Rob Van Dam’s five-star Hall of Fame induction speech: WWE Hall of Fame 2021


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    Rob Van Dam kicks off the 2021 portion of the evening as he takes his place in the WWE Hall of Fame. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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    1. Brian Cook

      Mr Monday night raw Mr Thursday night smackdown Mr money in the bank Mr ECW (F'N show) Mr HoF Congrats RVD

    2. Tabitha

      I miss RVD in WWE.. 🥺🥺 I’m sooooo glad he’s inducted. He’s been my all time favorite...

    3. Samuel Owens

      Well deserved. His full body of work was amazing. I'll always remember his legendary matches against Jerry Lynn. Good for RVD.

    4. peanutbutterpandapuffs

      RVD was the man, watching only WWF growing up he was just something that was completely different, rolling thunder, vandamintor , vanterminator , everyone wanted to play him in the video games because this guy was like a real life video game character

    5. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V

      absolute legend and an OG in the greatest era. Congrats RVD

    6. R C

      Wheres Sabu.

    7. pk_1

      ONE OF A KIND!!!!!!! DESERVED!!!!!!

    8. pk_1


    9. E.D.S Gaming


    10. Willie Ortiz

      The man who made high flying and extreme revolutionary a true legend well deserved

    11. Nitin Bisht

      Are We Dee

    12. Jayce

      I miss RVD. He has had a huge influence with all his acrobatics, his speed, and his agility, but he was actually one of those rare few guys that could actually make that work. Make each blow look impactful. Make his stuff look real. I know he still wrestles occassionally, but I wish he'd had a longer run at the top in the WWE. He is pound-for-pound one of the absolute greatest of his generation.

    13. TM Michael


    14. 18lt03navin prasathsr

      rvd rotation kick is lovable

    15. dave latumbo

      Rob Van Dam. The whole fuxking show.

    16. Rekless

      Best hall of fame class ever

    17. Candice Harrell

      I think that there was so many people that should have been inducted into the Hall of fame before RVD. Samoa Joe , Undertaker, Brian Pillman and Owen Hart are just a few to mention.

    18. dosdaysareover

      One of a kind!

    19. X X

      I hate that WWE no longer make the induction montage for the HOFers

    20. Mad Fap

      Robbie is blazed as!

    21. Xeno Benoit


    22. Kidd Savage

      RVD is my childhood hero❤

    23. Young Che

      I wish RVD got more/a longer run with the wwe title.

    24. Francisco Herrera

      Remember when he beat John Cena fair and square

    25. Tugg Tv

      Rvd one of my favs ever The whole fuccing show

    26. LatinGod x

      he so high he dont even know what to say lol

    27. chuck bass


    28. Felix Manuel Alburquerquer Aponte

      Inducido al Hall of fame 2021, bien merecido RVD

    29. Cisme

      Rey mysterio better be in the hall of fame one day


      The GOAT 🙏🏽

    31. Anish Pai

      The perennial underdog who everyone rooted for.

    32. IAM A BOT

      The great one

    33. DylanVisionOnline


    34. Janson Pena

      Is it me or does everyone makes it to the WWE hall of fame? Not talking about RVD but i feel like every wrestler eventually makes it.

    35. KRXWL3Y

      Thank you 🙏 R V D !!

    36. Tuneful Soul, on a Roll !

      RVD ! RVD ! RVD ! RVD ! Grew up watching this awesome underrated fighter !

    37. james Bullock

      *Looks at Shawn Michaels*

    38. Ot3p

      I'm still surprised RVD and JCVD aren't related.

    39. Vicky kanekar

      They got old😔

    40. vito smith

      rvd lance storm tazz mike awsome some of the great underrated wrestlers

    41. Baldev Rajpoot

      Well best time I was in class 8 when I watched him wrestle given us some glorious moments man hard to see good wrestlers retired now I am 31 but still miss those days 2002


      growing up in the '80s and early 90s as a huge Jean-Claude Van Damme fan, I took to Rob Van dam, he was one of my favorite wrestlers, I think WWE should have booked him more like when he was booked in ECW as an aggressive baby face, in my opinion WWE really dropped the ball with the Star Van Damme really could have been...

    43. KHAN

      TLC matches without him were not possible ❤

    44. KHAN

      RVD had amazing reflexes and athleticism ❤

    45. Boss Boom Box

      WWE really be thinkin "ok, make sure the crowd noise is a faint murmur during the speech, because crowds at these HOF ceremonies have never become silent for any speeches". Bruh can the noise while they're talking.

    46. Sahil Kazmi

      Rvd is me . Rvd is best

    47. Nitro Chandler

      Rob Van Dam, true Hardcore champion at heart, you deserve the title in the hall of fame, Keep it Lit, & keep it eXtreme

    48. B. C.

      Whhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa how in the hell am i just finding this out he was and STILL is one of my favortite all time wrestlers

    49. samurai jack

      Godspeed rvd.. thanku

    50. Anthony Barratt

      RVD was my favourite of the ruthless agression, from intercontinental champion, WWE champion, tag team. And he was One of a kind the whole Fn show and stuff.

    51. YCC entertainment

      Really miss RVD and there action in ring side

    52. Shivang Sharma

      When will sabu be inducted in the hall of fame 😭😭

    53. Miguel Ortiz

      I understand you... Because I'm to are that way. Be me no meter what. In the world being unique is all about bravery and freedom.

    54. Ronduce

      He will be on aew next week 😂😂😂😂😂

    55. DooMGuy2020

      The whole F*in Hall of Fame!

    56. Zach Cooper

      Well deserved

    57. Ibexthegoat

      🎶🎶ONE OF A KIND !!!🎶🎶🎶🤘🤘🤘 Mr Monday night baby !!!!!

    58. Metpach 420

      completely wasted and high, as I expect from the greatest high flyer from that era.

    59. BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham

      the head NAZI? they work with the myan guatemal they source of that hair lip epidemic the mic

    60. Heber Soto

      He deserved

    61. Lakshit Juneja

      Rvd and kane my favorite tag team

    62. Burn The Trolls

      Would've been better if the HOF took place on April 20th but congrats to RVD well deserved he is a very underrated performer

    63. jljk orr

      Thank you RVD! 🙏☯️✌️

    64. Erik Galvan

      never follow the flock... congrats to the whole f'n show

    65. Apex 0

      Wonder how high he was

    66. A.D. Jackson

      RVD was the from the beginning to the end of his career, the laidback legend of cool. All natural natural. He’s earned his slot.

    67. Shudigg

      WWE buried him then put him in the HOF. Amazing.

    68. Adrian C

      finally he made it in

    69. Jay Bird

      I met RVD at an IHOP in Los Angeles he was very nice

    70. xShane1122x

      Love you RVD! Always one of my favorites

    71. Luke Aschbrenner

      He looks horrible! Oh my god. RVD needs to find better weed to toke on.

    72. Kevin S. Oshiro

      Shane O' Mac's Flying Dropkick towards his grounded (laid out) opponent (which is usually done with a chair) on the other Turnbuckle = the Coast to Coast was heavily influenced by RVD ("the Van Terminator" move)...

    73. DeadorRich Records

      RVD !!!!

    74. Imayn TV

      My favorite wrestler of early and mid 2000.

    75. JuGGStaR

      Shoutout RvD his move set on them ps2 and GameCube wwe games was elite

    76. mike Panthermike

      I am officially old

    77. ToonToon

      one of my favorite superstar

    78. SUPERPOD Gaming

      I fear that we will never see crowds come together again. Covid may be real but the measures put in place terrify me. Where once it was ''2 weeks to flatten the curve'' we have now been confined to our homes for over 14 months and the only way out of this is to receive an untested vaccine and carry around papers to prove we took it.

    79. Yogesh Lonkar

      R V D

    80. cht469

      *The fake crowd noise was so CRINGE.*

    81. Aryan Kapuskar

      Truly deserving

    82. Michael Brown

      Is RVD slowly becoming Bret Hart?


      RVD and Kane used to my fav tag team

      1. Dora The Mon

        Great tag team tho

      2. Richard Bennett

        Memorable tag team match lod vs rvd and kane

      3. jordan tolentino

        Me tooo

      4. Kevin S. Oshiro

        The Big Red Monster/Machine and a true Highlander, in Mr. Monday Night (the Whole F'in Show)..

    84. Rushikesh_MR

      One of a kind

    85. Captain America Steve Rogers

      I seen him Wrestling for years when I was a kid ahh yes the great times the good old days I sure miss them so much

    86. Aaron St.Pierre

      The Bushwackers are in the WWE HoF and Demolition isn't? That kind of says everything right there.

    87. ZiggyKick92

      RVD-Sensei is finally where he belongs!

    88. Jaylien Kay

      Congratulations to RVD. Truly. However, he must have been paid a ton to show up for this. Seems his life is all about & only about the bottom line these days.

    89. mnh

      thanks jean claude van damme, you'll always be the best

    90. Mex-Tex Diablo

      Hell yeah RVD the last unique wrestler

    91. Jalen Lange

      THANK YOU RVD!!!!!!!!

    92. Eddie GainZ

      Rollin Thunder was awesome move by RVD!!

    93. Roshan Rajurkr

      2021 wwe hall of fame is the most colorful HOF ever👍👍 Many universally loved wrestlers honored.. Kane RVD Khali (may not be that much popular but has millions of followers in India)

    94. Aladdin Smith

      Surprised he accepted after the cut him for that bs he got into

    95. Sscsc Crr

      i never thought that RVD would make it to the hall of fame i always had the impression wwe didn't like him. i am so glad he did though he is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time

    96. Hey Ubay

      where is katy?

    97. imnot yourdad

      Now this guy deserves it

    98. Emma Henry

      Last time I saw him he was high on coke and some questionable women beside him! Glad to see him inducted, he had such a unique style and his matches were always amazing to watch! Let's hope he keeps his nose clean!

    99. The Game Philter

      Amazing! Only 1 minute long. LEGENDARY

    100. AppliedPoem1692

      One of a kind man