Shaq Gets Knocked Out by Cody Rhodes! | AEW Dynamite

All Elite Wrestling

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    #Shaq #AEWDynamite #AEWHighlights
    AEW Dynamite: Crossroads 3/3/21
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    1. Kovu Lion

      Come on Cody, Shaq's first big move is the powerbomb, Cody decides to jump up 10 seconds later :(

    2. Cedric M

      Shaq living life to the fullest

    3. preston broadus

      That was pretty sick

    4. youtube watcher

      Cody Rhodes must be so strong to lift shaq like that.

    5. Anderson Paeaia

      AEW is cool

    6. Action Figures stop motion

      LOOK AT CODY :o 2:33 :0

    7. Al Harmon

      He’s not a bad wrestler at all

    8. Anon Anoni

      Impressive for a 7ft 300lbs plus dude to move and bump like that. Looks like he was having fun. Btw that tall ebony has a BODY on her

    9. Nightcore N'Zanity

      When you finish RDR2 story and are just doing what's remaining to get 100% completion. That's shaq in a nutshell.

    10. Vergel Atioan

      Shaq should be given a shot at the AEW WORLD TITLE

    11. drogon, the last surviving dragon

      As someone who doesn't watch boxing stuff, why were the girls interrupting? Why were 4 competitors in the same ring?

      1. drogon, the last surviving dragon

        @Kavirell oh, makes sense. Thanks mate

      2. Kavirell

        This isn't boxing, this is pro wrestling (the scripted stuff). It was a mixed gender tag team match.

    12. Jesse Shane Prunty

      Have Tons Of Respects For The Both Of Them Of Course Shaq Didn’t Want To Get Taken Out Don’t Know Why Things Happen In Life Before Existence But Oh Well It Is What It Is

    13. Triple3fromspace

      1:32 Cody looks like a toothbrush

    14. Zelphrin's Gaming

      Shaq powerbo- nah fam, that was Diesel's JACKKNIFE!!!

    15. trouse001

      Shaq great performance

    16. Joshua 윤호 Han

      I wonder what his kids think of this especially Shareef.

    17. Pahricida

      Shaq said: "I'm not gonna make a face when goingthrough that table!"

    18. A Az

      Im on mobile data. Length of the video don't help. Disliked

    19. Bailar Lasagna

      Cody's quick knee crawl to the corner after the kickout is fantastic. Huge Heenan vibes.

    20. Владимир Темеев

      How do you watch these staged fights? This is so fucked up

      1. Kavirell

        fucked up how?

    21. Fan Amazin

      Her move crazy

    22. Purvis Van Dongen

      who wants to see ladies wrestling?

    23. Bakstab Boy

      3:45 yo that hang time tho

    24. Busty McNutters

      You want to fight? Come fight me. I hit you with the POW! Uh see see

    25. Alonta Crout

      I hope shaq's ok? 😭

    26. Heavy Productions

      Shaq tap me if you're ok BIG FELLA good what's that check amount again

    27. LeBron James

      I would love to see shaq as a full time wrestler

    28. Blake_adam


    29. james Barber

      Whoever like this shit is fake

    30. Terrell Kittle

      Shaq diesel

    31. Sotero Mares

      Shaq has been doing retirement better than anyone in history

    32. JustErik92

      Jade looked much taller than Cody 😂😂😂 that just shows how they make their male wrestler much taller in height.

    33. SonnyDaGamer

      This is so fake

    34. disposablehero43

      2:16 How you just gonna get up like that from a fucking power bomb FROM SHAQ??!!!

    35. Señor D

      que cojones ? la aew es mucho más creativa

    36. Kaburaki

      3:52 yep shaq has skill and knowledge on wrestling... he gave the hand signal to show he is ok after the table spot.

    37. Neauxmad

      Shaq wasn’t knocked out. He genuinely just felt like napping.

    38. Nick S

      I think Shaq oversold the going through the table. "Uhh Shaq, match is can get up now."

    39. Frederick Okocha

      Shaq really be doing all the side missions in life

    40. IKER MAN

      You stole Beth Phoenix finishing move

      1. Kavirell

        Beth Phoenix didn't invent the move...

    41. Brennen Dow

      "I clearly felt a tap"

    42. Ur boy Skinnywinny

      You can quite tell shaq was having the best fun of his life

    43. abdallatif FADOLL

      there will be no westling With out JR show

    44. BeauWorld

      I don't get it. Why is Shaq being portrayed as a heel? And when he and Cody went through the tables, why was it never replayed again on the show? And that was the opening of a 2-hour show.

    45. PinoyGuitaristDad

      3:05 - "The fearlessness of this two women pounding on each other..." gotta love that line...

    46. Juan Mercado

      Lol shaq should change his character as a genie and call himself as "shazam" lol

    47. THESHAYMAN95

      Credit to him. Will definitely have his handful of injuries with his NBA career and being 7ft. Definitely a promising performance and he's definitely got it. Just don't break your back Shaq!

    48. J.Bizzay Tizzay

      Shaq should have a match at wrestlemania with kevin nash winner claims the name 'BIG DADDY DIESEL'

    49. Rudy Jobe

      hold up... they let shaq wrestle with em ugly nails??

    50. Mario Canon

      if Chuck also show up in AEW that will be AWESOMEEEEEEEEE

    51. Johnny Jetson

      Wow, that's cool.

    52. Argie De Leon

      Friendly tap before sleep

    53. Angel X Santana

      Good job shaq respecting the wrestling business 🔥💪🏻💯.

    54. Jarrad Bruessel

      Everyone here saying shaq has skills because he could pull off a power bomb. Meanwhile pat McAfee did a Swanton bomb off a cage.

    55. Brother Nature

      This black woman is so gorgeous good gracious🤦🏿🤦🏿

    56. Joseph Gorbach

      Don't worry Shaq, The General got you covered

    57. Elliott Jacobs

      The promotion is only 2 years old and they are already relying on celebrities

      1. EAM

        If aew were relying on Shaq they would probably have him on most shows

    58. Roger pedrosa

      Props to shaq, still down to entertain 👍💪

    59. Ethan TMAPM

      It happens at 3:45

    60. JTG

      I hate the way Cody no-sold the powerbomb.

    61. Oi Ulti

      .... 2 things... 1.) maybe it’s the best... threw the table I ever saw... definitely in years....... 2.) Shaq might have a place in wrestling... haha

    62. 125errorz

      with all that money and no pedicure come on diesel

    63. Brent Robinson

      An amazon and a regular womsn. Both hotttttt

    64. Sayem Ahmed

      now shaq a wreslter

    65. janic lok

      Shaq be looking like a human thanos out here

    66. HONG SJ

      Shaq is in AEW??????

    67. I-10 Veteran

      I want Jade 😎🤩

    68. Charles Davis

      Boi he tow shaq up

    69. Jr Villanueva

      Shaq has some long dirty nails. 😂😂

    70. On Police nem

      Rip shaq

    71. Too Meowstream

      Everyone is talking about Shaq or Cody, but that Jade hottie was awesome too

    72. Collin Zaffke

      I was just impressed that girl managed to set up two tables

    73. Bkman09

      Shaw even sold the table by not even getting up

    74. Keron Windley

      Nice power bomb Shaq ! No 🧢

    75. Kostas Senes

      Great match

    76. Rijul Gupta

      The no sell from cody ruined that awesome shaqknife powerbomb.

    77. Memes


    78. natedog5671

      The way shaq look on the floor🤣

    79. ManSittinNext2DaMan


    80. M M

      Red Velvet's a pretty cool name for a female wrestler. I like it.

    81. Dan The Enigma

      2:17 Respect for that tribute.

    82. Mr. Harry

      Wow, Shaq looks as big as a young Andre the Giant!

    83. SLURM 187

      Wrestling in 2021 is the most embarrassing it’s ever been

      1. SLURM 187

        @EAM If I even need to explain than you don’t get it:

      2. EAM

        How so

    84. George Lyons

      Jade should 1,000% go to the UFC

    85. Juan Rios

      I think Shaq didn't like this

    86. Barney Wiggins

      Jade Cargill...smh smh smh

    87. John Liu

      I think shag got fat pay check by play the victim

    88. Hooded Reaper

      Women division looks promising. I like it

    89. concious2

      Shaq should have worn mask and came out as the Executioner or Destroyer or something, keep it under wraps and people playing the guessing game then reveal his identity in a big match! That would have been awesome!

    90. Musa Abid

      *SHAQ* 🔥🔥 (never even watched Basketball)

    91. Ismael Tolentino

      did Shaq run out of money?

    92. paco1984

      i think shaq should wrestle in his shaqfu atire

    93. a-6_grindtime

      Yo this is dope

    94. Arvu ReBantra

      Shaq winning but also taking that big bump and being KO'ed was actually a good idea. The whole "celebrity winning a match, but not actually doing anything" stuff is so boring, and this actually made Shaq look like a wrestler, and not just some guy trying to make a quick buck off standing around.

    95. SealAngel

      Shaq is a natural, could of been a wrestler no problem at all.

    96. jesse morales

      That fall was so long 😂😂😂😂😂

    97. Ngiyeza Lapho

      I'm really impressed by Shaq

    98. HamadPSV

      SHAQ FU is Back!

    99. Chauntel Bland

      And the cameraman inexplicably turned away just Velvet was executing that spear!

    100. Kamala Nenavath

      Iam impressed you