Poker Is Most Fun When You Run Amazing!! Poker Vlog Ep 147

Brad Owen

396 Tsd. aufrufe30

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    Am Vor 9 Tage


    1. Nick Miles

      you are a great narrator!

    2. Khadija's Alt Account

      I remember junior achievement as a kid! Such a great organization!

    3. kenneth lozano

      Hey brad. Your follower here from the 🇵🇭 for more than a year now. Helps me so much with my game

    4. Brett Colella

      Thanks for the therapy Brad :)

    5. NCnutmeg

      The "bad beat" ending was nothing shorter than Brad Owen doing Meg Ryan doing Sally Albright doing Brad Owen.

    6. Jack L

      Do you aim to go against drunk people? You started this sesh at 3am??

    7. Like a complete unknown / Like a rolling stone

      Worthy piece of acting on the bad beats there lol

    8. Mikey Luk

      8:18, “ We have more of the world than the Mongol empire ever had”. Great poker vlogs and a history lesson!

    9. Jeff Chew

      I don’t seem to ever get those run goods. I have lost 6 in a row being all in with AA! It’s sickening

    10. Cody Madsen

      Yo @bradowen love the content! Do you like the glass blockers or separators at the table? Or is it make things weird? In Kc rooms are open but mask only

    11. CJ Outdoors

      Is 5/10 the lowest stakes you can play? I want to try my hand at it. I just don’t want to lose a buttload. And it’s really daunting.

    12. Pierice 1o1

      "We've got more of the world than the Mongol Empire ever had" Love it Brad!

    13. Tate Aceves Valle

      Sarcasm is up... lol keep it coming

    14. sticky rice

      Poker. When u run like shitt. And loss all your money You feel sick to your stomach. But. Still. Go. Back. For more.

    15. Michelle Xue

      You deserve to good run all the time lol 😘❤❤

    16. Jon Pom420

      @stevewilldoit lost @905 too lol

    17. Paul Cox

      Forgot to hit like...went back as you said...Totally works. You got aces and tripled up.

    18. Romeo John

      ✝️🙏✝️EVERYONE READ✝️🙏✝️.SHARE this if u could - everyone god Jesus and the Holy Spirit u have to love them both not 1 don’t take the mark of beast!

    19. Dynamic Entry

      @Brad how are you keeping track of everyones starting stacks each round?

    20. C N

      @2:43, What is this nonsense from the guy in seat 5?

    21. doodle crayon

      Hi Brad, On your A-9 hand, what do you mean when you said "Our kicker goes all the way up to eleven"?

      1. doodle crayon

        IF Brad isn't going to take the time to answer questions that people ask on his videos, then I'm unsubscribing. Brad Owen asks people to subscribe and watch his videos but then he doesn't return the favor and answer our questions. So I'm unsubscribing.

      2. Danny B

        Spinal Tap reference

    22. Louis

      The commentary is great and you show the real life of playing poker -- not just "I'm super awesome here's all my big hands" footage. Thanks for allowing us to follow along!

    23. Jake Rivers

      That Danny tanner reference tho

    24. 2fastg35

      You make the best poker videos! Always enjoy them all.

    25. Edwin Lizardo

      Lol who doesn’t have a bad beat story

    26. Frank Mitchell

      Shoulda played the Higgitys

    27. NIIlIICK

      Sad day, but I do like to know that even the pro's loose sometimes, thanks for sharing. Didn't really like the end thing you did, "listening" that was.....interesting.

    28. sisusdk

      Have you ever lost a hand? And how do you keep on winnig. I play the same hands as you do, but I lose them all. Your playes are they rigged, or is it the real thing?

    29. Trapper50cal

      I see Revenge Range coming into play after the 4 minute mark...

    30. Festi 2003

      The $40 rebate is taxable.

    31. Kip Valentine

      Watching the poker vids, training the game all while listening to music that makes me sharp and able to achieve. I like Delta Parole, AFi, etc as music, what you guys listen to focus I am curious?

    32. Schleicher22

      The end tho lol

    33. Jesus Rubio

      9:59 "I call because I love paaiinn" voice trembles. I hope you're okay man.

    34. Mees Toxopeus

      Hey your back. Hopefully fully recoverd from C19

    35. Glazed420

      What happened to your cat?

    36. 陈伟

      Can you tell me what camera was used to film on table,thanks

    37. Christopher Townsend

      How do you remember all of the plays that everyone else makes?

    38. diego hernandez

      I went back to like and nothing happened

    39. Ed B

      "We've got more of the world than the mongrel empire ever had" - LOL - priceless Brad!

    40. LifeWithLenny

      11:52 very creative subbed

    41. LifeWithLenny

      8:34 that line is funny to!

    42. LifeWithLenny

      8:15 that line though... where do you come up with it :)

    43. Friend_zoner 123

      Who just saw this dude in your recommended and now you’re watching him and have no idea what he is talking about

    44. Higor Silva

      "Poker Is Most Fun When You Run Amazing" So Poker is less fun when you run badly? Well, that explains things

    45. John Lascurettes

      Dude. Wear a clean shirt next time (top of the video). 🤣

    46. Chaleman R

      Wonderful comedic comments. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😂😂😂😂😭 Love the after talk about your play.

    47. Chaleman R

      Neeme is alive???

    48. Riley Rhodes

      What is your club on pokerstars?

    49. Alex G.

      i believe in you homie

    50. Gwreck562

      The ending was hilarious! Bradly is such a good guy!

    51. Dennis Sanchez

      I hit the button! 🤣

    52. pop345six

      Because you earn so much money on DEfasts ads, you should use some of that money to do some interesting “all in” YOLO’s funded by DEfasts money

    53. David Espinoza

      She looks like white chicks now

    54. Jack Roeshot

      didnt you win the first one with a strait

    55. buck wheat

      Let me know when your coming to hardrock Tampa...

    56. buck wheat


    57. savvy


    58. Blake Burgess

      Hey Brad: Do you have a video or place where you have listed the books that you have on your shelf and what your favorite ones are? Cheers for the humorous content!

    59. Lachlan K

      Hey man, long time viewer, first time commenter. You should try grow a beard. I feel like you’d look good with a beard. Thanks.

    60. Rerocks

      “I’ve never folded a straight under any circumstances before ever” 7:18 Ladies and gentlemen...we gottem 3:46

    61. Loÿde

      Davie 504 in the house?

    62. Joshua Zerbe

      I'm definitely using that Mongol Empire line soon. Thank you.

    63. Etienne

      death, taxes, and brad adding on after losing 1st hand lmaooo

    64. Allan Mann

      We’re gonna need a bigger boat, lol. Nice Jaws reference!

      1. Brad Owen

        I'm glad someone picked that up. I feel like no one else got it.

    65. Lary Bird

      I like yo videos bruh 👌🏽

      1. Brad Owen

        I appreciate it dude

    66. Kiley

      You had me at Poker Brat.

    67. Diz Briz

      make no mistake, small children definitely need help with bankroll management

    68. [ RichGucci1 ]

      Fat stain on your shirt

    69. Patrick Brennan

      I don't know if it's the pandemic or your recent run bad but you're getting funnier... bravo Brad.

    70. Gavin Thompson

      Thanks for listening...very kind...the reaction was on point too...My flop of 222 vs his flop of A2A2...then he runs out AA he only needed one, the quads was just to hurt me lol

    71. Ehab Musallam

      Great seeing you back good luck

    72. John Boe

      I liked for the mcjiggiddies

    73. Nate

      What’s the button?

    74. OriginaldoBo

      lmao a house so full Danny Tanner would be jealous... Im dying

    75. Triangle

      Give me 100 dolars 🙏

    76. smoozzums

      you're like the davie504 of poker i love you dude

    77. Minh T

      One of the funniest poker vlogs out there! lol

    78. Austin Covey

      This is cathartic

    79. Kieth Mergard

      9S6SQS8SAS is not the nuts. The buts would have the king of spades. This is a common mistake. The nuts is the best possible hand for the board. Brad had a flush.

    80. Tim Pools Beanie

      Question for the comments section, what is the best poker app for iOS

    81. Ha Lu

      Anything fun with $ if u winning. I could play heads n tail n if I'm winning $ ill b having fun.

    82. Ray Martinez

      Good to have you back, bro!

      1. Brad Owen

        Thank you man!

    83. Bill Breunig

      LOL, great ending

    84. Eric Hansen

      People that call every street with 66 and hit on the river, is why I don’t play poker.

    85. Kevin McHenry

      this makes me scared to play in vegas lol

    86. Jeffrey Sullivan

      Hey Brad! Tell me.... Is PokerStars fixed? I consider myself a pretty good player after 10 years and easily a million hands. Speaking of "running", do you believe it's actually possible to play on PS for for 10 hours with my experience and win like 4 or 5 hands total? (Play money). It seems impossible to run that bad, no? It's weird too because if I play 25 hands in a row with no luck or getting burned everytime by a higher straight, flush etc, I'll fold say 7 2 and flop a FH, after sitting for literally hours without hitting absolutely anything. I have to admit, I've spammed "PS is fixed" in there message board. Am I paying for it with computer algorithms against me or am I truly insane? I'd love your opinion or anyone else's you may have heard re: whether you feel it's fixed. P.S. I'm concerned because I deposited $100 with them and they never credited my account. When I asked customer service why, I was ignored. Thanks so much for your thoughts!

    87. Monty

      Glad you got over Covid all good brad keep killing it !

    88. Ian Foster

      Thanks for taking time to hear our bad beat stories at the end there. Its great that you care so much!

    89. Kieron Bilton

      Dude Great Ending. If you play by Your Rules and the cards don't play nice. What Can Ya Do

    90. Elliot Zink

      Good play with aces

    91. KurtNCarlene Ruden

      Its rare a poker player posts a losing session. Thanks for the honesty.

    92. Philip Beattie

      4th wall breach confirmed. Nice one Bradley, loved it.

    93. tuto gammee

      long time no see

      1. tuto gammee

        Can't wait

      2. Brad Owen

        Yeah we're back. New video tomorrow too.

    94. Marty Breuninger

      @Brad Owen Why do you go to the casino at 3 AM? Looking for fish?

      1. Brad Owen

        Games are definitely good but mostly it's because my gf goes to sleep at 9pm; I'll try to do that with her sometimes then wake up in the middle of the night and have energy to play.

    95. Surfersideb

      Wow Brad. You nailed that charity knowledge challenge 🙂

    96. itsTabani

      i didnt see this for 2 days omg. hes finally back

    97. AU88

      More of the world than the Mongol Empire. Nice.

    98. Island Thunder

      Commentary alone deserves multiple subs! Good stuff brada

    99. Mirko Bunjevac

      plus when you r drunk

    100. Alfred Guevarra

      Lol. Nice ending. Acting isn’t bad!