*PORSCHE EATER* The FASTEST VW GOLF 2 on The Nürburgring!!

Misha Charoudin

1,2 Mio. aufrufe311

    If you ever decide to attend the Destination Nürburgring track day, then you can be certain of a number of things: great track time thanks to Darren and his crew, spectacular pictures by Frozenspeed and finally: that no matter which car you bring, you will be overtaken by Nige in his home-built mk2 Golf.
    Join me on today's lap and an extra-long in-depth video covering everything you need to know about the fastest mk 2 Golf on the Nürburgring: The Pinderwagen.
    More on the Pinderwagen:
    00:00 Intro
    00:50 Outside Specs
    05:00 Interior
    06:50 The Engine
    09:30 Before Flight
    10:45 The Lap
    19:15 The flashing light?
    20:05 Outro
    20:30 Is this safe?
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    1. JoesTurbo

      Way to go - following one's passion has rewards beyond anything you do in life.

    2. Zsolt Bocsi

      If you tunning a golf you can beat a porsche, if you tune a porsche you beat a bugatti, if you tune a bugatti you can beat a jet. This comparisons are pointless.

    3. Alfred Judokus

      Great performance !!!

    4. Kaz Strankowski

      Eat this porsche? defasts.info/title/video/ddeskq6_nZ_Y15o.html

    5. MrMarko302

      It takes a lot of trust to go on a ride like that.

    6. funshootin1

      Impressive in so many ways.. hell of a build .. emphasis on built not bought which I always love as you get to see some of the most ingenious solutions , novel fabrication techniques , and sometimes repurposed parts from the most unexpected sources or materials you'd typically not see in motorsports... Being a lifelong member of the "team poverty motorsports club" I definitely subscribe to the build what you can so financial resources can go towards buying the things you can't make yourself... It's absolutely incredible how much performance can be found when money IS an object... He said it so well when he mentioned using sound engineering techniques and doing the research , then there's all the methodical trial and error ... testing to find what works. I gotta say some of the solutions he came up with are so slick and outside the box , it's really great stuff... Most impressive is the sound,. I never once considered how to recreate the sounds of one of my greatest childhood memories ... But I think this car does exactly that ... it's a manic little beast with just the right amount of safety margin and control that it's not completely terrifying ( LOL) it's exciting and raw and the things hauling the friggin mail ! I hope this doesn't come across as negative but all I could think of after watching and listening was how crazy and fun that thing has to be to drive and the first thing that popped in to my head was my memory of 5 or 6 year old me being "driven" around the grocery store in a recently commendeered empty shopping cart by my older brother..! All the metallic ticks and bumps , tires fighting for grip and that relocated power steering pump cycling just conjured up that image immediately . If you've never been an ameture shopping cart pilot as an unruly child your life may not be complete but with A little imagination you can Replay this and close your eyes and you can almost hear that intermittent rattling left caster wheel.. the tinny clanking of the carts metal wire body and squirmy squeal of it's rear rubber tires on the tile floor as your drifting past the frozen food aisle ...a completely powerless crash test dummy with all the confidence in the world that your older brothers vast shopping cart pushing experience in tandem with the sturdy wire mesh monocoque structure of the shopping cart will certainly guarantee no harm could possibly come to you...that is Until Mom realizes what the hell we're doing .

    7. mascotgraphics

      "When we go down the carousel, you'll hear a high-pitched squealing... it's from the passenger having a blast in the other seat."

    8. Andy Burns

      When did i think this video was shit ?... er.... COMRADES done it for me !!!

    9. Robert Lv

      not bad for'a 25 year old 2.0L DOHC engine, ofcourse it's rebuilt/upgraded but the block and head is oem from what i understood.

    10. Deeveeaar

      Wow what a great car! I love builds like this!

    11. Joel Cotton

      Hear that diff sing

    12. jootai

      Dude build a group B rally car in his shed

    13. Richard Hamblett

      coll guy

    14. _ incognito _

      This guy is a master mechanic and tuner! Best 21:06 video ever 🌎


      I thought this guy was a college teacher and he tasked them with developing the down-force aero pack for this car ??? Or am portraying bum info??????

    16. Thomas K

      love it mate.watched it twice...boss

    17. Matthew Lowdon

      Of course his name is Nige ;) What a beast of a machine. Fair play, Nige.

    18. musmus96

      track days aren't a place where you race...

    19. Lijevi Desni

      somebody employ this guy at a racing car factory

    20. R JC

      When an engineer becomes a race car driver. Brilliant piece of machinery!

    21. lokoneme

      no brake cooling after a racing lap?

    22. HamBown81

      Love the performance microfiber cloth mod in the intercooler :)

    23. Jeff Heidel5

      What an awesome car

    24. Aitch

      5:05 lmao

    25. Michael W

      I feel a little nuts just thinking this.... but my ea888 equipped GTI sounds very much like his modified 16v. (no Soundaktor in my car, actual engine noise). It’s interesting that the valve-train noise is so similar; some of the engineering work must have spilled over into VW’s newer engine designs.

    26. Peter Battle

      Frigging rad man

    27. Gergő Császár

      "I'm not aware of any larger brakes on the market" :D:D:D

    28. elmigio

      Don't forget Pinderwagen, not Kinderwagen!! (in this case, Kinderwagen is an insult!)

    29. ifell3

      Love it because he is a man of theory!!

    30. brendan UK Veteran

      Great driver but no way am I getting in THAT car.......Mummeeeeee!!!!!

    31. brendan UK Veteran

      Impressive or what

    32. Michael Janchura

      awesome.....wait till usa sees this

    33. Harry Mcough

      2 minutes in and I'm thinking this is amazing

    34. krystoph m

      My car does the same thing when I park it after im done beating her. Just ignore the smoke. She needs one 🚬 after a decent 15min romping

    35. John._Blaze Drula

      *Disclaimer* No porches were eaten in the making of this video

    36. Maxime Meplaux

      Amazing .

    37. M W

      Bobas golf is quicker

    38. ChemiiOneLegacy

      Very British approach to engineering. Love this.

    39. Ale Vera

      9:51 kind of nervous, were you??? LOL

    40. Ben Kenny

      My question is what does it cost to make a slow car fast? Like build up a car. Old civic, accord, camry, carolla, malibu, impala... etc.

    41. Herr Gott

      Perfekt,very very good :)

    42. Christian Billep

      Very best for this car !!!

    43. 1974mazdarx3sedan

      brilliant. perfect content and structure. so entertaining and 1,000% legit.

    44. J S

      As my father would say “That’s nucking futs”

    45. H B

      Oh purleeze, my Transit van is faster than that ... when Sabine Schmitz drives it.

    46. Jungo The Mal

      Put some decent race drivers into those Porsche, lol

    47. Ball Buster

      I would love to own that car!!!

    48. Leo

      Great car .. Great driver!

    49. David Santana Gonzalez

      La vieja escuela ,como ese modelo ya no habran

    50. TTTTTTTTztttttttt

      Wow! That man can drive his car!!! Awesome lap in a "budget-built" Porsche-killer! Loved it! Thank you!

    51. Ramsin H

      Sick but leave the car on let er cool down....

    52. ice man

      Looks like a rolling coffin

    53. Cherusker Inguimero

      Hahaha....keine Chance gegen den Porsche GT3. Der wollte sich nur den Golf mal von hinten anschauen. Ein Porsche GT3 geht noch anders als ein aufgebrezelter Golf II.

      1. Denis Palt

        Jip... das wollte er ^^ hat der Besitzer vom Golf 2 sogar kommentiert xD

    54. Hissey1987

      James May sitting behind the bushes hissing at every car

    55. Freerun-Media

      Next time don't kill the microphone when the guest is silent. It sounds horrible with the setnoise full up and down each time. I cut the viewing after 3 minutes.

    56. MakeMYday420AntoineB.

      jacky tuningf le rajout de rajout en bois lol

    57. Michael Decker

      Was going to skip the walkthru and watch the lap. Got hooked - the talk is better than the lap. And the lap is outstanding! Love this guy - proper builder, proper engineering - then drives the perfect lap.

    58. sascha marso

      Du bist zwar schnell aber auf gar keinen Fall der schnellste der Welt das ist mega übertrieben

    59. Christoph Kempkes

      Huh this Golf is quick! Nice!

    60. steve357g

      Thanks for adding chapters, that's SO rare on DEfasts!

    61. Logan Jenkins

      Typical mkII smoking from under the hood when you're done driving lmao 🤣

    62. supersevenn

      lovely car. it could use to suspension workm it pushes too much. It has to be heartbreaking when you are in a Porsche and a Golf flys by! LOL love it (ps, guerney lip does nothing if there is no air flow over it)

    63. Mike Clarke

      Anyone know what that lap was?


      I have got a lot of work to do on my vw pole

    65. gavin Hh

      What a weapon, this is truly British. We love a under dog , we love the little guy wining . And this is a vw david hunting down many goliaths . Truly epic , i doff my cap sir

    66. Rik Ver Mar

      wicked! loved the lap

    67. Joel Fernando

      Wow what a legend! I own a 03 vw GTI 1.8t low miles wanted to drop a mid engine in the rear seat!

    68. Axel Seedig

      Not the world fastest golf. Boba Motoring built a MK2 with 1233 bhp. It is also a 2.0 16V.

    69. qrakker

      The flow.

    70. Xtoxin loli-necronomicon

      Can tell this guy put his heart into it, and it shows. Good luck on future modifications! Real respect you kept the 4 cylinder and not swapped it with a V6.

    71. Tommi Jyrä

      Bad lines in some places (especially in the beginning) the end was better

    72. Josh Hust

      ive owned 4 mk2s over the years, including a jetta coupe pirelli edition that saved my life in a horrific crash (not my fault) and ive loved every single one of them. this build is exactly what i would do, budget be damned, because the mk2 platform is my favorite to build. i daily drive a mk3 vr6, which is very very similar, but just not quite as raw as the mk2. this is a glorious drive!

    73. Octavian Highlander

      clickbait title

    74. bo2web

      But what squeaks like that ?

    75. g VS

      Good morning Komrades? Was fuer eine Scheisse labern sie sich den hier zusammen?

    76. Butch C

      lol like a bucket of bolts on wheels.

    77. ninotopog

      I didn't understand what he said about that light in the end.. What's about?

      1. Pinderwagen

        The accusump?

    78. Ralph Müller

      "Porsche Eater" Man kann´s auch übertreiben. Bei 14 min irgendwas kommt er an nem Boxter mit nem Fahrfehler vorbei. Das ist nun wirklich keine Kunst...

    79. No3d

      We need to see this golf vs Boba :D

      1. No3d

        @Pinderwagen true but boba mk1 4wd is built for fun on the roads and can easy be tweaked to be a track car :)

      2. Pinderwagen

        On the drag strip, he'd annihilate me. On the Nurburgring I'd be quicker. The cars are developed to be good at completely different things.

    80. Viktor Lapoutre

      Ok with my Citroen Xsara vts atmo 2.0 16S 167CV original, i have same perf ... wtf (rupt on 4 speed on 200km/h)

    81. rendeverance

      Anyone else notice the metal spike in the roof... I mean roof vent... 🤣 Everything else is cool but why? Just why? Extra adrenaline? 🤣 Gf says decapitation skills 100... Though I think she would score higher in the impaled heads stat.

      1. Pinderwagen

        The plastic underside of the roof vent?

    82. NZ Salt Flats Racer

      I just watched two of your videos & saw two cool rides that were home-built's & hauled ass. This is my kinda junk!

    83. Ahmet Celik


    84. aryo wibisono

      Experiment and good engineering practicing...

    85. joe Dirt

      Fastest Shitbox carving The "Ring."... Please Don't Insult Porsche with such Titles as This One.

    86. Papa Torr

      I get all pumped up watching these Nurburgring videos and the thrilling engine sounds, and these custom builds, with turbos, exhausts, etc. And then it hits me, oh yeah, Tesla kits, Duh!

    87. Papa Torr

      You'll notice this brilliant Brit picked a German car for his platform. As far as Porsche eater...Sacrilege! Narrator looks into a rad completely customized interior and blurts: "looks pretty standard, so far!" Hahahaha! Somebody reach out and slap that man! Builder was very concerned about aerodynamics, so he picked a box for a car! But make no mistake, this guy is brilliant! Start your own company man! Somebody hand this man a Porsche, a BMW, a Subaru...Something, anything better.

      1. Pinderwagen

        "Builder was very concerned about aerodynamics, so he picked a box for a car! " When I started 13 years ago, I just drove TF laps with zero thought about Aerodynamics. As I had spare time and funds I started developing the car, only dabbling in Aero at the beginning. I didn`t suddenly swap from a stock MK2 and spend all the money at once and fit all the Aero in one go, I developed it over a decade. Adding and modifying as I learned. If I had all the money sat in my bank account now I`d start with something very different, a MK2 Golf is`t a great base either Chassis wise or Aerodynamically ;)

    88. DaSanni1986

      its not the fastest VW golf!!

      1. Pinderwagen

        @DaSanni1986 go on then. Show me a quicker MK2 Golf on the Nurburgring 👍🏼 I'm genuinely not aware of one.

      2. DaSanni1986

        @Pinderwagen i think not even on nürburgring :p

      3. Pinderwagen

        It's the fastest MK2 Golf on the Nurburgring, not the fastest Golf or the fastest MK2 Golf elsewhere 😉

    89. Ovel

      Motorraum voll mit Öl =D Scheint ja alles super zu sein *Facepalm*

    90. Ramal Lovingher

      *A race car with duck tape in the engine bay is crazy 😂😂😂*

    91. elojeadordevideos

      Ice cold. Driving skills over 9000

    92. CPruggie

      Porsche eater ? When ? You dont have hungry lol

    93. Andy Hall

      expecting some german vorsprung type then he starts talking and he's a northerner...gotta love it.

    94. WhereisMuller

      LOL< great lap !!! F#$%^&* covid masks!

    95. Thoraxx

      How can you drive car on Nürburgring without license plate on car? Or you do not need it? I think there is someting in rules about it. Can someone explain it for me please because my friend has race version of VW Golf GTI Mk1 without license plates and his dream is bring his car to the Nürburgring...

      1. Thoraxx

        @Pinderwagen ty bro!

      2. Pinderwagen

        This was a private trackday not touristenfahrten 👍🏼

    96. Simon Andrew

      Is that Bill Gates in the background at 7:27 ?

    97. Funky Monk

      7:21 even Bill Gates wants to have that car.

    98. Fabrício Vilela

      Great car! Great driver! Congratulations!

    99. Brick Fox Productions

      I'm glad you two had fun. I thoroughly enjoyed it, a real mastery of the line, nice run.

    100. Laberge

      Am I the only one amused by all the race car noises it makes? It sounds so right