Right-Wing Newsmax Host Greg Kelly Went After Biden's Dog | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


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    Why did Newsmax's Greg Kelly decide to go after the Bidens' dog? MSNBC's Brian Williams takes a look. Aired on 02/20/2021.
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    Right-Wing Newsmax Host Greg Kelly Went After Biden's Dog | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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    1. Sky Blue

      Having a dog and no cat is racist.

    2. Kathy Jarrett

      That poor Dog is in pain. If you can't see that your all blind.

    3. Tom Dougherty

      Champ is much better groomed than Steve Bannon. He could use a bath a comb and a shave.

    4. Some Random Guy

      Sad MSNBC doesn’t don’t go after Cuomo for those murders

    5. Max Bradford

      Newsmax. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    6. Max Bradford

      Biden’s dog is starting to look like Biden

    7. Jacindra Lumbardton

      My daughter's German Shepard Rocky looks very healthy compared to Sniffy Sleepy Obiden's dog.

    8. Jacindra Lumbardton

      Bla bla bla bla wa wa wa ....Go Gregg Kelly ! 👏bravo 👏

    9. Chosen People

      This is news ?? And he is right the dog looks um crazy.

    10. Diane Davenport

      In regard to our corrupted leadership of 2021... "These men turn from the right way to walk down dark paths. They take pleasure in doing wrong, and they enjoy the Twisted ways of evil. Their actions are crooked and their ways are wrong." Proverbs 2:13-15 NLT!

    11. Rachael Anders-Spera

      Ummm I do believe he said TAKE CARE OF THAT BEAUTIFUL GSD!!!!! With as much money as he has care for that poor baby

    12. Rachael Anders-Spera

      Lmao 😂 had nothing to do with the dog smh

    13. Robert Bascelli

      Your just pi$$ed because you couldn't go after Trumps dog first..lol. You morons.

    14. Martha Estrada

      Just ugly dems

    15. Miss Barilla De Fenton

      Greg it’s only saying the dog it’s not taking care off... please people 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    16. Elrico Farmer

      MSLSD...... going after Greg Kelly. Libturds! If you're going to go after somebody, go after the Gov of N.Y., murderer & sexual assault expert!

    17. bubba bee

      Maybe Champ should wear some orange, spray tan makeup?

    18. BackyardPC

      Introducing the bashing of Greg Kelly. He’s too good with huge ratings to let him get away with that. Can’t have him making the MSM look bad!

    19. Rob Robson

      Anybody who isn't a Communist is right wing to you Leftie, Socialist, Communist nutters.

    20. Chris Engstrom

      it's not about the dog you nitwits it's about the fact that that he's being neglected by his owner. But I understand your confusion. Greg Kelly's intellectual oration is very difficult to follow since he speaks at such an intellectually high level. Oh, wait. 'He's just a normal guy and speaks plainly' you say? That must mean that you MSNBC lovers are truly idiots if you can't understand that the dog cant give himself a shampoo and comb-out and that it's the responsibility of the owner. The appearance of the dog is a reflection of its owner.

    21. J Lim

      millions are homeless and all biden can bring with him are dogs to the whitehouse ...pathetic

    22. DSLuvs Cavaliers

      This newscaster is an absolute Jerk!!!

    23. ____

      Wonder if Joe sniffed him?

    24. War Boys

      This is probably one of the most stupidest things they can criticize Biden on

    25. Susan Beckett

      Wouldn't expect anything less from Newsmax, this is how low Greg Kelly will go to get rating and followers.

    26. Clarence Haws

      MSn see this is what you've done for four years against President Trump and when somebody offends you because you stand up for Biden you lash out and hate. you need to stop your hating.

    27. Jeremy moyers

      Should be put down just like its owner the fake president

    28. Mad World

      Slow news day. Lmao

    29. Pat Neco

      Biden bumbled and mumbles how do you like your new Spender in Chief? You and your children and grandchildren will be paying in taxes every penny spent by the dems. Check history for reality.

    30. Carlos Da Silva

      Quick, call PITA... Newsmax is racist towards dogs... News is dead.

    31. Pat Byrne

      Maybe Greg Kelly needs to spend time taking care of old animals, who have more integrity than he’ll ever see. What a moron.

    32. Thoth Al Khem


    33. T-Rexy Brouii

      Hey Greg. Pick on someone your own species. I challenge you. Come after me. I will defend champ.

    34. crispy

      Champ was given to Biden in 2008, that makes him 14 years old, his breed has a life expectancy of 12-14 years. In human years, *Champ is nearly 100 years old* . Do NewsMax make it a habit of denigrating the looks of people in their twilight years? I suppose they have nothing intelligent to say so they make their own news by making derogatory statements about a dog that can't defend itself - how disgusting - every person of age, or just dog lovers in general, should rail against these people.

    35. mz simon

      The dog looks mangy how is that attacking

    36. seagull 30

      I suppose he mentioned it because the poor dog was FILTHY and obviously uncared for; I also noticed that the dog's tail went to the ground when Jill came near him. Liberals try to see the facts - not the facts you wish were true. It will (might) improve your thinking abilities.

    37. Monika Daker

      Champ is way better looking than that Gregg kelly monster, how petty these old men are

    38. Wolverine Hoosier

      MSNBC- Microsoft National Broadcasting Company. bill gates, the world would be a better place without that sick man

    39. Michael Hawaiianstyle

      Republicans hate elderly people and elderly dogs. They see them as a liability for paying for their extra medical care.

    40. Michael Hawaiianstyle

      Dogs are dirty on the outside. Republicans are dirty on the inside.

    41. Dr Bendover

      So who does biden remind you of if I say release the hounds:)

    42. ProfCheryl

      Dogs are sacred, you don't mess with anyone's dogs. Now this guy is a maximum creep.

    43. sokranny Lim

      wow, only a crazy looser s like fox news go against poor dog, at least he has home, and sooner those anchor folks might not even have a home to go too because they are so psycho

    44. Jean Urmaza

      Oh stop

    45. Ann Marie DelGrande


    46. Eli Smith

      these are the people who think that the government is bloated, but also think the presidents dog needs a personal staff?

    47. Jack Radoff

      "Probably why there are no dogs anchoring on NewsMax" talk about passive aggresive

    48. B K

      I feel sorry for that dog belonging to Biden

    49. Eric Sanchez

      Jojo he was a great dog

    50. Eric Sanchez

      This is going most cool country ever watch

    51. Eric Sanchez

      I'm unique

    52. Eric Sanchez

      Residue ups

    53. Gibby's Wife

      Dogs are unconditionally faithful to the very end.... and beyond. I ❤ Champ I ❤ Major Blessings to President Biden's entire family.🙏 💞💞 I agree with you, Mr. Brian Williams.

    54. Thomas Hutchinson

      Its true biden should clean his dog it's animal abuse

    55. Amelia Mokarzel

      Oh Lord!

    56. Rump[e Stillskin

      He loves dogs like most of us do. MSNBC has stooped to new lows. Again.

    57. Sarah Blair

      Hey Greg Kelly, why don’t you pick on one of the Secret Service dogs. At least they can defend themselves unlike poor old Champ. He’s geriatric for a large breed dog. Let the old guy live his remaining years in peace. If this is Biden’s biggest scandal, then he can meet my dogs any time.

    58. Leslie Holm

      Speaking of who needs a face brushing.....Don Jr.

    59. santanisme

      Giving dogs a bath is actually a bad thing. Especially for dogs who have a double coat. Their protective thin layer of fat on the hairs will be washed of. If your dog ain't dirty, don't wash them. Especially not with soap!

    60. Yago Usera

      I think Someone forgot to tell "Greg Kelly "His Toupee Looks A Lot Rough".

    61. Marc Rue

      I guess it was a slow day at newsmax, because they went after the President’s dog?! This man needs a hobby. And my hats off to Brian Williams for the zinger at the end👍🏽

    62. Denzel Mckenzie

      Lol so this what its come down to.... we talking about a dog thats like 90 in dog years😒

    63. Nancy Carlsen

      Greg Kelly /Kelly Greg....making fun of a dog!! What a reporter you are. See you are going to the top!

    64. Cooldude69

      Someone is finally getting back at Biden for burying dogs and this is how you treat them??

    65. Kathy D

      Sheeesh. Thanks Brian. Those Newsmax guys are stupid. First, what's wrong with these guys? Were they in a coma during the two term Obama years? Bo and Sunny? Did they mention Trump didn't have a dog. That should have been the first clue Trump was unqualified. They did a hit job on Champ with a B&W photo for a scary political spot scaring people about a candidate. A 12 year old beautiful dog. I'll take the Bidens, Champ, and Major any day over a hate-filled Trumpist!

    66. Debra Nielsen

      Proving once again that Repugnants are the lowest form of life.

    67. Ksthy Simmons


    68. jesuitx

      Champ is the goodest boy

    69. Baloo Dances

      Seriously going after a dog, what morons watch fox and news max. These far right psychos need to be off the air.

    70. Elana Golombko

      How low can you go Did you run out of topics 😕😞

    71. wcwright44

      Have they no shame?

    72. Free Speech

      Wrong dog being talked about. The dog is actually Biden.

    73. whitequeen96

      This reminds me of the HUGE SCANDAL of O'bama wearing a tan suit and how it "showed a total lack of respect for the job." Phfft!

    74. Emily C

      Tell us again how your helicopter was shot at. Oh, right that was a lie. That’s how you got yourself demoted to MSNBC

    75. Tetragramm

      Have you never seen an elderly Shepherd? That's all you have to go after, their elderly dog? Pathetic

    76. barbara kenway

      What despicable low-lives these three men are. There is far more nobility in that dog than they will ever know in themselves.

    77. Daniel Martinez


    78. Samus Knight

      The sad part is you know the Far Right is going to use this as some indication that Biden is a horrible President. It'll be some big scandal in their eyes. "He can't care for his dog! This proves he'll do the same to America! We need President Trump back!” Oh brother... 🙄🙄

    79. Skorpio Rising

      I’m glad this is what people are talking about while our country falls apart. 😒

    80. Todd Grooms

      Greg Kelly said he loved the dog, Brian. Im also suspicious of an awesome giver to the democratic party, picking on a little news anchor that gets censored all the time from big tech. Why would NBC listen to Greg Kelly and then misrepresent what he said. But also its nice how close nbc is to know the age and where and when the dog came into the life of the Bidens. congratulations on your awesome story of the dogs birthday and character.

    81. Robert Simmons

      Champ is not a puppy. He is old and showing his age gracefully. Unlike the host on Newsmax. The fact that he can still get around the rose garden is a testament to his resilience. I love German Shepherds and this foolish, self proclaimed reporter is ignorant regarding this subject.

    82. Karen James

      I agree, if their going after Biden’s dig they are desperate for news.

    83. Shielsia Derru

      It looks that scary tough dog from those face book posts who befriends an innocent kitten

    84. Marige OBrien

      Pay no attention. Greg Kelly is just doing his best EX-president Trump impression. And it is on a par with Trump's mentality-- that the only importance of a dog is how it looks. Wow. No one who actually does love dogs would start and end on that topic. Champ is a GREAT dog! He's 12? He looks AWESOME!!! I doubt Greg Kelly will look half as good when he's 85-90, which is roughly the human equivalent. But Champ's not stupid. So don't count on him loving Greg Kelly. It's more likely Champ would politely ignore him and stay as far away from him as possible.

    85. Anthony Ngu

      Genuine criticism of Biden's policy like welching on $2,000 relief cheque... Nah we can't do that. Let's go after his dog....

    86. Angel Tompa

      The stupendous milkshake biophysically return because delivery serologically bow apud a joyous brian. misty, mature iran

    87. Poppy Jalto

      Dumb and dumber on display ..The elderly dog obviously has more intelligence than the three off them put together

    88. Cameron Padron

      I was gonna say he just looks like a really old dog. Nothing wrong with that. Not really sure why news companies have to attack a dog to begin with, but whatever.

    89. AvatarJackson

      Dude he WON THE ELECTION! Attacking a good boi ain’t gonna change the results!

    90. Jen

      I'd call Greg Kelly a dog but that's too good of a name for him.

    91. Gerry Hurdelbrink

      Did it ever occur to you he may have just returned from a romp in the yard??? You don't have much to say that is truly relevant if that is your subject! Talk about a sore loser !!!

    92. Lynette Miller

      With all the stuff going on in the country, THIS is all a bunch of grown men have to do with their time, is clown a DOG? STFD and STFU! Good grief!

    93. Tresa 06

      They are attacking a dog ?!?! 12 yrs old is an elderly dog !!! How pathetic these so call men are !!!

    94. Sandra H

      ....and he looks like Richard Nixon. Now people are going to dog bash.

    95. Stephanie Schermi

      Dog is 12, moron!!! Old old old Doing very well to have gotten to 12. Moron!!! Read a book!!6

    96. Patrice Dhanis

      Having been an owner of a German shepherd can say that champ looks normal.

    97. Marian Lincoln

      If you've ever had an " OLDER " Dog the DONT always look like a bright new shiny puppy.... So get over yourself. He's a BELOVED and Cherished Pet.

    98. SmokeStack

      Lol right wing idiots grasp for anything when they're looking for a scandal. Here it is folks puppygate. Start the impeachment hearing.

    99. Sandra Gulley

      I grew up with Germen Sheperds and own one now. They blow there coats several times a year. With age they sometimes don't like to be brushed. My Anna looks about the same right now. Only she loves to be brushed and vacuumed every day.

    100. Kim Coleman

      Seriously, they're discussing a dog? That's news? Such idiots!