OUTBREAK Trailer | Season Two | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty

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    Welcome to a massive new Zombies experience like you’ve never seen before.💀

    OUTBREAK launches in #BlackOpsColdWar on February 25.

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    1. KitsuneGoto

      When I heard that my friends were playing outbreak I thought they were talking about Resident evil 😔

    2. jc 123

      They should add in classic cod maps for holdout like imagine doing hold out in the theatre hall of kino or aether transporting to ascension

    3. Flood Watch

      It’s war zone with zombies 😩😩

    4. Samstoneorange

      Best game mode I ever played seriously 👍🏻👍🏻

    5. Polygraph Lie Detector

      A steaming pile of garbage, is still garbage. #COD

    6. Nicolo Georgina Lao

      Can you make DLC 2 Please please

    7. rahul chaudhary

      Just a request to send some of these zombies to CODM

      1. Boris Solorzano


    8. Arena Local Gamer


    9. WCKDend

      well this mode turned out to be extremely boring

      1. Phoenixfox 42

        honestly im loving it

    10. Gaming With kingofderp234

      I had the fricking ray gun and die at same time

    11. EDIT

      I hate Call of Duty

      1. Porlucas Shane Michael

        I hate fortnite

    12. Joe M.

      Those krasny soldat juggernaut zombies are absolutely painful

    13. Golf Wang

      trash devs

    14. Chaz Brown

      Elemental body armor would be a great touch

    15. Vyper1300

      Modern Warfare just another pay to win BS game that allows cheating

      1. Phoenixfox 42

        ? in a cod zombies videos

    16. bob the builder

      me have flashback in origine

    17. Gabriel Mitropolitski

      Like: Outbreak Comment: Die Maschine

    18. roadrunnersc11

      I just hope this isn't the way they try to take zombies, i don't want Warzone with zombies. Considering the map is just warzone maps with borders and zombies added, atleast if you're going to do something like this make it feel like a zombies map

      1. roadrunnersc11

        @LonghornsLegend That's fair enough, i'm just more worried about everybody saying this should be the way they focus on exclusively

      2. LonghornsLegend

        @roadrunnersc11 its a new mode so not getting the out of place vibe, it's different. Not knocking your opinion though. I'm an OG zombie guy but I really like this open world zombies more than locking down 1 area and boarding up windows. It feels more like how that mode should feel vs restrained in a small quarter

      3. roadrunnersc11

        @LonghornsLegend i'm not trying to say it's warzone, but it makes you feel very out of place and like you're playing warzone when you take a maps from warzone and slap zombies into them

      4. LonghornsLegend

        @roadrunnersc11 did you miss the part where I said the maps are the same from those 2 modes? You said you didn't want to play warzone. Warzone is a game mode, not a map. It's a game mode that's battle royale, last man standing, shrinking map. If you don't want to play on the same maps that's fine, but this mode isn't warzone.

      5. roadrunnersc11

        @LonghornsLegend it's legit a Warzone map copy pasted, with zombie things added to it, you can LEGIT play these maps in warzone right now

    19. Plain Moon

      If only it wasn’t broken on Xbox One. I’ve had host disconnects, server disconnects accidentally going out of bounds and dying, dying to mega lag and displaying someone else’s scrap and points on the map menu

    20. miko foin

      Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War: Season Two: Zombies Outbreak. Now that's a title.

    21. Dark

      Is it just me or did anyone else find this mode boring?

      1. miko foin

        If you look at the perk machine at 1:34, you can see it's inside the broke shell of a Speed Cola machine

    22. Xuuhkh

      Call of duty Ghosts 2 when

    23. LonghornsLegend

      Man I gotta give it to yall this mode is incredible I was in 1 match with friends for 2+ hours and I literally didn't know that much time went by. I maxed out 1 gun that was on level 1, got a ton of xp, and most importantly had a blast. This was WAY more fun being open world, I'll be playing this mode well after whatever new CoD drops in November👍🏾

    24. Skimatik Gaming

      This is easily the most innovative and best zombies experience I’ve seen in awhile. I hope this carries over into next year just like how Warzone did

      1. Eren's Smiledog

        Bo4 was really innovative in mechanics, but cold war was very innovative in maps

    25. MattBoii

      So far Outbreak has been AMAZING!! Hope they add more to it and make it was bigger as a zombies warzone type thing with more vehicles and tanks and other areas. Noticed alot of bigs towards vehicles hitting zombies and glitching like 200M in the air so yeah can be alot better so so far AMAZING!!!

    26. l l

      Great zombies! Still cant see and you have major bugs in multiplayer! Fix your game.

    27. Thomas Sams

      I have had a great time playing this mode

    28. Alton Pendleton

      Ole billy

    29. ElChuntiJr DeLaTorre

      Bro the portal is so slow you can load into gta and see avengers endgame while it’s loading

    30. Forest Ferrer

      What a beautiful mode

    31. 7srebels

      Remove SBmm and add it in ranked not multiplayer

    32. Rick Astley

      So happy rebel yell is in the battle pass

    33. Noah Manley

      When is the cool black tough guy gonna be added? I want that operator bundle

    34. doliio volay

      Yo this is actually way more fun than I thought it’d be

    35. T Dawg

      Lets gooo rebel yell

      1. doliio volay

        ako. Salamat

    36. Mohammad Abdallah

      This is what I wanted since I was a kid but better a free roam zombies game



    38. Zoli Kat

      If you look at the perk machine at 1:34, you can see it's inside the broke shell of a Speed Cola machine

    39. Tyler Truthseeker

      Please fix your servers and host migration.

    40. RoyEmblem

      Billy idol rebel yell 😭❤❤❤ classic

    41. Richard H

      Biggest letdown of call of duty on God's green earth

    42. aola wili

      I’ve been waiting for something like this since World at War

    43. Elturan Rzali

      and help them upload them to the credit store

      1. Elturan Rzali

        @aola wili I am Azerbaijani

      2. Elturan Rzali

        @aola wili I know Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

      3. Elturan Rzali

        @aola wili you misunderstood me

      4. Elturan Rzali

        @aola wili Do you understand Turkish?

      5. aola wili

        Only here for Rebel Yell.

    44. 05thomaslj

      Main objectives NEEEEEDS vote to start option.... i am sick and tired of people that have never played it running straight in and starting the main objective when no one is around, getting them selves killed then losing us the game because non of us can get to the obj to defend in time

      1. Banksquiat 313

        Man for real plus nobody be upgrading they guns they don’t get armor or nothing just keep running to the objective then after you beat it they want to go to another place or exil like bro we only on level 3 chilllll 😪

      2. MexicanNarwal

        Just play with friends thats what I do

      3. Oh Ta

        The rest are cool but holdout yes.

    45. Njabulo Mabena

      i downloaded the demo free access but i cant play zombies

    46. WisdomMF

      Dear Treyarch, you had me at Billy Idol...

    47. JoeColmes Wisfewttle


    48. suicidal

      one of the best zombie from all recent cod(infinite, bo4)

    49. lin conuo

      This is so boring to play

      1. Father Gabriel Stokes

        Your opinion

    50. Daniel Cunneen

      I miss the old zombies :(

      1. Chicken War

        Then play it

    51. Archie Albino

      magandang hapon . Magtanong lamang ako kung paano ko mababawi ang call of duty account na konektado sa aking Facebook na hindi na pinagana. Sana matulungan mo ako. Salamat

    52. Trickster

      It seems the new job changed from "surviving against the zeds" to "contain the zeds" basically SCP-

    53. Destroyer

      I used to no play zombies because it was scary to me not having someone watching your back. It's just you

    54. Muncher


    55. Somekitty2099

      This mode is garbage bring back BURIED!!!!!

    56. Afyon Kusura


    57. Joshua Tucker

      I wish black ops word go to switch i miss killing zombie

    58. NG Canada


    59. soophoria

      Only here for Rebel Yell.

    60. Æther

      Nice but i wont still buy cold war 😂 my external hard drive already suffer from warzone

    61. Mason Harace

      블랙옵스는 뭔가 유치해

    62. Frank Silvia

      Can’t finish one game without connection interrupted on these maps.

      1. señor C.J -_-

        Pay your cable bill.

    63. Unlucky Man666

      On PS4 its still a broken POS. Matchmaking broken, performance TERRIBLE! Map is boring AF. portals do nothing but give you an infinite loading screen. Joke of a game.

    64. sir yeetsalot

      Best mode eve

    65. jay 760

      All that zombie outbreak for 90 gb it's dumb af

    66. DaLuke

      This looks really mad

    67. Cisco Perez


    68. David R Galindo

      So is that new chick with the headband a new operator? She’s kinda cute

    69. DirtyQwerty Official

      to think it all started with nacht der untoten... :p

    70. Elijah Wyatt

      1:25 sounds like gaz from the og mw

    71. Fitim Ruhani

      I F love outbreak. Thank you for this great Experience. I wish they would make a stand-alone zombies game with a huge open World. Something like tranzit with a vehicle that drive his rounds or the option to teleport to other locations or to other players. And everywhere in every corner should be some quests or easter eggs. That would be the greatest game of All time!

    72. bilinas mini

      I've never really cared for these season updates. But im actually extremely excited for this

    73. NuKeD!

      1 day in and this looks boring already...

      1. bilinas mini

        Looks like fortnite with zombies.

    74. Devastator

      It starts to look like Fortnite

    75. Sebastian Guzman

      Rebel yell is the song, your welcome mate

    76. Dude Potato

      Oh ready boys

    77. Ville Gang 4x

      Bring back transittttttttttt

    78. J-KUB

      Id love to post a picture here of how bad the textures are in this new mode😂😂 why is cod trying to copy fortnite’s save the world too? It is sad to see what is happening to cod, grew up on this game and all they are doing is moving away from what made them famous in the first place.

    79. kush Miller

      Big tune

    80. Please enter a name.

      They did the jihad Jeep from battlefield lol

    81. Chad Veez

      They need a warzone zombie survivor thing too for like 20 people

    82. AY

      Zombies will never be the same, RIP Primus.

    83. Phobic.

      "run" "C4 going up" Voice acting could be a bit better but who cares about VA when the gameplay looks great

    84. Smash The Bear

      Anyone wish they would bring back something simple like Kino Der Toten

      1. Smash The Bear

        @Laze what do you mean der riese has been in every treyarch game and is still one of the most played zombie maps.

      2. Laze

        Kino has had its time in the spotlight, too much kino will make it boring

    85. Areay

      so they finally understood how adults are their target: mum plz get me that shiny thing POGGERS

    86. Chef Tony 407

      Call of Doom

      1. sotuur aeei

        That trailer and Billy Idol don't go together at all.


      Is outbreak gonna have a main easter egg? Cause I can't find anything anywhere

      1. hukyji2

        I don't think so buddy

      2. sotuur aeei

        Ahab...this is Pequod...arriving LZ STAND BY...


      If you can increase the players like 10 is the limit. The more the players the more the zombies to and increased map size

    89. STORM

      Been playing zombies since WaW like most people and it feels weird to see the direction zombies is going right now. I guess I was always used to the old system but I have high hopes for whatever this is. Never really cared for multiplayer anyway.

    90. djglobol

      Looks like fortnite with zombies.

      1. Laze

        @Velocikektor because it fits the setting 1980s, vibrant, colourful

      2. Velocikektor

        I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking that, why are the graphics so bad compared to Modern Warfare?

    91. IceKid451

      I feel like Zombies isnt zombies anymore like the old zombies werr better!!!

    92. Squirrel Lord

      I am so playin right now!

    93. CDH2020 1

      Imagine playing this lol well imagine playing it over 20 mins it’s so bad. We get a new map in there tho for dirtybomb but only for zombies

    94. Connor Kearnes

      So, is this like a limited time mode or something?

    95. Peanut Arbuckle

      This is the best zombies experience I've had since Black Ops 1

      1. CDH2020 1

        You haven’t played it

    96. dueeh nyyu

      It would be amazing if they remade Trazit and let you drive vehicles in it.

    97. MotoMatt

      0:55 finally all those years of using C4 jeeps in battlefield will transfer over to cod

      1. dueeh nyyu

        This looks fun

    98. Blue-Collar Bandit

      Tune into City boy kar

    99. jonjon5665

      Almost 3 mins and I’m still not sure what the goal is.

    100. Александр Аниканов

      You butchered the song.