Replay - New Shepard Mission NS-15 Webcast

Blue Origin

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    Blue Origin successfully completed its 15th consecutive mission to space and back today and conducted a series of simulations to rehearse astronaut movements and operations for future flights with customers on board. This mission marked a verification step prior to flying astronauts.
    For the first time, Blue Origin personnel standing in as astronauts entered the capsule prior to launch. These astronauts conducted a series of tests from within the capsule including a comms check with the Capsule Communicator (CAPCOM), procedures for entering and exiting the capsule, and pre-launch preparations within the capsule. Following the crew capsule landing, the astronauts rehearsed post-flight procedures, hatch opening, and exiting the capsule.

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    1. boombapboom

      wait only 15 missions to space...LOL

    2. Kindness

      Why not use how many titanic's to measure how high New Shepard is?

    3. Nuhacet Quintero

      Joder, parece absolutamente digitalizado todo

    4. gg wp

      Blue Origin: 2 hours of generic repeatedly test profile sub orbital rocket SpaceX: 15 minute of ground breaking test. Efficiency in a nutshell.

    5. Welp

      cant you guys go into orbit??

    6. DSC Zsalma

      Star ship copy🤮🤮🤮🤮

    7. Steven James

      It's like watching SpaceX 5 or 10 years ago.

    8. SpaceX Space world

      Merdinha de empresa

    9. Eduardo Santos

      put at least 1 satellite in orbit before you want to sell something to nasa! as far as i know the company will be responsible for transferring the lander to the moon, it won't be nasa!

    10. Tra

      Jeff is a crybaby

    11. ACourtneyP

      Not long now and you will reach space. Keep trying!

    12. Ivan Todorov

      Is the crew not going to wear some kind of a pressurised costume ? What are we going to do in case of depressurisation of the capsule ? Greetings !

    13. Nevareth Wanderer

      bakit hugis tite?

    14. Felipe Durán canedo


    15. Felipe Durán canedo


    16. Felipe Durán canedo


    17. Sniper fury

      'Ohh ma gaaaad there is gooooes' 2:00:52 stop having these sassy women on ur webcast

    18. Casey Kaplan

      New shepard puts astronauts inside the vehicle for preflight and postflight a rehearsal for human spaceflight. Last flight for mannekin skywalker.

    19. JosephP007

      So there were no humans in this capsule yet?... but they want to start selling tickets?..

    20. Twice Tzuyu

      I wish they would use the metric system for there launches

    21. Mark Waddey

      New Shepard look like it was cobbled together out of old Star Wars set parts, but excellent flight.

    22. beasticks

      so uh what that do

    23. Supreme Leader Stalin

      Now these guys wanna "protest" because they didn't get picked for the moon. Like, u literally can't even get anything to orbit

      1. Welp


    24. Джон фон Лудд

      Can’t get it up (to orbit) lol

    25. Ron Singh

      Uhh, capsule touchdown with 113ft to go? touchdown at 16mph(26kph) is gentle? Am I missing something here?

    26. Astoria


    27. x666x34b

      Wow! you guys have successfully done the same thing a 15th time! Maybe B.O. will launch their first orbital payload on the 100th anniversary of the Lunar landing, in 2069. Cutting edge stuff!

    28. Nirbhaya Tiwari

      SpaceX still rocks...

    29. Dan the man

      They should install on board cameras

    30. CreamyBone

      Nice toy you got there Jeffrey 😉👍

    31. random anon

      >feet >mph dizloice. guess wy.

    32. Retro Cat

      Up you go S toy

    33. Michael Jaen

      bruh! its been a long time since you "perfected" your flight could you care putting camera inside your capsule?

    34. Jay369


    35. Rodrigo rodrigues Adorno

      Blue origin? A clear reference to the origin from the pleiades?

    36. Crypto Mining Noob

      Blue Moon should still exist fund it Jeff and put a man lift instead of a ladder 🪜 💯🪜

    37. Finbar Manley

      Glass maginefiers for jets from bi product of light fusion bright light

    38. Finbar Manley

      Cut and seamed Hull door

    39. Finbar Manley

      Light on split timings encoded to a digital picture of out side the Hull

    40. Finbar Manley

      A single 6030 clip interlocked to form light fusion reacter for 965 10000 for calcuimcarbonate compressed to 10000 prsi To make Hull Dragon curve of nine ways inter locked to form direction woven into dragon curve

    41. Finbar Manley

      It cost 22000 to build

    42. Finbar Manley

      My spacecraft won't let me take photos of it it can drop missile lock aswell

    43. Finbar Manley

      And can even play with space crafts that said they were gonna be the only space craft

    44. Finbar Manley

      My space craft beat a gods design

    45. Finbar Manley

      I have more modern tecnolgy than 65 million in the fucher

    46. Finbar Manley

      I have a droid company humanoid droids can do every thing just like finbar with a glass eye 1 Ich just glass with let's say 14 twists of the side of glass more than that but simple They have ai I sell them for 5400 I can do every thing the droids can do like brain surgurn can fly any thing can help degin process these droids are latest and greatest they came out in 2009

    47. Finbar Manley

      From my bank in Paris

    48. Finbar Manley

      You an excker the monie from a Sunday in May

    49. Finbar Manley

      Jeff I expect at least droids on the moon

    50. Finbar Manley

      Blue origin you can have 236 billion for your moon space race nasa will be under funding us so we get more and you can't acess all patents with out nasa so I give you my patents

    51. spacepete2000

      Another demo ? When will you launch this with Passengers ? Maybe you should launch people on this before Blue Origin bids on more government contracts .

    52. Leticia Casta.


    53. delta -bird-thing-donkey siri jk

      I like how the parachutes are directly on the top it's so clean

      1. Righteous Red

        I wonder how it will land where there isnt enough atmosphere for balloons to hold on to

    54. Rafael Reis Claudino

      1:53:39 the best final countdown

    55. Daniel H

      And the winner is Space X Jeff!

    56. Pritesh Solanki

      Look at that beautiful landing at 16mph. Edit: the thing is speed measurement error, i think its just showing average number. When booster landed and almost became stable, it was still showing 300+mph till they vanished it

    57. Gascar Jentis

      blue origine What is blue origine ? I don't now what is blue Origine I know spaceX but not blue origin

    58. Goat Boi

      Space x and blue origin, both of them did a really good job

    59. franck2k5

      On-board camera maybe?

    60. Ivan Todorov

      So i guess the capsule , will fly longer in the commercial use or the fly time will be the same as in this video ?

    61. Sinistav TnT

      No, nobody thought your rockets are CGI. LMAO. Bit that off the Sn10 comments, nice try though

    62. Shubhankar Mukherjee

      blue who?

    63. Elaine R. Smith


    64. Gabriel Mergulhao

      amazing how she mentions the speedometer, which shows in retards per frames xD

    65. Graye Gregory

      Looks like a flying snicker chocolate bar to me .

    66. Abdul Qayyum

      What is the problem of America, for not switching to Meter instead of FT?

      1. Abdul Qayyum

        @TimePro Nobody said, you should change it Suddenly, take the time and join rest of the world.

      2. TimePro

        Its not that simple. We can't just suddenly change an entire unit of measurement just like that.

      3. Abdul Qayyum

        @Z-Man Overstreet rest of the world.

      4. Z-Man Overstreet

        Who cares though

    67. Blue Flamingo

      Landing was too smooth .OMG

    68. Chad Purser

      Rivian support trucks at the end!

    69. Satyam Priyadarshi

      I don't get the hate behind Blue Origin. They do an amazing job. Except for using the metric system.

    70. Lord Grumbot

      Your announcers are too annoying

    71. chandan sharma

      I think I have seen the most satisfactory take-off till now love it 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️

    72. Yousuf S

      Anybody watching in 2030 after the crew crash in Atlantic

      1. Z-Man Overstreet

        Here in 2025 when they finished the New Glenn mock up

    73. TERMOGAD

      Мне кажется я увидел здесь компьютерную графику, похоже на обман.

    74. Zobir


    75. Matt Mayer

      It was a fact you'd never beat out SpaceX Jeff. It's Elon's game and you're trying to make new rules. Why don't you guys team up and work together? I understand it isn't as easy as just saying "let's work together" but seriously. The only competition that should exist in space is nature.

    76. Jeriku

      Will be nice to deliver boxes to the moon. Wait..

    77. HardiX - KSP

      Please add also metrics system

    78. Tanan Baboo

      What did they learn new on this one?

    79. Kirk Claybrook

      That video was a huge improvement over the excruciatingly boring ones you normally do. Sadly you're still too arrogant to include the metric units that nearly all of the world (and many prospective customers) use.

    80. Kirk Claybrook

      1:05:52 er...Starship would like a word.

    81. Damien Spectre

      love BO .. love Space X What a great time to be alive

    82. mark white

      Waste of time

    83. mark white

      Do you guys not feel you are wasting a lot of time, energy and money on an experience you can already do in an aeroplane? Go Elon and Starship!

    84. tcntx


    85. Nodir Siddikov

      Why don't you use a metric system???

    86. AlexGAlexG AlexG

      Blue Origin just seems like the Randall to the SpaceXs TJ If you know you know ✌️

    87. Andy Analytics

      Way more small than StarShip,lending don't have to slip off it mean it has heed problem when lending from atmosphere. Far behind the SpaceX starship approach

    88. Michael

      Cool CGI from the 90´s

      1. Z-Man Overstreet

        Not cgi you clown

    89. OgaDuby

      Congrats Blue Origin on another successful launch! However, webcast is really meh... Way too self-promoting and not really that interesting (flight excluded ofc). And also, one of the dislikes comes from me for not using metric system. Sowwy, but not sowwy.

    90. soragirl9

      This is the most fake and CGI thing I've seen in 2021

      1. Cha7

        yeah it's not cgi

      2. soragirl9

        Or there's something wrong with their camera filters or the liftoff looked completely fake, and the landing looked like a CGI simulation. I'm not doubting that they did it, but comparing to NASA and SpaceX's tests... let's just say MARVEL has better CGI than Blue Origin 👀

      3. ThatRandomDudelol

        you're not being serious right?

    91. NoStaff

      *blue origin joined the chat*

    92. Kainde Amedha

      Heil Putin!0/

    93. qtadosol

      Go Blue Origin ! Here we are, looking at you, from the city of Silves, Algarve province, south of Portugal, where great navigators arrived for the first time ! Phoenicians, normands (so called vikings) and specially the portuguese sailors and captains who discovered the Azores an Madeira Islands for Portugal, and did the first routes of circumnavigation of Africa into Asia !... Silves and Algarve awaits you too!...

    94. Tony Rudnew

      Who still uses mph and feet for altitude?

    95. hermes rivero

      Eso parece un cilindro de gas propano

    96. Firdaus Aziz

      Congratulations from Malaysia 👍

    97. Loanword Eggcorn

      Please use SI units.

    98. Олег Нарожний

      Вітаю! Проведено велику роботу, і результат - вражає!!!.

    99. Ervin

      Rivian R1T pickup at 2:10:50

      1. Ervin

        it's still unreleased!