Saweetie - Back to the Streets (feat. Jhené Aiko) [Official Music Video]

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    Director: Daniel Russell
    Producer: Nathan Shcerrer
    Production Company: FREENJOY, INC
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    Pull up in my hood best dressed
    Next thing, upgrade, who's next?
    Rich boy got him on deck
    Good boy, tell that nigga fetch
    I put my new man on a leash
    Traded in my old nigga, he was just a lease
    I ride around town 'til I leave
    I gave the boy a round spit him back to the streets
    Like la-da-dee-da-dee-da
    Yeah, I spit him back to the streets
    Like la-da-dee-da-dee-da
    Back to the streets

    These dudes don’t owe you a thing
    These hoes do it all for a ring
    What you thinking?
    What’s good?
    Fuck how you feeling I wish a nigga would
    Had to hit the heisman on ya homies
    Stepping in here bad bitches only
    My ex used to act like he owned me
    Ain’t enough just to treat me like a trophy
    I had that passed that knew I had trash that
    Bounced on his ass turn that boy into flashback
    I’m a fivestar bitch with a price tag
    Got to find me somebody that can match that
    Last one got on my last nerves
    Made me go change my passwords
    I hit the curve with that swerve
    You know I get the last word
    Pull up in my hood best dressed
    Next thing, upgrade, who's next?
    Rich boy got him on deck
    Good boy, tell that nigga fetch
    I put my new man on a leash
    Traded in my old nigga, he was just a lease
    I ride around town 'til I leave
    I gave the boy a round spit him back to the streets
    Like la-da-dee-da-dee-da
    Yeah, I spit him back to the streets
    Like la-da-dee-da-dee-da
    Back to the streets
    Back to the streets
    send you back to your old hood
    on hood baby this is for your own good
    I'm a player ass bitch and you knew it
    had a good time
    now I'm ready for some new dick
    Pass it to Saweetie now u hit it
    through with it
    There ain’t really
    Nothin else to do with it
    You know i leveled up
    I can't be stuck
    I wish you luck thoooo
    consider yourself blessed
    you got to fuck with the baddest
    you know that I can't be kept
    no I gotta dip out
    #Saweetie #JheneAiko #BackToTheStreets #IcyGrl #BTTS #IcyGang

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    1. Official Saweetie

      BACK TO THE STREETS OUT NOW !! ✨❄️🧚🏽‍♀️

      1. Anamarija Lorbek

        @Eliza Zaib 7

      2. 99 Overall Inc.

      3. Ava Grima

        It’s fire Saweetie love you😘

      4. Michelle Hammoud

        YASSS u are a queen and cardi b

      5. LouisFN


    2. seavlong seavlong

      i love this song so much i listen every day😤

    3. bobxroy

      One great hit then wander ha ha ha

    4. izzy Cel

      Secured the samsung 💰

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    6. Sleazyy Carlito


    7. Bella Jean-Jacques

      I’m loving these outfits🤍

    8. Dean Bosman

      I absolutely love this

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      ate icy❤🇵🇭

    10. Mirul Muaz


    11. Mike Playz

      The next nikiminaj of 2030??

    12. bryanna gray

      Like the song. I can't with the hair though.

    13. Legend of a Reverse Cowgirl

      Omg did she use an Android in this MV?! I feel vindicated! Android gang comin through for the 1 time.

    14. Neiri Souza


    15. J. MARIE


    16. Tew Monday

      👑💋👍🏽🙌🏽🔥🔥🔥🌟🪐⭐️⭐️love it you kill lol

    17. EJ Buhangin

      Next days this will be on tiktok💕💕

    18. superdog117

      Shouldn't this be banned on DEfasts due to the fact of nudity

    19. misslouise472003

      Love this song and video 😍😍😍

    20. chem_game

      Hate the video

    21. Jose Luis Hernandez Cornejo


    22. J TheGreat

      Fame has ruined her


      She needs to stay Cali vibed like this ! Her best song!

    24. Al Elric

      I heard this on a youtube ad. I'm pleasantly surprised that I like this. I hoping for more music from Saweetie! Good luck!

    25. David Gonzalez

      im a proud side nigga

    26. orlando minson

      she ate this video up period.🔥✨😍

    27. Marylia Vicky

      Just me who came for the ad? Só eu que vim pelo anúncio? Kkkk

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    29. hamsnerd

      saweetie: sings brain: *don't* me: *twerks*

    30. Yujin Lim

      both them are so Beautiful!❤❤

    31. Katherine Phillips

      1:00 DOJA? SAY SO??????

    32. audrey

      Did she sample another old song again here?

    33. Peach Bombshell

      Not Saweetie serving a look in the last 30 secs!

    34. Ashe


    35. Peach Bombshell

      Literally everything is amazing! The visuals and the song so chill Grl I was vibin the whole time

    36. yasmin Larsen

      love from Ghana saweeetie

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      Song on REPEAT

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      DEfasts Jay Skreetz it’s Nothing 🔥

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      I’m 4 days late😩

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    43. girlsixdiva

      What song is this sampled from?

    44. Breajah Curley

      Fav saweetie song! A blonde bob would have been cute with the first outfit though.... that first wig had me reallllllllyyyyy confused

    45. M0RN1N6 5T4R

      Nice. Half Filipino Half Black Saweetie, Half Japanese Half Black Jhene Aiko.

    46. Aleena Gomez

      Thx for not making this same beat and rap song like all these mainstream artists

    47. Queen dija


    48. roger dou7

      Great car jam. Too bad it's not summer anymore. Can't drive anymore with the windows down with the wind in my hair

    49. Clair.De. Lvne

      Idc what anybody says THIS IS HER BEST SONG!!

    50. Amanda Cote

      New anthemmmmmm ladies ‘ ✨✨✨

    51. Amanda Cote


    52. Sandra Wallace

      Y'all sound absolutely beautiful together!!!!!! Beautiful song!!!!!

    53. Prettyface Laii

      Her videos be bringing out the best in her songs

    54. James taylor

      Saweetie is a music genius,,this is definitely a fact,,lately mostly all of the female rappers seem to only know how to make freaky sexual songs,,this is why I'm happy that Saweetie has not followed the trend,,and she created a real genuine pure great song that does not include heavy sexual overtones.....respect......also,,much respect to jhene aiko,,her verse was spectacular....and big respect to the video visual graphics creators,,the video visuals and graphics were phenomenal....

    55. Missy Anthony

      Ouuu loving it😍.....idk but doja just came up hearing this she would go hard on dis to💯

    56. SuperChiko 2.3

      This is a beautiful song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    57. Liza Twizere

      to pretty girls in a song is what i like

    58. KeeKeeNice

      so her bestie Doja finna be on the remix right?! cuz she'll fit in puurrrrfectly! I hear it

    59. James B

      The first thing that came to mind when watching this was a tie between that ass jewelry and the Asian lead! The ones for the books saweetie!

    60. Ameryce Ware

      This song is a bop mannnn 😩

    61. Mary Myers

      jhene doesnt MISS

    62. CoreOfTheStar

      i loved the short haired look the most... really made her best features stand out!!

    63. Jamie Salkind

      ok yes

    64. Lele Gueso

      This is my #1 fav song and it’s lit

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      That hair looks amazing

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      Here for the diversity 😍

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      i’m so obsessed with everything about this

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      I'm obsessed with these visuals omg!!

    72. Daniel Jesus Vasquez

      until you turn 35 bb, after that you got b tryna hit that buzzer beater...

    73. Elle Jae

      Jhene wrote this song she ain't slick... literally all the way down the melody is her... unt unt thank her for the comeback

    74. Brigitte Crime

      that wig is horrible but love this song

    75. lanre fehintola

      lol quavo going back to the streets

    76. Jacob

      She should've changed the thumbnail💀


      Okay sweetie 🌷🌷🌷It's a BANGA 💥💥💥... But what you expected with Jhene Aiko and Queen Icy

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      This came on in the car I like it

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      jhene left NO crumbs on this feature, both killed it!

      1. laskin riubn

        My OTHER OTHER favorite song... Back to the streets like.....

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