Retractable Metal Iron Man Helmet With Heads Up Display - Augmented Reality AI


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    Here's how I made a fully expanding metal Iron Man helmet complete with heads up display and AI assistant like Jarvis. In the Marvel movies Iron Man, and The Avengers, Tony Stark invents many suits from a folding briefcase suit to nanotech suits that automatically expand to his body. I attempted to replicate these mechanisms using a variety of techniques from inflatable helmets, to a mechanical backpack that assembles a full metal helmet onto the users head. I also added LED lights and smart glasses with an augmented reality display, along with a voice assistant like Jarvis.
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    1. Gripp Bates

      Request. Make a Very powerful magneto glove that can pull metal.

    2. choudhary hamid

      can you make portable ac suit


      Please make a e-bike like in movie oblivion.😁👍

    4. zackhuddlestonmusic

      You should make falcons wings

    5. The Masked Musician

      Why doesn’t anyone just use hinges to make iron man gauntlets. Ik it won’t work perfect because you can’t fully straighten your fingers but it is better because if done right you can cover the full hand

    6. Xoma

      Maybe you could make smart glasses out of smart watch, like mi band.... Or smt like that.

    7. inari

      make something that can make you wallrun or double jump like in Timefall 2

    8. Mathew roby

      Make percy jacksons pen sword from the movie percy jackson and the lightning theif...🔥

    9. JMB Brennan

      Could you try to make iron man Repulsers so there can be stuff to go with the helmet.

    10. Saul Cantu

      I think you should make lokis staff

    11. heartless._. bj

      Request:make dr strange cape make sure it can fly please

    12. Jason Parent

      You should fabricate mandalorian helmets that have all the comforts of life without a helmet in a helmet.

      1. Jason Parent

        IE sight, hearing, and oxygen. not smell. cause you know... space and stuff. also that cool speaker voice thing like a walkie talkie with a speaker that states everything you say as you say it type of thing.... you know what I mean...

    13. Kai Inferno

      Beyblades that are actually op

    14. Michael Vega

      a hoverboard

    15. Mason Nash

      This is the best HUD I've seen in a prop Iron man helmet! Of course, I've seen other people make the faceplate move more smoothly

    16. P-MAN ART

      you should make baby yodas pod that can close at the push of a button (and maybe even hoover?)

    17. Hunter Batt

      Aot 3d maneuvering gear

    18. Ghosty

      Make Genji’s shuriken holder from over (it is on his arm, but you can watch how that happens on DEfasts)

    19. Lynette Lewis

      make a human torch arm or glove

    20. Mekai Bailey

      full flying iron man suit

    21. Sly durango

      Make the back to the future car (I have my hopes up) =

    22. Brayden Tobias

      I think you should try making a transformer like bumble bee

    23. Logan Miller

      Do a Jarvis flash drive that is compatible with anything

    24. Edward Perez

      Rossing gun

    25. Villmore

      Try to make actually working repulsor beam thingys like in the film the work with gas i could imagine seeing that work in real life too

    26. Christopher htown

      star lord gun pls he my fav he got all types of elements there called element blasters or something like that pls do it pleeeeeeeeasseeeee and i will sub and hit bell

    27. DTA

      I think a captain America shield would be cool it could have like rubber on the edge so it bounces

    28. Sithum Nimsara


    29. DEKER GAMER 26

      Do colab with Hacksmith

    30. kinjal shah

      Flying falcon suit

    31. DEKER GAMER 26

      Full set of iron man armor

    32. Phindiwe Tikwayo

      Plz plz make the iron man legs

    33. matt christopher

      make a storm breaker axe that flies back and condoucts electricity

    34. Phil Lockamy

      you should build a functional keyblade and lock

    35. Munkhtur Erdene ochir

      black widow stungun

    36. calcorpuk


    37. Kwame Starks

      Toni Starks all the way! You should try hands on iron man's full suit

    38. P.A.C. Bayou Boys

      I see you don't know what to make so I will finish this up . Request: big hero six micro bots

    39. Duncan Kimuhu

      Suit that makes the wearer invisible to cctv cameras.(or even blurry)

    40. Carl Pulido

      Request: slowly make each part of the iron man suit then at the end of the year connect all of them and flex.

    41. seb ashton

      can you try make another harry potter wand but you could use a slingshot system and shoot ball bearings but they can be on fire so its like shooting a legit spell


      Thanos gauntlet with attachable infinity stone pls

    43. Amirr

      please can you make the ODM gear from attack on titan

    44. Thk 1411

      Just make an extendable Whip

    45. Devana M.Nair

      920123 th view

    46. Yujiro Hanma

      Request: do genji’s reload animation From overwatch

    47. The knights chamber

      What about making a prius

    48. Ethan Garza

      can u plz make wolverine claws

    49. Yishai Goldman

      HUGE REQUEST: can you make the multi directional treadmill from ready player 1?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?

    50. PramaGaming

      Request: butter robot from Rick and Morty

    51. Beck Norland

      Make a lightsaber to rival the hacksmiths

    52. MrJameszo

      Please you should really make a laser web shooter

    53. andani putri

      You should make the star lord helmet and his gadgets

    54. cai

      make the gear/swords/zippers from attack on titan for the WEEEEEEEEEEEBSSSSSSS

    55. Assassin Floof X

      Try to make Ghost Riders fire wip?

    56. T-15_Playz

      I want the glove

    57. Martin Lan

      also check out hacksmith and you could make a really cool project with him

    58. Martin Lan

      request: iron man repolser rays that you can actually fly from

    59. Allen Geffe

      Expanding bow from the arrow please

    60. Louie365

      Idea for a video: Hey, so I've been looking up for around an hour in DEfasts, and I couldn't find any prototype of an android phone with a transparent phone like the ones from Iron Man. And I don't really get why. There is lots of transparent TV screens and touchscreens out there but no android smartphones, and I think it would be very cool. Even if it has weak hardware. Using something like the hardware from a SmartWatch and putting it at the bottom of the display. And making some sort of frame for the display to be more sturdy shouldn't be so hard in my opinion. Love your content man, keep going!

    61. yaquin uzzaman

      make a nerve gear

    62. Jeff Garcia

      Can I have the Black Panther shoes

    63. Jeff Garcia

      Can I have the Black Panther shoes

    64. Michael Reznick

      Can you build a folding baseball bat

    65. the viper

      Retractable marvel wing

    66. Finn Carpenter

      Or that spear from Percy Jackson thats stored inside a can

    67. Ahmad Shah

      make dr octpus arms

    68. Taylor Webb

      U should make venam body soot like the Iron man mask and black panther shoes

    69. Taylor Webb

      U should make wolverine claws

    70. Alex Rider

      Can you make the exploding ear stud or book gun from alex rider book 2 ?

    71. ChrispyPie007

      Would be cool to see you make an ironman suit suitcase

    72. Aaron Adhikari

      make a web shooter like grappling hook that lets you switch tips and grab on to different things

    73. tiger shing

      Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make repulsor i m your big fan love from India

    74. H Both

      Make percy jacksons sword “riptide”

    75. Hamza Yasser

      Idea : Build a full Ironman suit

    76. NO ONE

      Make a button drone from spies in disguise

    77. Andri Arnason

      Yo where did you get thos glasses they look dope

    78. Lemon

      that flex seal jacket

    79. prarabdha dhungel

      make a tron bike or a small version which when it goes line comes out

    80. edrummer boy

      Pls make a real life lightsaber

    81. Tlaw seriaF

      Hi I’ve been watching you for a while and I want you to please make iron spider arms moveable I’m a big marvel fan

    82. edrummer boy

      Request : make a jacket with sensors sothat if someones attempts to kill you will know it

    83. Valters Mitrevics

      try makeing a bakugan that can talk and do comands

    84. Finn Carpenter

      I don’t know if this would be cool or possible, but mandos sniper would be cool


      Request: The suit ring from The Flash

    86. Patrick Ninsiima

      Football amour Iron man

    87. Malsha Ud

      can you make a new iron spider man 4 legs

    88. gladys shibu

      the idea make a spider man homecoming spider drone

    89. Whitemonster 665

      Try making the ice gun from Flash. The one Captain Cold has...

    90. Optical Bizzy

      Make antmans suit that can shrink

    91. Obama Sause

      Batman’s grappling gun

    92. Yash Mehta


    93. Royalplayer


    94. Royalplayer

      can you make a retractable taser dart

    95. Gary Vang

      Request: Attempt to make a Pokeball that shrinks and expands like the show

    96. LilSlayer J

      can you please make a power rangers ninja storm morpher

    97. Ironsp1der _

      Make a Twitch drone from R6

    98. Leonor Osorio

      Make falcons wings

    99. Pk Slap

      When and if u make a 2.0 version, u should add magnets so that you can easily put on the faceplate and even some other parts of the helmets If u wanted. Also add like in helmet audio to allow u to make calls

    100. Xo_Kyloren_Xo

      Can you make the kings man umbrellaa