Rookie Anthony Edwards Throws Down Poster Dunk Of The Year Against Raptors

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    1. Bleacher Report

      They really gave him 4 PTS on the dunk 😭

      1. Reece Whipple

        2 points is 2 points, except when its 4

      2. ATSE SHADE

        They still lost though 😭

      3. Wang Michael


      4. Torin O'Connor


      5. 曾致陽


    2. xele fonte

      *All of these attacks on Asian people cause of covid are getting out of control. Anthony Edwards did it on camera too.*

    3. Jovil Ferras

      WTF his head is leveled on the rim

    4. Mr Right

      115 dislikes ? WoW 😂😂😂

    5. Daddys milk

      A murder where no one got killed

    6. Nick Simpson

      If I'm that defender I just take myself off. Damm

    7. J P

      His new name is Yuta Wannabe 🤣😂😂😂

    8. Ty Winter

      JE ..SUS...CHRIST..!!!!

    9. Joaquin Hosfeld

      Yes 911 I would like to report a murder

    10. Amadou Kane

      The Angel : Why did you do that ? Watanabe : I had to commit Hara-kiri

    11. ThaBl8ive

      #95 on the Raps is just stunned after the dunk, doesn't even go to help up his teammate lol

    12. Ezra Henry

      Anthony Edwards: 🥳 The guy that got dunked on: ⚰️

    13. Matthew M

      Dunk of the year

    14. Chris fitness

      Why did he jump tho

    15. Mike P

      Going straight to NBA Top Shot

    16. Jacob Robertson

      0:14 is it just me or does anyone else hear the pillar man awakening theme from Jojo's Bizzare Adventure. O God

    17. NigerianBaller

      If they had fans the whole building would've erupted

    18. Jameal Bostick

      Well damn!! “ Wop vc “

    19. cali flea dog

      Yuta has officially replaced Michael Cooper!

    20. Area 45

      “shang-chi is our new superhero” black panther: said what?

    21. Kemet Ty seti

      Who ever dude was he dunk on should be sent to the g league.

    22. itayi zinzombe

      Tape off the crime scene please!

    23. Ken KD Cannon

      6,5 vibes

    24. Arthur Vega

      Dude went 3-14, 7 points. Junk.

    25. Kyle Lowry

      Went from61 to 65

    26. Filip Jaśkiewicz

      I'm a private detective searching for Anthony Edwards? Where have You seen him last time?

    27. Chris Macdonald

      Talk about crimes against Asian americans 😂

    28. 1800jr

      Jesus Christ. I don’t think I seen a more brutal poster

    29. Uɴᴅᴇʀʀᴀᴛᴇᴅ


    30. Ninja King

      it would've look more epic if edwards landed on his feet but still a monster dunk nonetheless 🔥

    31. Nobody

      Im not impressed.

    32. Anthony PIUNNO

      Did I just witness a hate crime??

    33. YT

      Most disrespectful dunk I’ve ever seen a rookie do

    34. da11king

      Dunk was sooooo nasty that he buried himself with that raptor s player afterwards 🤓😂...look at the slow motion falling 🏀 🌠

    35. Brian Releford

      Why is he like this 🤣🤣

    36. Im_c21

      Just retire, there's no coming back from that

    37. FOU ALTER

      dunk of the year

    38. Tila97

      Good Lawd!

    39. H

      You know your dunk was crazy when your first reaction is to look up at the screen for your own replay 🤣

    40. Dae Escobar

      It gotta be the shoes 🤣🔥

    41. Benbo Bets

      Of course, he did go 3 for 14 that game. But that's not my business, though...

    42. Pidong Foods

      One of the best NBA dunks this year since Vince Carter USA Olympics Vs France way back in 1999

    43. Nolra08

      Should be offensive foul. He stopped yuta's face so yuta cannot jump high.

    44. iLuvSaturn

      Bro got baptised

    45. Cannons Southside

      Could have just as easily been called for the offensive leading with his off hand to keep the defender at bay. Looks spectacular though!

    46. Richard Bun

      at least dude tried to play defense

    47. Rechie Oliver Laurel

      RIP Watanabe😹😹

    48. Mustafa

      Take this down its racist to chinese people

    49. Mj Apusa

      So this is why theres "stop asian violence" all over my IG

    50. bûgü


    51. Frank Harris

      Dunk of Death II

    52. Jeremiah Fry

      What shoes he wearing

    53. Luisiana Fhemanyan

      i need sum dame's now

    54. Avery Thompson


    55. Gaston Alegre

      Cuantos anillos tenes??

    56. Shay Clarke


    57. cris clay

      Where all those sick duckers that said he shouldn’t be the number one pick?

    58. Jacob Thompson

      Nah bruh he had to look up to watch the replay lmaooo

    59. Flyhighphilly


    60. PG1 1GP

      Edwards should be disqualified from the NBA for throwing a dunk enough to ruin opponent's life forever

    61. ATSE SHADE

      They still lost though

    62. wlbw1

      Yuta WanabeintheNBA

    63. dave latumbo

      Damn i would probably cry if he dunked on me like that.

    64. Tanomoko TV

      Yuta Watanabe harakeri

    65. cedrick de la paz

      Poor Jeremy Lin

    66. Michael Blue


    67. Jake Belgira

      RIP YUTA😂

    68. kaitheprod.

      So this what they talm bout when they say anti asian hate crimes😭

    69. Vu Tran

      Might end up being the dunk of the decade, who else watched this on slo mo?

    70. Frank Zavala


    71. D Aladdin

      ADD ONE MA N$&@“A !!!!!!

    72. Lamont wilson

      The ref was like, "I'm going to call a foul cause you stupid" lol

    73. Lamont wilson

      The GANGSTA music right after the dunk!!!! lol

    74. TRP

      Above the rim...

    75. Memph10 Gaming

      It would’ve been so beautiful if he would’ve pull down that rim down.

    76. Logan James

      2k21 next gen 🤣🤣

    77. Gee Dee

      RIP watanabe

    78. stephen johnson


    79. 不存在以


    80. Mr Smith

      So when you dunk you can just Slam your opponent in the face so he can't jump up and you won't get called 🤔 off foul imo

    81. James Bartee

      That poster was so vicious, that was a ESPN Top 5 Highlight

    82. Emmanuel Akpandara

      Literally came back here for the score, damn it was acc 4 points

    83. Will Williams

      Dude on the Raptors bench got up and walked off🤣🤣🤣🤣

    84. Reflex NC

      dunk of the year more like dunk of the century

    85. Ian ColtsAllDay Lind- Luck- Manning

      Dunk so good they had no choice but to give him 4 points 👍

    86. A space being

      Offensive foul

    87. Siqaramin Massaquoi

      This was a nasty dunk but, imagine if it were in a full arena!!!!

    88. Be Honest

      of the decade

    89. aarongdukey

      Look just like the 2k animations 😭😭😭😭

    90. Lookatme Iamthecaptain

      I see 88 haters and counting...

    91. Wutbitch 420

      First Chris Boucher and now Watanabe ? Yikes Toronto! Dunk Of The Year two years in a row lol

    92. Uncle Gosh

      A good stiff arm too!

    93. The Bike Bus

      Momma where my blankie...😩

    94. Jarrod Barker

      Basketball is so homoerotic.

    95. Corey Thomas


    96. KC Ronn

      Ive seen better. Robert Horry.

    97. tommy Nguyen

      What shoes is he wearing??

    98. Mihail Grigoriev

      FIBA RULES 2020, ARTICLE 33.10 - NO FOUL.===== ПРАВИЛА ФИБА 2020, СТАТЬЯ 33.10 - БЕЗ ФОЛА.=====

    99. Freddy Santiago

      That was Viciouuuuuss😠😠😠😠😠😱😱😱WOW

    100. Razzmatazz hops skiddly doo

      not gonna defend him but edward did shove yuta hard with his left arm

      1. Goatzy

        It was a dunk motion