Showing you my recording room & house (Dont Judge Me)

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    1. Mayra Ramirez

      YES PLS don’t more, we’ve waited so long for this, the og’s know

    2. RabidPetz

      This was genuinely entertaining tbh

    3. Renee Garcia

      I am in LOVE with this video!! It’s different from your usual content but in a good way gives a new vibe and definitely adds a spice to everything. And reminds everyone that you are human and have a life too. Much love from ATX❤️

    4. Yuki Shukima

      Its decent

    5. Jolly Oamelda


    6. coochie man

      Hopefully he tries border police again becuase I live watching people play that

    7. lauren finney

      yeessss more random stuff.

    8. Ashiniko Copo

      I was like wtf with the face and I realized like in a 6 second it's a personal stuff we can't see 🙈 jajaj xd bit I felt so special when he said (I edit two videos but the both are trash and you guys deserve the best)I was like yaoooo but I love your videos and you to jajaj just joking 😂😂

    9. Yandere _ Painfall

      wassup senior woofers.

    10. Jhitan Smith


    11. Luvanatural

      Jay....please stop being so fine.ok. thank you

    12. hoda ehab

      record stuff like that a lot. it's awesome .

    13. Erick Perez

      Vlog gang!

    14. sxmantha

      I mean nice house

    15. sxmantha

      My house

    16. Random sauce

      Plz do random stuff throughout ur day

    17. Shun Lee

      i want rayden's day from his perspective

    18. Rosario Rojas

      I waited so long for u to show ur whole house 😫😫😂😂😂

    19. Calvin Moore

      You should do this more often

    20. Rosalie Gonzalez

      i miss ur palm tree :(

    21. A V A Q U E E N !

      you would be an amazing blogger, take all the time you need before hopping onto a new game.we love and support you always 🤍!!!

    22. Chiara Tee

      i would love to see more vlogs from jay tbh

    23. King Seokjin

      I really, really love this type of content! :D

    24. jotaz niijima

      I mean, if jay ever disappears, we will know who’s responsible for it

    25. -*Hajime hinata Is gay*-

      Yo I literally loved this video it was so fun and chill

    26. Harlow

      Hello jay, you probably don't know me but I've been fan of yours for a long time. I made a new account and I've been very active here. But I realized that I never really thought I had a hero, but watching this video I realized I did and that it was you! Your vidoes always cheer me up and I feel at home on your channel, I've been a fan for about 4 years? Maybe more and I can honestly say it's been the best experience

    27. Ariadna Urieta

      I feel apart of his family

    28. Jaehee Kanghan

      Btw I love this house I wish I could see every room but that's curiosity and actually like a killing-privacy thing so that doesn't sound like a normal thing to ask xD Hope you have a great day too Jay

    29. Jaehee Kanghan

      Just noticed that your house looks like a mix of that horror game you've played months ago and life is strange like Chloe's house like just the part where there are stairs and a lil hallway or something just wanted to make that statement lma0

    30. jamison_ danielle_bxby

      Lowkey Kubz Scouts vlogs would be awesome asf

    31. Amari Marquez

      me:sees the (don't judge me) me:alright let's go outside people who might judge:go outside for what me: we finna fight

    32. Oakley Belles

      Weird question haha but do you mind doing an everyday routine? I’m curious to what it is that you do everyday!

    33. Kiara Olds

      do a house tour plz im invested in this

    34. Milla Tiainen

      More these like "my day" type of videos sometimes would be best too but still gaming videos those need ever stop bc you are that DUDE 😎

    35. Janeth Trujillo

      for some reason watch this is giving me the giggles

    36. Romero Editz


    37. Romero Editz

      Yes yes yes please more lmfao. This is intersting lol

    38. Jennifer Cederholm

      I have the exact same heater lmao

    39. Paul Griggs

      Bro play some basketball

    40. YOLO POLLO

      4:06 Fr same bro

    41. Crystal UnicornXD

      I think Jay is a luky charm I didnt finish the video when this was poisted and I got bad luck but when I came back to finish I got an A+

    42. Lexiholic

      Jay, I’ve been a fan since you first started your channel (the very first yansim videos, the rake, etc). I totally get that you want your fans to have the best of you, but you also need to have the best for yourself. Please make sure you take breaks and don’t overwork yourself. There’s millions of us who’ve been by your side for years, we’re not going anywhere. Also, videos like these are so comforting for me?? Idk about anyone else but I love learning about my favorite creators outside of video games they play or songs they sing. Idk where I’m going with any of this tbh lmao. I hope y’all are staying safe!

    43. Ft. Wolfi

      Oki I won't

    44. Erika Solis

      I would love these kinds of videos! It gives us a chance to get to know you in a different way! Love all your content Jay💖

    45. Fuyuhiko Shadow

      i don’t think people realize how wholesome jay is . i frickin love him lol he’s so awesome aaaa

    46. Fuyuhiko Shadow

      who want jay to do more vlog/random type videos ??? meeeee

    47. ThatOneWeirdKid 67

      hey Jay, this is so random but in your play button thing is that a Mirio figure? Sorry after watching MHA if feel like everythings Mirio lmao. Good vid Jay! YOU DAT DUDE!

    48. Gaming_Panda

      can you record a video about Radon and what its like to live with him?

    49. Kaleb Jennings

      post more of this please

    50. ayevc

      hope you’re well, Jay ♥️♥️

    51. ayevc

      the booger ain’t getting that screen time

    52. ayevc

      your doggie is ayano irl

    53. ayevc

      2:52 you thought something else huh

    54. ayevc

      Waited for this for years.. I’m here

    55. Kathleen Tonido

      So no one's gonna talk 'bout the thing that Jay is covering?

    56. BOSS MANZ

      Ayo what's that thing that he keeps cutting out with a Jay face 6:4

    57. Chia Unky

      Leg Reveal!!

    58. MR 360PRO

      You should do this more if you like it. I’d like you to do it but it’s up to you

    59. MR 360PRO

      You should do this more if you like it. I’d like you to do it but it’s up to you

    60. Chance Harding

      Your workout room looks awesome!! Sure beats me, all I have is a Stationary bike and pull up bars.

    61. Cheska Da Fandom Gamer

      jay: smell that dash ass dog:👁️👅👁️

    62. Chance Harding

      This is so good 👍👏 Please do more

    63. Lollipop Gamer

      When I saw your dog I say Me: Oh goooodddd,whatta Cute puppy if I was there I would play with ur puppy and pet it even u! Everytime I see your vids I imagine you as my own puppy cuz my puppy died before she got pregnant

    64. Leston Thames

      Cooking with jay

    65. Leston Thames

      Cooking with jay

    66. Leston Thames

      Cooking with jay

    67. Leston Thames

      Cooking with jay

    68. Leston Thames

      Cooking with jay

    69. Leston Thames

      Cooking with jay

    70. ᴊᴀᴇ

      I hope you're doing well mentally and physically and taking care of yourself, this pandemic sucks ass and i hope you're not pushing yourself too hard. Thanks for always making videos for us, you're that dude :)

    71. Hisokas Simp

      love you jay💞💞💞💞 your little stalker is adorable too 🥺🥺♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    72. Smol Bean

      My boy Raiden just wanted some screen time 😂😂😂

    73. Nutella uwu


    74. Dawnlyn R 2

      Pupper doggo 😍

    75. Euphoria ;p

      Bruh Jay is like the only YTer I know who has never quit uploading a bunch of content regularly, and even daily, for years. He’s so dedicated to his fans, and gaming, which is something I admire about Jay. However, if ya need a break Jay, TAKE ONE. Do not hesitate to give yourself some time, because like us, you are HUMAN, and do not need to always put others before yourself. So take care of yourself :3 Also, your dog is so freaking cute, I wanna steal him from you

    76. Tony The RPG FanBoy

      Im fine with vids like this. They're fun.


      My dood watching Criminal minds noice

    78. TheKawaiiestGamerChan

      Day 35 of asking jay to wear a turtle neck in one of his videos

    79. Juelz Tribley

      3:41 when I want my dog to eat some cats

    80. Vicki Truong

      tbh I pictured a different house

    81. Stacy Glitz

      You are very entertaining Jay

    82. Squids Rock

      also can u play the last of us pt2 plsplspls

    83. Squids Rock


    84. Maria Lugo

      someone said "cooking with kubz scouts"... yes.

      1. Just Ana


    85. Lisa Pancakes

      It would be nice to see some at-home vlogs :)

    86. Squids Rock

      start v logging start vlogging start vlogging

    87. Lil ._ Boy

      i want to see vlogs and stuff likE that gaming too keep it up j

    88. Pearl Lacome

      Jay I'm starting to believe your dog actually secretly owns you with how your dog follows you

    89. GIiitchi

      vlogging jay is in the house kekw

    90. Natalia Johnson

      I wanna seeee moreeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeee and dont be shy about showing ur house, nobody will judge bec we like to see new things about u. please make more of these video's

    91. Liva Regine Broe Thomsen

      I love when you do things like this

    92. tori mata

      Omg imagine jay vlogs 😱

    93. The_KindaHamburglar

      this is epic

    94. lowkey obsessed with gallavich lol


      1. beabadoobee ???


    95. Yoonngy Kim

      Jay show he's room: Me: That place is cold and stinky.

    96. Moon Bubs

      I’ve been curious since 2018, I finally got it 🥺🤍

    97. you're cute

      In 4:00 it looks like a scary horror game oop-

    98. Elisabeth Koiduste

      Your dog stalks you like Yandere chan Haunts senpai

    99. Nathan Worgull

      I love this kind of vids keep doing the good stuff that you do your that dude!

    100. The Action Channel Srsly