Owner Asks Dog Questions About Who Is a Good Boy And Whom Will They Cuddle - 1174073

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    1. teddylifer

      Wow this is surreal

    2. Rica- Mora-

      Bro, dogs are literally the Moral Compasses of humanity. Idefk why some people brutalize puppies.

    3. Ronin Warriors

      He looks just like my boy, so cute.

    4. leifaxardo

      Happy Boy

    5. jem zargo

      What an amazing doggo

    6. Masty Hassan

      pesorn: who is a good boy dog: meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee peson: is kitty a good boy dog: oh fine she is 1% a good boy kitty: errrrrrrrrr excuse me dog: i am leaving 🤣

    7. Go_Opy xD

      Pretty racist dog not gonna lie.

    8. George Ure II

      This made me cry. I needed this.

    9. akirav

      the cat was like : "I don't have time or this"

    10. crub

      I would like to eat that dog. I'm hungry

    11. Jeremiah Bullfrog

      Our dog is called "Watson" too ! ....a 4.5 yo black Labrador Retriever (as in the pic) .......the only thing he really loves is FOOD FOOD and MORE FOOD ! ...but he's adorable !

    12. Dylan BB

      Get out of my reccomended dogs suck cats are better

    13. Its_Happy EmojiePlayz

      Cat: Aight, imma head out

    14. Nicole Y.

      doesnt this sound like tinakitten?

    15. Cuwo

      This is gonna be on ur recommended

      1. Elias Izquierdo

        @Super Mario Transit Fan 16 what did he do to you

      2. Super Mario Transit Fan 16

        @Elias Izquierdo that's what you need to do!

      3. Elias Izquierdo

        @Super Mario Transit Fan 16 bruh stfu

      4. Super Mario Transit Fan 16


    16. soakedbearrd

      Cat: Don't bring me in on your petty squabbles human

    17. Isaiah Thompson

      He is so PRECIOUS ! The hug was over the top PRECIOUS for me.

    18. galaxy dragonet

      everyones talkin bout the cat but barely anyone talks about how cute it is when the dog hugs the other dog

    19. Suma


    20. Mohammed Muhi Uddin MM313

      woah they understand. thats so cute.

    21. poupousy 21

      Sooo cuuute❤️❤️❤️❤️😊

    22. Jonathon Myles


    23. asthxtic_rxblox plxyzzz

      Omg so cuteee

    24. Ludwig Van Beethoven

      I hardly know that dog, but I'd die for it.

    25. Dinesh Rana

      Saw it many times and still loving it

    26. shing shing

      She said “why are you hugging him?” Like she obviously trained the dog to do that🤦

    27. Burger Boss

      `Name a better duo than Kiko and Watson. Go on, I'm waiting

    28. Prince Cooper

      Kiko is not a good boy. Kiko is a good girl. That's why Watson hugged him...😋

    29. Reza

      Y do golden retrievers always look like happy downies

    30. Bertoboy41

      I feel for those who give something like this a thumbs down.

    31. Cipher

      Is he a good boy?... Does THIS answer your question?! **hug**

    32. - luna eclipse-

      It melted my heart when he hugged him ❤️❤️❤️

    33. jill schroder

      The innocent crow likely groan because golf joly consist outside a wide silk. paltry, spurious fine

    34. Alchemy

      "Is Kiko a good boy?" *"... Of course he is."*

    35. K_ NK

      watson should get a oscar for this woof

    36. cherry go boom

      Cat: why are we still here? Just to suffer?

    37. FællMæn Fæll

      Harry looks like a good boy

    38. Rebekah Greene

      10/10 wholesome

    39. Hawk3r

      how can people dislike this video?!

    40. yewtewbstew

      Cat just sitting there like "what the f-"

    41. Lil Homies

      Ok, how much for the dog?

    42. ElectroJam

      good boi

    43. T

      Just like George Carlen side on his Carnegie hall show, "What's that? Not me. Fuck that. I'm a cat."... ask the dog". "All the sadness in the world...is right in the eyes of a dog." Not trying to steal anyone's comment.

    44. Riley Freeman #JP

      Feel bad for the cat

    45. Alwin Wilson

      She knew it after the 1st question

    46. Anupama Nayak

      So cute♥️

    47. Velocikektor

      The *WOOF* heard around the world.

    48. Aviation Gamer

      Don’t like cats

    49. Rasmus Ohert

      My heart is melting 🥺🥺🥺 sooo cute

    50. Callies.Cookie

      Watson is so freaking cute 🤧

    51. Julio Aranton

      "Think Pooch is tryn' to tell u somethn?🤔🤗

    52. Akshay Deshpande

      Another adorable video from kiko and watson

    53. sparsh kapoor

      That eye winkk🤩👀❤😙

    54. John Doe

      Golden Retrievers are one of the most highly intelligent breeds there is. My sister had two of them both a male and a female. They have the personality of a human being and understand reason. Like the one in this video hugging the other one. They can do a lot of the things and will never stop surprising you as a owner.

      1. John Doe

        @BluePuppyStudios These dogs are not a Lab, they are golden retrievers. The ears, longer mouth/nose and hair ID the bread. Labs are in the same family of working dogs. They don't share the same gentle eager to please disposition and are often very hyper.

      2. BluePuppyStudios

        that's a lab, not a golden retriever. So clearly labs are smarter. and the superior dog.

    55. Alan Rizkallah

      "Is Harry a good boy?" Cat: "Dₒₙ'ₜ ᵣₑ𝄴ₒᵣd ₘy ᵥₒᵢ𝄴ₑ, ᵢ ₛₒᵤₙd ₜₑᵣᵣᵢᵦₗₑ ₒₙ 𝄴ₐₘₑᵣₐ․․․"

    56. AverageArts

      Yeaaah... nothing is more cute than a dog acting out a trick taught by its owner. Dogs aren't fucking humans.. they don't display human ways of affection, for fuck sakes.

      1. John Doe

        Golden Retrievers aren't a "trick". They are extremely intelligent dogs...maybe one of the most intelligent of all breeds. They can dumb down their peers pretty easily and do often. I wouldn't be surprised if one could figure out how to fart in the face of another dog barking at him or her when you go to the Vet.

    57. Trusfrated Blink

      Cat be like : what!? I’m going that’s it

    58. Nimit Shah

      Look at his right brow.... @0:32

    59. Crybaby Magalosers

      I didn't plan on crying today ... But this is adorable!

    60. Trapinnewyork44

      OMG 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    61. Horace Blair

      The fancy lizard reciprocally jam because cylinder briefly punch given a moaning submarine. hurried, dependent delivery

    62. Sup?

      Poor Harry..

    63. Thomas Grabowski

      This is the freaking cutest thing I've ever seen in my freakin life. What a freaking cutie pie. WOW :O !

    64. Thomas Grabowski

      in other words... *Not really*

    65. Adi

      Well, this just proves he was trained and didn't actually apologize to Kiko and hug for the same purpose. Cool.

    66. Lillian Mueller


    67. Riagan hm


    68. Ahmad Jabareen

      "Please dont put him down"

    69. kirbster3678

      this is so cute

    70. Lisa A

      Goodest boi, bless

    71. royandescartes

      Cat: this is not what i had in mind when i asked us all to assemble here

    72. Healing Through The Hurt

      kiko hahah he is like can we be done doing this?? lol

    73. Ugly Indian

      0:45 Giko: "Great... Not this again... Oh, okay... No one cares what I say anyways..."

    74. •

      *Me:ask my dog if he's a good boy* *My dog:gives attitude and throws his food bowl*

    75. Nicolas Chahine

      racist dog XD

    76. Mr. Hog

      We don't deserve dogs

    77. Ao Kakesu

      Lady: says cuddle White boi: OK this is my cue to cuddle with brown boi Brown boi: Thats not what she's asking u, stoopid

    78. Daniel Thompson

      Awesome .

    79. Έλενα Τζώρτζη

      Oh sweetheart 😭❤️❤️

    80. BadHombre

      Harry is like...just give me my treat, so I can go.

    81. Lonnie Anderson


    82. Mishaamir

      i feel like this person trained their dog too hug the other dog because there are many vids of him cuddling the other dog

    83. sergiu ulici

      incredible .i just saw a video about people eating dogs..... i should burn every person on earth that eats dogs in indonesia,vietnam, or korea.chiina.....how could you eat a dog? jezzz......2 century ago i understand...no food civil war etc...but in 2021? come on people upgrade to chicken or be a vegetarian. i treat my dog better than my own brother.

    84. E S

      I have shared this with all my friends. Adorable. Who’s a good dog? Watson

    85. Jaeger Mann

      Wouldn’t that make you... A GOOD BOY

    86. my email address.

      So cute and amazing!. Who can possibly dislike this video?.....

    87. Julia Baracho

      soooooo cute

    88. ماريوس

      الكلب مايحب ينسجم وية القط لأن قط وبس

    89. Sanya Mishra

      I think I’ve seen these dogs in another video where one of them said sorry by hugging the other

    90. lazyhazeldaisy

      Well that put you in your place!

    91. George Stokes

      now that was something else

    92. EmeraldView

      "Why are you hugging him? " Doggo - "The question is why aren't YOU hugging him!"

    93. troubadude


    94. Kale den' UH

      why does harry look like he gets drunk way more often than he should LMAO i'm dying fam

    95. Vikas Gupta

      There's not even a competition! Dogs beat cats all the time!

    96. Geo Bo

      The look on the kitty's face is priceless!

    97. James Musisca

      how sweet i love dogs

    98. Dawn Smith

      Garfield and Odie vibes? lol

    99. Eric Kruger

      Answers with eye contact.

    100. Ibiza

      every time the lady says word cuddle ; the brown doggo be like " shit Here we go again"