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    1. PlainrockVlogs

      Favorite Pokemon game definitely was New Horizons

      1. Dave Hraje

        Mine was new leaf

      2. RadioActive

        You mean animal Crossing

      3. Mystic Shadow

        Yeah same

      4. Memes:0 R


      5. hux_x299


    2. Randunce

      “I hate monkeys” - plainrock124

    3. Danny Newton

      Watching him shredding Torchic breaks my heart and leaves me with depression

    4. Bendy And Puppet Studios!

      Atleast he got 97.92 percent of his hair back im happy

    5. Cole Chappell

      2:20 is just I hate monkeys

    6. Titan

      Hey plainrock why dont tou do eays to break amiibos

    7. Street Fighter 64 Power

      I’m kinda triggered

      1. Cole Chappell


      2. Cole Chappell


    8. EthanScrip’s COVID News Lol

      Most people probably f***ing hate you for this shame of the animal crossing switch but I like you smashing stuff keep up the good work king!

    9. The Anime Fan

      The shredder part made me cringe as a Pokemon Fan

    10. Flexible Paper

      You should have shredded all of the shinies and pretended to keep the pants ones lol

    11. Jayden Mitchell

      King has a mullet basically

    12. Avacado Noodles

      You know some of those cards are worth 80 bucks Jk

    13. TheAwsomezGamingz 632


      1. Cole Chappell


      2. Blue y sus amigos Alderete

        *Little Timmy in action*

    14. Dyllie

      you got super lucky cards make sure to take care of those cards

      1. Mynithical

        @dino man toy time Shut the hell up bro ur videos are like made by like a 6 year old, no cap I bet your as young as you say he is

      2. Dyllie

        @dino man toy time love you too 😘😘

      3. dino man toy time

        Shut up 6 year old

    15. Vladimir Stan

      Why did you cange the channel name to plainrock simple

    16. Shane Everett

      Bowling BALLS

    17. BlitzyYT


    18. Chintu

      Your normal videos are good and funny because I like seeing stuff I don't have destroyed but pokemon cards man that hurts . Its only my thought don't get angry

      1. Blue y sus amigos Alderete

        If You don't like it don't watch it 😒

    19. Pro1234 Baba

      Ur waiting your money and btw you can sell the Pokemon cards

      1. Giovanni Cardenas

        It’s his choice

    20. steven jürimäe

      Rule 34 furry was actually funny

    21. Ulas GAZI

      This video is just a throwback video.

    22. Rodrigo Lopes

      5:14 🤦‍♂️😂

    23. Wavy Joe

      Bro 😭😭😭 why

      1. Blue y sus amigos Alderete


    24. Tokyo pure

      are we gonna talk how he called foil cards shiny

    25. Mighty DBZ

      I'm sad he didn't get a froakie

    26. Franco Pantoja

      I know you can do better than this

    27. Aisyah amani loves fidget

      *accidentally obliterates save pile*

    28. ItzTRC

      Plainrock congrats on 800k on your vlog channel👍

    29. H1PP1E

      As someone who who doesn't give a shit about pokemon cards, I love seeing these destroyed.

      1. Schwelli Beef


    30. Wendy Matute

      What time do you think

    31. Brittany Stoffel

      Its a stereo type charzard and charmaders

    32. Brittany Stoffel

      Help me no aaaaa

    33. Gonçalo Castro

      wait....you hate monke????????!!!!!!!

    34. Apalled Hypno

      Why not use water type starters? We have: Ugly Looking Frog Another Ugly Looking Frog Ugly Looking Gecko (PRETEND IT'S NOT A GRASS TYPE OKAY) And a Sea Otter.

    35. Here’s Tyrone

      4:38 Plainrock124:another shiny charizard Me: when did you drop out of school

    36. The pop Bois

      Dont shred piplup so 🖕you

      1. Schwelli Beef

        @NotLifeisDANK no words

      2. NotLifeisDANK


    37. omglolroflhahaha

      i love mc donalds foot longs

    38. Gabe bro bro

      Mmm BIRD

    39. Gabe bro bro

      Wait for Monke clan to attack jk

    40. Blueidk Blueidk

      Congrat on hitting 800k on this channel

    41. kjhg asdf

      did you say that you already had a shiny charizard on a shiny charmander

    42. Naruto Uchiha. :D

      As a Pokemon fan watching this right now wishing I had these it's funny and I'm subscribed to him.

    43. L-T-K SPAZ

      i know matt stonie mad he needed a chemchar and king destroyed them rip matt

    44. Ken Man


    45. firefeelingsMoua

      Lol I hate monkeys

    46. G u r k yesh

      Indeed king it is a very nice selection

    47. Colton’s Theater

      Honestly what’s the point of Pokémon cards?

    48. Hubert Nicewicz

      Hey gus never gets old

    49. Allen Parker

      Imagine getting mad at him for destroying cardboard

    50. Ken Man

      Xbox ps5 pc nlntendo

    51. Diego Pineda

      Also congrats on 800k subscribers

    52. Wing Man

      2:20 POV ur in Alabama

    53. aaakarsh c

      Im crying

      1. Schwelli Beef

        But who cares

      2. Mad Deoxys

        Okay and

    54. Aerion Nanan

      I unsubbed bye

      1. NotLifeisDANK


      2. Sparkschu Itai


    55. Super Yoshi Marc

      At the same time I do kind of need a Charmander but judging on how many dams this man gives he's probably just going to shred it on a live stream and by then I'd still want the broken up shards like stack them together put them in a sleeve and then put them in the book where I'm trying to collect all the cards from the 25th anniversary set

    56. Super Yoshi Marc

      Also playing Rock I have a Pikachu and I'm only going to sell you it for about like $10 discarding the original price of almost 500 and now you're going to feel bad for me because you got another such damn good deal kind of like the toy Tesla

    57. Super Yoshi Marc

      I'm going to be completely honest with you I don't care if you destroy Pokemon cards although I love Pokemon and Pokemon cards like I even have like a Charizard holographic from PSA that he keep inside the dang box

      1. Super Yoshi Marc

        @Sparkschu Itai ay dude I'm just saying no reason to be pissed

      2. Sparkschu Itai

        Ok cool but who asked

    58. Cri5tiano me55l

      Some of those cards are over 15.00 DOLLARS

    59. This Lama

      Did he just call chestpin wezel

    60. iThankfulDudes

      I feel like PlainrockToyz should be its own DEfasts channel and not be part of PlainrockVlogs

    61. Roblox figure Movies

      This video was awesome like always but I wanna point out those are limited edition so like yea u just lost a lot of money and no I’m not the triggered 5 year old just saying

    62. Railfan VIT

      He going bald again for new Macbook again? 🤣

    63. Siko

      go back to filmmaker forest

    64. samgiangrande

      Your able to ask for them??? Heck I might do that 😅

    65. JAM

      I don't really care if he destroys these since you can get this anywhere

    66. Richpro Ling

      Goodbye king will join you cannel when I get a macbook

    67. ឵឵


      1. ឵឵


    68. PugGaming

      At least he kept the stickers

    69. Howard The alien

      Best unboxing ever! I'm actually laughing my ass off

    70. Logiebogieboo Curr

      Do board building card stack and hammer it like Jenga

    71. zero the Phoenix

      Well at least he's not a scalper ps rule 34 lol

    72. FireLion12Yes

      Bro I’m dying from laughter

    73. Dio Brando

      Yes finally plainrocktoyz

    74. Jesse Mulhall

      I’m showing my friend this I hopefully we still be friends after I show him this

    75. tahagamer 1313

      3DAYS10k like money money

    76. Ariyan Zarif

      my broter has a lot of poke mon cards in here in dubai

    77. The Dragon King

      I love Pokémon but I think this is entertaining, not offensive. And hey, at least my favourite charmander survived

    78. NickThePringle

      *calls a Snivy a praying mantis* Every Unova fan: 😔

    79. Codie Miguel ISIP

      i wonder were those screaming triggered noise coming from

    80. Doble Doble

      RULE 34 😂😂😂

    81. Thunder Wolf9901

      I like how you destroy my child hood in one single video. Lol

      1. Thunder Wolf9901

        @#ChespinForSmash it's getting late so I will get some sleep did you sub to plainrock hes channel is funny

      2. Thunder Wolf9901

        @#ChespinForSmash lol that was the point but I had no child hood so it doesn't matter lol

      3. #ChespinForSmash

        @Thunder Wolf9901 you seemed mad but mk

      4. Thunder Wolf9901

        @#ChespinForSmash I'm 13 if you want to know I'm not mad I'm just saying.

      5. Thunder Wolf9901

        @#ChespinForSmash I am not I am a fan of plainrock I don't hate his videos they are my favorite thing to watch when I'm board

    82. Dominic Robertson

      2:19 wow

      1. Dominic Robertson

        You hate monkeys

    83. adriana lopez

      Oh plainrock did you know that you can sell pokemon cards for 100 dollars or more

    84. Miles Wennblom

      At least he didn't unbox some pokemon shining fates

    85. Gamer with tony an my friend Aiden Epic

      Thanks for breaking The Pokemon cards :D

      1. #ChespinForSmash

        Are you being sarcastic or...? I personally as a Pokemon fan enjoyed it.

    86. Leo the Charmander

      Thank you for not breaking the Charmander card

    87. Hamsters Hamsters

      Pokémon Pokémon

    88. le uriel

      Yep fav youtuber

    89. Cubic Fails

      At least he kept charmander lol

    90. Andrea Paulino

      I hate you

      1. NotLifeisDANK

        Imagine hating someone because they shred paper

      2. #ChespinForSmash

        Guys, he hates him for spreading card ge got for free

      3. JoJo Plays


      4. bald gonta

        It's not like he gives a flying fuck

      5. Wolvez_

        That is very cool thank u

    91. Stephanie Sandoval

      Do you know who spends in Pokémon cards and you should you could’ve so those for a pump shop they should give you will you make sure they’re good and cheap like from the bag

      1. Roamingmushroom

        Fake comment

    92. Mangle Makata The Cyan Spider

      Firs of all, Oshawott was my favourite Pokémon, Secondly 🖕🏻

      1. #ChespinForSmash

        Yeah, Chespins my favourite and am I mad? Nah, because I'm not 10

      2. JoJo Plays

        can't wait for you to be in a vid]

      3. Wolvez_

        Lol Pokémon cards suck

    93. Cheeseskilz 53


    94. Melanie Galang

      I thought hes gonna have another ugly pokemon (bts )

    95. meliisa


    96. Liam Allen

      his hair lol

      1. #ChespinForSmash

        WoW eDgY yOuR sO cOoL

    97. Chris Foltz

      Apparently plain rock does not like mudkips

    98. kaboom master

      I also have one of these things I have a scorebunny 😎

      1. just ghost

        So what you want a million dollars or what?

      2. Logan Pajaro

        SCORE, BUNNY!!!! good job bunny

    99. Chairboi

      King no hate funny monkie

    100. Chairboi

      Peta is coming back run