Pet me Human,why did you stop?😂

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    We all knows that dogs love to get pet.It''s gives them so much happiness.Try stop petting them for a while and see what will happen next.Send us your videos by tagging us in Instagram #germanshepherd24
    This is exclusive video by Cooper,the Lovely German Shepherd 💖
    All credit goes to Cooper and his owner! Check him out on Instagram here 👉 coopergthegsd?hl=en 👈
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    1. rafaela gonzalez

      OMG that angel face, so cute!! 💕💕💕💕💕

    2. Brent Delong


    3. yo yups

      He is checking newtons third law...

    4. Sayan SenGupta


    5. Rage jun No Videos

      He lost his\her Hand that day.. Poor Hooman..

    6. West Rail 642 The Atomic Train


    7. lamLegend

      Miss my doggie

    8. Ayush Shukla

      Nice Alligator you have there

    9. Irish Boi

      *Stops petting* Doggo.exe has crashed

    10. Aloe Vera

      0:03 how your friend look at you when the rollercoaster stop mid way

    11. Russel Stephan

      DEfasts algorithms wonders will show me this video again when my grand kids are born

    12. Crls

      G O O D B O Y

    13. Priyadarshan Krishna

      He deserves a 👏👏👏👏👏

    14. ching keh wai


    15. Mr Doge5000

      the dogs FACE LOL

    16. Astro Boy


    17. Story Writer

      Dogs are better than cats!

    18. Superlative CG

      We pet pets yet we don't people people.

    19. uBerKinD -

      P E T M A C H I N E B R O K E

    20. JimmyFoxhound

      Ok that was hilarious!!! 🤣🤣🤣 That is one BEAUTIFUL dog!

    21. Diane Thompson

      Demanding little dog!💖😄

    22. Mikko Häkkinen

      Heckin lag!

    23. Christ vargas

      So much expression on their face.

    24. Fool of a Took

      “Coopergthegsd” is his Instagram give it a follow if you want to see more of him

    25. Narendhar Kumar

      Doggo derpy.

    26. Night Wolf

      That might be the most beautiful long-haired on the

    27. Marco Polo

      Look at those eyes. 🤣😂🤣😂

    28. gls600

      Watdamatteru hooman?

    29. Valentino

      Before 1 million views

    30. jonas15 Jonas

      Such a beautyfulllllllllllllllllllll



    32. Ark Chan

      Ma hooman broken 🤣

    33. Rahul Sands

      If u watch closely, u can see him trying to use the force on the hand!!

    34. Kanden

      Doin me an anticipate!

    35. Cecil K


    36. Espen Ekeberg

      This was awesome, see you guys in 10 years.

    37. Stonewall18 God

      Off topic but his teeth are fabulous😁❤️🐾gorgeous pup🤗

    38. ItalianoVeroAceHigh

      Dog: any second now.....any second now.....

    39. Chris Ferris

      Why did you stop!?

    40. Aneetta Dominic

      Did this machine stop working?

    41. Umang Joshi

      I wanted DEfasts to recommend this video to me 10 years later.

    42. Vadim Gorelov


    43. Anna Baù

      Che coccolo !!!!

    44. Dragonrabbit

      that look of confusion and betrayal 😂

    45. TNT

      Haha, what a beautiful doggy!!!! I would love to pet those soft ears!!!!

    46. Amanda Davies

      Aww gorgeous dog.

    47. Penny King

      There is nothing in this world that compares to fur baby love! My smile for the day! ❤🐾❤

    48. Candis


    49. z z

      Just gorgeous dog.

    50. Mark Cassidy

      Good human... this is nice... WHAT THE FLUFF!!! I DIDN'T SAY STOP... pat me, pat me, PAATTT MEEEEE

    51. 아르 자형

      Dog: my head not finished petted, keep go NNAOOWWWWW

    52. Adel the moderator

      Some dogs would see it as a sign of war

    53. Pritesh Govindji

      0:03 is when doggo.exe has stopped working 🤣🤣🤣

    54. Pauline Burton

      I wish that dog was mine

    55. tornistan

      hooman.exe has stopped working

    56. sblinder1978

      Shep: "Human.exe has stopped working"

    57. Michael D

      Soo sweet..

    58. JBW

      So cute

    59. Sai Soujanya Munukoti

      Petting.exe has stopped working. Reboot with a lick

    60. Coldwynn Frost

      That was so typical shepherd.

    61. GateCrasher

      He looks like Bigfoot lol

    62. Mumu

      Trop mimi cet amour pouces en bas des connards

    63. hazelwood55

      That dog has got some REALLY white teeth.

    64. metalore

      eye muscles need exercise too

    65. s

      german shepherds have such character - I have one and he's the most mischievous creature around

    66. ruthe.e

      Aaw ❤️ hugs🙏

    67. p young

      He's like, are you broken

    68. Abhinav Ajay

      I predict that this video will get 100m views in 5 years Who all agrees with me 👇

    69. Hasib Turjo


    70. Fred Pagniello

      Cooper: Hey, did I give you permission to stop? Keep on petting me, hooman. My vids pay the Bill's around here.

      1. Fred Pagniello

        That's bills. Stoopid hoomans are their autocorrect.


      Let me PET him please !

    72. Bulle de Rêve


    73. Irving Washington

      It takes a pet like no problem. No afraid at all. That's a great dog right there.

    74. AJ Sweeney


    75. TheHandz DaHandz


    76. Rheyah Videos

      Why oh why human lol

    77. KermitNat0r

      Stop this nonsense you insolent hooman

    78. TheAnia7001

      Wonderful dog, looks exactly like my Max, but he's no longer with us😞

    79. Aaron Henderson

      My FIRST pet was a Shepard it tried to bite OTHERES unless I controlled its decision and deceptions so be wire now my pets

    80. Shagun Khandelwal

      🤣🤣😂, that's really so cute🥰🤣🤣

    81. shubham tamse

      For them, we are hoomans.. not humans.

    82. Luc Armyfool

      Doglove "24", could you make it at least 24 seconds in every clip then?! What is wrong with people today? If you can't even film your pets a minute a day you should not bother with animals...

    83. E3ECO

      My dog used to sit on my feet so I couldn't get away.

    84. G S

      What a beautiful dog!

    85. Phantom Works Studios ( PWS )

      I love easily you can confuse them by doing that xD :D

    86. Spookylady

      B A M B O O Z L E D

    87. Diana Gonzalez


    88. Gene Tilghman

      I was having a pretty bummed out day until I saw this and actually laughed out loud priceless

    89. Roger

      What a handsome boy.

    90. Jesus is King


      1. 101frustrations

        Jesus is King Go away.

    91. Vincent Pan

      Happy doggo Confuse doggo Bonk

    92. Kevin Morley


    93. Vandana Gandhi

      The reaction is priceless haha

    94. hhova29

      Why you gotta do that to the cutie 🥰. Now you owe em a hug and kiss also ❤️

    95. Richard Pow

      He was waiting for the beat, I mean hand to drop

    96. 1MinuteFlipDoc

      i would love to snuggle on the couch with that monster, watch a movie, and fall asleep.

    97. 1MinuteFlipDoc

      the eyes. LOL what are you waiting for?? Pet me pet me!!

    98. ǰąɲƹŁŁƹ ɦɨŁŁɨąřȡ -

      It feels crazy seeing their eyes

    99. Luckdragon's Lair

      Dog wondering why the software for the petting function in the human froze.