Robbie Williams | Can’t Stop Christmas (Official Lyric Video)

Robbie Williams

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    1. costireyton


    2. Stella M

      Love it Robbie. A real uplifting feel good song

    3. rockrose

      Bittersweet song, very nice Robbie

    4. M S

      Bruh, who knew Robbie Williams was kinda based. This is brilliant. 😂😂😂

    5. Ann White

      This is brilliant makes me smile thanks Robbie

    6. Deer4

      Very catchy - love it

    7. Star Tao

      Everyone of his songs has a brilliance about them in some way or another. Very talented!

    8. Therese Schramm

      Danke rob. Lieb dich.

    9. Robert Edwards

      Absolute cringe !

    10. Rose Pink

      I heard it on the radio and thought it was the best song I've heard so far for Christmas

    11. dropped in

      Fucking Good song!

    12. Helen Conner

      Should be called "A Covid Christmas "

    13. DPC

      Theres still time to stop christmas..after listening to this turd

    14. nidaleks

      I think this is a cover of this...

    15. Natasha Green

      Love it. X

    16. ryanplayz

      Yes a fellow burslemer

    17. Black Raine

      WOW Love this...he seems to be so underrated....why

    18. David Barton

      love it now ,socks and sanitiser ,made me laugh.

    19. Xmas Rays

      Great song Robbie, we are also bringing some Christmas Cheer in this horrible year!

    20. N Gauge England -Synthematix-

      Even robbie admits its all a load of bullshit

    21. Dave Jackson

      Robbie you're a legend! Thanks for this.

    22. diane4679

      The most catchy of the Christmas songs at the moment

    23. Gina S

      New favourite Christmas song

    24. DN Siregar

      Awesome ❤️❤️❤️

    25. Tomas Carrizo


    26. JONNY M.

      Up Yours Boris Johnson!! :(0)

    27. JONNY M.

      This is The Best Christmas Song of 2020!!!

      1. Dave Jackson

        God bless us everyone!

    28. Liberta Olldashi


    29. Jules

      Thanks Ronnie we need this


      what the fuck is this

    31. Rollagher

      Here's my Christmas Song: Caution: it May contain Bells!

    32. zion sage

      What an anthem for people everywhere

    33. TheSecretSeason

      Beautifully written and sung. Love it!

    34. Alessandro Etzi

      This damn virus has taken away the freedom to celebrate #Christmas but, it can never take away the magic. Although this year it will be downsized. #CantStopChristmas

    35. jupiter adante

      How about featuring Take That + Westlife + Boyzone + UK's Artist to be The Music Video Idea

    36. Rob Bates

      I feel like Alan Partridge wrote it during a hostage situation.

    37. Gerbert van Lindenberg

      Love the 1984 reference

    38. Qilorar V

      Very appreciate

    39. Ellie

      The most appropriate song for 2020 I've heard so far

    40. James Craig

      What a great song ,and so true .MERRY CHRISTMAS ROBBIE.

    41. Loveis Trustinyou

      Yeah Robbie, you're so right! Thank you for this beautiful song in this difficult and sad time ...

    42. RonRS2K

      Limmy sent me here 🙈

    43. phoenix Rheon

      Love it, very uplifting and his sense of humour is splendid as always.

    44. Lena Lloyd

      Incredible song, I love his powerful voice

    45. FaZe GalaXy


    46. Oliver Zelaszczyk

      Let's lie to Santa Claus tell him it's 19 84 is the best part like if u think the same

    47. Elle R S

      Brilliant! Merry Christmas. 🎅🎄😘

    48. Leigh Miles

      Too late Robbie Boris already has.

    49. Monica Mora

      la peor cancion del mundo

    50. Monica Mora

      edionda la cansion

    51. daniel webber

      This is a much better covid Xmas song

    52. Strangers & Friends

      Love it...Wish he could hear my song!😍

    53. TheStarFactory

      Robbie: "And I'll be HERE" Me: "In the middle of Africa?!"

    54. alighelli

      What the fuck? You really wrote a fucking anthem for the people who make this all way harder for everyone sane and careful?

    55. bridie o connor

      Brilliant Robbie, so cheerful love it

    56. Jo Marlè 😀😀😀

    57. blasphemy now


    58. faraway

      Love it

    59. fairy chains

      Glad a decent Xmas song was made out of this crazy year

    60. Ree™


    61. Sven Moly

      These lyrics are awful , wtf lol !

    62. Cersei Jenne

      The lyrics in this are perfect! Time to put his Christmas album on...

    63. Monko Man

      I heard this on radio and thought it the worst thing ever. Couldn't exp.ain how bad it was and so had to look for it on DEfasts just so they could all agree. The sickliest cheese ever!

    64. Анжелика Гунько

      Thank you,Robbie! I‘m sure everyone understand message of this song. Nowadays we all are feeling the same. Thank you! This song is what I need to feel a bit more uplifted!

    65. love good


    66. blackfairy402

      Well done Rob, you've always been very talented right from the start, love all your songs.

    67. Lost Scene

      Very catchy the lyrics.

    68. Natalia Majewska

      Woooaah nice song 🥰

    69. stabb_fn

      Worst song this year

    70. ALan Goodbrand

      Nice 😄

    71. Wayne Ferrari

      Gash 🙄

    72. Oliver Zelaszczyk

      Like the comment cuz I wanna see who likes the song

    73. AJ Red

      this song so hits the nail on the head! love it

    74. Ellie-may pony 13 tyrie

      I love my family

    75. Ellie-may pony 13 tyrie

      I love christmas so much xoxo 🎄🎁🎅👼

    76. conchi martínez

      Mil gracias a Robi Williams y todos los artistas íntegros.

    77. russky68

      You can... stone dead... What’s up, attention withdrawals?? 😢😢

    78. Maria Mash

      Wonderful master!!?

    79. The Gnostic Immortal Vittorio

      You're absolutely awesome Robbie.

    80. Chestre Read

      Is this meant to be a protest song?

    81. Mulberry Grace

      Best Christmas song of 2020

    82. mecutetoo64

      This is so awesome!!! So true!!! My new Christmas song this year! BRAVO!!!!♥️

    83. Антон Кошкин

      Замечательно , спасибо за хорошее настроение!

    84. Charlotte James

      Thank you Robbie for bringing some cheer

    85. Dorota Nieradka

      Happy Holidays to you and your family. We love you. Stay safe out there!!! 2020💖💖💖

    86. Oliver Zelaszczyk

      Best Christmas song ever

    87. Patrick McCaffery

      This needs to be Christmas Number 1! Robbie's done it again.

    88. Ameliya Akram

      rob: face times and zooms me: oh are we having a zoom meeting?

    89. Sacha Bonner

      Why havnt i heard this on the radio? Its the first time ive liked a christmas song to- thanks Robbie

      1. p0sTpWnEd

        Not exactly the most PC song...not sure how this plays in the UK but here in Canada we're still in the report-your-neighbour-for-family-gatherings stage of this hellish authoritarian nightmare.

    90. Michael Ross

      Christmas No.1 right there. Put money on it.

    91. Crystalina Bacteria

      Great song. When I first listened to it I welled up with tears. The words are so true with a sad message underneath. But happy that we have a Xmas song to say we are not giving up on Xmas❤❤❤

    92. Brett Harrison

      Have people gone mad? This is the worst Christmas song I have ever heard.

    93. Joaquin Mora

      que linda cansion

    94. Alexis Xavier

      Hey fellas!! I need this song's lyrics on Instagram so I can get along with this beautiful bittersweet hoping taste in mouth for 2020 Christmas season.

    95. I am Me

      Love Robbie Williams but this song, not... it's like a commercial from the 1970's Nothing personal, just not doing it for me.

    96. Thawkir Miah

      It's kinda gonna be weird singing this at my nativity

    97. Thawkir Miah

      What does 1984 have anything to do with Santa

      1. Holidaytrips Holidaytrips

        1984 has little if anything to do with Santa but it has everything to do with covid-19 and the future

    98. Goldis6

      All his songs are brilliant masterpieces

    99. Pinky The Panther

      I hope I will be with you 🦊

    100. RedLight

      Best 2020 Christmas song