SHINee 샤이니 'Don't Call Me' The Performance Stage


2,4 Mio. aufrufe64

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    1. MM

      this is fucking legendary

    2. ainul rahayuningtias

      MY LOVE

    3. Anna Marie Catarman


    4. anikka grace andres

      They still look young even if the just got out of the army, and I'm still in love with them hahahaha

    5. 둥둥

      민호가 so bad so bad 할때 나만 속닥속닥~ 으로 들리나.. 운전하면서 듣다가 ??????여기서 속닥속닥이라고???????? 하고 놀랬음,,,, 내 귀가 잘못한거야 울 샤이니는 잘못이 없지 😭

    6. 이유비

      음악이며 무대며 퀄리티 장난아니네

    7. 임정민

      다 좋다 근데 스타일링이 돋보이넨 여기서는! 민트색으로 샤이니 나타내고 통일감까지...다만 춤은 힘을 살짝 빼도 좋았을듯! 이번 컨셉 넘 좋고 중독성 지려...샤이니 계속 활동해줘요

    8. Andre Kurnia Putra

      didnt know taemin can rock that piano. damn

    9. RayR. TM

      Always with SHINee

    10. RayR. TM

      I am here every day

    11. Coklat Stroberi


    12. Coklat Stroberi


    13. ZiNG SeeD Eiei

      KiNG Shinee come back ♥♥

    14. Rami

      이번노래는 너무 실험적이네............ 약간 엑소느낌도 나고...

    15. Isa Louise

      Os melhores 💖

    16. meja kursi

      I am here for SHINee. I am shawol since 2008 :)

    17. Fitri Laga Hae

      "EXO juga menonton" :)

    18. 고삼


    19. 10. chae winmoon

      SHINee's visual looks like a rookie idol, but actually they're the idol's bias

    20. 10. chae winmoon

      A few days ago, I came here & Don't Call Me MV bcs Taemin, and now I like them all esp Taemin & Onew lololol😂 they're so amazing

    21. Medico Machita

      I'm so addicted with this songgggg! SHINEE IS REALLY BACK!

    22. Paisley Blackburn

      How is it I am just now learning about these guys? Can anyone help a sister out and please tell me who is who? I want to stan them properly! Thank you very much!

    23. lyvie101

      Idk about y’all but Onew this comeback hits DIFFERENT

    24. atinymoonizen

      2:17 💖

    25. atinymoonizen

      Taemin on the piano 😯

    26. もちゃっこ


    27. Soshi Soshi

      Thank you God

    28. merx.36

      What are the name of the background dancer ?

    29. Arnelia Ayu Sekar Pramesti

      4:03 onew's voice💙:")

    30. 식샤식샤

      나 샤이니 좋아하네 ..

    31. Vina Kusuma

      Onew's voice is so refreshing:" and I can differentiate all of their voices so that makes the song more enjoyable

    32. Shai Kumar

      I hv seen this song many times, bt I'm not get over it

    33. A'tin

      If I didn't know them, I'll think they're a newer gen group. Their charisma is overflowing

    34. 김지연

      확실히 sm하면 온유 목소리 떠오른다 진짜 짱 ㅠㅠ

    35. Calin Gurung

      its too good... ❤❤

    36. Grace

      가사 글씨체 무슨일이고...

    37. Kai Mangulabnan

      holy shit key is bias-wrecking the fuck out of me...

    38. RayR. TM

      I am really love this performance I kept coming

    39. soo_hanie

      Oh taeminshi a collab with rosè please!!!

    40. soo_hanie


    41. sftjichu

      Si tukang nangis tersenyum bahagia dari langit melihat penampilan SHINee ini :’)

    42. H지혀니


    43. 장은서

      저춤추면서 라이브하는 샤이니 그저 레전드 툭하면 실력논란 인성논란이나 뜨는 요즘 돌판이랑 비교불가다 ㅋㅋㅋ

    44. Tejaswi M

      Min ho fans from India

    45. 나야나

      Oh!!처음보는데 두배속 아니죠? 버퍼링 아니죠?? 진짜 궁금해서 물어보는거에요. 어떻게 저렀게 몸을 쓸 수 있는거지??

    46. EXO Liv

      Minho’s rap part is just breathtaking...

    47. EXO Liv

      This is one of shinees best choreos so far. It has so much impact and energy, but it still fits shinees style 😍

    48. Lehoney Joy Turtor

      Key is so hott

    49. neopotebitel

      The piano ❤️

    50. Buddhini D.

      Their vocals are killing me😭😭😭😭😭

    51. Rifki Ramadan

      Si tukang nangis tersenyum bahagia dari langit melihat penampilan SHINee ini :')

    52. ちゃんひろ

      ヤバい!カッコ良すぎる!! これぞ王者の貫禄ですね!! 最近BTSにハマってK-popを聞き出しました。 もっと早くSHINeeに出会いたかったです😭

    53. ꧁Samlu꧂

      항상 좋은 노래 해주셔서 고마워요

    54. ni gi_

      역시 불꽃카리스마 민호....🔥

    55. aida nrdina

      taemin 🥺🤍

    56. 릴리


    57. The Vlog God

      Is that Noze!!! 🥰

    58. SHINee's back

      a r t e

    59. E L

      아 왜.. sm은 이 감성을 못 버릴까

    60. 731 Bhavana

      We lovee youu!

    61. KellieCYP

      Minho's been an actor for so long I forget hes an idol lmaooo

      1. SHINee's back

        he's a multitalented boy

    62. 전나비

      와 이번 노래 찌인짜 좋다

    63. 쵸달

      와온유 목소리 미첬다

    64. 새치미

      나만 그런게 아니네 이번곡 키랑 찰떡 스타일도 키가 장난아님쓰 ㄷㄷㄷ

    65. Yie Insu


    66. Hani Hazlin

      their vocals are too good

    67. Hayu Lesya Putri

      Same outfit with their Studio Choorom performance. The outfit perfectly match with the song and choreo, love their comeback ❤

    68. ᆞ바흐b

      키의 재발견. 죄다 멋지다!

    69. ronnn gee

      Taemin needs to chill tf out. daang let me breathe, yeah?


      The REAL KINGS, the REAL LEGENDS!! Key voice on stage is incredible!!

    71. GIGI

      Keep streaming the original song to get over 30 million views 🥰

    72. Hye Min Chun

      어떻게 저런 강렬한 춤을 추면서 목소리가 동시에 나올 수가 있을깡..

    73. yichi's cookie 이치스 쿠키

      아오나도열심히살아야겠다 자극받고가네

    74. Ximena HT


    75. ᅳ

      온유 목소리 진짜 미쳤네 너무 좋다

    76. Anisa 1004

      SHINee's BACK

    77. Shahbaz ahmed

      Hi good nice to see

    78. 임아영

      애들이 늙지를 않어...

    79. mimi adira

      I don't know why I can feel it's like EXO Monster vibe with NCT Make A Wish dance😂 But SHINee song never dissapointed me ever😌 So good!!! Regret if you don't listen to their comeback song. Everything for me is perfect!

    80. 나를막을자누구?

      태민이미첬냐 섹시함 넘어서 미첬어 온유목소리 진짜국보급

    81. Khan Kath

      Wow pero que arte

    82. Fabio

      That harmony at the end where Onew goes down is so good. The sound of the chorus of this song is addicting.

    83. sunny ssjk


    84. Athy Superb

      They voice is realllly real...serious..I love onew's part.😍

    85. Twisan Nada

      kgn bgtt sm shinee😭❤️

    86. Tanti Nuriyanti

      Keren bangett💜💜

    87. こんちゃん


    88. 온리온

      멋있다.. 이나이에 샤이니에 입덕..

    89. Jamon E

      Aahhh love Onew's voice since day 1! 😍♥️ So good!

    90. babyy sunooo

      Now I understand why everyone love SHINee so much, they're living legends, I'm obsessed with Key

    91. 난나난나


    92. Anonim Kim

      SHINee showed their difference all world again. I love you boys in turkey so many fans love you!!!

    93. Liz Multi-fan

      This is a perfect break up song!

    94. Claire

      진짜 키 밖에 안보이네!! 완전 컨셉 찰떡

    95. 1000 G1

      아니 무슨,,,군대갔다온 사람 맞냐구요,,,,,미쳤다 완성형 아이돌

    96. Sarah sone

      SHINEE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!

    97. Widya Lestari

      OMG, they can sing so well while dancing like that👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

    98. Unavailable WuXian

      Bro, they still own my soul. SHINee's from those group that you hear and you go in another dimension they built with their performance. Immediately recognisable masterpiece creators

    99. Soledad Buan

      Great lyrics, nice tune, sharp choreography... impressive!👏

    100. Jawairia Siddique

      ahhhhh i am just in love with this song its catchy