Patrick Mahomes On Losing To Tom Brady Super Bowl LV (parody)

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    1. jose david

      😭😂💀, this just made my day!

    2. Luis Sang

      Mahomes said Tom Brady is one of the best Quaterbacks right now, That to me is disrespectful, I wonder what he thinks about that now?

    3. Eugene Chisolm

      Y'all tripping

    4. waves

      i died when he said papa brady stop hurting me 😂

    5. Jacob Bemiller

      “It’s supposed to hurt” 😂😂

    6. Hassan Abanur

      I don’t really like how everyone is making fun of Mahomes. He literally tried his best.

    7. Dyllan Graves

      I'm a die hard Chiefs fan all the way and I kniw for a fact we will come back from this we always do we just need to make smart picks and trades in the draft and we will be unstoppable

    8. football fan

      He looks irritated af

    9. ichiro armando rodriguez seki

      True but nobody asked u

    10. D’Naius Bates

      lol 😂 he said spank you

    11. HereIsWisdom 1318


    12. Steve Austin

      Tom Brady didn’t win because of what he did: Todd Bowles’s defense combined with KC’s missing three o-line starters was why they won. A full strength KC destroys Tampa Bay! #BradyIsASystemQB #Mahomes is the #GOAT

    13. Michael Tribbet

      He was the only one on his team that seemed to show up. Beinemy hurt his job prospects as well with his complete inability to, along with Andy Reid, adjust to Boles’ defensive scheme that day. They specifically continued to call plays that highlighted their weakened o line instead of plays that would have help them and Mahomes make up for the weaker players (I.e. run plays or get rid of the ball quick plays) You can win against a great team even when you have an injured o line, the niners did it all last year, and that was because Shanahan knew how to scheme around it

    14. XxHerodiexX

      Hello this is uhh Kermit the frog here 🐸

    15. Chimere.Dixon.

      Commentator dont give a fu

    16. Hunter Bull

      Congrats on Mahomes becoming a dad, Brady becoming a grandad, and Eli and Foles for becoming great-grandparents!

    17. Jams Monster

      What kid of question is this😂😂😂😂

      1. Cade McDowell

        It’s fake lol

    18. Andy Rodriguez

      Overrated, overpaid.



    20. Jamie Crockett


    21. InnerSloth


    22. Presley Zager

      Stfu that’s not funny

      1. Cade McDowell

        Yes it is.

    23. musicalmelodies

      *Bom Trady has entered *

    24. Gaiaca Service

      As a raider fan this is golden Brady and my team the only 2 to beat him this year priceless

    25. ITK Cubix

      This crap got me laughing hard🤣😂

    26. tyreek hill

      mahomes was abused by tom brady tom said dont dime

    27. TheGreatestMatt #1

      “You have to take in the hurt” - Pat “Kermit” Mahomes

    28. Bohemian Vibes

      People believe this is a real interview 🤣 They lack reading comprehension. I don't know what's funnier: people who believe this is real or this actual parody. 🤣 I love this content. Keep it up.

    29. blunt force

      It’s supposed to hurt🤣🤣🤣😭💀

    30. sanguis inimicus

      This is racist!!!!!!!!

      1. Cade McDowell

        What no it’s not. U have no sence of humor.

    31. Anthony Ambrose

      Sus as question

    32. nero

      mahomes is a better qb and way more versatile tom is slow but accurate his players can actually fucking catch and i feel like that rigged ass game should have been mahomes. accurate passing needs a lil more iq and better receivers. next year its all his

    33. Jarred Jay

      Wtf hahaha

    34. Thomas Dietz - WPM1C

      The people that get tricked by these things are so gullible lol

    35. Thomas Dietz - WPM1C


    36. No idea What's my name is

      Fuck mahomes glad this fuck lost


      At least he wasn't pouting and crying like Cam Newton 😭😭😭😭😭

    38. Wydeek Collier

      😂😂😂 please poppa Brady stop

    39. David Velasco

      Mahomes still young he's coming back it was a learning lesson 💯 by big bad Brady

    40. J M

      That reporter has a picture of Tom in his back pocket. He clearly has bn spanked by tom.

    41. Joeskate94

      What a troll reporter.

    42. Love one another as I have loved you Jesus Christ

      “Papa Bree” is not how you pronounce Tom’s name

      1. Pao Saelee

        He said Papa Tom Brady .

    43. Timothy Coleman

      So I guess when it comes to Brady, he gets all the credit for every fucking win no matter if his defense held the opposing offense to 9 points. But if his team loses, everyone is blamed but him right? It's never his fault. It's bullshit, he needs to be held accountable too.

    44. Elite

      This is the funniest shit I think I've ever seen in my life

    45. Curtis The man

      Breaking news: Tom Brady arrested for wining the Super Bowl in black history month

      1. Bohemian Vibes

        Sounds legit. Liberals would definitely do that.

    46. Josh Jacobs

      You idiot Pat is the G.O.A.T

    47. Thomas King

      Mahomes is great he’s just not Tom Brady The greatest. Except it Tom Brady’s a true champion. We need more people like Tom in this world. Period!

    48. Langston Raymond

      Hate you pat

    49. Shaya Shay

      Rigged game all day. Period!

    50. tripleeathletics

      Pat is a class act though! Dude could’ve been sour about the amount of times he had to run for his life, but did no such thing. Kudos to him...

    51. joshuwha

      How much did you pay the refs brady cheater!

    52. Philly Luke

      The craziest questions 😂😂

    53. kcw Home Improvement

      National Football Losers

    54. Rag Land


    55. Oscar Shoomer

      You know what hurts, that hair cut..

    56. Ikey Sanders

      That interviewer was very unprofessional but I'm glad the player was

      1. Bohemian Vibes

        It's a parody. You can't be this slow?

    57. Eric Bowling

      What kinda question is that !

    58. Ja'Mier Kittles

      Who like the bucks not me he dint cry he got uo an be a man so

    59. COLA

      Yo I think mahomes is depressed 😂😂

    60. Sam Stancea

      Toms defesne

    61. Dominique Holliday

      Papa brady 😂

    62. jp1234554321

      When reporters no longer fear ass kickings!

    63. jace c

      This guy ain't done. He's gonna be back stronger l, wiser, and better

    64. Sebastian S

      I think everyone is stuck on Brady when really it was the defensive team that carried them to victory

      1. Bohemian Vibes

        Yes. That's what I'm saying.

    65. Michael Pollock

      Weird analysis no pun intended

    66. DrippyPanda 07

      If we are being real that was the worst referees I have seen in a long time. And if we being real the NFL will not allow TB to ever loss.

    67. Geo Leo

      The refs are the real Mvps in this game

    68. Comp

      Papa Brady😭😂😂

    69. Mr. Murphy

      Obviously that wasn’t an actual interviewer 😂 but he’s right. They did get bent over

    70. Brooklynn Donnelly

      That is totally right

    71. El Teco

      Fuck the chiefs and Kermit mahomes

    72. vLone

      nobody’s talking about the fact patrick mahomes bit his lip lmaoooo

    73. ItzCASH KID

      Plz papa Brady stop hurting me wtf?

    74. Kai Chiarenza

      Dat boy SUS

    75. AirPodUser 223

      Bro don’t do that to him man 😂 I’m team bucs but still man you trolling the prince

    76. Miguel Delara


    77. Neal Armstrong

      this guy's a dick for even saying that. Why didn't he bring up the fact the Streaker ran more yards than their entire offense and he's the only one that made it that a touchdown zone 😂😂😂

    78. Caleb Ryman

      It sounds like Brady talking though

    79. Scott Colegate

      Give him and team a break I mean back to back Superbowl



    81. Rude Rocky

      Shit wasn’t even funny.

    82. Rade Esports

      Dang why tf is he so disrespectful for? He’s already hurting a lot

    83. Goik THA GREAT

      Mahomes looking drugged out

    84. Brandon Dickson

      Lmfao gtfoh that's genius hahahaha

    85. Marquion

      He needed help out there and he’s knows that but he’ll never put his teammates down over it.

    86. Eitan Lasry

      Brady spanked mahomes. Nah shaq barret JPP sue and vea spanked mahomes

    87. David Abrams

      Except Tom didnt even play that well. Get off his jawn.

    88. Joel Taveras

      Atleast he got 1, which is more thn a lot of players can say

    89. Joel Taveras

      The first question was stupid!

    90. Peter Phrampton

      The chiefs were favored because the talking heads said mahomes was great under pressure and brady wasn't.

    91. Davi

      Papa Brady Bunch...this is so stupid 🙄

    92. ILuvXFootball

      Did this nigga just say Papa Brady 😂

    93. Ayden Josiah Gaumer

      That was gay asf why

    94. Nick Mercado

      That's not real lmfao

    95. Isaac Ilaiu

      Whoever the interviewer is he is very arrogant disgustingly disrespectful and probably has never play any sport in his entire life either professionally or non professionally doesn't know what a feeling of defeat feels like. Just the sarcastic way he asked his stupid question was unprofessional and he should be fined 😡

    96. Video Ezy

      hes still a pup hes gunna be one of the greatest for years to come

    97. Nott Mark

      I stg this shi is so dumb

    98. Gunboy 529

      Oh my god look its Stephen curry's daughter

    99. W S

      They whooped Tom the year before so......

    100. Team Visions

      Lmaooo I thought that was real at first 😂