Room Tour Project 240 - Clean & Minimal Setups!


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    Today we've got some clean & minimal desk setups to show off!
    This video is sponsored by Shoptagr:
    - Thespenceryan - Insta: thespenceryan
    LG 27UL650 Monitor:
    Autonomous SmartDesk 2
    Royal Kludge RK61 Keyboard:
    Logitech MX Master 2s:
    Logitech Z313 Speakers:
    NZXT H510 Case:
    Intel i5-9600k CPU:
    DeepCool Castle 240EX Cooler:
    Asus GTX 1060 GPU:
    - Ciprian -
    Samsung 32" 4k Monitor:
    Logitech G413 Keyboard:
    Myria MG7517 Mouse:
    Mackie CR3 Speakers:
    Gamemax Black Hole RGB Case:
    Ryzen 7 3700X CPU:
    Asus TUF x570 Plus:
    GSkill Trident Z Neo RAM:
    Windforce GTX 960 G1 Gaming GPU
    Autonomous Sit Stand Desk
    RGB Light Strip:
    - Jerry D -
    Macbook Pro 13”:
    Lg Ultrawide Monitor:
    Monitor Light Bar:
    Philips Hue Play:
    Keychron K6 Keyboard:
    Logitech Mx Master 3 Mouse:
    Logitech Z207 Speaker:
    - Badra -
    Acer Predator X34P 34" 120Hz Monitor:
    Logitech G915 TKL Lightspeed Keyboard:
    Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Mouse:
    SteelSeries QcK XXL Mousepad:
    Kanto YU 2 Speakers:
    Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro:
    Sound Blaster X3:
    NZXT H1 :
    Intel i7 10700K CPU:
    ASUS ROG Strix Z490 I Gaming Mini-ITX Motherboard
    G.Skill Trident Z RGB RAM:
    EVGA RTX 2080 Super GPU:
    Sony A8F OLED 4k:
    - Andy C -
    i9 Macbook Pro 16”:
    LG 32” 4k Monitor:
    Monitor Light Bar:
    Keychron K1 Keyboard:
    Logitech MX Master 2s Mouse:
    Philips Fidelio X2HR Headphones:
    Razer Nommo Speakers:

    ** If you want to submit your setup **
    1. Upload 10-15 photos of your setup, PC (open & closed), and all gear/peripherals to an Imgur album (use IMGUR ONLY, nothing else). Please only submit horizontal photos with no extreme close-ups of 1 product. Vertical pictures will be rejected.
    2. Include in the email your entire PC specs and all gear/peripherals you have shown, in a format exactly as I have it above, but please do not submit your own Amazon links - it'll end up in spam. Again, PLEASE submit your gear list in the EXACT format to how I have above.
    3. Send the IMGUR link in an email to
    Failure to do any of these steps will result in an automatic rejection to your setup.
    FTC Disclosure: Amazon links provided are linked to my Amazon Affiliate account & support the channel at no extra cost to you.
    Music: Esbe
    #RoomTourProject #RTP

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    1. Dave Anderson

      7:00 not kanto yu2. theyre yu4

    2. v3 -fanta

      Sick video as usual man! But Andys car picture is an estate not a hatchback

    3. Daniel Vique pietarinen

      Setup wars vs room tour project= love both because more gaming setp content

    4. demon6937

      I see lot of users of keychron

    5. Callum Gardiner

      Anyone have a link to the desk of andy c?

      1. Andy C

        its the Zinus Jen dinner table on Amazon that I refinished

    6. AlbaTech

      Damn, I have sony a7III and I can't take that kind of pictures.

    7. information

      Best rtp yet in my opinion

    8. FC123

      Me: mam can we get setup wars? Mam: we have setup wars at home Setup wars at home:

      1. FC123

        @L1neal but setup wars is well better

      2. FC123

        @L1neal maybe maybe not aha

      3. L1neal

        Are you dumb lmao

    9. R4Rifat

      How do I get the display theme that you running in the background on your monitors as you were talking? I really love the live movement in the theme wallpaper.

      1. L1neal

        It will be on wallpaper engine just search something like red and blue particles

    10. Aidan Hunter

      Why does it sound like there is auto tune on your voice. Is it your mic or post processing?

    11. Dustinsbrain

      I have those same all black adidas, comfortable ass shoes lmao

    12. gihankrox

      can u link those cool wallpapers too

    13. João Santos

      I wouldn't call this minimal just cause it's not RGB stuff.

    14. Tech by Jon

      Lowkey the ad (Shoptagr) is super clutch and I'm definitely gonna be using it lol

    15. ItsUnpug

      Ayyy, insane!

    16. Spencer Ryan

      Thanks for featuring The Stormtrooper on your channel Frankl! 🙏🏼

    17. Sandro Edisherashvili

      2:18 anyone knows how can I get that wallpaper?

    18. Tqobi

      all have the same mous

    19. Jack Dorsey

      AndyC is the winner love it and I’m gonna copy to some extent

    20. BlinkinGaming

      Can we please get a Busy but Functional episode?

    21. PigletPepperoni9000

      Maybe try a "Homey" setup video, something that just feels cozy if thats a good way to word it rather then it looking professional or clean.

    22. Yunior Gamboa

      The upload we all have been waiting for :)

    23. Jacks__

      69K ha nice

    24. Paul

      HAHA...gaming keyboard and mouse on a wide screen monitor - all powered by a 13" Macbook with that powerful throttling iGPU. GTFO.

    25. Foolish

      isnt the h1 a fire hazard????

    26. Bentley Try

      My setup looks really similar to Jerry D's his organization is much better lol.

    27. Diversity

      Whats the monitor riser on the last setup?

      1. Diversity

        @Andy C Ah, looks amazing man!

      2. Andy C

        It's handmade 🤗

    28. MAROŠ

      your next vid is going to be 1000th video :O

    29. Static

      5:02 anyone knows the chair he has? looks sick!


      9:08 MF Doom

    31. ProTaken

      Sick video today mate, Looking at new setup right now these help me a lot keep doing what you do mate , also Any recommendations on good pc specs

    32. damitha asanga

      Please review computer sub speaker

    33. Kyle Gould

      How do starwars fans always have the sickest setups...

    34. :))))))

      2:20 Anyone know where I can get that TV Stand/Shelf Unit?

    35. mark brannigan

      The obsequious sociology enzymatically blot because adjustment superiorly plug down a sad piccolo. ludicrous, unknown occupation

    36. Totti Hansen

      Im currently living by my way trying to make some of my best setup, as Im basically poor right now, but one of my dreams is to one day show up in the show

    37. Kingy MaBrah

      4:30 dunno how this dude going with 4k using a gtx 960


      Please do laptop edition

    39. Rudra Tej

      At 1.57 wall paper link please guys

    40. SPEC

      1st dude has bad cable managment

    41. Vincent Lisa

      The first two setups having 4k monitors with pretty weak GPU's is kinda weird

    42. Uriel Enriquez

      size 12.5 for shoes 👀👀 big feet must mean ...

    43. Bijan Emadi

      Love the MF DOOM album on the shelf there andy

      1. Andy C

        yes sir! RIP Doom

    44. Alex

      Honey during the ad: *unsheathes katana*

    45. TheCrushMedia

      how did the second setup guy have his taskbar items in the middle?

    46. Jesse Zuniga

      Anyone know how to get a camera mounted above a monitor like at 5:46? No visible desk clamp mount so I assume it’s mounted onto the monitor arm but how????

      1. Andy C

        its probably attached to the monitor mount with cables tied to the mount arm or fed through the arm along with the monitor cables

    47. Will Smith

      That h1 must be on fire 🔥

    48. Joel Di Ramon

      anyone know the desk mat for the first one? ive been looking for one

    49. bing

      I dont really have a very big desk *108cm* is there any tips

      1. bing

        @Andy C ok thanks

      2. Andy C

        dont get a huge monitor.. 24" or 27" max.. find alternate storage options so your desk isnt cluttered with stuff.. go for some slim or low profile speakers or just use headphones

    50. NotInMood

      clean and minimal -> 1 monitor

    51. Brividi

      Andy C. Takes the win for me just because of the Viktor Vaughn record on the shelf

    52. voidpul

      What is the plant that everyone has in their setup called?

      1. voidpul

        @dragon7590 ok thanks i'll check it

      2. voidpul

        @Lizbeth oh ok thank you

      3. Lizbeth

        For the setup at 2:00, they’re from target. I believe they are $5 each

      4. dragon7590

        Not sure of the name but you find them in abundance at IKEA, maybe check their inventory online.

    53. Vals9

      Interested in those monitor speaker stands from Badra's setup if anybody knows the name

    54. Paul Samuel

      'hatchback gang'

    55. Jediah

      Anyone Else Think Frank is Looking Extra Fresh And Viby Today?

    56. Sylent

      Me waiting for Frank to post a best budget microphone vid

    57. Stefan

      I have the same mandalorian poster from the first setup ❤️

    58. Loris H

      Will the topo mousepad be in stock in february ?? 🤔🤤

      1. Loris H

        I was eating 😭 but I still manage to see the shopping cost and hoooolly molly 45$ of shipping 🤯

      2. randomfrankp


    59. Ham Noo Ta Lok

      🤩Badra setup is perfect🥰

    60. S1

      You haven’t done a laptop setup edition in a long time

    61. Tim Gingras

      Anyone know where to get that box with the counters on them

    62. taQonicum

      When is your Topo mousepad back in stock?

    63. Surya

      "gamemax black hole" 4:17 mary mother of god i've heard it all

      1. NorryRampage

        I thought he said gaymax blackhole lol

    64. SOA_Sean

      Waiting for episode 420 😭🤣

    65. Andrew C

      Badra has the Kanto YU4 speakers, not the YU2, just FYI.

    66. Gamer 47368

      Gk61, ducky one 2 mini or the apex pro tkl?

    67. Vickemannen 92

      I’d honestly bet money on that these people buy plants for their setup just to be featured lol

      1. Andy C

        @dragon7590 that would be sick af

      2. dragon7590

        My setup will be done inside a greenhouse.

      3. Laxen77

        We’re just joking around and then you arrived here.

      4. Andy C

        house plants existed long before PC setups.... all but one plant on my rig is real, makes the air feel cleaner and adds life to a room

      5. Laxen77

        They definitely do.

    68. Mark Jr

      Ciprian unde ai gasit scaunul ala,ciprian where did u find that chair and what brand?

    69. Eneemyyy

      Does anyone know what the entertainment center is (at 3:30)? Piece of furniture that the TV is on.

    70. Aiden Sarlak

      If this comment gets pinned I will jump into my pool.

    71. Spyglass Media

      Give the seal of approval to Ryan oh shoot my bed wrong channel...

    72. Valini S

      Every time I watch it's always clean and minimal edition, I'm ready for hot and flashy now

    73. Spyglass Media

      Dude I want to paint my walls black in my room to match my black and white with blue RGB setup but my girlfriend would kill me..

    74. Imthepappyg

      Do I have to have a pc to submit 🤔 ...I only use ps5 but would love to send in mine....there's just no pc....

    75. Peter J. Jensen

      Shout out to the last guy with the madvillainy cover on the wall

      1. Andy C

        theres only one beer left

    76. Ciro Zuccini

      PLS DO MORE OF THESE!!!!!!!!!

    77. Niffirg

      Anyone know the chair name in the second room?

    78. Alter Ego

      what kind of a maniac spends all his money to hook a setup up to a mac. what a sucker

      1. Andy C

        maybe you just dont have money? i have a pc setup and a mac setup and have plenty of money left

    79. Saih

      Maybe do a TyeFighter setups only

    80. William Casey

      All these do is make me jealous

    81. ACE S

      Wagon or estate, not hatchback.

    82. AbbyTheMs Biggest Fan

      where did you get those backgrounds on the thumbnail?

    83. Kappis

      Where did the 1440p and 2160p go?

    84. Antonio Dragonheart

      The Star Wars theme is so yesterday.

    85. Doovy

      I love how 90% of all clean and minimal setups have an my master mouse.

      1. Andy C

        @Crazywatcher maybe you should get better at gaming if you cant flick with the mx master

      2. Crazywatcher

        @Zenihalt mx master is the most unathletic mouse imagine gaming with that shitter

      3. Zenihalt

        Some people just don’t want the gAmEr aesthetic and the RGB :/ on their mouse... Also, not everyone cares to have the best sensor performance... It’s not because you have a shit RaZeR mouse that everyone has to have it :|

      4. Andy C

        its a great mouse

    86. Sean H

      Is it even possible for there to be a Room Tour Project: Clean and Minimal edition without any NZXT H510 Black and White Cases?

    87. Sean McShane

      Anyone have Thespenceryan's wallpaper? Is it on wallpaper engine?

    88. NightSkyACC /\


    89. NightSkyACC /\

      😃 👍👍

    90. Žiga H

      Can you tell me, where did you get the pc backround

    91. T Dawnis

      I still wish he’d start including the chairs since they’re part of the setup. Nonetheless awesome video!

      1. YU12NO

        @T Dawnis Idk if the chairs are linked but he definitely shows them

      2. T Dawnis

        @YU12NO I'm looking through the description and I'm not seeing the chairs linked. Unless I'm missing something which is definitely possible

      3. Destined Merican Patriot


      4. YU12NO

        They included the chairs for 3/4 of the setups?

    92. T4K1

      My favorite Tech UTuber 🙌🏽

    93. Vinnie Tan Gana

      New custom Keeb build vid soon pls

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      Hello everyone! :D I hope you stay safe and have a nice day, God bless you!

      1. Flyonnit


      2. Flyonnit

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      1. randomfrankp

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    98. mps

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      1. Lam Chops

        Gay-max lgbt case

    99. Splendid Truth

      Wagon gang, not hatchback. We don't see a lot of car enthusiasts here, nor many sim rigs.

      1. polymetrix

        i was gonna comment something like this

    100. Kake

      Only 180 more episodes