Pagani Huayra powered by AMG 6.0-L V12

Mercedes-Benz Maybach Fans

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    M158 Mercedes-AMG 6.0-L V12 BITURBO 800 HP 1100 Nm
    Video by: @boden_autohaus

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    1. Mercedes-Benz Maybach Fans

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      1. RAK ROSS

        Which model is this one

    2. Sergey Kovalchuk

      По русски очень неоднозначно звучит название этого автомобиля

    3. K4 raja babu

      🙏 thank you

    4. Daniel Terente Fake news about coronavirus 🌎 Please see true

    5. The Anime Libarian

      Viewers: that’s not a merce- DEfasts: AMG engine close enough

    6. king 5

      Interior 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

    7. Balson Naoshekpam

      Super luxury

    8. Toot Deville

      Lucky a killer isn't after you because you'd be dead by the time this crap even engine even starts.

    9. Paul Heitmann

      It looks like a cheap wish copy of a supercar😂

    10. Enrique Pais

      Orrible una basura de plastico

    11. Françoise MAZUER

      WAOUH !

    12. Michael Duran


    13. Riffleur Tagatamanogi

      La classe👌🤑🤟

    14. Baron Whiteman

      Would be nice if Pagani logo was on steering hooter

    15. lewinmachado

      What is just saw, was only light decoration, in million dollars 😂😂

    16. Car Reviews by Manan

      Dream car

    17. Grey Hott

      With this car the least thing you could do is make sure the doors don’t squeak

    18. Alex Peterson

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    19. Wesley Delimaduarte

      Que carro é esse meu Deus eu quero 1 carro desse 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    20. Farik х777хх ARAB

      Дверь закроется как жигули хахаха

    21. Tufluxed

      Worst spec interior ever.

    22. ken pringle

      Wow !!!😳 Is that a cars dashboard, or the starship Enterprise's?! 👍🏼👌🏽

    23. Jackson Frost


    24. Peter Pankov

      Not gonna lie that interior is ugly

    25. Dani Ramos

      El interior es lo mas horrendo que he visto nunca

    26. MR. D.

      That beeb at the end sounds like my microwave finishing.

    27. Orologi in Libertà

      Enterprise and Cpt. Kirk..



    29. Alan Rabbitte

      Looks shit inside

    30. squidswag


    31. Straight Truth

      Beautiful car!

    32. Raphael Schoof

      That sound of closing the door.. Cheap 🙈

    33. TheLondonCyclist

      This is so ugly man. There's no luxury or comfort at all.

    34. Luciano Alves

      Very ugly

    35. Miller Xofeyo

      ohh my god look at this beautiful expensive car 💲my dream car

    36. Jan Tschierschky


    37. Chango leon

      Parece microbus de la CDMX

    38. Epic scratcher Fl

      What nightmares consist of.

    39. Xaцker

      Никогда не взял бы такое говно )

    40. F. Steger

      Interieur Looks like a game machine from 80's... Ehww

    41. T D

      Is this a Car Interior from WISH ? Looks like it is

    42. rinocerota

      This is nothing nxt to tesla... mrcdz is dead...

    43. Rob 81

      And that fire detector is doing that when it needs a new battery!!!!😄 Ahhhh so redicolous , go and fuck yourselfes , you are nothing!!!!!!

    44. Rob 81

      I tried to remember from where i know the sound when the door is closing.... Do you know the Lada Samara from 1993?! Ist is exactly the same! Good work bitches, shame on u !!!!!😡 dickheads!!!!

    45. PearBear HD

      Is that a ford dash

    46. Jay Cole

      Is that a cup holder on the passenger seat? Wtf

    47. Eche Vazquez

      Vaya fantasmada de coche. Tipico de los italianos. Tanto rollo y el motor se lo da mercedes. Guauuuuuuuu diseñastes una pieza con materiales carisimos aeroespacialessssss. Venga ya. Vende humos.

    48. Boss _uk


    49. Lee Mcgregor

      My 96 hilux has the same beep to let you know it’s in reverse.

    50. ༺Leͥgeͣnͫd༻God ༺Leͥgeͣnͫd༻God

      Puta porrada na porta em amigo,-,

    51. JXPD

      The inside looks absolutely mental, it's so awesome

    52. Steven Daugherty

      That is the most atrocious interior I've ever seen. Cheers!

    53. M H

      Is it just me, Or the sound of the door closing is cheap and ‘meh’? Unlike the G-Wagon...

    54. Davi Gerhardt Senna

      Can You stop making engine for car companies? They can produce an engine aswell

    55. ADI THE WOLF

      Is it a plane?

    56. Leo Castrillo

      Looks dreadful

    57. FreeJokes2020 KoolMC

      Vote TRUMP 2020.

    58. CG Jason

      Ain’t that supposed to be 7.3?

    59. Коронавирус COVID-19


    60. michallo

      The interior didn't age well......

    61. qvbe

      The fuck is that Interieur 🤢

    62. Patryk Cichoracki

      Wrażenia z jazdy nie do opisania pewnie. Ale w środku nie podoba mi się niestety. Nie me gusta

    63. Seweryn Ułan

      buahaha what is that?

    64. SundanceKid343

      Wow unbelievable ugly

    65. miss u pinku

      What a huge piece of shit my lawnmower looks better

    66. F Fuentes

      The instrument cluster looks like a dam toy. Like those cheap Chinese toys with a bunch of cheap led lights.

    67. Kid

      One of if not the most beautiful interior very.

    68. TKS Saturn

      Looks like a god damn space ship

    69. Simon Frieling

      Lets be honest it is ugly af

    70. Ur boy Skinnywinny

      To many fucking buttons omg

    71. Imran Khan

      What a hideous looking interior...such an eyesore :/

    72. Potschamperl_99

      Hahaha a Car for Noobs 😂

    73. golden armor

      Włączył LPG ?

    74. mansur Zh

      يازين الكرسيدا بس

    75. Raciemgoes LoL

      Holy shit is this ugly...

    76. MrJomharp

      *Its a roadster. Looks more complicated than it looks*

    77. GoRun Cars


    78. daddyc1107

      Looks stupid.


      I like paganis they are proper ugly but beautiful at the same time

    80. Diamentowy Krul

      That squicky doors Hahahhaha

    81. TwodaysTuesdays

      Sounded like a transformer 😂😂

    82. Colin Strickland

      Look like a damn airplane cockpiy

    83. Luciano Aliquo

      Sorry but looks very chinese, like they threw everything at it, and if the sun hits the dash u will be blinded by the bling

    84. Junior Suriel


    85. Saeed Kherad

      اروم ببند درو احمق

    86. Jimmy Sandoval

      Steering wheel ugly af

    87. Złoty Chłopak

      My microvawe

    88. payel Chowdhury

      Mercedec and you are in a paggni.😑

    89. TheXxgecko

      Looks like one of those shiny bit gimmicky plastic toys

    90. Ealuseom

      Pagani cars are incredible ugly

    91. Flying E

      Inspired by a Microwave... DING!

    92. Reginaldo Coello

      Mira como me vale verga

    93. Alan DoubleYou

      Ugly... I’m not taking it even they gave it to me for free.

    94. dony alles

      Park & Wash?

    95. asandrius86

      Interior looks like android 5.0

    96. #in66


    97. Kevin Gainewe

      Man that Deadpool interior is 🔥 🔥 🔥

    98. Fishmëister #5951

      This looks like some sorta playset…

    99. BRN2KILL180

      I was waiting for a radio check & for this guy to put on his astronaut helmet...