Sea of Thieves Season Two Approaches...

Sea of Thieves

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    Sea of Thieves Season Two begins on April 15th.
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    1. Obelix

      Nothing new to do ok

      1. Jack G


    2. RebelBass Cats

      I love the Pirate looking around doing the John Travolta Pulp Fiction meme

    3. tubthumber

      “Is there a barrel usually in the front of the ship?”

    4. Tisnick


    5. Cat Colin 100 the meme show Gaming

      Let’s see if Captain falcore wants to fight

    6. jake jumper

      Any veteran player will not fall for the barrel hide. Hiding in plain sight is funny, and going to sometimes even downright stump people though.

    7. LP Foss

      am I the only one thinking that it looks exactly the same?? Im hoping there's more than what this shows...

    8. Michu0609

      Metal Gear Solid vibes 😂

    9. Roch Ruszkiewicz

      new event pls

    10. Can Onur

      Players: So what is the new content? Rare: Yes.

      1. Blue Tooth

        Not much content in this update tbh

    11. Benko

      I really hope this game wont end up like fortnite:/

    12. Charles Wood-Piggot


    13. Just Jesus No Raptor

      So I played sea of thrive on Xbox for a few years now and I was about to tame the switch to steam and the game was 50% off so I go to get a steam gift card I come back and it’s past 12 and the sale ended :( and I got 25$ if steam money so I can’t even buy the game

    14. Rafael Secco Silva

      this intro was similar to our channel hahahah

    15. lil Tr1xX

      What time does this come out EST?

    16. maxiepicrider Dowling

      Uh were gonna get loads of tucs

    17. Kailan Groves

      The name tag still shows when u use the emote people :(

    18. The CjH

      Still no point to the game tho

    19. Chance Thoroman

      Yes! More recycled emporium cosmetics and no complete ship set to earn? Can’t wait!

    20. Mr Poymkin

      Shame I won’t be able to play cuz I’ll be away 😭

    21. Nogardtist

      i like the idea of sea of thieves but i dont want to support microsoft

    22. Netraam X

      For the poor bastards, like me, who missed out on the previous steam sale; will there be another one soon by any chance?

    23. simon eid

      guys i need your help my friend just bought the game but for some reason it does not let him join my lobby...any help would be appreciated :/

      1. hello goodbye

        @simon eid :( wish i could help

      2. simon eid

        @hello goodbye it’s just sad because we were so hyped and it didn’t work…

      3. hello goodbye

        @simon eid That's weird I'm on xbox soI don't know how much I can help you

      4. simon eid

        @hello goodbye we are both on pc that’s why I’m curious that it didnt work

      5. hello goodbye

        Do you have an option that only allows Xbox and controllers to join because if he is on pc and you have the option then that could be why.

    24. Jen’s Violin Worship

      Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the kingdom of Heaven is near. Matthew 3:2 Jesus loves you! Never give up on your life !

    25. Ognjen Mirasevic

      Pls make the game be free just a few days PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS


      COMMUNITY:seeing the trailer THE DEVS:new ship cosmetics etc COMMUNITY:ALL HAIL BARREL🔥

    27. Z E R O

      I think Red Skull Fort are events to fight Flameheart imself and unlock Flameheart Skin and crewmate skin ( Cause we see Flameheart skin on the begining of teaser). Something like the Fort of Damned Event Skins

      1. Daniel O'Keeffe

        No it's a big fort where u fight an ashen lord and 3 skeleton lords u get Athena loot for the reward, the flame heart costume is a pirate emporium costume

    28. ReviewPirateUSARGH!

      Argh! Next set of sneak emotes ought to include disguising as a box, a rock for island ambushes, and a shark fin cosmetic so you can stealthy try to board an enemy ship.

    29. Mitrixsen

      guys i am from the future, the skull in the sky is Stitcher Jim

    30. Oguncan Akyol

      its a teaser do you all expect for them to show all the content in a 38 second teaser? this probably isnt all theyre gonna add its just a teaser jeez

    31. The Guy Who Asked

      please don't let the pirate emporium additions outweigh the new content again

    32. クラッカーガソリンスタンドブリトー

      Does this bring third person? Fills miss leading

      1. Johnny


    33. Rod zagado


    34. xLigaming

      ngl this ship is really sexy 0:00

    35. Elliot Reviews

      *laughs in insider*

    36. Jack Spallone

      Are they hinting prop hunt in sea of thievs with the new barrel emote that would be cool 4v4 on an island 4 pirates vs pirates that are barrels the last one alive wins

    37. Styles137


    38. Nexo Guko

      Black beard?

    39. chrisarnsperger


    40. Nejfake CZ

      Tudle Nudle

    41. Herb Hungry

      I don't understand whats so exciting about that skull. what another fort type? Are we just recycling content for now? If so I understand, the pandemic has been tough. but... This is kinda a weird trailer imo.

    42. Pizza Delivery

      So if I can't be a skeleton with my own clothes, I'll be disappointed. I just want t'e be a SKELLY!

    43. RaNgErs_Rep

      Crys at PS4

    44. Aiyaz gaming

      Sssss a little bit of a little bit

    45. xXClutchXx

      Finally private lobbies?

    46. Sunssi

      backpack incoming ? i would be happy

    47. TheRiceHat Wok

      Did I just see the return of the ashen skull forts?

    48. Isabella

      Me now when I see any barrel: "Was that barrel always there orrrrr..."

    49. Isaac

      Solid snake mode activated

    50. Gracekk24PL

      If the barrel tuck is not going to be free, I'm concerned about the balancing of the game

    51. pizdecki

      Wait, was that the selling point of your season? A barrel?

      1. Milky Murderer

        Big flaming skull: am I a joke to you?

    52. Papryk

      Hello. Im really big fan of sea of thieves and i love this game but I can't play it because Im playing on ps4 and Im very sad :(. Do u guys know if ever this game go on sony platform ? (sorry for my english but im from Poland)

      1. FireWingman87

        @Milky Murderer I’m pretty sure it never will be

      2. Milky Murderer

        As far as I know, it won’t. Sorry

    53. Sean Ashmead

      Two more days, mateys!

    54. Aurélien Gonnet

      Am I the only one to hear a remix of the Sherlock main theme at the end of the trailer ?

    55. Waley

      Metal Gear ?

    56. Santo Beninato

      Is anyone else disappointed in how much content they showed. They only showed a Fort, an outfit, and an emote. If that’s all they are adding, I will be immensely disspaointed

      1. Santo Beninato

        @FireWingman87 why not make it longer than, nothing is stopping them

      2. FireWingman87

        No there probably more just couldn’t be shown in 38 sec

    57. TheLinkandmarioshow

      The aliens emote was inevitable

    58. Lex4G

      before watching this I'm just gonna say I hope it isn't just cosmetics as usual after watching, nothing promising

    59. Joker

      it’s lit

    60. FlyingBrontoNuggets

      That barrel will be the new strat

    61. Connor Clark


    62. Melodi H

      Looking forward to the new season. But I do hope that in the future the devs will consider changing the character creation. I've wanted to buy a potion to change my pirates appearance, but at the same time I feel like it would take me far too long to find a character I actually like, and instead I'd have to settle for a pirate I don't really like, but kind of like. :/ As a game about cosmetics, I just wish I could actually relate to my character is all.

      1. FireWingman87

        There is a potion we’re you can change you pirate appearance

    63. Robert Gaylord

      Really excited for new merchant cosmetics

    64. Prizmos

      When are they going to fix the shitty combat system. Game would be 10x better if it had decent combat.

    65. UberTraffic

      Is flameheart gonna stay?

    66. Spectre

      Haven't played since i had reached PL in March 2019, but I've got to say I'm proud of this game. Horrible launch but they have made it 10x better since than. Hopefully yall see a massive players spike like the one when Arena came out. :)

    67. KyotoWolf

      I played this game for like 3 months straight, I bought the season 1 pass and never played it again

    68. bruh moment

      Swear ive seen one of them red skulls before flameheart was in the game but i cant remember what it meant and its confused me for so long

    69. CHERRI

      Everyone better start counting barrels on their boats, things are about to change lol

    70. Head Set




    72. Ethan Johnson

      Sooooo another empty update???

    73. Shauka Hodan

      Finally, an emote to surpass metal gear. "Ocelot, im trying to tuck aboard the enemy ship but the clattering of my bones is alerting the guards"

    74. Aimless Dice

      Skull looks like sauron ngl

    75. Sean Horan

      Cant wait

      1. Shauka Hodan

        You can't imagine how hard is to keep my mouth shut as an insider.

    76. David J Mardis

      I had lots of hopes for this game. Seems like they finally decided to add something other than cosmetics. I personally haven't played since I hit legend over 2 years ago since the game had nothing in it other cosmetics and Sweats

    77. Roxas Hester

      So they are making it easier to camp the outposts? Why?

    78. Braden Alban

      this game is painfully empty, boring, and slow and i never understood the concept of doing the same 3 things 100 times. only really fun when you can beg your friends into playing it

    79. Thin Chin

      Noone gives a toss, fix swords please

    80. Nagisa.D

      Ps4 ?..

    81. Michael M

      That barrel gotta be free or the game gonna be pay 2 win

    82. Keynart

      Summit gonna enjoy that one

    83. User Bots

      Sea of thieves : Prop Hunt update

    84. Cany


    85. BrickHeadz 28

      I don’t think any of you seem to notice how I think you can see the new construction on the beach in the final shot behind the two buildings

    86. cocochris0

      Is there anything to do in this game yet? Or is it still basically sale around pick up treasure sell it and buy a new hat Repeat

    87. Phoko

      havent played since i got PL. Guessing its the same mechanics and fedex simulator still. Last cool crazy idea was tall tales

    88. Accent

      Did they add a PvE only mode yet..?

    89. The Maddox Mixon

      Oh no I haven't even finished the first one.

    90. BLaze ZaPPs

      When is the game going to get content

      1. Blockmaster100

        In 2 days :)

    91. doliio volay

      You can't imagine how hard is to keep my mouth shut as an insider.

      1. Xteral Xx

        Same man but I can't wait to play it in game

    92. Captain Nero

      better bring alot of new interesting features with season 2 otherwise the game still boring af

    93. Bixslo

      what's that first ship skin pack called?

      1. doliio volay

        stealing ur hard earned treasure or destroying ur boat😐, it would make the game more enjoyable

    94. Ethan Hublall

      Bro the barrel tuck thing at the end is going to be pay to win lol

    95. nnxloxgang


    96. Francisco Ferreira

      I saw throwing knives!! New Meta

    97. Romullus

      man if you can do that barrel trick on a ship its going to change the game completely. Now anyone can tuck like Summit lol.

    98. Carats Ritzy

      Time to start putting up sticky notes on those barrels. Yu wouldn't believe the day we are having.

    99. Baguette Boi

      Queen anne's revenge

      1. Baguette Boi

        The first ship is the revenge

    100. Dylan Destr0y1

      Forsaken ashen weapons finally!!!!!