT 👊

    82. Muhammad Waqar Ali

      💞💞💞😍😍😍Hmm Great Love to NXT😍😍😍😊 🙃😘 ..💞💞💞

    83. Ankit marwadi


    84. GiZ FiZ Gamer

      Shouldn’t this be a live stream

    85. Melanie Farineau

      I have always love Shawn and Hunter they are completely crazy together🙃😂and in more i had a very weird of impression, there had some subtile message for me guys??🤔🙄😊I love also Adam Cole❤😊and Scarlett is truly intriguing even if she is a truly bad,bad girl👄💋💃💅!❤🇨🇦

    86. Muhammad Usman

      Adam cole vs kileyoriley I am excited

    87. MrBeast Fan

      "Congrats to everyone who is early and found this comment"🚀

    88. Clay Williams

      I work at Papa John’s 👀

    89. Patricia Pech

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    90. Seth Freakin Rollins

      I am a lonely virgin who spends his all day posting generic and cringe comments everywhere, also my parents left me because I'm gay.

      1. Daniel Tham

        LOL. What a loser.

      2. The Muiz

        Hahahahahhaa 😂😂😂

      3. Soul

        I’ll be gay with u

      4. Benjamin Freckle

        Stop spamming

    91. Seth Freakin Rollins

      Hi Everyone myself Hussein and I'm gay. Always have been, always will be, and I couldn't be any more happy, comfortable with myself and proud.

      1. ناصر کصخل


      2. CollenPlayz

        You got a point

      3. Matt tess

        This is the fake seth freakin rollins he only has 11 subscribers the real one has 10,000 subscribers.

      4. CollenPlayz

        And why is they no live chat

      5. CollenPlayz

        He is not Seth Rollins he is lying

    92. Patricia Pech

      Tahmektepuedescasarconmigoandyuriel tabatajalil sashabanks cjperry Bellatwins marianavelazquezdeleon jimenasanchez djrossanasalgado erikafernandez lauragil marionreimers carolinapadron paulinagarciarobles peytonroyce WrestleMania 37 Bayern munich 2013

    93. The Dr. of Thuganomics


    94. Zandell Moore

      whats that song at6 the beginning

    95. Kana alameri


    96. One Matchless

      1ero español..

    97. Xmas

      Where’s Logan Paul

      1. Jason Roberts

        He's going to be at wrestlemania. Probably

    98. nee fee

      Woah this was good

    99. Chloe Bridgman


      1. Rooney TV


    100. Benjamin Freckle

      This is going to be an awesome PPV:

      1. E-Man

        Except, it's on tv, and not a PPV lol.