Setup Wars Episode 233 - Teen Edition


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    1. Jet ML

      me with my 2013 lenovo that is so shitty i can only ran games from 1997 and warband and some old games: :(

    2. Yousuf Haidari

      Y are not

    3. MvYx9 _


    4. Diogenes Reyes

      Where is the link for the Star Wars art work?

    5. Pulzify

      Kid addition???

    6. Keyboard - ASMR

      David / Campbell

    7. Joel Zach

      Spoiled kid edition not teen edition

    8. 2fps bray

      Wish I had a pc

    9. Aaqib Ashar

      I would win WHAT IS THAT !! edition

    10. XpoZed YeW

      Why, why does the last one have no case?

    11. Fifa 21

      who said amz was cheap shit is ex on that site fucking blad dude is chillllen on money pool

    12. Aprixay

      Can you use those big mics as mic in-game?

    13. Lirian

      Why doesn't Gianni replace the arizona can with one of those round beats bluetooth speakers?

    14. wax_ often

      can we get a new adult edition. looking on how i should set up my room an would love some ideas

    15. Omar AL-Saudi

      working on my productivity/programing setup u inspire me more than any one I wish u see it

    16. Rampage

      S/O to the ones with a TV and console only ❤️❤️

    17. Bagetzml Gamerz

      mas maganda nga nmn itong edisyon n to kesa sa dati

    18. Drixx

      I got sauce on my wrist

    19. Ferdian Perdana

      5:27 , its really april ?? It's febuary right??? Or maybe im wrong?

    20. Surendra Chaudhary

      *The Teen Setup Kids:You Wanna See How Poor And Shitty You Are*

    21. CwYh__

      i Really Wish i had something like that :(

    22. MyroxBtw

      what size desk does David have??

    23. AnObviousGirl *

      I’m totally gonna win the “MacBook Air setup”

    24. 1 # King_sniper1v1

      I would win the broke teen edition y’all can’t compete with this dodo set up😂

    25. Klucid

      you weill prbably throw up when u see mine I cant even watch this video without lagging my pc sucks

    26. PepsG

      no setupwars this week?

    27. Juan Carcamo

      It should have been called “parents setups”

      1. Juan Carcamo

        @Milatcho why would I be mad?

      2. Milatcho

        are you mad?

    28. jeuxbtw

      if i joined he wouldnt say good setup he would say we need to upgrade your setup i have a amd3 and 8 ram NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 - 2GB

    29. cameron bridges

      yo @TechSource i was wondering if i could get a pc makeover i have an all in one pc and its super bad i cant play games for real and my grandad is low on money since hes trying to buy a house also keep up the good work

    30. Faze Hazard

      i have a 2009 windows computer 60hz intel inside and it cant do anything sadly.

    31. Nyriah Layhue

      can you build me a set up

    32. Some YT Acc

      I haven’t watched set up wars in months like 6-7 months ago and hey still have the same intro

    33. U_got_died_X on Yt

      me and gianni have the same name and we had like a whole conversation abt it lmao

    34. Joey Telnof

      Hi I wanted to comment and ask a question if you could build me a PC if you could thank you very much my name is Joey

    35. PinkUXyt

      how do it enter the givaway

    36. ItsKingLuck

      Hey tech source I was wondering how much would it cost for you to build a pc??? Plz answer my comment 🥺😂 I love all your vids btw much love 💯

    37. Big ungus Chungus

      I have the best setup in my imagination

    38. Laura Brown

      In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

    39. 1%

      Ed is Dead ☠️ he he didn’t make another set up wars two days ago it’s Wednesday bud

    40. Simeon Morin

      sorry can someone give me the discord tag and name of one of the staff on his discord server i got banned and i have no idea why i didnt do anything offensive

    41. zenzwtf

      respect to the kids who buy there stuff tho all the others just flexing that there parents can afford all the custom pcs and stuff

    42. SP Cap

      Gianni definitely won

    43. gusto Italian Restaurant

      TechSource i am a big fan of you for years i started watching you in 2019 and i am your biggest fan.I have been really bored lately and my pc lags a lot it is 50 fps i wish you could do a setup for me

    44. Torian Lanier-Williams

      my setup is my coutch a roku 55 inch and xbox one s \

    45. JKrell

      but what if i cant afford a pc

    46. BeastSlayer4572

      i dont like the logitech g mouse

    47. marc belo

      I would totally win the "working a part time job so I can afford any of this" edition.

    48. BeastSlayer4572

      i dont have cable management

    49. joshua putzu

      i want a better set up so i could be on their but i dont got the money

    50. PeakFor Craig

      I want a gaming setup

    51. hav

      bro made me trip with that intro.

    52. Ibrahim Faisal


    53. Ibrahim Faisal

      This guys channel is dead d

    54. Lachyrr


    55. Eissa

      compared to this my setup is very clean. just a old black laptop on a white table not even a mouse 😂

    56. Devin Villanueva

      Not me on laptop 😥

    57. Gage Weaselfat

      Wish I was as privileged as these kids

    58. JerthePedestrian

      I remember when the 50th episode came out

    59. Carlos Monroy

      Hi and it’s me again I actually want a pc setup instead of a sim racing because I can buy the part my self of the wheel and the pedals so yeah and so yeah if you chose me it will mean the world to me and if I have to do something else to choose me tell me and I’ll do it thx if you choose me plss don’t disappoint me 🥰😊👍

    60. Carlos Monroy

      Hi I’m am asking if you could build my sim racing setup because my family can’t afford that right now and they need money so there working so hard that they can’t afford the setup so if you help it will mean the world to me 👍😊

    61. Duffers

      Hey Ed, just wondering what’s your advice on whether I should begin my PC journey. I have been constantly binge watching your setup series and other Tech channels and I have a good idea of what I am looking for in my build. I’m just concerned about the current GPU situation and whether or not it’s a good time to start buying and building. I can’t stop thinking about what I want my setup to look like but I’m finding it difficult to commit because of the cost and stigma around it. I play on Xbox currently and don’t have many friends involved in the PC master race. I’m sure there is other people in the same position as me so what’s your opinion? P.S. might be a good video title and idea since the new surge in demand.

    62. tommy burgess

      I bet 50% of these setups belongs to fortnite kids

    63. Vortex

      Wow all I want for my birthday is in a month I want to gaming PC or set up I would be so happy if my parents get it for me

    64. Jacob POLICE


    65. JM TM

      love the series

    66. NoviCommentary


    67. Savxgeツ

      4:04 i love it

    68. Chris Abraham

      I’ll send you a picture of my set up

    69. Daniel Vique pietarinen

      waiting for this week

    70. ZeNT GhOsT


    71. Aicco

      I Really Love Your Vids I Hope You Make Me One Too I Know U Not Gonna Go Here.🥺

    72. Tech Video

    73. Nheo Yvann Dolar

      Hi Techsource im Your new subscriber Can you donate me a 144hrtz monitor for 4k editing?

    74. lTweaksl

      I’m a teen playing on my dresser these people make me want to upgrade my set up so bad but cant

    75. DaPhantom

      I have that Star Wars wallpaper but instead of a wallpaper it’s a shirt

    76. Jo Cantero

      looking forward for gaming chair giveaway

    77. Ajean Greaves

      Episode 234 didn’t drop yesterday

    78. Chris Abraham

      That this would happen

    79. Chris Abraham

      Can I please get a PC set up I live in Burleson Texas i’m 11 and I have a PlayStation 4 I’ve been subscribed for a year and I would really watch if you could come and build me a set up because I would probably cry and I Prayed to God

    80. Vibewithjacob_

      you should do set up wars mac addition with like mac towers mac mini's and mac laptops and desktops

    81. CallmeCloudy

      Thats what you call daddys money (the 13 yr old)

    82. starz-aceval

      I need I pc but I don’t have enough money any tips or help to help me out

    83. Blurr Is Cute

      I’m waiting for the “I’m tech from ed source” intro

    84. Epicgamerchannel123 1

      Idc about my wires

    85. Joey Telnof

      All of these people flexing their gaming setups I don't even have a gaming setup and my console has been broke for like months

      1. abbsnn cose

        how do they get the pictures on the screens with nothing else there?

    86. Beatbox Gaming

      Anyone know where I can get a lean lee 011 dynamic black case????

    87. J J JOSHY

      whats your setup

    88. Motomouse

      Bro I use to want to be on this but now all these kids out here with a black card just hitting cart like how you supposed to compete with someone who doesn’t leave there desk

    89. mXbro

      I wanna be in sh*t edition......😂😞

    90. Bropixel Xx

      I want a gaming setup sooo bad I only have a Xbox ):

    91. Brooklyn Graham

      hi i have always wanted a pc for gaming and youtube and my dad isnt earning the money he should be because of his boss and yea. It is my birthday on the 27th of February so it would be a great present to get a pc but i dont know if you giveaways for pcs and i know you are probably busy but yea

    92. Areg Abelyan

      Etgar aper Barev

    93. Areg Abelyan

      Hello Braters

    94. Undisputed FC

      F in chat

      1. Undisputed FC


    95. Aidan Stewart

      Anyone have any boom arm suggestions other than the one he mentioned? Or links to videos having some? I have an ikea linmon desk so idk if it would go well

    96. Mahbub Hossain

      I loved David's setup the most

    97. Malena Schneider

      David has the best setup

    98. MelloMemes

      Displate: Hey I know a good hustle, We should sell posters for 80 dollars.

    99. _tay Tay

      Can u build me a free pc pls ion got a lot of money and it really can help

    100. Nxva

      how do they get the pictures on the screens with nothing else there?