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Serie A

2 Mio. aufrufe374

    An Alexis Sanchez brace helped Inter ease past Parma to widen the gap at the top of the table | Serie A TIM
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    1. Nicolas Dkdmks Vergara

      alexis sos una bestia

    2. Franki Cortex

      Grande alexis

    3. Denis Carp

      Lautaro Martinez viendo como ponen a 2 centrodelateros que no juegan ni la mitad que el:,🤡🤡

    4. Antonio Ramos

      lukaku le devolvio el gol que le quito contra shaktak xd

    5. Murwidyawan Channel

      DEfasts channel from Indonesia 🇮🇩 is here, Forza Inter

    6. Юрий Фролов

      Lukaku 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

    7. Sebastian Davila

      Pazza Inter!!! VENEZUELA

    8. Elias Ag

      Alexis has an extraordinary mind so as not to despair when it comes to defining I am Chilean and that definition was the same as the definition he made against ARGENTINA in the last penalty to win the America Cup. exquisite. Thank you Inter Milan for returning Alexis' level

    9. Andres Sibel

    10. RAP PLANET

      GG MU 😂

    11. nickgamer el master


    12. Eysiyase kashun

      Boom T.m

    13. Felix Maia

      Premier League rejects are going to win Inter the Scudetto :)

    14. Hussain Ahmed

      For every goal lukaku scores he misses 1500 chances

    15. Nikitta Nkosi

      The piano man... has been reborn

    16. Nohara sinnosuke


    17. prosper Baraka

      Lukaku and sanchez were declared a flop at man u look at them now hahahahaha

    18. Arslan Iqbal

      serie a is tougher than laliga.

    19. liza king

      The odd stepmother operationally curve because grass terminally identify anenst a cynical celery. neat, lamentable jumbo

    20. Karl Delaune

      Sanchez Come backup😁

    21. Karl Delaune

      Lukaku wooww!!!!quel progression


      lukaku is toying with the defenders in Italy. he's too quick and too strong

    23. Balik Supper

      Great to see Sanchez doing well,he was brilliant at arsenal,always played his heart out.

    24. Faizal Amir Bashiira

      Still want the legendary Parma in Serie A next season Hope they can hop up

    25. Rabbi

      Lukaku is a beast

    26. Marvin Otieno


    27. Peng Long

      Lukaku is the best

    28. football official

      Best assist

    29. Nico Gallardo

      que mal que no mostraron la espaldinha de alexis,era tremenda jugada

    30. Realmer Don 11

      Hakimi is speed

    31. Jujui Ralte

      Football ah Chuan ahring jersie hi keeper form bik a a inhmeh bik ka ty a hring eng Ni lovin ahring duk deuh

    32. РазмахК

      Хоть польза от санчеса

    33. syafiq rahman

      just realized that alexis sanchez is short 2:13

    34. Yve Kabite

      Lusaka thought should I shoot then looks up oh there is Sanchez Pass and Boom

    35. Samir Mandal

      Inter Milan will win the Serie A.Credit Goes to Conte Sir for Bringing Confidence Amongst The Players. All the Best Conte Sir.👍👍

    36. Amro effat

      الانتر السنه دي غيررر

    37. Алшын

      Forza Inter! Do it till the end! Don't relax!

    38. xAkkuma

      Lukaku ,Alexis and Lautaro i can smell goal.

    39. Рустам Рустамов

      Таких игроков упустил МЮ

    40. Salsabillah Ramadhoni

      Nerazzuri the best

    41. Autori Ist

      Lukaku onfire

    42. VW GOLF

    43. VW GOLF

    44. alejandro jano

      little big Alexis Sanchez !!!!

    45. forest Michael

      As a utd fan I eveny lukaku now

    46. Behzod Hasanov

      Lukaku cooked the food, delivered in a silver spoon and Sanchez just swallowed it easily.

    47. virenus bram

      Lukaku is really what striker we all wanted. Unselfish

    48. Sadman Raabith

      You start performing when you leave united 😞😩😭

    49. Einstain Klein Marthing

      Smells like United spirit

    50. Arman Dapubeang

      big Rome so great player

      1. pjd agt

    51. JalenM 6

      Hakimi is insane!!!

    52. Roba Doba Bob

      Fantastic to see both Milan sides at the top, pirlo has been exposed as tactically inept this season poor appointment from the board will regret sacking sari.

    53. Fajar Apriliyanto

      Lukaku almost become top score of assist.. i hope he can be top score goal and assist, hahahahaha...

    54. Sami Slay


    55. Sami Slay


    56. lachelnfarhan

      Lukaku ❤️ sanchez

    57. Yusuf Çelik

      Pezzella > all

    58. Yorumcu Tv

      lukaku is a great football player

    59. Julius Gitau

      Lukaku,what a player

    60. Lance Musiza

      when people say lukaku has no speed I wonder what the are talking about

    61. MaxpowerAF7

      Sanchez moved like he did back at Arsenal in both goals, his reaction to that loose ball was that killer instinct we haven't seen in forever and his run alongside Lukaku is something we didn't see at United. Sanchez looks like he's finding himself again and one can't help but be excited when a world class player starts to reappear when they're needed.

    62. Thulani Mlauzi


    63. sany satrio wibowo

      mature lukaku

    64. Nash

      Lukaku is best suited for Serie A He s thriving at inter... happy for him

    65. Pain For ever


    66. kartik ray

      Now Real Madrid know the price of great achraf Hakimi😎

    67. Faruko👍👍

    68. A K

      Thank u MU

    69. Egeberk Güllü

      I came here to watch highlights of the real champion! LUKAKU WHAT ARE YOU DOİNG?


    71. Amit Orko

      Lukaku assists and alexis scores a brace. meanwhile man utd are drawing against 3rd class teams

    72. DRDR3ADSA

      Getting rid of Lukaku and Sanchez was a mistake. We just needed a manager that knows how to play them

    73. Ricardo Kaka

      Wow all the premier league rejects teaming up to win Serie A

    74. Barry Kam

      Sanchez is back!!!

    75. joaquin contreras zepeda

      Wn cuando veo un partido de alexis y juega bien , ya sea asistiendo o haciendo el gol , orgullo chileno wm

    76. sahin_inter _official

      👉🏻 B R A V O 👏🏻 👍🏻 I N T E R 🐍🖤💙⚫🔵⚽🏃🏻‍♂️🏆🥇💪🏻

    77. Maburro Lacaga

      Alexis Sanchez and Lautaro are the Best ; )

    78. Solomon Bondzi

      The Man U players are shining

    79. Sandhi Rachman


    80. Awesome or random staff

      I can feel the title

    81. Yuli R

      Alexis 👏

    82. Yuli R

      Lukaku 👍👏

    83. Richard Smith

      Only a matter of time before Bayern or Barca come in for Hakimi if he carries on like this.

    84. rama rambo

      Sanchez still got something!

    85. Akmad Siap

      Alexis goals just like he's goal when at Arsenal.

    86. spanich channel بالعربية


    87. Xan Uly

      Лукаку Громила

    88. Raihanau Akter

    89. Rio Lupeta

      Lukaku unselfish player💪

    90. Dell Dell

      Next season Inter must buy some Players to backup Lukaku,Perisic, and one more midfield

      1. Hugoumero

        actually i think perisic will leave inter next season

    91. jane alam

    92. 100 тысяч подписчиков

      Друзья,посмотрите,пожалуйста🙏🏻на канале есть видео про другие команды

    93. CLIPPED

      Conte once a Juventus man going to hopefully win the Serie A for Inter Milan🙏 Lukaku had so much to still do on the 2nd goal Conte has made him an overall BEAST

    94. Javier Robles

      Grande Alexis 🙌⚽

    95. CLIPPED

      Miss this Alexis reminds me of the beast that was at Arsenal... Form is Temporary Class is PERMANENT 🙏

    96. panji kresnoaji

      Lukaku is a beast. He has speed, balance, shot power, finishing.. just wow

    97. Will Hod

      This shows how poor the Italian league is when you have a washed up Sanchez scoring, Ashley young and darmian getting games and a nearly 40 year old man being one of the top goal scorers

    98. Francisco Arteaga

      Sanchez Sanchez just give him more minutes....

    99. Nihal Mundery

      Alexis ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    100. Tonipatos Ferataj

      Inter vafankulo