Pat McAfee Reacts To Kyle Van Noy Being Released By The Dolphins

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    Kyle Van Noy is a big friend of the show. Hope that he can land somewhere that he will be appreciated
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    1. Josh Dupee

      Reason number 100,001 that the Patriots will continue being a big boy NFL team despite 1 down year out of 22.....and why the fins are a joke.

    2. P4T21CK K1NG

      I can't wait to read about mcafee's fatal drunk driving crash. It can't happen soon enough

    3. Not BuyingIt

      6 sacks, 3 in one game. The first 4 weeks, he and Lawson were fold up furniture against the run. Wish him the best. He got paid for his one year. Kudos.

    4. Oscar S

      He’s back with the Patriots

    5. abood kram

      Back home

    6. Michael

      “We had spoke” is not English.

    7. Michael

      Back to the Mothership in Foxboro

    8. Jonski Nasjonski

      Now he's back to the patriots.

    9. Vpureshrxp_yt

      Back with the Patriots

    10. Kentucky Basketball

      Who’s here after Patriots got him

    11. David Trahan

      Welcome Back Kyle! New England missed ya

    12. Maxximus WS Holt

      Who’s here after he went back to New England

      1. Otto

        Yes sir 👏👏👏

      2. 70Sevn


      3. Vpureshrxp_yt

        Yup lol

    13. Bradley Weas

      I'm A Dolphin Day 1 and way l hit got girl doing a Back Bend,B.Mckinney Better 55 Top 5 MLB since been ln League,and don't give me that oh but he been injured,in what a player never been injured during career playing.

    14. Lynn Parnell

      -Another excellent player the Lions let go.

    15. Jiquez Green


    16. flammableghost

      lotta teams in cap hell, I doubt he'll find a deal with the numbers and years he wants. Return to NE one year deal make himself look nice and pretty for the next offseason when more teams won't be struggling with the cap.

    17. paul jenkins

      I don't get this move. Van noy can cover and blitz. He's a solid 3-4 outside linebacker. I'm guessing it's the big contract.

    18. G3rvin

      Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah would be a great replacement if he falls to 21

    19. ZachTromp

      Love van noy but have you watched him try to run sideline to sideline? hes too expensive for a run stopper (captain) Ill take Jerome Baker and Van Ginkel ... maybe even Lavonte David? Maybe draft one of the 3 great young fast hybrid linebackers that will go in the first round? In a division with josh allen.. our best LBs cant get toasted by slot guys and running QBs all game

    20. Travese Bradley

      Back to the Lion's.

    21. CrowTears

      Phins might live to regret that one idk

    22. Richard Wolfe

      Dumb..he was a leader.

    23. Miles Easton

      Saints need a QB but 👀👀👀

    24. 01 old sub2

      The voiceless ex-husband ordinarily travel because servant remarkably name save a rustic behavior. nosy, rabid mosquito

    25. Matthew Bowe

      Pat looks way too much like Jake Paul and that’s not a good look pal

    26. Guerrin Rogers

      He going to Houston probably though

    27. Guerrin Rogers

      I wonder if Flores fought for him

    28. Guerrin Rogers

      Cmon back to the Boro

    29. AS J

      I'd rather have Van Noy and Goodwin as opposed to just Barrett.

    30. Cliff VanBuren

      Been a fan since I was 4. Im 42 now. Yeah it's a headscratcher!

    31. Matt Hess

      Van noy is an average linebacker making 14 mil for a team that potentially might be bringing in a qb that brings a huge contract with him

    32. noah frank

      God is good

    33. jrad410

      He’s one of those players that Belichick really knows how to maximize. I could see him back in NE

      1. New England Patriots News

        @Eman Paul I could maybe see Uche giving his number to a vet like KVN. Not sure otherwise though.

      2. Eman Paul

        @New England Patriots News what jersey number you think he will wear I say #57 since Jose have #53

      3. New England Patriots News

        @jrad410 Yep plus hopefully this will fix are run defense which was inconsistent last season.

      4. jrad410

        @New England Patriots News great pick up. Pats are gonna be able to throw some crazy blitzes with all these LBs

      5. New England Patriots News

        Called it!

    34. DetroitWinger

      Van Noy back to Detroit with MCDC. Heard it here first.

      1. Eman Paul


    35. Kaleb Sterler

      Raiders need him

    36. Lion Heart

      Bet Tom has already spoken to him👍🏻 Also wouldn't surprise me if Amandola is also in the waiting for when time is right then BOOM Buccs Dynasty cemented and maybe even a perfect season? Daaaaamn

    37. Gabriel Fernandez

      what they don’t know is that June 1st when they fully cut Van Noy we get more cap space

    38. Dustin Brown

      Love me som KVN53

    39. Alyssa Macinnis

      back to the lions???

    40. Recon2g

      Kyle is coming to Tennessee!

    41. Ryan Stevens

      Watch van noy bounce to the cards

    42. Ken Hoang

      Back to Pats.

    43. Gabriel Fernandez

      im so sad man

    44. Darnell

      He walked away with 42 million. Breakdown: 30 guaranteed and 12 for signing. On just one year and this is in a no income tax state.

    45. SuperLooey

      Would love em in the Chargers

    46. Freddie Keith

      With players been cut to save money and some are still good players and the way they do most QB’s contracts by signing one and two years early and still not getting in to their new big money till after the one & two years left runs out and they are getting cut I’d say that will be the next thing players will stop signing contact like that any more cause when they get to the year to start getting that new big money they get cut and never make that big money cause you know if they get signed by another team their pay will start going down

    47. Joe Moransais

      They like Andrew van gunnel

    48. Christian Barile

      30 mill for a one year deal😂😂

    49. Bronze56K

      Let’s bring him back to Detroit! He just didn’t fit the scheme at the time. This could be a good fresh start for him with a new culture.

    50. Tyler Curran

      Back to the lions

    51. Steve Oltjenbruns

      Cap casualty. Phins are also rumored to be pursuing Aaron Jones. He wants 15 mil per year.

    52. robert gardner

      Reunite with Patrick graham in new york

    53. Peter Harris

      He's only 29 years old. Wtf?

    54. Peter Harris

      Kyle Vannoy is a pro bowl type player. That's crazy. Is he old? I feel like he's in his prime still. Very versatile player

    55. runituprenzoo


    56. Scott Jackson

      Van Noy got $15 million guaranteed, the other 15 million was only if he was injured! 15 million is just to much per year for him IMO

    57. Tublis Vaj

      Safe? What safe aj? Aaron Rogers is a first ballot hof and mvp this year and he is not even safe 😂😂😂

    58. Eric the Great


    59. Ralph Rex

      Oldest player on the D, carried a hip injury, spent a night in freakin hospital after a game, $14m for a guy to sit on IR is best avoided.

      1. Luke Sparkman

        @big con 3 of those sacks came against the bengals horrible line.

      2. big con

        He had 6 sacks, 70 tackles, and 2 fr?

    60. Jdrich

      Bro the beginning they talking about dude like he died 🤣

    61. Ethan Howard

      Same old Dolphins? They were a 10 win team last year...

    62. EnvyDnl

      Von miller anyone🤝

    63. Brett Maurer

      He's coming back to Detroit. Let's get it.

    64. Tharen Gore

      So he can be a Packer is what we are saying...

    65. mandalorion

      Fuckin' shame. FinsUp.

    66. pie man

      I want to see him go to Dallas, but I know a lot of teams need him

    67. Steven Campbell

      I hope the browns pick him up like they need some good linebackers and a leader like him heck yeah

    68. Aaron Nichols

      I definitely wouldn't mind Kyle vanoy to the colts that would be an awesome addition.

    69. Dominick Rinaldi

      up and down play all season, he played "ok"... good but not worth what he was being paid.

    70. SB Last

      Snuck in the Ace Ventura reference. Nice.

    71. EnderYeah

      If you're another team's GM, what are you giving up for three years of KVN at $10/year?

    72. EnderYeah

      Hes your leader but you can save $10M. Tough.

    73. EnderYeah

      KVN, come back to the Pat's! We need you!

    74. Tristan Cooper

      I honestly think Van Ginkel will be a better, more versatile player than Van Noy. This comes as a surprise to me, but I understand the move when you have Gink, and the thought process of moving on a year too early rather than a year too late.

    75. Antonio Mora

      He's what the rams need at linebacker

    76. Billy Roy Smith

      Van Noy would be great for Packers who need defensive help.

    77. noobypignar

      Buffalo gonna need a replacement for milano

    78. Terry Paulson

      yes, Pats, Bucs, or Tenne all part of the original Patriots organization at one time. Pats have 80 million in cap space, chances Belichick would love to have him back and the other guy is Flowers with Detroit. Remember they were part of the great D three years ago when they beat the Rams in the SB. If Bucs have a problem signing their line backer core he would be a perfect fit also.

    79. Mick Crocodile Dundee

      Come on Green Bay!! Let's get it!! 😂

    80. Dylan

      He’s getting resigned by the patriots. I know more than y’all do. Trust me.

      1. Chevys Chevy

        Hope you’re right, despite you sounding like a complete D bag

    81. Nick Nash Beats

      van noy is great but Howard is the leader

    82. Future G.O.A.T

      The Miami texans

    83. Pastarocket 1098S

      Bad decision on Dolphins brass. Good player with great leadership. You can't have a complete defense without any veteran players. Going to be difficult to find a replacement that is as good or better for less money. Not to mention, now the continuity of the defense has been compromised.

    84. Lucas Adcock

      Two words, BALTIMORE RAVENS

    85. Rogue Matter

      Gumpy is in Spain without the S

    86. Adrian Forbes

      This move makes no sense at all.

    87. DJ Jcash

      Dolphins not even in the 305 we in the 954 baby!

    88. GODz Shadow

      As a Dolphins fan....I'm not surprised. We cut Brandon Marshal after a 1200 plus receiving yard season......🤷🏾‍♂️

    89. froodtube

      Dolphins surprised everyone by doing as well as they did last year and are perceived as "on the rise." Not because of their hyped QB Tago and their offense, but because their defense time and again got the turnovers if they didn't just outright score for the phins. Dolphins: Let's get rid of Van Noy.

    90. Carter Schell

      Van Ginkel out performed him and he’s getting older. Saved over 10 mil and have a backup equally as talented.

    91. Shamr0ck

      Hey I don’t want any part of that so called “dolphins fan” when B-Flo gets us to the SB

      1. Caden Prutz

        Y’all have a bright future with that defense and Tua.

    92. Caveman Lemons

      I’m betting on raiders.

    93. Nathan Fears


    94. Ray Finkle


    95. crowntrend

      Horrible move, im a die hard dolphins fan but this move does not sit right with me

    96. jtman04401

      Just the Phins doing the same ole Phin idiot crap.

    97. Blue Bird

      9:57.......... WhAt CaN u Do WiTh 10 million dollars Well if he's a Dolphins fan he should know that this new GM and Coach know what their doing. Plus he got outplayed by AVG (rookie contract) and Baker is on the last year of his contract. Apparently his 30 million guarantee is exactly guarantee

    98. Bill Tweedie

      Bring em to buffalo

    99. Papa Floopy

      ''Same old Dolphins'' He didn't play to the expectation he wanted them to play especially the amount they were gonna play him. He played good but not to their expectation The same old Dolphins use to break the bank for a star player even though they needed other pieces and still managed to be mediocre. Van Ginkel is playing at a top level even though we are not paying him as much. The dolphins don't care about the feelings of anyone. For the first time this front office is looking to building the best possible team and see what's the best for the team something that has not been looked into for the first time in years.

    100. Ted Milonski