Oprah With Meghan And Harry First Look | "There's A Lot That's Been Lost"



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    Oprah asks Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, how she feels about the palace hearing her speak her truth on the special. Watch Oprah with Meghan and Harry: A Primetime Special on Sunday, Mar. 7 at 8/7c on CBS.

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    1. michel Charbonneau

      Oprah #1...

    2. Horry

      Can anyone let me know where I can watch the whole interview ? I was sick and missed being able to watch it so if anyone can let me know where I can catch it again I'd really appreciate it. Thank in advance

    3. Alma Powerful

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    4. bla bla bleh

      Yoko Ono

    5. Kenley Barnes

      It is still unfathomable to me that people fall for the complete and utter garbage this woman spews. I have to hand it to her though - she does know what she is doing. I suppose a lifetime of scheming and manipulating has enabled her to perfect her craft. She calculatingly chose to speak on the sensitive-like-never-before subjects of race and mental health, with the hope that it would have the most damaging effect on the Royal Family, while at the same time protect her from a backlash because, of course, if we challenge her we are racist or insensitive or God forbid, both. I call BS on her not being able to secure help for a desperate mental health situation. Her husband should have moved heaven and earth to save her and their unborn child, Instead, he said he was scared and embarrassed to ask for help?! What?? Archie not getting a title because of skin colour - now that's just so stupid and easily researchable I won't say anymore. Racism in the family? Meghan was the first non family member to attend family Christmas at Sandringham. And you all saw the wedding, right? Wasn't there an all black choir and lengthy service by a black minister? Everyone welcomed her with open arms. Her own arrogance was her undoing, not the Royal family or the press. I mean, until she met Harry and it became convenient for her to become black because then she could claim racism, which would then be her ticket out, Meghan had identified as white her entire life. She had no black friends unless they were top tier celebrities and she even changed her nose and hair in order to become more white. She is so full of crap it is sickening. She has isolated Harry from all he has known and loved his entire life. She even has him thinking it was his idea. He used to look so happy and vibrant and now he looks dead inside. You really have to admire her handywork - but then again he was a perfect target. I was so behind them when they got together. I started feeling repulsed by her on a visceral level a few months after their wedding. She is good to the friends she deems useful, which is why they so vehemently support her. But when she is finished with you - when you no longer serve her purpose, it's a big ol' bye-bye. Use and discard. Honestly, when I look at her all I see is that trashy briefcase girl with that huge, phony guffaw! This woman destroys everything in her path.

    6. Mike Clark

      royal family is a joke ,totally outdated

    7. stf zung hak u systm

      hello sir i have news urgent.basinsman mark pincus

    8. Hay Bay

      Meghan is evil so is Oprah

    9. TD Riehm

      lost leading a lost.

    10. soinu foig

      The music tells you this is sensationalism.

    11. Emily An

      "There's A Lot That's been lost" Yes we know harry is balding

    12. fouoii gyhh

      Oh no! I hope these multi millionaires will survive this hardship!

    13. Vipul Bhavsar

      Nice video

    14. Stone Slider

      One of the more immature things I’ve seen from celebrities,... including Oprah.

      1. soinu foig

        Guaranteed your son will be more embarrassed than proud in years to come, if this keeps up.

    15. soinhu foitu

      "There's A Lot That's been lost" Yes we know harry is balding

      1. Emily An

        Guaranteed your son will be more embarrassed than proud in years to come, if this keeps up.

    16. zijuiy wttuy

      Please retire the phrase, “your truth”.

      1. fouoii gyhh

        So sad to bring all this to be aired on TV our Queen have given her life to us the people of UK death of Diana the people's princess tragic William and Harry so close as broth

    17. michael rogerson

      The reason this pandemic persists is wussified men being ruled by their wives. I see so many hunched over dorks with masks. Get some balls.

      1. Emily An

        so many lives all over the world so there's lots of suffering out there

    18. michael rogerson

      calling it The Firm sounds really, really dumb though. Really inauthentic. We all know the family sucks it's called The Crown.

      1. michael rogerson

        @soinhu foitu chip on your shoulder. take that energy and put it towards the totalitarian regime injecting you with blood clotting agents. OR, run, don't walk to get the Astra Vaccine.

      2. soinhu foitu

        Who the fuck cares. Seriously. Yes I "cared" enough to comment about these "important" people.

    19. michael rogerson

      Fauci has failed and wants us to be China. Pretty sure Gates has photos of him with young dudes at Epstein Island. The illness is over. Take off the dumb masks morons.

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        You should post this interview online for those of us who missed it!

    20. Marina More


      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        that was never going to happen, and went home to sulk.

    21. MAD MEN

      all I see is a Diana wannabe

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        You should post this interview online for those of us who missed it!

    22. Barkley Barkley

      I could be watching a video about changing diapers with the same intensity.

      1. Barkley Barkley

        What people? They're all motion captured lizards in CGI.

      2. soinhu foitu

        Who the fuck cares. Seriously. Yes I "cared" enough to comment about these "important" people.

    23. Carolin von Petzholdt

      When you looking for privacy and you want to escape the “public eye” make sure to call Oprah lol 😂

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        A snake was infiltrated into that family to destroy it. They are hungry 💲💲💲💲💲💲.

    24. nijuo joing

      Mental hospitals around the world are full of patients speaking their truth.

      1. soinhu foitu

        Who the fuck cares. Seriously. Yes I "cared" enough to comment about these "important" people.

    25. Faith

      how can i watch the whole thing?

      1. soinhu foitu

        Poor, poor, rich people.

    26. cqvio doli

      Americans over dramatising things as usual 🙄

    27. Minda Kahn

      Watch on CBS/Paramount streaming? How? Oh who cares. This streaming app is crap. Better before your stupid update. Thanks for nothing.

      1. nijuo joing

        Take a look at the interview from RTL Germany. Guido Maria Kretschmer describes Meghan on the point ☝

    28. senni bgon

      Harry thought he was marrying Meghan into the Royal Family. It turns out he was marrying into Meghan's reality show!

    29. Marilyn Pringle

      So sad to bring all this to be aired on TV our Queen have given her life to us the people of UK death of Diana the people's princess tragic William and Harry so close as brothers life takes a turn when you meet someone and marry you must take responibility of your actions you move on we all have problems life isn't that easy for us all covid have taken so many lives all over the world so there's lots of suffering out there

    30. D M C

      Poor, poor, rich people.

      1. D M C

        @senni bgon I think this is just a Meghan teaser. Acting practice...

      2. senni bgon

        But where is the full uninterrupted interview?

    31. E E

      Who the fuck cares. Seriously. Yes I "cared" enough to comment about these "important" people.

    32. Queenofweaves

      You should post this interview online for those of us who missed it!

    33. M Chapman

      I don’t recall anyone twisting her arm to marry into the Royal family. Did she think she was going to change 1000 year old ritual, custom and tradition to suit her? She found out that was never going to happen, and went home to sulk.

      1. M Chapman

        @JM Incognito - sometimes a “kiss” will change a frog into a Prince. Meghan’s “kiss” changed a Prince into a lap dog.

      2. JM Incognito

        Yes, with lots of Harry's money.

    34. zuygj bnsv

      What is she loosing?

    35. Afua Osei-akoto

      I 💯 believe Megan and sympathise with her so much ❤️❤️

    36. Trish Chanda

      I need to find the USA version. The UK one has been cut. Where can I find it?

      1. zuygj bnsv

        Full interview?

    37. Blake

      A snake was infiltrated into that family to destroy it. They are hungry 💲💲💲💲💲💲.

    38. Emily Mary Bernard Rodriguez

      Can we have the whole interview?

    39. Mich T

      Who fkn cares. The monarchy has been dead for a long time.

    40. tammyjoma

      By far, I think the vast majority of what's been lost has been by Harry, which may be what saddens me the most.

    41. Carpe Diem

      Take a look at the interview from RTL Germany. Guido Maria Kretschmer describes Meghan on the point ☝

    42. butti fdft

      This is like watching a slow-motion train wreck. Nobody comes out of this looking good, Meghan and Harry included.

    43. M C

      Has been but then again never was. 🧶

    44. Melanin Latty

      Happy International Women's Day Meghan. You are soo soo so strong and I appreciate the examples you set for all women, and men around the world. Girl, you are a phenomenal woman

    45. Oudtshoornify

      Great performance, Meghan. Bet you don’t have Harry fooled at home, but he’s trapped now with two children (almost) whom he loves. They presented the Oscars to all the wrong actors; Meghan should have won at least 5.

      1. butti fdft

        with ridiculous rules and tradition that dates back to 1066! Harry and Meghan left because they saw through the crap. God Bless you Harry and Meghan!

    46. C.E.O of My Life

      But where is the full uninterrupted interview?

    47. Lyall Moore

      The Queen should remove their titles

    48. Anindita Halder

      Will the full interview be uploaded here?

    49. Michael44

      Meghan and Harry should quit whining instead of complaining to Oprah...Her main complaint seems to be that she couldn’t get everything that was offered - the money, the houses, the title - and continue to do whatever she wanted, with no responsibilities. It’s a bit rich in these terrible times - when people are dying of COVID-19 and others face financial ruin - that these pampered narcissists think it is okay to gripe over perceived slights from the comfort of their $14.65 million mansion in California. If you’ve lost a loved one to the virus, your job is in jeopardy or your kids are being denied an education, you’re going to feel a whole lot better listening to the plight of a perfectly coiffed actress in a $4,700 dress and a sulky-looking blueblood with a wild-child past. Harry and Meghan say they left the royal family because they had so much to offer the world, so much they could say. But apparently all they have to talk about is themselves.

    50. Chiara xo

      Full interview?

    51. Angela Zayn

      This so reminds me of Diana everything that Meghan is going through. Except Diana didn't have a husband who loved her like Harry loves Meghan and Diana never had to deal with the racism the Meghan no doubt faced.

    52. William Smith

      So as your both unemployed now just how much are you milking the cow for? Remember freedom of information act we can find out

    53. Marty McFLY 1985


    54. vliduu zeeb

      "Your Truth" vomit

    55. angie prabha

      It’s not all true ,she left royal family but still she is not happy within herself,jealous Megan grow up You did the same to ur own flesh and blood and you should learn some lessons

    56. Carolyn Fahey

      It all makes sense once you account for the fact that Harry is not Charles’ son. Add a lady rocking the boat and demanding to Americanize the Brits and well, the door is shown to them.

    57. sony k

      The "firm" won't admit to ANY racism...but wonders whether baby Archie would be "too dark"...just can't make up this stuff...racism IS alive on BOTH sides of the pond.........

    58. FridayNightLady

      Was there compensation for the interview (or just permission during air time for Meghan to market their podcast and other ventures)?

    59. N L

      For goodness sake people leave this nice couple alone. Harry and Meghan are not phony unlike the rest of the royal family, who are cold, stale and hypocritical. The royal family is a strange and archaic thing and the British tabloids are shameful and pathetic. Harry and Meghan escaped the hell hole they were in. Your loss Britain. Shame on you. Dismantle the royal family, spread their opulent wealth around and give it back to the people. Good God who wears jeweled crowns anymore?! An entity frozen in time, wrought with ridiculous rules and tradition that dates back to 1066! Harry and Meghan left because they saw through the crap. God Bless you Harry and Meghan!

    60. flyin ryan

      Are they gonna show this another time?

    61. Stacy McIntyre

      I'll be the first to say I learned a lot in this. The moment she said she felt suicidal it became clear how difficult it was. Hearing Harry's side was heartbreaking.

      1. FridayNightLady

        Agreed, yet she was with child and it seems she did not reference it as such. She is a strong woman regardless; I only wanted Oprah to be able to ask questions separately; Meghan was alone, but Harry's inquiries were not. When Oprah first asked Harry about William, the camera showed Meghan's hard eye glance - intentional I'm sure - and it took Oprah asking again a bit later for Harry to finally respond. Another question Meghan never answered directly, it was more of the response 'can you imagine this being the case (or something like this)' - that she manipulated Harry.... how about a yes or no response. Meghan ultimately benefits from this. Only 2 kids (Harry loves children), opportunities in CA aligned with HER skillset and strengths, and Prince Harry. Harry is estranged from his Dad (Charles had it coming) and brother William (they have been through so much together 😔). Sigh.

    62. J. Feinerman

      Markle wanted wealth and American style celebrity without the duty and responsibility of the Royal Family. That’s what she thought being a member of the Royal Family would be. Like most Americans she didn’t realize all the responsibility, duty and unique scrutiny that comes along with privilege or Royal life. And when it wasn’t to her liking, when it turned out to be something other than what she thought, she became aggrieved declared herself a victim of the British press and of the rest of the Royal Family and ran off to southern California. Now she and Harry can and already are making many millions for being them in America, trading on Harry’s family background without any of the responsibilities or obligations of the rest of the Royal Family. Markle got what she wanted all along, wealth and American style celebrity without sacrifice

    63. Google User

      To be honest, I don't think this marriage is going to last. Megan's just an upstart and she sees her own interest. Harry, when he wakes up, it'll be too late. Asking for $8 million for an interview seems like an inemiss. For what? For whom? For a frustrated, manipulative selfish.

    64. Peggy Harris

      Wasn’t Oprah part of the Weinstein trouble So who believes all that They should interview the help Are they trying to save face

    65. Ms Penelope

      Diana impersonator SO creepy 😂😂😂 the Firm doesn’t have to make her look worse than she already is! 😂😂😂😂😂

    66. Lesley D

      I don’t get it....,they came here for “privacy” and yet here they are on tv again!!!

    67. Jasmine Root

      will it be streamed on youtube

    68. Alex Maxwell

      Every "Brit" in the comments are really rays of sunshine right now! Cry the rest of us a gigantic river!

    69. miata06gal

      She is such a troublemaker. Has been nearly since the beginning of their courtship. And William warned his brother, but not quite in those words.

    70. MusicTiana

      Us (poor) normal people don't have the time to be this delusional...

    71. serdy ximi

      lol they think they safe in America eh? LOL!

    72. EasyYog11

      wasn't really about privacy. or any class.

    73. GriefTourist

      Obviously Harry has little time for the royals as they killed his mother

    74. Sandra Lulu

      Harry lost a lot because of her God forbid but imagine if they break up one day

      1. serdy ximi

        the great reset. Kannattaa tutustua aiheeseen.

    75. Dova Sis

      Actually this is such a revelation.”The Royal” doesn’t evolve or adapt to the new society it keeps family principles, conducts and ways because of the crown and the responsibility that comes with being a part of the royal family. It is sad to realize and see how becoming part of royalty interferes with what an individual needs, feels or wants. It is also very sad to understand now that this is no joke and if you wanna be happy as a royal member of the family you just have to leave it behind you and start your life over. You basically loose your individuality and your real needs or purpose in life are no longer a priority it’s all about the “royal brand” and in a certain way the crown and what comes with it that dictates your life.

    76. Chucky

      is there a way to watch if you missed it live?

    77. Denise Stephens

      I cannot wait to watch. I love the two of them. I think this is awesome! AWESOME!

    78. Patricio Catalán

      Hizo lo que cualquier persona que llega a vivir a EEUU haría, si pudiera. Ir a contarle sus problemas a Oprah Winfrey

    79. _ Herrmann

      Will this be live somewhere for people in Europe to watch?

    80. Paola Vazquez Del Mercado

      Like Father, Like Daughter. After a fabulous wedding and a warm welcome to her mother into monarchy. Meghan invited people she barely knew to a wedding to be a celebrity , She should have married a rapper or an actor not into the Monarchy. She has no concept of duty is all about her . Shameful

    81. marax

      why so much drama around this 2 people? who fucking cares about queen and UK

    82. Supa G

      I don’t think it’s right she say she left for a quiet/private life and go Opera and talk about her life as a Royal?! She’s a hypocrite that can’t stay out of the media.

    83. Dan Hale

      What a serene and peaceful background. I want a garden like that... 🌄

      1. Nameless Nobody

        @ultradeadd 😂

      2. ultradeadd

        Just sell your soul

    84. christine sandilands

      Jesus Christ 🙏 is the ONLY ONE True Living Holy GOD, Jesus Christ 🙏 is the ONLY Way Truth Life 💯😁🙌🕊️

      1. FridayNightLady


    85. christine sandilands

      Witches witches

    86. Vangie Bauer

      What had been lost already?

    87. John Thomas

      the great reset. Kannattaa tutustua aiheeseen.

    88. migs mig's


    89. Bryan Gallacher

      ITS TONIGHT TURN IT UP!!!!! 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥


      Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha - all we seen is 3 Elite and Establishment Dumbasses : 1/ Lying and Cheating Winfrey !!!! 2/ I am soooooo Important Markle !!!! 3/ Lapdog Harry !!!! Three Useless People indeed - ha !!!!

    91. 10521577A

      Who does she think she is???

    92. Johno Johnson

      The stress of a living a privileged life of luxury with annoying in-laws

    93. cheeseisme

      It doesn't matter what she says, the mere fact that she is blabbing is bad. This is just fanning flames. It's going to end badly for all involved.

    94. Dolphudbud

      There's Meghan's 'truth' and the Palace's 'truth'. The reality is somewhere in between.

    95. ziggypsy1

      Meg turns Harry into a ginger manbag and sell out to the paparazzi. Diana must be rolling in her grave.

    96. rosine love

      Am I able to watch the interview on DEfasts?

    97. Jason Rexter

      I bet their servants wish they had a quarter of what these people had really maybe they could sell one of the private jets.

    98. Rodolfo

      Why does the music make it 10x intense 😂

    99. ted renard

      Oprah should've started by first asking Meghan where Sussex is, and what it's like. That would've told you just how relevant she isn't to people in the UK. You join the Royal Family to do what they do and say, not to bring your (in this case ignorant) agenda and start your own media circus platform. This is just another version of the prince and the showgirl, with Meghan acting out the role of the new Koo Stark. Hope the Oprah exposure gets them loads of column inches in the States, and they milk it for all they're worth, because at the current rate they're riding full tilt towards getting their titles stripped and being declared PNG in the UK.

    100. Youjin Lee

      Why would you ever let your partner trash your entire family on a tv chat show with her Hollywood friend while living off of your family name? Your family and people in your country paid for your ultra-expensive wedding. Your family gave you and your lady the status, fame, money, titles, connection, and access that no one can ever dream of, yet, your partner is still publicly complaining about how poorly she is being treated, and how unsurvivable it is for her to being married to a prince because your family just don't appreciate how amazing you and her are while sitting at a 14 million dollar mansion in LA, doing an interview in the middle of a pandemic where 2.4 million have lost their lives and how many more millions have lost their jobs. Oh, and now, your partner's other Hollywood friends are jumping on the bandwagon also making disparaging remarks about your family on social media. Seriously, who the fuck do you think you are, and what the fuck are you teaching your children here?