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Roman Atwood Vlogs

Roman Atwood Vlogs

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    Up for grabs in todays video is a brand new JEEP or Thirty Thousand Dollars CASH!! Jump in! - pCL7V5y2sg42/?igshid=1ke584k17za6h
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    1. Roman Atwood Vlogs

      Thank you for joining us on Chapter 3! Jump in on this.

      1. VX_ verified


      2. Juan Deras

        Where’s flash

      3. Bryce Mcdivitt

        Jeep for sure

      4. Beth N.

        Cash! Jeep would have too much tax!!

      5. Unknownx6

        @Bob The I thought it would have been much more interesting that did not cross my mind at all thanks tho

    2. Jake Evans

      Is the give away only for people in the US

    3. Beaming Lazar

      i would like the cash

    4. Christopher Pettway


    5. g0ldhunter17

      would pick cash..i have an apartment to pay :D

    6. Jacob Nelson


    7. Beaming Lazar

      I would like the cash

    8. MrJh2527

      So good to have you guys back.

    9. Karebarego_ crazy

      I can’t wait to see the kids room tour

    10. DJ Ling

      Atwood: Chapter 3 - Prologue Arc - Episode 2

    11. Kristen Brackenbury

      I would love either but I live in Australia ☹️

    12. Cole J

      This, This is right.

    13. JB GAMING1

      You can send me the jeep al the way to south africa 🇿🇦 it would be nice to have my first proper vehicle

    14. Endie


    15. darius antonio fischer fodor

      i would get the jeep and sell it for 40 k

    16. Matt McCoy

      It seems like yesterday when Zeus left us 😔😭

    17. Pretty BoyNoe

      Ayee just wanna say i genuinely don't need the money or the jeep so i just hope to who ever wins i wish yall the best💙

    18. حادي نجد

      cash , hope i am the winner

    19. Mitchell Hicks

      Glad to see your back, sucks I don’t have Instagram, otherwise I would enter. All the best to you and your family. Hope you to see you guys come out to Australia one day soon.

    20. Endie


    21. Endie


    22. Matthew Cursaro

      It’s good for them to be back

    23. Endie


    24. DeceitfulHawk0


    25. Janco Van Zyl

      I have the Jeep please the reason why I want it cuz I'm watching your channels all the time and you inspire all of us people that are watching you😎👍❤️❤️

    26. fearofdavid

      The phobic recess generically offend because reading multivariably guarantee after a typical drill. hilarious, freezing week

    27. Robert G

      Jeep, Jeep, Jeep!

    28. logan fisher

      cash becase i would like to buy something for my nan

    29. cup_ the_god


    30. shade salih

      Can u make a big come back, like every day vlog for a month?

    31. Lachlan Moore

      house tour house tour house tour!

    32. SaxoEmil 1


    33. Darcy Roberts

      I live in Australia, and I would pick the money to give some to mum/mom (for Americans) and the rest id spend on my dream game setup

    34. Simone Persson

      If I hade to chose I would go for the Cash 😁 becouse me and my bf are verry low on Cash right now 👎

    35. TheAluns

      None a few free t-shirts thanks 🙏

    36. Jason Lawley

      So dose this mean your back x

    37. Jack Roberts

      Nice Jag F pace SVR, we’ve had 5 ranges, gorgeous cars

    38. Beau Okines

      Where is flash

    39. torlap

      Roman what happened to flash 😭

    40. Toxic Alien

      I’d let my coin decide fo me 😩😩

    41. Ignacio Jimenez

      Where is flash ???

    42. Collin Pugh

      Whatever you do, don't forget about CLEETUS, when you raced him! XD but honestly though, watching yall go at it was great! I mean im from Columbus Metro too, but i am looking to move to central Florida!

    43. Oli McLean

      Where’s ur dog?

    44. Jonathan Cortes

      Let me have the 30,000 pleaseee

    45. 4a8_38_Yanjingkai

      Really would like the brief case 😂😂 I live like 10s of thousands of miles away.

    46. T3Dogg 9

      Cash lol

    47. B.Roa 23

      Didn't know Roman owns an f pace svr

    48. استاذ كريم


    49. Christian Stark

      Yesss you got a jag 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    50. Chris Linn


    51. Steven Barker

      Hi’s so nice to see you all so happy especially after the horrid year you went through.Great stuff guys.All the best from a wet London 🇬🇧

    52. Ram Patil

      Awsom vlog!

    53. Trēy Mc Sñākē

      Can’t wait to watch the new chapter I’ve been watching you guys since chapter two and I haven’t missed a video I love how happy your family is and hope my family could be like this 👑👑❤️ you guys are amazing beautiful and one of a kind

    54. Harry Northmore

      **The start of the vlog has brian almost tipping it** Me: Yeah this is a Roman Atwood vlog.

    55. Yaniel Santiago


    56. Bob Daniels

      Where is the Flash?

    57. Bɪᴀɴᴄᴀ ᴘ

      Im just happy to be here and watching whatever you want to show us !!! looking forward to Chapter 3 xx

    58. Dan is back

      I'll help you for $7k to pay off my debt throughout covid

    59. Gaming Bot

      What happend to the old house? :(

    60. LoganYt1

      If you dislike ur a hater

    61. Hammah Boi yessah


    62. Patrick Jurkić


    63. All Tingles ASMR 2

      And everything is okay with the Universe again.

    64. King Serg

      You can take a nice trip to Tucson AZ and give one of your biggest fans a new keep :)))))

    65. AlbinoZebra27

      My dude, Roman, before you post anymore heart wrenching cringe that even different dimensions don’t claim, please, for the sake of my own soul, just drop all your earnings, house, and savings into my account, therefore sealing the deal of me gaining unimaginable wealth in seconds and you to post no more vids.

    66. Jordan Newbury

      Where’s the fish tanks

    67. Sheldon Lee

      30k cold hard cash, saves the hassle of selling the jeep

      1. Sheldon Lee

        Sucks that hawaii can't win



    69. Kirke Brink

      What happened to the store and the fish tanks?

    70. Collin Pugh

      Also!!! How tf did you get Johnny Sins here in Cbus? XD

      1. Collin Pugh

        5:46 for Johnny Sins XXXD

    71. Hollie Arnold

      I love this !!!!!

    72. Chris 52637

      Where is flash

    73. MrSwazzz

      Been here since chapter one im taking jeeep!

    74. Kye Geaney


    75. Solly

      I missed you guys. Welcome back!

    76. Fiona Starkey

      I sub

    77. Liam KehoeYT

      JEEP !!!!!

    78. Mix Tube

      2021 just got so much better

    79. Lars Noordman

      Where is Flash??


      Cash cause I’m not from USA 😂

    81. oliver M

      I’d pick the jeep so I could give it to my granny

    82. Jorge Big Boi Escobedo

      In these days cash is needed more than a new jeep...

    83. JennaMay

      Roman I have been here since the end of chapter one. I love you all so much.

    84. Slayzz


    85. Megan Caldwell

      man I could use a jeep my transmission just went out

    86. Constructify

      Im super happy that the atwoods are back!

    87. GOLDEN_ FIST36

      Probably get the cash and give half to my mom

    88. Jude Baillie

      our prize is you coming back and still doing it. its been so long...

    89. Big Rob

      So glad y'all back love y'all ;)

    90. GamingLover 2005

      Will choose cash to pay off my dads debts

    91. haseeb khaliq

      cash for sure cuzz i dont live in usa

    92. Mohamad Ladan

      If I were to win how would the Jeep come to me in Lebanon 🇱🇧

    93. Frank D23

      I would take the $30,000 and go to Hawaii and open The Big Bad Blowfish lol

    94. Whendy

      Praying for a new beginning 🙌🏼🧿 Truly thank you for giving us all an opportunity!!!

    95. Flare

      Not gonna lie, as much as I'd need the jeep or the money, and as much as I love you guys , I know I don't have the odds. Even if I did, my profile does not have even the minuscule amount of following which I assume your advertisers wish. Even if I tried I probably won't get it. But keep up the great content. And honestly I would love to see you show inside company's like your families rope company (and other companies) as I aspire and am in school to be an entrepreneur.

    96. Bmx Bob

      I would fs pick the cash so I could help out my family.

    97. Trent Bowering

      What about flash 🙁

    98. KC askmelater

      Depends on which has lower taxes

    99. XD apple gaming

      Miss the old house but I'm happy your back.👍👍👍