Operating on a Living Egg

A Chick Called Albert

1,1 Mio. aufrufe140

    A friend had sent me a bucket of eggs to hatch but one had cracked. Usually, broken eggs are always thrown away. But I knew there was still a chance left...
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    1. Methmal Punsara

      Please a video about your all birds and animals

    2. Mr. doge

      this man is why i still have faith in humanity there should be more people like this in the world may the eggs be with you

    3. Tilak Bhadana

      If you want an helper or assistant for free call me after 4 years

    4. usha lalitha

      I know his birds names but I don't know his name .😀

    5. MarcoEnricoTM • 79 years with

      Hello guys i need help. I found an *abandon kitten* like 2-5days old and when i take him he had *fleas* i dont tell this is natural but i want to get rid off this. Anyone knows a home remedies for this?

    6. super army gaming official

      A real hero do like this

    7. murugan murugan

      Please say about aka and others squirrels by video please

    8. MS_ KORI

      *"life is short thing"* *"Girlfriend is nothing"* *"Mother and father is everything* *" 👇fans 😘*

    9. Christie Hui

      The animals are so cute! He is the animal’s lifesaver!

    10. Mr. Mochi

      U prolly don’t drink or smoke, but honest to god I would love to sit down and smoke a blunt with you as you tell me animal rescue stories. Love ur work man, truly beautiful.

    11. Mikayla Brito

      Man: Ima seal this egg. Me: WHY ARE YOU SETTING THE EGG ON FIRE? IT HAVE A LIFE INSIDE!! Wifi: Shut up. "Wifi kicks me out" Me: WTF wifi!!!!

    12. Marcela Esparza

      Pls make a video of all the pets you have saved and how they are doing. You are the best person to take care of all these lovely animals!😁

    13. AliAlRida Hayek

      I have 4 chicks plz can u help me I live in an apartment and I don't have a heat lamp and I'm scared they might dye I got two yellows and one dyed hair green and worried for him plz help me plz plz i hope u see this but I know u will not but if u respond make a video about it plz 😓😓😓😓😓

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    14. Anime lover


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    15. amy clarette suero encarnacion

      Where's Albert ?

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    16. Liss D

      I Love this man with all my Heart

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    17. Mythical Wolf

      My 2 chicken died today and I'm devested

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    18. LuciferMegatron

      So I bout a duck egg from a store I don't have a incubator soo I'm using blankets ,my own body warmth and making sure it stays warm. please if anyone has any advise for a plz reply Lucifer Megatron:(

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    19. TheRealMoogleKing

      Ur such a kind guy

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    20. shruti d

      Sir i need you help , my chick is now two months old and we were feeding him fresh corn only coz he was not eating anything else so we continued to feed him only corn and now after two months he is not eatimg anything except corn we tried to feed him staples but he is not making it we are out of corn supply as well now what should i do plz sir help me how should i feed him wheat barley 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 plzz help

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    21. golden time

      This is kinda ew I guess pleas don't mind

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    22. golden time

      Who a kid watching this video like

    23. halogen___ink ?

      Note my word there is a saying in hindi (India) जिसने भी दुनिया को जगाने की कोशिश की वह हमेशा मारा गया| (whoever tried to awaken the world was always kill) sad but true......

    24. aiko marie

      You are amazing ! Is Albert still alive ?? I would love to hear about him and his journey if you have time .. it’s been years since I Hurd of him


      Plz put more videos 🎥 Friends I hope aapko video pasand aayega to plz subscribe and like, share defasts.info/title/video/gqNtq6_MfqPYkdU.html

    26. Ruhu Dinlendiren Sesler DeSu


    27. Oliver Yap

      Plus how did the chick open his eyes and have a bit of fur already??!??!

    28. Oliver Yap

      aNd i dIdNt lIkE tHe sOuNd oF hIm

    29. Code_ kliffy

      I thought most mammals gave live birth

    30. Willowstream646 Skye

      I've always wondered how you keep your roosters, hatching eggs all the time-you must get a lot of them, right?? Ours are always trying to fight each other, even though we raised them all together~ it's hard to give them each outdoors time because they are always after someone, and I often feel like there *must* be a better way of housing them! Maybe you could do a video about how you keep all your animals, or maybe just the aggressive ones~

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    31. alex pretzel

      I thought it was a balot from Philippines 😅 Just search it from youtube

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    32. The Traisters

      Ooh that Poor baby bird

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    33. CamCraft

      Make more videos Plus I have quails and there hatching today

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    34. Fixon Dixon

      I am so sorry i cant join your patreon as i dont hav enough money :(

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    35. Samira Baghbanbari

      This guy has some kind of special energy!

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    36. #RiyRazRay# ?

      7:58 I loved that part 😍🐓

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    37. farida ansari

      He is my inspiration I wanna be just like him

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    38. darling naidu

      god of kind hearted


      defasts.info/title/video/eLSip8jQnZLK1Zo.html Cute funny Cockatiel birds video

    40. M Zayyan

      Very good

    41. Selvi Murugan

      Please say about aka and others squirrels by video please

    42. Trapped Inside A Figure 8

      Who else wants a man like this lol?!!!

    43. 劉琪

      wait..chickens have corona..but not babies?

    44. Blessed With Pets

      Is there any chance I can contact you personally? I need some help ASAP with my baby budgies.

    45. stephen wedderburn

      Good people just don't give up. I wish there was lots more people like this man. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍🤗

    46. Kaas Haas

      What a wonderful action! This is such a great man! Where did Albert go by the way? Is he still alive?🙏 He hasn’t been in a single video for such a long time... If our hero is still there, will you please make another Albert video or maybe a new Albert series? Lots of love to Albert!

    47. Nazia Rashid Official

      We're is albert... Where he is right now..?? Living Or dead... Nd how nd what happen to him..??????

    48. Alby pes

      The fact that the chick is my namesake😂. Where are my fellow Alberts?

    49. vidya rockzz


    50. Bangtan's Girl

      Hey I found your channel recently and I watched most of your videos. I really want to see Albert now. How is he??

    51. RyLee Hebb

      Have you raised silkie chicks? I just got one and it won't leave me alone!

    52. BluChurro

      Bless his soul 🥺


      He must be vegetarian that's why he saves eggs more than animals ! (I'm also vegetarian and also a animal lover)😘

    54. madeshwaran A

      What happened to Albert sir please tell

    55. nemanja

      You know the rules,and so do i, Chick cant die.

    56. Andre DV

      he's so silent in every video

    57. Vishakha B.A Hindi Honours first year


    58. Everything Everything

      8:37 he was like buddy is that ur crush?😅🤣🤣🤣💖

    59. Deemos Island

      Hello we have four pigeons and they just laid 2 eggs can you please give us advice

    60. Brown Robin

      The tenuous rayon trivially deserve because french synchronously manage next a fretful hexagon. sore, dead parsnip

    61. SHADOW

      I wish he will not be eaten

    62. Patrick Bly

      So good and kind your decision and devotion warm the heart

    63. Krissi Trinh

      So nice about him when he helped the little baby bird

    64. Silver hub since 1984

      defasts.info/club/buSNtcYDy9Cmvqs4tt-_LQ 😀

    65. iiangxlinex

      i have a chicken egg and it doesnt hatch its been 2 days..

    66. Henry Brandey

      Was he really the one cockerel?

    67. JCisKING

      Beautiful video...

    68. Someone Not

      What happened to the chick named Albert? Does anyone know?

      1. Lackofdeath

        Google exists

    69. Alexandrea Carillo

      So cut little bird

    70. Saadia Hammou

      This dude is amazing- he saves soooo many animals I really hope he has a great life for his good deeds

    71. lennie

      How's albert? :)

    72. jo hanna

      Bless you. You one of a kind, truly humble, amazing, inspiring, beautiful beautiful man.

    73. jo hanna

      This seriously makes me never want to eat eggs again...

    74. jo hanna

      This man is a saint.


      Sir you dropped this 👑

    76. Valerie Brand

      I couldn’t handle the suspense and skipped to the end

    77. باسمية وافتخر باسمية وافتخر

      راءع جدا راءع 😉😄🐓😍😘

    78. Analise Franchina

      I had to do this same thing

    79. Roni Bill


    80. 3d cartoon fun


    81. 3d cartoon fun


    82. Deno BloodlineUmmah


    83. Itz periwinkle

      You're back!!! I missed your videos my man❤

    84. Thiru. Einstein

      All his videos are like great documentaries...Appreciate the effort and his kindness

    85. AmongCraft

      He should get awards from the WORLDS.Mention that I said awards, not only 1 award 1000000 of them!#WeLoveBirds

    86. K.G.D premasiri

      Can you pls not put only friday pls i love to see your videos pls put every day pls

    87. Jessin Koh

      i fell so proud of him he is a wonderful person :)

    88. Cecelia Dove

      I guess you have never heard of someone who was able to hatch a refrigerated egg?

    89. cyservic


    90. Isa Nekraschewitsch

      Btw while seeing all of this amazing content I wonder: what happened to albert? :(

    91. Chuah Xinn Tze

      People with strong suicidal minded should watch this video and understand how life is tough and fragile... this could tell them that they should appreciate their life more than wanted to end their life... This video and his other videos inspired a lot...


      Nobody can take care an animal like you.You are avery honest man..🙂☺️😇👍👍👍

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    93. TheBest People

      зачем капал воск?? птечику не было больно??

    94. Urmila Sharma

      You are wonderful guy ❤❤Love from India🇮🇳🇮🇳

    95. Parvathy Warrier

      The big animal rescue teams are the people who get noticed in the "Inspiring animal rescues" But this volunteer man, who dedicates his life to give all these animals a vioce isn't. Let us all just take a moment to appreciate him. Even if we aren't as great as him atleast let's remember that nature is ours to save. This man inspires us so much. Everyone subscribe to him, and join his patron. The world at least needs support for his incredible soul. Thank You

    96. Suhas H

      1 day it will become food for the same man ^_^

    97. Kirsten Lampl

      Go vegan.

    98. gabe dog

      Remmber that we are not just telling stories we are changing lives

    99. Imran Haque

      Eres increíble....... No creo que yo sea la única persona que ve todo el comercial sólo para apoyarlo.

    100. TheGamer

      Got a feeling this guys a vegetarian..... Pls sub to me, I’ll appreciate it 🙏