Registering WinRAR in 2021: How Far Back Does It Work?


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    "Nobody registers WinRAR." So let's register WinRAR! It's notorious for its infinite 40-day trial so I've been curious what activating it is actually like. I also wonder how old of a version of WinRAR can be activated using a 2021 registration key! Let's find out with Windows XP, 98, 95...
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    1. Clarke FL

      key gen for this program also works v easy but no purchase

    2. Sase The Riftmaker

      You could have feed 3 kids in africa with that money or feed me 1 week 😂😂😂😂😂

    3. Grytis BUZILIAUSKAS

      Did you got the idea from 2clickphipip?

    4. Mint Mag

      did you get the disc?

    5. Mint Mag

      I used to use 7zip as my main archive but then I switched back to winrar when I got a little more serious about compressing my own files

    6. Hardcore Gamer

      What about winace?

    7. Mr. Reinterpret Cast

      7 zip sucks since you can't copy + paste files in / out of it. You can with winrar.

    8. voteZDLR

      I never understood why it had a "trial" period that never ended

    9. DazzleGazza

      Fuk this guy is funny haha

    10. Peter Peterson

      Awesome game collection on that WindowsXP PC. And the login or startup sounds on older Windows editions are way better. Eargasm.

    11. Konyac Entertainment

      >Needs to fast forward time >Sets date to 4/20/21

    12. Wilian Sant'Ana

      That Windows 95 startup sound just got me into that nostalgic 90’s vibe! edit: and that wall screen saver too!

    13. rick w

      post office I think still have media mailing rates. Does not include thumb drives!

    14. s2ms10ik

      so, does winrar check whether it contains a rarreg.key file each time an archive file is opened?

    15. Kyle Matthews

      So like, you could've used a Virtual Machine and saved yourself the trouble, but I'm not complaining. This was interesting

    16. ssokolow

      Thank you. I'd been wondering whether it would *only* be useful for legally creating redistributable RAR and CBR files for my test suites if I paid for a license or whether I could kill two birds with one stone by letting my retro-hobby PC be the device to create them. (Because I too was computing at that age when we all went through a period after 32-bit WinZIP and before 7-Zip.)

    17. Eddie Deyzel

      When you booted Windows 95, the opening sounds played and I saw the NFS 2 SE icon on the desktop it hit real hard.

    18. Thiago Pereira

      This explains the extraordinary increase of WinRar's revenue in the last days...

    19. eyesonthey

      I heard the registered version compresses anything everything down to 29kB.

    20. Cameron Connell

      A license is $25.. Are you kidding. You can buy overwatch on G2A for $12.

    21. Fred latin Medic

      WinRAR employee to a newbie: - so your job is to check this page to see if any orders come through - _what if an order does come through_ ? - Dont be ridiculuos - _because i see a "Cliff" guy who just bought one and a cd - what? I dont really know what to do *phones supervisor* Supervisor: what? Someone actually did it? Thats a joke some guy from development sneaked in.... well, i've got no clue...

    22. Sandy Ross

      Thank you for documenting this so that it isn't lost to future generation.

    23. Aleatha Vogel

      I wonder how many people are going register their copy of WinRAR after watching this video. I just did. Can't wait to get the CD.

    24. Sean O'Rourke

      Can't say I use that, but It's so rare that I even open files that need it and I wouldn't blame others for using a few times in a year without paying. Now if you make money with your computer and use it frequently, then you should pay for it.

    25. el kyubi

      "Patreon model before patreon"

    26. James Bernald

      Let’s go registering!

    27. Thành Trần

      Oh man that legendary software

    28. Harrier Rex

      winrar more like open donation software to me

    29. Евгений Тыжнов

      Crack help

    30. Hill

      used winrar for more than 10 years, now i switched to 7zip.

    31. Steven Mann

      While I have long since forgotten what version of Windows... I do remember when the nag screen became standard... it was frustrating because the previous version never nagged you. SO I was really bothered by that... which in hindsight is funny since I never paid for it. But as you stated we all got used to putting up with the nag screen for the free software. Good video!

    32. Dragster

      Did just we seen Clint ascend too far from memes legit buying WinRAR license? Damn dude, this 2021 is weird as hell

    33. Roland Katsuragi

      Does it count for 2.0 if you "found" the key online?

    34. matt matt

      I was born in 94' my first clear memory and first foreign name I can remember is IGOR PAVLOV 😂

    35. Cormac _

      What's with all the 420 references in this video?

    36. MidtownMadness1

      6:44 Midtown Madness!

    37. Pandu POLUAN

      One superpower WinRAR has that 7zip doesn't: On the fly encoding selection. Very useful if you often get files from China or Japan, who have several official encodings. With 7-zip, you'll have to change the settings on Windows.

    38. L Train45

      Stop saying RAR

    39. OneMinuteFixed

      I still use this? Am I supposed to use something else more current?

    40. RuinAngel

      I don't get why people say that no one ever had a paid copy of WinRAR because I had one back in 2010 when they hosted a giveaway. It was in German but all you need to do is fill in the name and email and you would receive the rarkey link via email. And that key worked from version 3 all the way till 5.12 or something. I turned to Bandizip after but from this video I am confident that the key probably works for WinRAR 6.00 as well.

    41. luca g.lisickza

      personally i like winrar over 7zip a million times

    42. Al Con

      Many years ago I won a giveaway for a legit key of WinRAR. At first, seemed like nothing had changed to me, but when I had a new computer and installed again WinRAR without the key, damn, I realized how freaking annoying the trial was.


      Mass register and order physical CDs

    44. Blazzycrafter

      winRawr *-*

    45. BoomerAUS00

      I still use winrar

    46. Peter Lustig

      Interesting, that it is developed by a german company

    47. motorized lifting

      Wheres the WinRar CD video?

    48. Atex Phwin

      7:24 if you click on the winrar title the ocean will start waving in the background, also if you click on the winrar icon it will fall down and bounce like a ball

    49. szewei1985

      Hahahaha interesting. Now i never RAR anymore since i quit downloading torrents. No joke. I serious.

    50. Connor Heather

      9:27 4.20pm, I get the feeling he knew what he was doing!

    51. Alex V

      Who uses safari in 2021? :D Especially on PC/Mac and not on a mobile device

    52. jub8891

      Register deez

    53. Leonardo M. Agustin

      the key goes way back from '95 that's why it works. kekw

    54. Latin lover24

      Hahahaah holy did it!

    55. Solea


    56. theNWdigital

      My dad has a window and door fitter company and a few years ago, they subscribed a special program for about 100 € per month from a large window and door manufacturer. During the installation I saw a hint like "use WinRAR if this doesn't work, it's included on the CD-ROM". I thought "no way, they really put a shareware on this CD-ROM?". In fact: They didn't. On the CD-ROM was a goddamn old WinRAR version from 2002 including their site license file! I extracted this license file and it's still working with the most recent versions of WinRAR.

    57. PedanticTwit

      I actually registered winrar like 15 years ago. Still using the same license.

    58. Jan Lyakhovsky

      Unpack key file in WinRAR 2.9+ and put in in WinRAR dir directly.

    59. AFK

      I'm curious, how many people here use the free open-source option 7Zip instead of Winrar? 7zip is supposedly faster and slower in some things depending and I've also heard it covers more filetypes and is available on more operating systems.

    60. Master J

      can u do the pkzip/pkunzip in the win10?

    61. Braskus

      What about bandicam!? No more watermarks for you!

    62. Uncle Mike's Retro & Gaming

      Now go ahead and actually BUY PKZip 😄

    63. Muhammad Yusril Nur Ramadhan

      This is one of the rarest event on earth.

    64. rjc0234

      I have ended up owning 3 copies of Winrar due to loosing computers and not being able to transfer licences. I didn't have time to always close the notification window when unzipping hundreds of folders every day

    65. 즉시우빈

      5:31 you just opened the winrar key file in “7zip” haha

    66. Ron Bali

      WInRAR is better than 7z cuz COLOURS. -This post was made by WinRAR gang PS: I use 7zip

    67. Hachi Riko

      "i use 7-zip" wait, people dont use winRAR?

    68. David Evens

      You might want to do a history episode on the ZIP archive format. It's a wonderful example of how winning a law suit can still result in the failure of your company because people simply don't like you and refuse to support your product.

    69. Pentazer

      LGR, dude. Google? What's wrong with you? Lycos, Altavista!

    70. ThehakkeMadman

      Forgive me Eugene, I once cracked WinRAR! But still got WinRAR on my system :) Unregistered and uncracked

    71. Tommi Raulahti

      I purhaced my winrar lisence 2009. Supporting this company is very good thing so I think this money went to right direction.

    72. Emiliano Fraga

      Now you have a granted place on Heaven.

    73. Emiliano Fraga

      "Chrome works but Safari doesn't' - nothing is closer to the truth

    74. aldo b

      Thanks for rememboring . Registered now

    75. SutorippuDotCom

      There's a lot to unpack here. ... I'll see myself out.

    76. BluTheDog

      It just hurts... you actually bought it for 40$? Damn...


      Probably broke rarlab's consumer relations employee, by being the first ever consumer to purchase WinRAR.

    78. LiK

      This is a fun video. I was always curious why it was free forever,

    79. steeviebops

      *raises hand* I'm one of the few who registered it, back in 2004 or so! At the time I was like "ah sure, doesn't cost that much". 😂 I just checked the readme file that comes with the key and it says: "Please contact support 'at' rarlab 'dot' com if you need a key for an older WinRAR/RAR version then 2.60."

    80. TSFTM

      Back in the day I had a registered version of PKZIP for DOS !

    81. Bruno Andrioli

      WinRAR Team : Family, today we eat

    82. XaviarCraig

      Awww you should have found the exact cutoff version!

    83. 607

      It's good that it works so far back!

    84. Саша Тамбов

      oh my, this is legendary... xD

    85. NoneOfYour Beeswax

      Buying WinRAR for a Mac LOL

    86. zach korinis

      To boldly go where no man has gone before

    87. 1 Pessimist

      7zip ftw

    88. iot01t01na


    89. Ryan Lorch

      Hey @LGR, have you considered covering Apple's PowerMac 5200? I can't be the only one out here with find memories of that thing.

    90. Michi Hirczy

      I actually registered it about a gazillion years ago :) Wanted to give the programmers back for the great software I use day to day...

    91. Marc Brandenburg

      I bought WinZip back in the mid 90s, with the purchase printoff page proudly proclaiming that I had a LIFETIME registration code. And then, some short years later, the code stopped working, telling me it was invalid and I'd have to buy a new one. That was my first "Office Space Stapler Guy" moment. Too bad it wasn't the last. You, winzip folks, earned a gravity cancelling kick-in-the-nards for that one.

    92. ׂ ׂ

      1:50 sick burn, bro.

    93. Nico

      I'm imagining that episode of The Simpsons where Lisa buys Al Gore's book and since its the first one sold the alert is sent to him.

    94. Dezwarteschijf

      Some grandson is waking up his grandpa .. don't wanna give you a heart attack but someone registered a copy of your program grandpa.

    95. Nimmy

      Can u do a vid to format pc to factory settings on xp

    96. N-Gnoid TV

      The meme gods have been kind to WinRAR

    97. Markus Krause

      * laughs in 7Zip *

    98. North Texas Transportation Network

      My copy still works lol

    99. shinobody

      Rarlab and WinRar GMBH actually changed their business model. Their new product, mobile app RAR, is fully free, but it has a nag screen asking you for a voluntary 5$ monthly subscription to support development, kinda like a tip jar Patreon. And honestly, I think I will subscribe when I get a job, to support development of free software.