Rich Hering is the 2021 Warrior Award recipient: WWE Hall of Fame 2021


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    Long-time WWE employee Rich Hering is recognized with the Warrior Award as part of the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2021. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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    1. jsauce 93

      Nice to see the warrior award finally going to someone that it was intended to go towards - behind the scenes staff Hate that they bastardised it into a soulless charity PR stunt, more of this please

    2. Ruben Bechian

      Los matadors

    3. Louis

      This guys toupe should be in the HOF by itself

    4. Notorious Neo


    5. Midnight Carnage

      Rich Hering Return Confirmed

    6. Ashleigh Lefebvre

      Drax shadow should be in there he fought cancer 4 times before it took his life

    7. icebreaker

      Shad gasperd deserved this

    8. Aidan Boylin

      I think Gory Guerrero (If he hasn't already been inducted) or Chavo Guerrero should be inducted next year.

    9. Aidan Boylin

      Next year JTG should induct Shad

    10. Geoffrey Willemsen

      An award with the mask on it that looks pretty cool

    11. Mr. Lynx

      WWE should have 2 Warrior Awards per year. One for how Warrior wanted it and recognize staff. The other is for Humanitarians like Titus.

    12. Michael Vazquez


    13. M.A.D MAN

      Congratulations rich hering.

    14. KESSY

      Deserved well done !!🔥

      1. バカ.

        No he doesn’t.

      2. Dawne Provost

        No he doesn’t.

    15. Francesco Orza

      Jimmy Miranda next, he truly does deserve It more than a ton of people.

    16. Giorgia Simeoni

      Congratulation to become a Warrior Award for Ric Hering congratulation ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    17. Marcos Velasquez Ortega

      Congratulations !!🎉🎉🎉

    18. Randy Orton

      Congrats to him

    19. Hasan Ekiz

      Super 👍 Hammer 🔨

    20. cat of awesome

      Finally, a backstage employee gets the Warrior Award Like Ultimate Warrior wanted

      1. Mike Torres


      2. TheMlkSntr

        Susan Aitchison ?

      3. heffman102

        Umm Sue Aitchison?

    21. Hank Acham


    22. R_ Gh

      Hey Vince McMahon, next year 2022, you should honor Undertaker in the Hall of Fame first with the presence of a huge number of fans, secondly, Undertaker honors alone and no other wrestler is honored with him on the same night. The Hall of Fame should be in 2022 only to honor Undertaker and does not honor anyone before or After or even during the Undertaker tribute, and finally the honor will be attended by all the legends such as Kane, Stone Cold, Brett Hart, The Rock, John Cena, Triple H, Sting, Hulk Hogon, Kevin Nash, Razer Romon, Shawn Michael, Jack the Snake Roberts, Batista, Randy Orton, Goldberg, Mark Henry, Rick Flair, Kurt angle , Kevin Nash, JBL, Ray Mysterio,Edge and other legends and the person who introduces the Undertaker into the Hall of Fame 2022 is Vince McMahon personally.

    23. Andrew Dickson

      Congrats money fish

    24. KAOTIC199423 GAMING & VLOGS


      1. KAOTIC199423 GAMING & VLOGS

        @MotherHen2012 listen lady I don't know you you don't know me so let's just put it as this you believe he don't I believe he does let's end it there

      2. MotherHen2012

        @KAOTIC199423 GAMING & VLOGS Nah. He don't.

      3. KAOTIC199423 GAMING & VLOGS

        @MotherHen2012 no he deserves it no matter what you say

      4. MotherHen2012

        @KAOTIC199423 GAMING & VLOGS So anyone who does what any parent would do should get inducted into a hall of fame and get an award? Nope. Nothing heartless about the truth.

      5. KAOTIC199423 GAMING & VLOGS

        @MotherHen2012 wow you are heartless

    25. Trevor Hembrough

      The fact that this award is named for Ultimate Warrior and not Shad Gaspard completely invalidates it.

    26. Alex'Y

      Congrats George Lucas on your WWE Hall of Fame induction !

      1. Romar Roca


      2. Cherry Wave


      3. Jack3_16

        George Lucas if Star Wars flopped

    27. Underscore's Jurassic Catch

      Shad Gaspard should've received the Warrior Award this year.

    28. Human TargetJcp

      The lawyer really!!!

      1. Izzie

        He carried the company through 4 different eras.

    29. JustTypicalVibes

      Brodie lee and cryme Tyme for hall of fame

    30. Plumpy Arts

      Many people tought that the man is george lucas... hehehehe

    31. Scuubersz

      This man deserved it. Always amazing to see them give the off camera long time workers love

    32. The Voice of Reason

      Shad Gaspard DOES NOT DESERVE THE WARRIOR AWARD. Yes he's a hero, but literally anyone would've done what he did unless they were a deadbeat father. Saving your sons life IS AN OBLIGATION. Shad Gaspard is a hero, but he's just not worthy of a warrior award. This man right here deserves the award. People like Titus O'neil, Connor Michalek, and Eric LeGrand deserve this award. Shad Gaspard did nothing other than save his son which doesn't make him stand out like these people do.

      1. heffman102

        @Dawne Provost he didn't get it and replying to every comment isn't gonna change their mind, get over it already

      2. Dawne Provost

        He does deserve it.

    33. River Alexander

      That should’ve went to shad Gaspard

      1. River Alexander

        @MotherHen2012 nonetheless he is still a great man and is a worthy entree

      2. MotherHen2012

        @River Alexander He did what every father would do. Don't mean he should get in the hall of fame

      3. River Alexander

        @Izzie no doubt. I was just saying that Shad should get one as well. He is a true hero for sacrificing himself to save his child. Hopefully next year !

      4. Izzie

        This guy did more

      5. Dawne Provost

        @The Voice of Reason booooooo you

    34. True Knowledge

      Jesus, yes Shad Will be remembered but You Don’t Need a award To show How Great Of A Person He Was. And I think This Guy Deserves it he also Has Experienced Hard Times!!!

      1. S.E.S PunK

        Hard times babeh.

    35. Date Masamune

      Many morons of FB complaining Shad deserved this reward instead.

    36. The Great Khali

      Nice to see Ric Flair finally inducted into the Hall of Fame!

      1. heffman102

        Stupid comment since he's in twice already 🤦‍♂️

    37. Erick Gabriel

      Ok, I agree that Shad fully deserves the award. But let’s not remove Rich’s deserving of the award. He is one of the reasons that pro wrestling/sports entertainment is so huge today.

      1. Erick Gabriel

        @Lucas Ponce he died saving his son who was drowning at a beach

      2. Lucas Ponce

        Was shad a warrior?

    38. Michael Afton

      Put shad gaspard in the hall of fame legacy he deserves it

    39. Kraymer Mcvey

      50 years in the business... yeah this man deserves a proper pop!

      1. Christopher Almadin

        @Dawne Provost you don't understand the business

      2. Christopher Almadin

        Okay,first of all, both Brodie and Shad aren't workers in WWE that time, plus Brodie got an ovation in AEW....

      3. Dawne Provost

        Hell no he don’t deserve it shad from crime time or Brodie lee.

    40. Kraymer Mcvey

      For a company that hates the word wrestling that word wrestling seams to be used alot in hall of fame..

      1. Christopher Almadin

        There are a wrestling company though

    41. francisco Choque


    42. ABANG•17


    43. Jawan Farmer

      Congratulations to him well deserved

    44. I'm legit subing to everyone who subzz to me

      Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment🏆🏆🏆

    45. J23 Record Music

      Rich Hering

    46. Richard Matt

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    47. Mahir Asef

      I feel bad for this guy. This guy will definitely look at IWC and will really feel bad for how people reacted to this. Shad definitely deserves it but it's not like "now or never" situation. They can give it to him anytime they want. Appreciate this guy's work and congratulate him and hope wwe inducts Shad sooner than later. These damn people fffs

      1. Tafari Ali-Alkebu'lan

        He knows and care nothing about the IWC, they really do overrate the vacuum they live in if they think an esteemed 50 year employee of WWE would lose any sleep over today's hardcore nerdiness and their remarks on the internet.

      2. SP

        You get it, but I'm sure Rich wouldn't care, he has the entire locker room and legends like the Rock who are thanking him for all he's done, the fans need to realize the hall of fame happens every year and this isn't a race, I'm glad that Rich is being recognized for all the work he's done, as for the fans who complain, what else is new, just making themselves look horrible.

    48. Mahir Asef

      For the people who wanted Shad, wouldn't it be better if he was presented next year or in a couple of years in front of people. Ik he won't be there but whoever receives on behalf will get a genuine reaction on behalf of Shad and just makes the whole thing better

      1. jsauce 93

        @Obey Chris_98 why would shad be inducted into the hof? because he died? He was never a memorable figure in wrestling

      2. Gamers of Anarchy

        @Kraymer Mcvey k 100% agree I was going to say his son should receive it.

      3. Kraymer Mcvey

        The voice of reason yeah man you got me yeah I ain't topping that because that is the truth man!

      4. Obey Chris_98

        @The Voice of Reason People tend to be confused in the comments section from what I see. Will Shad eventually be inducted into the HOF? Of course but not as a Warrior Award recipient. No disrespect to him but he doesn’t qualify for that award if we’re going off of what Warrior himself wanted.

      5. EG FLAMEZ's Chair

        The voice i agree

    49. my frend justin

      Jim Johnston for HOF

      1. Mobin Kiadeh

        @Leslie Calletor Jr no he was let go and replaced by CFO$ and then def rebel was brought in to replace CFO$.

      2. Caine Te Whare

        @Leslie Calletor Jr He's not.

      3. طيور الجنه


      4. Rhys Van der Merwe

        Yes Man

      5. Grzegorz Wroblewski

        Actually I think he should be placed at Celebrity HOF

    50. Ahmad Fayyad

      Congrats man you still have more for giving us everything like you did before 51 Years

    51. Byron Thompson

      Poor guy's getting rinsed on Twitter just because Shad didn't win the award. I mean R.I.P to him but still.

      1. Dawne Provost

        Or Brodie lee so what.

    52. Saul R🈂

      Warrior wanted a “maranda award” to those who worked backstage. Jim Johnston Kevin Dunn Mike chioda Are a few I think should get those award. Many more that I don’t know that should get it as well.

      1. Andrew Gutierrez

        Which they have done for maybe 3 to 4 years now

    53. Joey Calderwood

      A guy who SACRIFICED his LIFE for his CHILD should have won the award.

      1. Ricky Priestman

        Very good point

      2. Khijir Chowdhury

        Who tf wouldn't sacrifice their life for their child? Like his situation was sad but yall are doing too much

      3. Dawne Provost

        @•Cofee Ya• thank you for agree with me with jerk

      4. •Cofee Ya•

        @SP yep tell this idiot dude!

      5. The Voice of Reason

        No he shouldn't. Saving your son is an obligation. Anyone would've done it. If he didn't do it then what kind of man is he?

    54. RavenTOH

      Congratulations, however i feel like it should have been shad

      1. RavenTOH

        @MotherHen2012 you know if we’re putting it just like that...why was Connor put in it

      2. MotherHen2012

        What's he done? Just because he's dead don't mean he gets in.

      3. Christopher Almadin

        Guess you can't please anyone

      4. Namo '

        Rename the award after shad, not just give it to him. It'll bring more prestige to the award than warrior would

      5. Dawne Provost

        @Mahir Asef shut up

    55. gst013

      What a disgrace the name of the "Warrior Award" is to the company, and to the great people who receive it. One of the most unprofessional guys in the history of the business, and an awful human being outside of it. A shame. 😞

      1. gst013

        @Godzilla dreamer if I were. it'd be because yours are far too braindead and head in the sand-ish to like. Do I really need to go into all the unprofessional and awful things the Warrior has said and done in his life to show you how incredibly moronic the WWE naming an award for compassion and perseverance after him is?

      2. Godzilla dreamer

        @gst013 Why you always liking your own comment

      3. gst013

        @Godzilla dreamer where's the lie? This is like saying that the sun rises in the east or that water is wet 😅

      4. Godzilla dreamer

        Why you always lying

    56. Wrestling is fake and gay

      Lmao, most of people in this comment section bitching and moaning because Brodie Lee didn't win this award

      1. Christopher Almadin

        @Wrestling is fake and gay exactly...patience guys....some just put emotion over the true meaning of the warrior award

      2. Wrestling is fake and gay

        @Christopher Almadin Exactly, Brodie Lee should get inducted at AEW awards and Shad Gaspard should get inducted next year at WWE Hall of Fame 2022

      3. Christopher Almadin

        True, like did Brodie did what these guys went through, no offense to Brodie fans or Shad fans, but it is what it is, they deserved it because of their contributions to the company and their loyalty

      4. Dawne Provost

        And shad

      5. SP

        No one hates wrestling more than wrestling fans.

    57. MRWIL246

      I am sorry but this is wrong. SO WRONG. If anyone should of received the Warrior Award it should of been Shad Gaspard. He done the ULTIMATE sacrifice by give up his life to save someone he valued more then his own well being, that is his beloved son.

      1. TheyCallMeTaco

        The irony of your statement and your pfp.

      2. heffman102

        What's wrong is having a murderer as your profile pic

      3. Random Person

        There’s a thing called patients which most wrestling fans don’t have

      4. MRWIL246

        @SP Oh no doubt totally agree in the second part of your comment BUT I hope the Kiddy Network acknowledge his action and give him the respect for what he done but NOPE they didn't.

      5. SP

        The Warrior award was meant for this though, and Shad doesn't need an award to validate what he did. There's nothing wrong about this but then again you probably want the guy in your profile pic to go in the Hall of Fame today too.

    58. Enrique Sanabria

      This guy seems nice to bad he works for a scummy company who spits in the face of and betrays all of the United States fans. F WWE F Peacock.

      1. Random Person

        I’m guessing your employed to WWE to know all this stuff or you go off sources

      2. Mahir Asef

        I am sure they will thank u for your view. Also who knows if u r actually subbed to this channel. So maybe they will thank you for ur sub as well

      3. rgordian624

        And yet you comment.

    59. Tei'Zhan McFall

      This is amazing.

      1. Christopher Almadin

        Yes it is

      2. Tei'Zhan McFall

        @Dawne Provost Yes it is.

      3. Dawne Provost

        No is not

    60. Trevor Campbell

      Anyone saying Shad or Brodie Lee have no idea what the award is actually for.

      1. Obey Chris_98

        @RavenTOH Why you asking me ? I didn’t know him. I’m only explaining the award as stated by Warrior himself. WWE chose to award Conor posthumously. Not everyone that’s gotten the award has worked with WWE.

      2. RavenTOH

        @Obey Chris_98 what did Connor do behind the scenes tho?

      3. Obey Chris_98

        @•Cofee Ya• He was working under that name before he passed away. To WWE fans he’s known as Luke Harper but it ain’t wrong to also call him Brodie Lee or his real name.

      4. Obey Chris_98

        @Christopher Almadin People will complain regardless of anything. People are already complaining about WWE not giving him the award but if they were to give it to him they’d just complain about how he didn’t get awarded in front of a crowd. Plus we don’t know how his family is currently. It’s almost been a year since he passed away and maybe they’re not ready.

      5. Christopher Almadin

        @Obey Chris_98 this is why we can't please any fan here...

    61. Dave Henshall


    62. Faysal Mursal

      If I’m not mistaken, this guy was involved in Randy Savage’s wedding

      1. The Bigbear

        Randy and Elizabeth were married long before the on screen stuff they did. They were almost divorced by the time it went on screen

      2. Jebril Sadek

        @heffman102 thanks for letting us know

      3. heffman102

        Yeah he was they talked about it in his video package before his induction

      4. Jebril Sadek


    63. Go OutSide Pat

      should have been shad or Brodie the impact that they had on the whole locker room that is employed is massive doesn’t matter if they were or weren’t with the company

      1. Christopher Almadin

        @MRWIL246 he was warned by Harley Race not to use the diving head butt, but he continues it because he was passionate about it...

      2. Random Person

        There’s a thing called patients which most wrestling fans don’t have

      3. SP

        @MRWIL246 he was a tremendous wrestler, but at the end of the day he murdered his family, and that's how he'll be remembered. No one to blame but himself for his actions.

      4. MRWIL246

        @SP Best damn Pro Wrestler is the Past, present and maybe in the future dude. He gave everything he had for the thing he loved and don't get me started on the real facts of his Meltdown or who was the real Villain in the story that caused a MAJOR part of Benoit destruction and that of his family as well.

      5. SP

        @MRWIL246 you say this as the guy in your profile pic is a murderer lol

    64. Ruí

      Congrats Rich

    65. Greg King

      Shad got robbed

      1. Random Person

        There’s a thing called patients which most wrestling fans don’t have

      2. rgordian624

        of his life.

      3. Dawne Provost

        And Brodie lee

    66. PURE DBX

      Well done ❤

    67. Raid3r_thepogchamp

      Congratulations rich

    68. Alice Delgado

      and where's Shad's nomination?

      1. MotherHen2012

        @Alice Delgado did what any father would do. He's no different from anyone else.

      2. Alice Delgado

        @MotherHen2012 he gave his life to save his son's

      3. MotherHen2012

        He's done nothing to deserve it

      4. Random Person

        There’s a thing called patients which most wrestling fans don’t have

      5. SP

        @MRWIL246 this isn't a competition and how do the fans know that Shad's family wanted this already? Just be patient and realize that Shad doesn't need an award for what he did. He saved his son's life and that will forever be remembered, he doesn't need an award to be remembered for what he did but I'm sure he'll get one. This isn't a race.

    69. Nica Cabuang


    70. Nica Cabuang


    71. Grisna official

      Congrats rich hering

    72. OptimusProvost

      Should’ve been Shad

      1. Random Person

        There’s a thing called patients which most wrestling fans don’t have

      2. SP

        Why so you can complain that WWE is using Shad's name if they were to induct him this year?

      3. Dawne Provost

        @Go OutSide Pat what about both of them get the award.

      4. Go OutSide Pat

        No not next year this year should have been him or Brodie the impact that they had on the whole roster that is employed is massive

      5. Max316

        Maybe next year.

    73. Lukas Wright


    74. Max316

      This guy totally deserves this induction. He's been around for 50 years working as a senior vice president.

      1. Chirag

        @Dawne Provost you can't even spell shad's name He will be inducted just wait for next year

      2. Obey Chris_98

        @heffman102 You’re not making a point. You’re just complaining about those two being given the Warrior Award. And to be fair there’s only 3 people that have the award the way Warrior intended and that’s Sue Aitchison, Titus O’Neal and Rich Hering. The rest are people that WWE decided to award despite not working with the company. Ever thought of that before calling me out ?

      3. heffman102

        @Obey Chris_98 making a point is crying? I see logic doesn't exist in your vocabulary

      4. Obey Chris_98

        @heffman102 Stop crying.

      5. heffman102

        @Obey Chris_98 oh yeah I forgot Eric LeGrand and Conor Michalek were instrumental in the WWE's evolution to where it is today 🙄

    75. 梁家軒#REF!


    76. Chii Chewy