The Hoof GP

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    Follow my life on farms in south west Scotland, working not as a veterinarian, but as a professional hoof trimmer.

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    1. Harriet Smalls

      I'm still trying to understand how the hoof bleeds when it doesn't have nerve endings.

    2. Debra Lynn Teal

      Thank GOD you are there to help them, I had no idea that hoofs could get in bad shape like you have shown me ,good job. Thanks for making the videos

    3. Dodge76

      Brill as per norm guys, it's such a relief when we see such great results

    4. Sidney Rulo

      Poor girl. How hard is a cows hoof? When your cleaning you make it look so easy.

    5. Miss Wrenchinitup

      So happy I can watch your videos again

    6. Linda Quinteros

      Graeme how do you know when wrapping is needed instead of just cleaning and iodine spray

    7. Sparts

      Why’s it not wrapped Graeme?

    8. Rudi Kraus

      Well, that problem which the cows have are just exists cause they are standing in their own shit all day long? Because making big profits is more important as nursing or taking care of the animals like species-appropriate housing how the farmers do in the end...?

      1. alistair clement

        @Rudi Kraus Standing in rain soaked pastures isn't good for them either, potentially, it's MUCH worse.

      2. Rudi Kraus

        My granny and granpa got a big farm also with Land many ha. And the got same Probleme with their cows. In my opinion they should bring them outside and just in for milking them. Better as ständig with infected feet in their own shit.

      3. alistair clement

        Plenty of cows get hoof abscesses without being kept indoors, don't pretend you know what you're talking about.

    9. Lucas França

      Auto subtitles for português (Brasil) please! Thank's.

    10. Leilani Z

      If you totally lose the hoof, my dog will take it

    11. Luis Eduardo Sandoval Lopez

      Me Gusta mucho lo que ase pro noce ingles i pues sería bueno k colocaras letras para entender

    12. Samm Eaton

      Does it hurt the animal when you go over one the sores?

    13. Callum Brown




    15. Kiara Moten

      I have a question that’s probably been answered before. Why don’t you dig out/clean out the abscess? I’ve noticed everyone usually leaves it there

      1. Sharona Maynard

        He does

    16. Francis Medina

      God bless you and the wonderful job you do for these beautiful animals

    17. Darianny Veras

      I sometimes ask my self why I watch this knowing that I have a fear of blood

    18. Mölker Stalin

      i live on a farm my dad does this all the time i have seen it so many times and still almost pukes xd

    19. Shenna Lim

      Genuine question from a townie - why doesn't all the dirt and what looks like manure get washed off before any work is done. Doesn't having all that crud around increase the risk of infection?

      1. Lian Trowbridge

        I'm not an expert by any means, so this is just an idea, but if a cow is in muck all day and is just going back to the muck afterwards, cleaning seems a little pointless, maybe the cows have evolved past that. in standard videos of his where he's just trimming, most of the bottom muck gets shaved away anyways. unless there's a serious problem, then I've seen him clean and disinfect them.

    20. Jeffrey Tong

      I don't know what or how a cow's foot is formed. So bless this veterinarian for his expertise, and for healing this cow without pain.

      1. Jeffrey Tong

        Whatever his title, his skill in healing this cow is incredible.

      2. Sharona Maynard

        He's actually not a Vet. He's a professional cow hoof trimmer.

    21. julia Fox

      It’s funny to hear you call them the “claw” I’m used to horses, but I guess two toed animals are more like claws than hooves. I guess it helps to not just say “hoof” a hundred times in a row.

    22. Christoper Dasent

      I saw what he.did there 00:10

    23. Tequan Rush

      I'm sure that hurt

    24. Treie Yay

      man that is horobl

    25. Sean Coombes


    26. Sis C

      The fact that you specifically asked to see her to make sure she was doing well melts my heart it shows that you really care about all your patients!

    27. Mary Phalen

      Thanks for the update on her condition. I know I can’t be the only one who, while waiting for the coffee to finish brewing this morning, idly wondered how cow 817 is doing...

    28. Taisha Pickering

      The Hoof GP: "so we can see there's some congealed pus just there" me watching this in the bath drinking a can of pop: looks closer

      1. Sharona Maynard

        That's living the life


      *_I gained so much weight during covid & if i had kept going like that i'd need a crusher to get my shoes on. I flew to Dublin from Oklahoma to be with my parents who i was convinced were going to die along with every other older person in the world because of their age. [that didn't happen] so all my brothers & sisters are below 45, i'm 39 & both parents in their late 60's. Thankfully the world didn't end but due to flights been cancelled, lock downs etc, i decided to finish out 2020 there so i wasn't as active as i usually am. My wife & kid's looked after the homestead~We have 360 acres but most of that is woods, so its really just an area the size of a couple of football fields that is worked with miles of woods around us. We got a pasture, 2 barns, some sheds & our home, all inside of electrified honeycomb fencing to keep out the coyotes, bobcats & even the odd mountain lion [plus some bears i hear but doubt it]. So my boys have done great. I just knew they would use up a ton of our .556 & 7.62 ammo out muckin about but i cant complain, the walk-in freezer is half full. Grrrr_*

    30. Som Halder

      He should be allowed to administer anastasia.. poor animals... they feel pain..

    31. Cindy Davis

      When a cow has 2 blocks, would they have the “first time in high heels” wobbly walk? Or do they notice any difference?

    32. CSX2586 Rail Rider Raby

      Man your killing me you got to start hitting them with peroxide we want TOO SEE THE FoAmmmMM. Bet views would jump too

    33. cathiker

      I never in a million years would have had any idea how interesting this is.

    34. Юрий Большаков

      Таким образом он себе вырежет ляшку на сосиски,помаленьку,помаленьку и корова без ляшки.

    35. Mary Kidd

      I notice that most of the work you do is on dairy cattle. Are dairy cattle more prone to hoof problems or are you in an area where dairy cattle are more populous?

    36. Morgan Hofmann

      *Looks at chunk of peeled off detached hoof* “Nice!”

    37. Игнат Верхотуров

      Ничего не понятно, но очень интересно....

    38. SGC1972 gleaton

      How is your hand doing?

    39. LINDA Scott

      She looked like she was going to dance

    40. phyllis moore

      I love these videos of yours. 👍🏽 The production and editing is very good and your enjoyment Brings is joy! 🤗✌🏽❤️

    41. Raxxla Smaxxla

      I liked the music on this one 👌

    42. Johnny Baughman

      Great job.. Love your videos

    43. Xx MythicalMemerXx

      finally. an asmr without sound.

      1. Xx MythicalMemerXx

        idk what about u this sounds like an asmr

    44. Malice

      Thanks for keeping me company in the recovery room for abdominal surgery. So soothing to watch a cow become a lot less painful. All I can say for me is thank the powers that be for painkillers. Love from the Canadian prairies

    45. Ann’s Warm Fuzzies

      There is a soap maker on DEfasts (I Dream In Soap) that always uses “Way way back” in her videos. It was very confusing to me to hear this song on your video as well! I had to look twice to make sure I clicked the right video! 😁 Love the follow-up video! Thanks for taking us along.

    46. Tracy Dimond

      That is cringe worthy, and as a cna I've helped nurses tend decubitus wounds on the elderly. 😵

    47. Danielle C

      I'm new here... My eyes are bulging out of my head.... Wth? Holy crap!! How can you just scrap away her hoof?! (I'm just shocked.... Not actually questioning your work. I know you know what you're doing.)

      1. Sharona Maynard

        Hoof is like fingernails. It doesn't hurt to scrape the horn.

    48. klemice

      Thank you very much for the follow up video!



    50. Dean Billman

      Pro tip: you’re reading this comment

    51. Megan Exelby

      What I wanna know is... do you often get cases where the foot (and therefore the cow) just cannot be saved? (And hello from NZ... not gonna lie, I dont like cows - I'm a horse and sheep person! - bit I doooo love watching these videos!)

    52. Rick Newman

      You sir are amazing,

    53. Ekaterina Galeeva


    54. Ruth Bullough

      Can I ask what is the name of the song and artist you use as your theme tune please, thanks x

    55. Kamaljit Dhesi

      What is that red stuff you sprayed

      1. Hawkblood

        Iodine, he also said it

    56. Gitte Hansen

      Another cow loves him ❤

    57. talkingalwayz

      Awwwww poor girl, i cant imagine how much that hurt.. cows are so innocent.. ty for helping her!!!

    58. Susan Smith

      Would a touch of “magical paste” help? Or just iodine to help harden and dry it up?

      1. alistair clement

        There's no infection, so I would think just iodine will be fine.

    59. Justine Truelove

      Graeme, please do a video with your full Scottish accent!!! Can't wait for the merch!

    60. lalaithgilanna

      Just the pick-me-up I needed after the day I had. Glad the dairy farmers and you were there to look after her!

    61. Brandon Morenzoni

      Always a pleasure watching these videos

    62. Bonnie Marron

      Another great video!

    63. Evelyn Rojas

      OooOooo! Thank you for the follow up, still looks pretty bad but definitely healing and in the right track! 👍

    64. Gary Martin

      Please give another update on this cow. We love watching the positive progressive videos. Thank you!

    65. lily turnquist

      I actually studied to understand ur vids more

    66. lily turnquist

      hello nice work

    67. poofykins

      how can they heal at all when they are walking in shit all day...that's soo unsanitary.

    68. M_L_E K

      QUESTION: How do you know when to do the paste and wrap and when not to do either? I was honestly expecting the paste.

      1. Sharona Maynard

        It depends if there is dermatitis or not

    69. S. B.

      i don't mean to be rude but her hoof is full of feces... could that lead to an infection??

    70. JT Corey

      What did they do for cows hooves before blocks and adhesive?

      1. JT Corey

        @Sharona Maynard Yes, blocks but instant set adhesive? What dId they do when adhesive took a long time to set?

      2. Sharona Maynard

        Well they have wooden blocks and adhesive has been around for thousands of years

    71. Heather Peters

      What an amazing difference to her hoof! I find myself making comments during the video such as "I'm very well pleased with her progress." You are a true gem and blessing to these cows and the farmers, Graeme!

    72. Einafets Irrep

      I honestly have no idea why I am watching this, never had cows, never will. But I am addicted and every time I watch your videos I feel better. Love your energy and the care for your "customers". Love from germany, keep going and all the best to you and your family in your new house. Looking forward to you having livestock of your own.

    73. Adam Bradley

      It really is heartwarming to see how much you care Graeme 👍

    74. Boe Dahlia-Harvey

      With every video of yours that I watch I’m more and more grateful that people like you are out here looking after farm animals.

    75. Darice Norburn


    76. Joan Hazlewood

      When do you spray with Iodine and when do you use Embryonic paste?

    77. juan muñoz

      Porque no le colocan dos de esas placas de plastico en todas las pesuñas para que no se lastimen

    78. Steven Vensko

      So this video showed up in my reccomended videos for some reason. I do not own any livestock and have never looked up anything remotely close to this video. Fast forward 45min later and Im on my 3rd such video, they're just so fascinating lol 😆

    79. igor

      Cow in high heel

    80. Peanut Oreo


      1. alistair clement

        @Peanut Oreo But the foot will be straight back in the slurry when he lets her go, plus what is on the hoof, is long gone by the time he reaches the infection.

      2. Peanut Oreo

        @alistair clement Because poop is unsanitary and if the cow has an infected hoof, the poop on its hoof could prevent healing.

      3. alistair clement

        The cow doesn't care, so why do you?

    81. Honey BlossomAU

      That’s just lovely ! 😊

    82. Tiny Tony Maloney

      Brilliant work, I bet Mrs cow showed off her new stiletto to her friends afterwards. 😀😀 Assuming Pt III will be in a fortnight then???

    83. Sarah Price

      Somewhere in my mind, “horn” is inherently indestructible. So these videos continuously blow my mind. And I find the notion of cows in high-heels terrifically amusing (even if that isn’t technically the case). On behalf of everyone (of any species) who has ever suffered from severe foot pain, thank you!

    84. Oriya Vianne

      oh god poor baby girl :( that one made me cry

    85. Cracker !

      At 2:33 "THAT'S A KEEPER"!!! Anybody like gold?

    86. Mark-Fredrick Bradley

      I can hear the empathy you have for the animals in your care...... Crack on and good job mate!

    87. Sam de Jesus

      Do you have to disinfect your tools between cows?

    88. GusChiggins

      That was hard to watch but damn, you're a miracle worker.

    89. Aimee

      So good to see how much you help these girls

    90. Dawn Mason

      Glad she is recovering so well. I'm sure you save a lot of cows a lot of lain being so diligent, not to mention vet bills & time.

    91. Barry Rhoads

      When I owned cattle and one got to this state, which mine rarely did. Why? I didn't overload my facilities where the cows walked around in that soupy shitz all day. After trimming and block put the cow on some dry ground and don't let her walk around in that god awful mess 24/7. The most amazing thing i see in this video is that every cow doesn't have some sort of foot issue.

    92. Iris Gallati

      Hey Mr. Hoof GP 😃 I have thougt a little time about whether writing this comment or not. Recently stumbled over an older one of your videos, where you were still using the WPOA crush. Since then, a lot has changed! The New Appleton Steel, you wearing face shields for protection, Craig working with you, the renovation of the house.... When you look back at those less recent videos, you might ask yourself, how you managed to get so much work done under these conditions, and you must feel very happy, about things having turned so much to the better for you, and having the Appleton. There is one thing, that hasn't changed though. Despite trimming discs are getting sharper and more aggressive every day, there is no more security measures for your fingers, which are closest to your most powerful cutting tool, the grinder. Or at least, I haven't been able to spot any. As you told us in the last streamed video, you once had an accident with the grinder, and that your hand (also the recently burnt one) has properly healed up : Can you try to keep your hands in this good shape and maybe weld a bar, or something, which would restrict your fingers sliding into the grinders disc? I know it might be difficult to attach to the grinder's handle. But I hope, it is possible to do, without it bothering you whilst modelling out the insides of the claws. When I have a look at your new videos, this is the only thing that I am left worrying about. Stay safe, over there on the green island! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    93. John-Paul Silke

      I bet making and editing these DEfasts videos has helped become better at his job.

    94. welshpete12

      You really do care !!!

    95. blklbluvr

      I’m curious about trimming the horns. Was this done a hundred years ago? Or is this done now because they walk on cement and hard surfaces now and not open fields and dirt barn floors?

      1. Jesababe Luxx

        I’m curious to though he has trimmed ones who have never been on cement and they still got issues

    96. zavatone

      A cow's* foot. It's the foot of the cow. Use a possessive noun, not a plural.

      1. alistair clement

        To be fair, he wasn't expecting a visit from the grammar police.

    97. Laurie Grimmett

      Amazing job! That makes me so happy to see an animal not in pain and doing well. You do such an amzing job and really care.

    98. eric saliot

      the cow does not hurt?

    99. Sophie Collard

      Thank you so much for sharing! I appreciate knowing how she is!

    100. Enduro Bike

      spoko gra